What treats to use for training puppies and adult dogs?

April 19, 2023
Dog Training
treats for training adult dogs

When a puppy appears in the house, it is necessary to engage in training it. Each dog must be able to perform simple commands. This is necessary for her discipline. In order for the learning process to cause joy both in the pet and its owner, you should give the dog small encouragements in the form of delicious treats. In this case, the pet will have a desire for training, training and achieving new peaks.

How to start training a puppy correctly?

puppy appears in the house

Many, buying a puppy, are waiting for a certain age to start training. But this opinion is erroneous, you should start training from the moment a new family member has appeared in the house.

The process of training begins with the training of a pet with his nickname. The nickname should not be difficult. Even if the dog has a complex and unusual name in the documents, it is better to transform it in ordinary speech into a simpler version. So, every time the pet will hear his nickname and respond to it, you should show affection or give it a small delicious present.

install a tray or a special diaper

If the pet does not have all the necessary vaccinations, then walks on the street with him are undesirable. To do this, a small friend needs to install a tray or a special diaper. So that the puppy is used to such a toilet to be attributed or push there after eating. After receiving vaccinations with a puppy, you should often go out, so he will get used to celebrating all his needs outside the house.

The dog should also be accustomed to its own place. It should be a cozy corner that will not be in the kitchen and not on the aisle. When sending a pet to his place, you should treat him with a small treat and affectionate. But you cannot send a puppy to this place as a punishment, and you can’t show aggression when the dog is in its place.

Now it’s worth talking about training commands. This process can be started with four months. The commands should be studied daily, only regular classes will give the necessary result. Training should be carried out in the morning and evening. One command should be made 3-4 repetitions, then move on to another. A larger number of repetitions of one command will lead to a loss of interest in the pet.

How to give treats to a dog during training?

So, it’s better to start sitting and Down with the command. We must take a treat in the hand and hide it in a fist. After that, the fist must be brought to the nose of the dog to let it feel the smell of goodies. Now the hand rises higher, and the owner says “sit”. Many are intuitively sitting at this time, but if this did not happen, then the owner gently presses the dog into the sacrum. After a few attempts, the pet understands the requirement and sits down. After that, the second stage of training for the command sits to sit. Here the owner gets up and holds an open palm in the chest area and says the command. The treat should be given if the dog sat for a few seconds.

When the dog learns the “sit” command, you can move on to the command “Down. To do this, first you need to command “sit”, after the hand with a delicacy falls to the floor and the owner pronounces “Down. ” at this moment, the dog should be pressed on the withers. After that, there is already a stage of training on the execution of the command using a gesture.

command will need an assistant

To train a four-friendly friend, the “Come / Come here” command will need an assistant. Then the assistant will hold the puppy on a leash or hands, and the owner leaves a short distance. After that, you should call a doggie by name and say the command. If the pet performs the command, then give encouragement and affection. There are times when the puppy does not want to fulfill this command, in this case, after a couple of repetitions, you should be distracted by the game, and then return to study this command again.

These commands can be learned with a pet at home. There are also complex commands that are learned with a dog handler. These include “barrier”, “Fetch”, “die” and others. The observation of a specialist is important here, since the importance of compliance with technology is going on.

How often should you give treats when training a dog?

A delicacy can be given a dog if the owner wants to pamper it or during training. In the first case, there are no rules. But in the case of training, there are certain rules.

treats for training puppies

To create motivation for a shaggy friend, before the start of training, you should give him one piece of yummy, so he will understand that the owner has something interesting in store. Also, in the case of training, a treat is given if the dog has completed the given command. But at the same time, when studying a certain command, one should not give a tasty treat after each action. It is better to alternate delicacy with affection and praise.

The size of the pieces should not be too big, but not too small. Small pieces will serve as a bad motivation, and from large pieces the dog will quickly eat up and will not want to follow commands. Here the owner should find a middle ground based on the size of the dog.

What types of treats are suitable for training an adult dog or puppy?

Treats that are given to a pet as a reward for achievements can be divided into homemade and store bought. View homemade delicacies:

  • Liver
  • Cheese
  • Sausages
  • Chicken fillet
  • Cookies

It is better to use beef liver, as pork will be too fatty for a dog. The smell of this product will immediately attract the attention of the dog, which will make training more fruitful. The liver should be well cooked and cut into small pieces.

low-fat options

Many dogs love cheese. Here it is better to use non-salty and low-fat options. Because after salty cheese, the dog will want to drink more. But here you need to be careful, you should not give cheese in large quantities, since such a product can cause indigestion or cause an allergic reaction.

Chicken meat is a low-calorie product. But it should be given with caution. The owner must ensure that no bone is caught along with the meat. Also, chopped fillets can crumble, so it’s better to tear them along the fibers. We should not forget that store chickens are stuffed with antibiotics and hormones, so you should not give such a treat too often. And it is better to cook homemade chicken meat for these purposes.

Occasionally, you can encourage a doggie with sausages. It is not recommended to abuse them because they contain quite a lot of different spices, additives and salt. Frequent consumption of such products will lead to poor health of the dog. Cookies should also not be carried away, as they crumble, and will also cause thirst in the pet.

Types of training treats for puppies

What store-bought treats are good for a dog’s health?

Shop goodies are divided into several types. They can be in the form of:

  • snacks;
  • biscuits;
  • jerky;
  • sausages.

Dog biscuits are small biscuits that are mostly cereal. Biscuits from different manufacturers differ in composition and calorie content.

Dried meat is not as high in calories as biscuits, but its cost is much higher than cereal cookies. Therefore, it will be very expensive to purchase such products as a promotion. To make this type of yummy, manufacturers use lamb, chicken or rabbit meat. But the composition can also contain various preservatives that will not have a positive effect on the body with frequent use.

contain various preservatives

Snacks contain various additives. Based on the composition of the product, you should select the best option for training. Incorrectly selected snack can harm the health of the dog.

If we talk about special sausages, then this product resembles raw smoked sausage. Usually such sausages are produced in individual packaging, which allows the owner to easily take them with him. But the pet will have time to experience this product, which will also distract him from training.

How to choose the right treat for training a puppy or an adult dog?

Since during training the pet should not be distracted by chewing for a long time, first of all, you should pay attention to the size of the product and its consistency. The size should be optimal for one bite.

In order not to upset the balance in feeding, it is important to pay attention to the calorie content of products. Giving too high-calorie treats during training can quickly overfeed the dog, which will lead to obesity, problems in the digestive system. The calorie content of treats should be about 10% of the total calorie content of the dog’s daily diet.

problems in the digestive system

In addition, you should carefully study the composition of the treat. The composition should not include:

  1. Salt
  2. Sugar
  3. Gluten
  4. Artificial colors
  5. Ethoxyquin
  6. Propyl gallate
  7. BHA
  8. BHT.

Also, different manufacturers produce sweets, taking into account the size, breed and age of the dog. When buying a treat, do not forget about this criterion, otherwise the dog may have problems with digestion or teeth.

What cookies are good for encouraging small breeds?

ideal option for encouraging a small breed dog during training

Such a product from the Tatbit brand will be an ideal option for encouraging a small breed dog during training. Cookies contain various minerals and vitamins that will help strengthen the immune system, maintain health and prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

In addition, Tatbit Pallini biscuits have a special structure, which during chewing will strengthen the teeth and prevent the formation of tartar. This product contains no harmful additives or artificial preservatives. The manufacturer used:

  • whole grain flour;
  • wheat germ;
  • meat;
  • oil;
  • oregano.

The weight of Tatbit Pallini cookies is 125 grams. The calorie content of the product is 411 kcal / 100 grams.

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