Why do small dogs need special nutrition?

April 3, 2023
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small dogs dog food

Every loving owner wants to feed the dog deliciously. However, for small breeds, the food is not at all the same as for a German Shepherd or Great Dane. We have prepared a food rating for small breed dogs so that the animal enjoys the taste and does not get sick after eating.

They have a different stomach structure, different calorie needs compared to large dogs. If large dogs, shepherd dogs and St. Bernards require large and dense portions, then it is better for small dogs to choose a more high-calorie, but light food in terms of composition.

As a rule, dogs of small breeds develop faster. They become more active, move more, so they burn more calories. It is difficult for their stomach to digest large bones, complex fiber, so such dogs should absolutely not eat from the owner’s table. To make the animals feel better, it is recommended to give them special varieties from the super premium and holistic grade small breed dog food rating. They cost more than the economy class, but deserve their price.

small breed food

What is the difference between food for small dogs?

Small dogs are given wet and dry dog food. The brands included in the 2022 small breed dog food ratings are distinguished depending on the series and manufacturer:

  • For puppies;
  • For older dogs
  • For the most active small dogs;
  • For sterilized animals;
  • For dogs that suffer from various diseases.

For the last category, a holistic class is intended, in which there are several lines. For example, some manufacturers make special food for dogs with sensitive digestion, suffering from certain diseases. Usually such feeds are recommended by veterinarians, they are sold in online stores, veterinary pharmacies. Specialists will help you choose dry and wet Holistic dog food, because dogs with special needs will need special nutrition.

Before choosing a specific type, it is better to consult with a specialist. Perhaps a particular dog is more suitable for a super-premium class of dry dog food.

Let’s take a look at the small breed dog food rankings to see which foods are recognized as the best in 2022 in different categories.

Premium class

Premium class

Unlike the economy class, this price category contains the most natural substances, while usually the ratio of meat and vegetables, additional components is approximately 50/50 or 50/70.

Husse Digest

The product has an excellent composition, easy for the digestion of dogs. The composition contains salmon, lamb meat and useful herbs for digestion. It is tasty and healthy for the dog’s body. This food is recommended for small breeds with sensitive digestion.


It contains useful components, rice, corn, therefore it is considered optimal for normalizing digestion. There is a line with a high protein content. The brand offers food for puppies, dogs of small and large breeds, while the puppy option is also suitable for small dogs. There are species with lamb and salmon.

For adult dogs, including small breeds, the following dry dog food in granules is suitable:

  • With proteins and beef;
  • With rice;
  • Low-calorie with salmon;
  • Hypoallergenic with salmon and tuna;
  • With chicken;
  • With duck;
  • With a rabbit;
  • With pork.
wet dog food for small dogs

Dry dog food is recommended to be alternated with wet dog food. Wet dog food for small dogs varies in composition:

  • Pork;
  • Turkey;
  • Beef;
  • Tuna;
  • Venison;
  • Duck;
  • Rabbit;
  • Lamb;
  • Tuna.

Some feeds can be called real delicacies; in addition to meat, they contain fruits and vegetables:

  • Chicken with pineapple;
  • Rabbit with an apple;
  • Turkey with citrus.
Made in Italy specially for small breed dogs

Almo Nature

Made in Italy specially for small breed dogs. It contains many useful elements, including fiber, cereals, vegetables, a mixture of rice and oats. Small dogs love these foods, they are free of artificial flavors, GMOs, dyes and by-products.

Brit Care

Composition – high-quality ground meat and healthy by-products. Some experts believe that dogs need to add liver, heart and lungs to the diet.

The line of dry dog food is divided into areas:

  • Puppy – for all breeds of dogs;
  • Junior – food for puppies, varies according to the size of the animal, the dimensions are the same as on the clothes;
  • Lamb& Rice is a hypoallergenic food for animals with sensitive digestion;
  • Senior – for dogs older than 7 years, varies in size, as well as for puppies;
  • Light – low-calorie food for sterilized animals and those who are overweight;
  • Sport – for active and mobile dogs of all breeds;
  • Adult is the optimal solution for dogs from one to 7 years old, it varies in size and breed.

Wet dog food is divided into 4 types and contains 80% natural meat. The presence of cereals in the stern is considered to be a minus: they can cause an allergic reaction in some dogs.

Arden Grange Adult

Arden Grange Adult

British food, which is suitable for dogs of different breeds and ages. It helps to improve the chair, normalizes digestion, so it is recommended to give it to dogs with gastrointestinal problems. Beetroot in the composition improves digestion, helps to cope with intestinal diseases, recover after droppers, drugs.

