What toys are good for dog training?

April 19, 2023
Dog Training
toys for dog training

Toys serve not just as a source of entertainment for dogs, but also as a means of training. There exist various types of toys that can aid in enhancing a dog’s obedience and behavior. For instance, chew toys can redirect a dog’s destructive chewing habits towards more suitable objects. Interactive puzzle toys can keep a dog’s mind engaged, reducing the likelihood of destructive behavior arising from boredom. Furthermore, toys can be utilized to teach a dog how to retrieve and throw, which can be useful in obedience training. It is crucial to select toys that are appropriate for the size and strength of your dog, and to supervise playtime to ensure their safety. By using appropriate toys and training techniques, one can help their dog acquire new skills and behaviors while having fun.

Fetching toys for Dogs

The Fetch command means that the dog should take some object and bring it to the owner or trainer. For such training or games, Fetching shells are used, which are selected by the weight of the dog.

Which toy brushes a dog’s teeth while playing?

A small Toy ball for dogs LIKER of foamed rubber hangs on a durable cord with a magnet. The material of the ball is soft, but very durable, does not injure the mouth of the dog during the game. The rope does not slip in his hands and helps to throw the toy far. With this ball you can play not only on the street, but also at home. It is soft, so it will not break anything and will not make noise, falling to the floor.

Big a toy, the dog brushes his teeth right during the game, completely sticking them into the ball. Bright color will not allow the product to be lost either in the winter in the snow or in the summer in the grass. The toy does not sink, and the dirt is laundered from it with ordinary water. The magnetic system allows you to attach the ball to the outer clothing of the owner to train the concentration of the pet.

A small Toy ball for dogs LIKER brushes teeth


  • Two magnets in the kit;
  • Functionality;
  • Absolute security;
  • Suitable for both large and small dogs;
  • High strength.


  • Immediately covered with traces of teeth.

Such a toy will appeal to dogs of different breeds. With its help, you can engage in dressing, aviation, work out following a pet and other skills of a pet.

Latex toy for aggressive handling

Latex toy in the form of a chicken with a squeak is soft and has a size convenient for dogs of different breeds. The chicken is far and easily thrown as an Fetch. The squeak works when compressed and brings the animal during the game. The toy withstands the most aggressive treatment, is not afraid of stretching, strong bites, and you can rub it as much as you like.


  • Strong;
  • It is convenient to take for a walk;
  • Low weight;
  • Lack of unpleasant odor;
  • The corrugated surface.


  • Over time, the tweeter stops working.

Actual toy for dogs of hunting breeds, but it can also be given to ordinary home dogs for entertainment.

Fetching toys for Dogs

Which dog toy is non-toxic and durable?

Treats can be inserted into this durable toy to attract your pet. If the dog breaks the dumbbell, the manufacturer promises to replace it once for free. The toy does not sink in water, so it can be used even on ponds. Thanks to its orange color, it can be seen from afar.


  • No toxic substances in plastic;
  • Does not injure the mouth;
  • Bite resistant;
  • Bright color;
  • Convenient size.


  • A strong fighting dog will quickly gnaw it.

This is the perfect toy for a pet that loves to chew on anything that comes its way.

Which stick toy does not sink in water?

Stylish and interesting toy for various games with a dog, including on the water, imitates a piece of wood. At the same time, it is safe, easy to clean and does not lose its appearance for a long time.

The toy has fluorescent bracelets that help you find it even at dusk. The stick has a convenient length, it is quite weighty, so it is easy to throw it. The sticks Elwood does not sink in water.


  • Modern design;
  • Convenient rope;
  • High quality thermoplastic rubber;
  • Holds up well in the water
  • Democratic price.


  • The dog can chew off protruding parts.

The toy is practical and not easily soiled. If you do not leave it to the dog to be torn to pieces, it will last quite a long time. The model has an affordable price and will be a real find for owners of active dogs.

Video about evaluation of dog chew toys

Which toy is safe for large dogs?

This toy can be used during swimming, active games, as well as during training. It is flat and compact, so it is convenient to take it with you everywhere. The lobster can be thrown very far, and the bright color will not let it get lost.


  • High quality workmanship and strong seams;
  • Machine washable;
  • Optimal size;
  • Noticeable coloring;
  • Safety for the dog and others.


  • It may break when pulled.

A good choice for playing with large and medium dogs. Especially such a “lobster” is useful for a walk or during outdoor recreation.

Soft and textile toys for dogs

Puppies need a favorite toy that they can not only play with but also sleep with. Textiles can be washed often, and dogs love to ruffle such things.

What toy implements the dog’s hunting instinct?

A cute textile tail will allow the dog to realize his hunting instinct. Its shape is thought out taking into account the structure of the jaw of the animal. With a tail, a pet can not only play, but also sleep on it. The toy is built-in a coil, which works only with active pressing. A fox tail made of high-quality plush is made, which withstands multiple washing and active use.


  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing material;
  • Wear resistance and durability;
  • Machine washing is allowed;
  • Beautiful design.


  • Drinks for a long time after washing.

What toy will relieve the dog’s nervous tension?

