What are online dog training courses?

April 6, 2023
Dog Training
online dog training courses: prices, diplomas, programs for dog handlers

For each dog dealer, it is unimaginably pleasant when a well-mannered, smart, balanced and all understanding dog lives next to him. In order for the puppy to fulfill all your requests and become a real assistant and defender for his master, you need to start training from childhood.

You can teach the dog to perform commands at home. Experienced dog handlers have compiled many courses and instructions that will help you raise discipline in your pet. At online courses you will study the nature and habits of your dog, distinguish between working and game commands, learn to pronounce them correctly and much more.

How to fix the dog’s behavior in 3 days?

Go through the free video course Caroline Benson and you will learn how to control the behavior of your dog.

  • Suitable for puppies and adult dogs
  • Suitable for any breed of dogs
  • Suitable for large and dwarf dogs
  • Fast and tangible result

The art of communicating with a dog

A master class for dog owners

A master class for dog owners and those who want to start a dog by the author’s technique to solve current and arising problems in the behavior of the dog

  • Tired of problems in the behavior of your pet?
  • Do you want walks and life with a dog in the house to be comfortable?
  • Would you like the dog to be socialized and obedient?
  • Want to experience pleasure and joy from communication, and not be afraid and nervous before each
  • Walk?

What will you know?

  1. What is the reason for the unwanted behavior of dogs
  2. How aggression is associated with stress, phobias and cowardice
  3. How can you correct the behavior of absolutely any dog
  4. How to help the dog cope with such conditions
  5. How to help the dog become a source of calm and joy, not stress
  6. Bonus – how to act with the aggression of a dog addressed to you. What is it impossible to do in any case

Academy Ekol

Dog education courses

Learn about the ways to educate the pet in just 7 lessons.

Training program:

  • Zoopsychology you will learn to understand the state of the pet and its willingness to study by external manifestations of behavior. You will understand what type of affection is formed in the dog, and how learning tricks makes her love you even more.
  • Treating to the rituals you will understand why the dog should have the daily routine, and accustom it to eat from your bowl, go to the toilet strictly on the street, not be afraid of claw haircuts. You can study the world together through active games.
  • Correction of behavior four strategies for the motivation of a dog for learning more than 15 simple and complex commands and tricks. You will understand why training is ineffective in eliminating aggression, phobias or apathy.

School of training dogs

School of training dogs

Online dog training course

  • Want to control the dog’s behavior, no matter what happens around?
  • Would you like to walk with a dog at a rate convenient for you, and not run behind a stretched leash?
  • Do you want to stop hiding food, shoes, and everything else that can be gnawed?
  • Do you finally dream of getting only joy from life with a dog?

Each lesson consists of theoretical and practical parts. The lessons are built from simple to complex: repetition, complication, bringing to perfection. The development and upbringing of the dog will happen in stages. This guarantees stably good results. In each lesson, all basic commands are worked out (fu, Come / Come here, Heel, sit, Down, stand and others). You will find out which commands should be used in various situations. After the first lesson, you can get the result for each command.

City of dogs

online training course for a puppy independently with the support of professional dog handlers

How to educate an obedient puppy in a month

An online training course for a puppy independently with the support of professional dog handlers.

Who is the course for?

  • If you plan to start the first dog
  • You recently have a puppy and you want to raise it correctly
  • You already have an adult dog, but she does not obey you at all

All materials are presented in the format of video lessons and text support. Access remains for 3 months.


video training lessons

Positive and effective online dog training

They will tell you and show you:

  • How to wean a leash
  • How to wean from the ground
  • How to wean a bark
  • How to wean on people
  • How to fix aggression on people and animals
  • How to teach to obey on the street

As soon as you choose and pay for the course, you will get access to the first lesson! You can start learning right away. You study step-by-step video instructions and start training with the dog according to the program. At least once a week – the teachers expect a report from you – you record the results of your workouts on video and send them to the instructors. The task of the school is to help you quickly deal with any difficulties.

Online dog training school by Caroline Benson

Online dog training school by Caroline Benson

How to raise your puppy the right way?

Bought a self-paced course, but realize you can’t do it alone? You can upgrade your membership best dog food storage container to the flagship courses at any time! The promotion is valid for the Dog: Instructions for Use, Puppy Video Guide, Braveheart and the Puppy + Dog 2 course set. To start getting support, just click the button below.

Course author — Caroline Benson

  • Senior training instructor at one of the largest CleverDog schools.
  • Behavior Correction Specialist.
  • Zoopsychologist.
  • Creator of dog training courses.

Training center “Dog business”

training center

Puppy course

You will learn everything that puppy owners learn in full-time courses: how to properly raise, educate and train your puppy.

The course lasts 10 weeks, twice a week a video lesson and homework will be opened for you on the online school platform. In the thematic WhatsApp chat, you can ask questions to instructors and communicate with other course participants. Also, when recruiting more than 10 people, online meetings will be organized 2 times per course with the senior instructor Rosalind Carroll, where you can discuss all your questions about raising and training your puppy.

