Types of training treats for dogs and puppies: species, features of choice

March 28, 2023
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Types of training treats for dogs and puppies: species, features of choice

Dogs and delicacies for dogs: what are they, why are needed, how to choose

Many owners pamper their home dogs with delicious treats. As a rule, the treats are not included in the daily diet of a pet, but are a product for encouraging the animal, for example, for good behavior or completing the specified commands.

In the article we will tell you what goodies for dogs and puppies of different breeds are, for which they are needed, how often and how much they can be given a pet, an overview of the delicious brands, features and criteria for choice, a rating of natural and healthy treats for dogs.

Why do a dog of delicacy and how to give them correctly

Every owner knows well that the dog likes to eat most of all. But not all products that the dog loves so much can be given regularly, so such treats are recommended to pamper the pet only for special occasions. Consider in what situations dogs are fed with delicious ones that are not included in the everyday diet.

When you can treat the dog with treats:

1. In training and training for good behavior and obedience. 2. When you need to distract the dog from something. 3. When changing the milk teeth, solid treats are given that act as a scam for gums. 4. When dogs appear in dogs to clean the tooth enamel from plaque. 5. Some goodies contain vitamins, mineral complexes and other trace elements useful for the bodych yummy will help strengthen immunity. Recommended for puppies and adult dogs. 6. Goods can also be used in a situation where the dog needs to give drugs. 7. Small puppies can be periodically encouraged by treats for each new achievement – after the first visit to the toilet, execution of certain commands, etc. As an incentive, it is also not necessary to always use the delicacy. You can replace it with praise, stroking or joint games.

There are no special advice on the issuance of treats to animals in a situation where the owner simply wants to pamper his beloved pet. But if delicious ones are used to train the dog, here you need to consider some points.

How to give goodies correctly during training:

1. The first bite of the stocked treat can be given before the start of the workout, showing the dog that you have an incentive prize for him. This will be a good motivation for her. 2. Treats are only given as a reward for certain achievements. It is undesirable to pamper the dog with sweets without a reason, as the dog will quickly lose interest in following the owner's commands. 3. You need to offer the dog a treat before you give a command, and only after its execution, encourage the pet. 4. The snacks given out during training should not be large, otherwise the dog will quickly eat up and will not want to continue training. But too small pieces should not be used during training, as they will become too weak motivation for the animal and the dog simply does not want to follow the given commands. 5. Don't reward your dog with treats after every command. There must be breaks between the issuance of sweets. For the progress achieved in these intervals, the dog can be praised or stroked, showing that you are pleased with his behavior. 6. Do not use high-calorie and unhealthy foods, as well as sweets, pastries and food from your table as treats for training. Choose only high-quality and healthy products to encourage the animal.

You can give the dog a treat with an open hand, putting a piece in the middle of the palm. For adult dogs in control of their behavior, you can use the raised hand technique to have the dog gently take the treat from the owner's hands, rising on its hind legs.

Types of treats for dogs

Treats for dogs can be divided into two main groups: homemade and store-bought. Homemade sweets are prepared independently from natural products – fruits, vegetables, meat, offal, cheese, etc.

Store-bought treats are made from different ingredients, so when choosing such a product, the owner needs to pay special attention to the composition of the incoming components. Since not all manufacturers are conscientious, some types of ready-made treats contain propylene glycol, propyl gallate, BHA, ethoxyvin, and other substances hazardous to the animal body. Do not buy products containing the listed components!

The assortment of store-bought treats is very large: snacks, sausages, crackers, jerky, tablet treats for training, etc. Manufacturers produce special products for puppies and adults. Sweets come in different sizes, colors, shapes – in the form of bones, balls, toy figures, etc.

Ment for dogs can also be divided into four categories:

1. Traditional, used as an incentive for good behavior or commands. 2. Preventive goodies aimed at maintaining excellent health, as well as used to eliminate tartar or when changing teeth. 3. Specialized, intended for dogs prone to allergies. 4. Grain-Free – used to encourage dogs with a sensitive digestive system.

Whatever treat, the owner does not choose for treating the dog, it is very important that it be of high quality and useful for the pet.

For training, motivation and encouragement

For motivation, encouragement and training of dogs, different types of delicacies from the store and home-made are suitable.

For training, it is better to choose tablet or dried goodies in small pieces. There are no restrictions for encouraging at home.

Types of training treats:

• Snacks;• dog cookies;• pieces of jerky;• drops;• hard cheese;• chicken fillet chopped by cubes;• crackers and others.

To care for the oral cavity and teeth

Some types of dog treats will also be useful when caring for the oral cavity and teeth. Solid types of treats will save the puppy from unpleasant sensations when changing milk teeth, and adults from tartar.