The cable ball with a long rope relieves the nervous tension in the dog, cleanses his teeth and massages the gums. It can be used for different classes: Fetching, training, tightening.

The ball is produced in several sizes and selected in accordance with the breed of the dog. You can also choose the color of the rope: white or colorful. The product tolerates machine washing well, but with an active trepent, sticking threads appear on it. Despite this, the rope “lives” for quite some time.


  • Removes tooth coating and stone;
  • Hypoallergenicity;
  • High strength;
  • There are different diameters of the ball;
  • Nice price.


  • It gets dirty quickly.

This durable toy will withstand any games. Dogs love this kind of objects, because it is very convenient to grab them and transfer them in their teeth. It is recommended to choose a multi-colored model for cleaned owners, because the white rope is difficult to wash.

What toy can you bite?

Plush protein flies thanks to a special ring. It can be pulled, used in training and Fetching, as well as just for active games with a dog.

The animal can bite the toy, developing the jaw, rub it and bring it in the teeth. The protein is very wear-resistant and withstands any games. A realistic little animal awakens a hunting instinct in the dog and attracts its attention.


  • Funny design;
  • Good quality manufacturing;
  • Silent squeal;
  • Convenient size;
  • Adequate cost.


  • The ring is getting dirty quickly.

Triol “Squirrel-Litek” is a universal toy for active games and the development of a pet.

What toy do dogs like to shake?

A toy made of hard plush with an enhanced basis withstands constant chewing and trepidation. Many dogs like it so much that they even sleep with a fluffy friend in an embrace. Inside there is a squeak that can be removed if necessary.


  • High strength;
  • Reliable mesh base;
  • Security;
  • Quality fabric;
  • Bright, cheerful design.


  • The dog will be able to pull hairs out of it.

This toy is not designed for strong large dogs, it is designed for medium and small size pets.

Gigwi Dog Toys Duck

A textile toy made of combined materials can be gnawed, ruffled and pulled, and even used as a fetch. There are no traumatic and easily bitten off parts on it. Inside the duck there is a squeaker, which adds excitement to the animal.


  • Suitable for all dogs;
  • Pleasant to the touch;
  • Non-toxic material;
  • Does not injure the mouth;
  • Democratic price.


  • Rope-legs lose their appearance over time.

This is a toy for active games, but four-legged lovers of sleeping with their noses buried in something soft and warm will also like the Duck.

Teeth Cleaning Toys

Such toys provide hygiene for the dog’s mouth and at the same time serve as a toy for her. It is recommended to choose products only from well-known brands, as low-quality products can be dangerous for your pet’s health.

Dumbbell for dogs does not injure the oral cavity

The thick rubber cooling dumbbell can be filled with water and frozen. This will ease the puppy’s teething period. The toy is made of non-toxic materials, but it should not be left for the animal to eat. It is very soft, does not injure the mouth and cleans the teeth well, while being resistant to strong bites.


  • Beautiful design;
  • Quality performance;
  • Strength;
  • Does not sink in water;
  • Easy wash.


  • It’s hard to get a cork.

This toy is able to withstand even the jaws of an adult dog, but it is best suited for puppies 4 months and older.

Which dog toy is safe to swallow?

exceptionally safe toy

An exceptionally safe toy, even if accidentally swallowed, it will not cause any harm. Upon contact with gastric juice, the material will turn into jelly, so the toy bone is safe to give even to small puppies. But still, it is recommended not to allow the animal to completely eat the toy.

The bones are flavored and offer 4 flavors:

  • cereals;
  • chicken;
  • beef;
  • ham.

They fully satisfy the pet’s need for chewing and even soothe him.


  • Biodegradable, safe and edible material;
  • Hygienic cleaning function, plus gum massage;
  • Several flavors to choose from;
  • Convenient box.


  • Eats quickly.

This toy does not affect the metabolism and cannot replace food – its functions are exclusively hygienic.

Which toy is easy to use for dog training?

A simulator for the jaws of dogs of large breeds can be used for training, swimming and tugging, training the grip as efficiently as possible. The ring is quite thick and soft, so it does not cause an animal uncomfortable sensations. The shell is light: even with long training, neither the dog nor its owner gets tired.


  • Ease of use;
  • There is a recess for a better grip;
  • Nice colour;
  • Anti-stress action;
  • Lack of smell;
  • Buoyancy.


  • Porous material is difficult to wash.

When buying this ring, you get both a training shell and a toy at the same time. “Maxi” can be used for dogs of all breeds and ages.

How good is a bacon flavored toy?

A toy made of thermoplastic polymer smells of bacon and is used to develop the right chewing skills in dogs. Dense spikes located over the entire surface soothe and massage the gums. The nipples are small, therefore it will be relevant only for puppies up to a year and dogs of small breeds.


  • High-quality material – soft and safe;
  • High strength;
  • Attractive smell;
  • Easy wash.


  • The smell quickly disappears.
toy is ideal for pets whose teeth are cut

An indestructible toy is ideal for pets whose teeth are cut. The puppy will not gnaw it, even if it will try to do it for a long time and persistently.

Which toy strengthens a dog’s gums?