Wikipet Club

Video COURSES on training and education of dogs

The instructors have created these courses to help you train your dog in a modern and humane way. This is a great way to become understandable to your dog, teach him to listen and hear in any situation. Even if you don’t know where to start yet.

Who will benefit from the course the most?

  • For those who prefer gentle methods of raising and training their dog.
  • For dogs from the first day of stay in the family.
  • For those who value their time and money. Practice anytime, anywhere.


sleeping place for a puppy

Online dog training course

programs for dog handlers

You will learn how to equip a sleeping place for a puppy where he could relax and play. An experienced teacher will tell you about the nuances in choosing a collar. Your pet can very much suffer from the collar with rhinestones or other jewelry, accidentally swallowing them.

After the end of the course, you can:

  • Constructively contact the animal
  • Make not only a friend from a dog, but also an assistant and a colleague
  • Carry out the prevention of the struggle for the championship, exclude aggression from the animal, to inspire “who is the main one here”
  • Achieve unquestioning obedience, which means to fully manage the situation with the animal
  • To be confident in the safety of a four-haired friend, to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown from a leash, disobedience, poisoning on the street, etc.
  • Understand the animal and know its way of thinking
  • Get the maximum benefit from contact with the animal

Author’s courses Shangina Alisha

Puppy training

Puppy training

What do you learn to know the “training of the puppy” including the nuances of training:

  • The main position is Heel
  • Movement “Heel”
  • Complex “sit, Down, stand”
  • Teach the dog to the muzzle
  • The command “Come / Come here”
  • How to play with a puppy correctly
  • Command “stop that! “
  • The initial excerpt
  • Command “Place”
  • Get feedback and recommendations for working with your dog

Sunny Dog

21 Lesson of an obedient dog

21 Lesson of an obedient dog

Does the dog not obey? Doesn’t he know how to calmly walk on a leash, pulls or gnaws it? He runs after cats, birds, picks up from the ground? These are difficulties that overshadow the life of almost every dog owner. And to solve them, the course “21 Lesson of the Obedient Dog” was created!

After passing the course:

  • You enjoy walking with a dog: she calmly walks on a leash, does not break to other dogs.
  • The dog knows the commands and performs them with distracting factors.
  • Suitable on the command “Come / Come here” the first time.
  • He knows how to behave in the city and visiting.
  • He plays with pleasure and communicates with you.


Planning to get a dog

Online dog training course

Who will do this course?

  • Dog owners feel that it is time to get seriously for raising your four-legged friend, but do not know where to start? The online training course will reveal before you all the subtleties of this process.
  • Planning to get a dog, are you thinking of buying a puppy, but worry that you can’t cope with its content? On the course you will find out what you are to deal with.
  • Do you like animals for beginner dog lines and would like to connect your profession with them? Study with the ONSKILLS Academy everything you need to know the dog handler – try yourself in this interesting and demanded profession.
  • Zoactivists have to deal with dogs on an ongoing basis, and you would like to figure out what to expect from them? Learn more about dog behavior in a convenient remote format.

The author’s course of Cornelia Charlson

dog barking

The course is suitable for you if:

  • The dog has already turned your life into a nightmare or is just preparing to do it. During each walk, you are ashamed. A walk on the street is not happy. The dog pulls the leash, rushes at passers-by and dogs, barks at cars.
  • You are afraid to lose the dog on a walk has become indispensable. It is impossible to release the dog – it will not return. Feeling freedom, the dog disappears from the field of view, does not respond to the nickname, picks up food from the ground.
  • Sometimes you hate your dog a once beloved dog defeated the apartment, gnawed the furniture, guessed not only the floor, but also climbed onto the bed and did his dirty business. You have to close the refrigerator to the castle so that it does not eat a monthly supply of products.
  • You are ashamed of your neighbors, a meeting with neighbors on the stairwell turns into a nightmare. All neighbors consider it their duty to tell that your favorite dog howled all day.
  • You are afraid for yourself and your children, the dog growls on you and your children. Guests have not come to you for a long time, because continuous dog barking will not let you communicate. Friends know for sure that your inadequate dog can rush, break a jacket or even bite. And this will not be the first time.

The Kinological Center “Fifth tail”

The Kinological Center

Conflict-free training

The cynological center has developed an author’s training on the nursery to basic skills in ON-line mode, designed for owners who:

  • Recently they took a puppy and do not know how to educate it, to train;
  • We decided to train an adult dog from scratch until the OKD standards are passed;
  • They want to teach the pupil to concentrate on the task, to perform it correctly, to feel their body.

The program is universal for all breeds and ages. Teachers develop obedience through encouragement, guidance, clker schemes-methods that eliminate distress, bring pleasure to both the owner and the dog, which means they strengthen the contact between them. The animal becomes initiative, learns to think, wants to work.

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