Types of treats:

• Chewing sticks, bones;• pieces of raw fruits, vegetables;• gelatin bones;• dry biscuits;• large articular bones;• Bread crackers and others.

Therapeutic top dressing

For feeding the dog, special types of delicacies are used, containing vitamin and mineral complexes. They are dietary products, have reduced calorie content, and there are no harmful components in their compositionch delicacies are used for treatment and preventive purposes in accordance with the instructions or appointments of the veterinarian. You can purchase them in pet stores and veterinary pharmacies.

What are the treats for dogs of different breeds

When choosing treats for dogs, not only the composition of the product is taken into account, but also growth, weight, age and breed of the animal. Consider which types of goodies are suitable for adult pets of different breeds and small puppies.

For large and medium rocks

The larger the breed of the dog, the more it requires useful substances to ensure a strong and healthy body. Accordingly, goodies for such animals are available with increased energy density and larger sizes.

For small breeds

For small breeds of dogs, special dressings are made taking into account the structure and size of the jaws of small animalsch pets are prone to gastrointestinal disorders and have rather weak teeth, which is also taken into account by manufacturers that produce delicious treats.

Smaller dogs can be offered small chewy treats or homemade healthy food treats cut into small pieces. Do not give such pets hard and large treats.

Types of training treats for dogs and puppies: species, features of choice You can

Types of training treats for dogs and puppies: species, features of choice

For puppies

In pet stores, you can buy special treats for puppies of different breeds, containing a complex of useful trace elements necessary for healthy development and growth. The range includes meat biscuits, chicken fingers, mini sausages, chewy snacks, small chewy bones and much more.

When buying dog treats, pay attention to the label. Manufacturers of treats for animals always indicate information about what breeds and ages of dogs this or that product is intended for.

Criteria for choosing dog treats

Many owners prefer to buy ready-made dog treats. Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of treats for pets, actively promoting their products as the best. But buying a product, trusting only a beautiful picture on the best dog food storage container or a good price, is unacceptable. The choice of treats for your beloved pet must be done responsibly, paying attention to important nuances.

Primary requirements

Let's talk about the basic requirements for choosing treats for a dog.

How to choose treats:

1. The first thing to consider when choosing a treat is the preferences of the dog. Many animal products have an unpleasant odor for humans, but this does not mean that they will not like a dog or have a harmful composition. 2. We also recommend that you look at which product causes the most joy in the dog-meat, vegetables, cheese or something else. If you are buying a treat for training, it must be motivational, which means that it is worth purchasing the product that the most obedient dog wants to get the most. 3. The treats should not be harmful to the dog’s body. Try to treat it with delicious and healthy products. You should not encourage the dog with harmful food – fatty, smoked or fried, even if it causes stormy appetite and delight in a pet. 4. When buying goodies in stores, be sure to read the composition of the product! 5. High-quality treats for dogs cannot be cheap. This product is issued as a “prize” and in small quantities, so instead of several packs of cheap goodies, it is better to buy one more expensive, but it is guaranteed useful for the animal. 6. If the dog has chronic diseases, be sure to consult a veterinarian about the choice of delicacy so that it becomes as safe as possible for the animal. 7. Pay attention to the shelf life of the purchased product.

Popular manufacturers

Experienced breeders recommend buying goodies from trusted manufacturers who have proven their products exclusively on the positive side.

Popular manufacturers:

• Royal Canin;• Orijen;• Acana;• Pedigree;• Titbit;• PRO PLAN;• "Village goodies"• Delipet;• Bosch;• 8 In1.

The rating of the best dogs for dogs

To make it easier for an inexperienced owner to choose the first treat for his dog, we propose to study the rating of the best treats compiled according to the reviews of experienced breeders and domestic animal owners.

1. Pedigree Markies – meat cookies. Low cost, does not cause adverse reactions, you can take for a walk and use for training. 2. "District goodies" – rabbit ears. Natural composition, do not cause allergic reactions, improve tooth health. 3. Titbit Fitness Musasil-only natural components, have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect, affordable price, a large selection of tastes. 4. Happy Dog – chewing sausages. Quality composition, healthy tooth health, affordable cost of the product. 5. Bosch biscuit lamb and rice – is well absorbed by the body, useful composition, hypoallergenic, and high quality products.

Do not buy the same treat for the dog. Animals, like people, love diversity in the diet.

If there is no store treats at hand, you can pamper your favorite dog with delicious homemade treats prepared from high-quality and healthy products.

Encourage your pet for obedience and good behavior, using not only yummy as a reward, but also ordinary praise and care, and then your dog will become the most devoted and best friend!

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