The rubber crisp with massage spikes effectively cleanses the dog’s teeth, strengthens its gums and serves as an entertaining toy. It can be thrown as a port or encourage the good behavior of the pet. With active chewing, the stick crunches and squeaks.

It is elastic and wear-resistant, so it suits even strong adult dogs. However, it must be borne in mind that the grooves at the base of the spikes collect all the dirt, which must be washed immediately after the walk.


  • Bright design;
  • Hypoallergenicity;
  • Two colors to choose from;
  • The squeak inside;
  • You can buy a stick of a different length.


  • After games on the street, it is difficult to wash it out.

This toy for those dogs that love to bite, chew and wear something in the mouth all the time. It is suitable for the smallest and giant breeds.

Developmental toys for dogs

Such toys make the dog think during the game, develop and train it, and can also perform a number of other useful functions.

What toy attracts a dog’s attention?

Inside the toy is a tennis ball, and it also squeals, attracting the attention of a pet. It is convenient, to wear, select, throw and shake thanks to wide handles.

The jumbler withstands the impact of the strongest jaws and blows, retains its marketable appearance for a long time. The toy is not cheap, but given its durability and the possibility of active use, the price is justified.


  • Multifunctionality;
  • High quality synthetic rubber;
  • Security;
  • Light weight;
  • There is a choice of colors;
  • Long service life.


This model is ideal for training and fetching games. The toy is designed for medium and large dogs.

Xiaomi Petgeek Automatic Smart dog feeding toy

The smart pet feeding toy comes in a durable ABS plastic case that will not form sharp fragments even if damaged. The ball rolls automatically, and food is gradually poured out of it, which must first be put inside.

The ball automatically adjusts its route and avoids obstacles. The gadget is charged from the USB port. The toy-feeder adequately endures falls and accidental (not strong) blows.


  • Sufficient strength;
  • Hygiene;
  • Suitable for dry and wet dog food ;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Laconic design.

This ball helps to implement a new way of feeding the dog in a playful way.

Ebi Toy for animals interactive “Magic ball”, pink

The electronic ball, which is powered by batteries, independently rolls in different directions, attracting the attention of the pet. Durable material is resistant to active games, while it does not injure the dog’s gums.


  • Two colors to choose from;
  • High-quality and durable material of manufacture;
  • Bite resistance;
  • Two year warranty.


  • Requires frequent battery changes.

A good option for those who sometimes do not have enough time to play with a pet. With this ball, your pet will not be bored.

Which toy is safe for miniature dogs and puppies?

A cute toy for miniature dogs and puppies. Before playing, it must be lowered into the water so that the sponge is saturated. The dog will be delighted with how the water splashes out while chewing the toy. It can also be frozen, making it easier for teething.

Dry Petit “Coco” can be played at home. It is easy to clean under running water, but it is also allowed to wash it in the dishwasher. Quality rubber does not contain harmful compounds.


  • Nice muted color
  • Safe and high quality materials;
  • Good density;
  • Tear resistance;
  • Easy care.


  • Requires thorough drying.

The toy is sold in a beautiful box, so you can even give it to the owners of young and active dogs.

Which interactive feeder is good for developing small dogs?

interactive feeder for small dogs

An interactive feeder for small dogs will teach them to eat slowly, while it will help to develop. The toy awakens the hunting instinct in the animal. In the cells you need to put food and cover it with lids. The dog itself should get a treat. A four-haired glutton such a toy will help to moderate your appetite.


  • Non-slip bottom;
  • Easy to wash;
  • Pleasant design;
  • Durable plastic;
  • Durability.


  • Not every animal immediately understands what needs to be done.

As the puppy grows up, this model will lose relevance, but for dogs of small breeds it will always be an interesting toy.

How to choose a good toy for dog training and development?

When choosing a good toy for your pet, you need to pay attention to a number of important details.

The toy should correspond to the size of the animal, as a too small dog can swallow, and too large will be uninteresting or uncomfortable. A small puppy is unlikely to cope, for example, with a heavy cable ball.

Chewing toys should be selected especially carefully, since particles of the material will inevitably enter the dog’s body. The little thing that the pet has already disheveled must be taken and thrown away if we are not talking about edible toys.

Do not buy models that can be split with a strong impact or pressurech a toy is able to injure the dog, and when swallowing fragments, cause irreparable harm to health.

The durability of the product directly depends on the quality of the material. But do not flatter yourself – indestructible toys for dogs practically do not exist.

It is recommended to have several different objects for games in their arsenal and change them so that they do not bother the pet. In no case do not give dogs children’s toys – they are not intended for this (the animal can just eat them).


When it comes to training your pet dog, selecting the appropriate toys can have a significant impact. A great option is a treat toy, which allows you to reward your dog for good behavior while also providing mental stimulation. Another popular choice is a tug toy, which can aid in teaching your dog the “drop it” command and encourage them to play well with others. For dogs that enjoy chewing, a durable chew toy can provide hours of entertainment while also promoting healthy dental care habits. Regardless of the toy you choose, it’s important to supervise your dog while playing and replace any worn or damaged toys to ensure their safety. With the right toys and plenty of positive reinforcement, your lovable pet will soon become a well-behaved and contented pup.

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