  • For puppies and small breeds of dogs;
  • For adult dogs;
  • For old dogs.

Wet feeds are divided into 4 types:

  • Chicken with rice and vegetables;
  • Potatoes with white fish;
  • Lamb;
  • Vegetables.

Available in the form of canned food. They help dogs with sensitive digestion and are often used in dietary diet for weakened, sick animals.

help dogs with sensitive digestion

Barking Heads

English food contains meat, algae, fish powder and additives, which are very easily absorbed by dogs. This food is suitable for most animals, designed taking into account the features of dogs of small sizes.


Popular food that contains sublimated protein and is considered a good alternative to more expensive holistic class feeds. It has less meat and fish, but there are light food additives.

Divided into views:

  • For adult small dogs from year. Contains a bird, prebiotics, substances that help prevent the development of tartar.
  • For small dogs up to a year. The composition of poultry meat, wheat, cereals, lambs, iodine and other substances that help puppies develop.
  • Feed with beef for dogs of all breeds. Optimal in composition, only dosage varies, depending on the size of the dog.
Feed with beef for dogs of all breeds


A brand that adds only natural and high-quality meat grown in environmentally friendly conditions to food. The composition includes Atlantic fish, mineral supplements, fat, oats and much moreitable for sick and weakened animals, allergy sufferers, and overweight dogs, which should be monitored by proper nutrition.

mineral supplements

Holistic class

These feeds are considered the best due to 100% of the natural composition, there are practically no offal in them. Including, therefore, they are the most expensive. There are several brands that are well suited for small dogs.

Almo Nature Holistic

Feed without cereals containing in large quantities duck meat, turkey, beef, vegetables and vitamins. The main advantage is the natural composition, the lack of products that can cause allergies. The food is quite high-calorie, contributes to the activity of the dog. Its main disadvantage is the lack of percentage content on the package, that is, it is difficult to understand what ratios it contains vegetables and meat. Feed for small breeds are marked with the sign S (Small).

There are dry and wet views with different tastes:

  • With chicken;
  • With salmon;
  • With duck;
  • With beef.

Various options for canned pastes are also presented.

American brand


The American brand, working together with Belgium and Italy. The food is natural, high-quality, quite high-calorie, because it is prepared with the addition of 60% of the meat or fish base. The composition of vitamins, cereals, vegetables, even fruits. On sale you can find the following types:

These components are complemented by vegetables, dried apple, a probiotic to improve digestion, herbs, rice and battles. There are dry dog foods with probiotics, low-grain, Grain-Free. You can also buy wet dog food and canned food, but not elderly dogs, because they can quickly gain weight.

dry dog foods with probiotics


Holistic class feeds that have a very rich and pleasant taste, as well as the optimal set of vitamins for dogs of small breeds. This food is more gentle than everyone else. It observes the optimal balance between fiber, fats, proteins and carbohydrates, the complex is supplemented by Omega-3 and other useful fats. The composition of the meat of chicken, quails, fiber is contained in pumpkin, carrots, vegetables, lentils, and algae and iodine contribute to strong immunity. This is the optimal food for dogs of small breeds.

Bosch Soft

Created for small dogs of any age. The meat includes buffalo, goat, ducks, guinea fowl. The food does not cause an allergic reaction and is very economically consumed. It is recommended to dogs with sensitive digestion, characteristics of the structure of the teeth.

Taste combinations are unusual:

  • Chicken and battting;
  • Quail and potatoes;
  • Cesarca and battting;
  • Chicken and bananas;
  • Duck and potatoes;
  • Ram with potatoes for elderly dogs.
Duck and potatoes small breed food


Natural food for dogs has an increased fat content, all optimal vitamins, mineral beneficial substances. There are many types intended for small breeds of dogs, given their features:

  • For dogs more weight;
  • Puppies;
  • For the smallest dogs;
  • Hypoallergenic food;
  • Without gluten.

There are dry and wet dog foods. The granules are small enough and comfortable for food.


One of the best foods that small dogs need. There is no chicken meat, only a duck, a turkey. Calory feed, consumed quite economically. It does not contain wheat, corn and allergens.

chicken meat

Now Fresh

Feed, which does not contain grain, has a very good composition, contains vegetables, berry and lentils. Useful for the elderly, prone to excess weight of dogs, helps maintain the optimal balance to maintain vital energy.

One of the best elite dog feed, which is suitable for almost all animals. The composition contains vegetables, cereals, meat, which helps dogs feel easy and actively. They become funny, active, mobile. However, they have no digestive problems.


Each food from the listed is designed taking into account the characteristics of dogs of small breeds. The cost of one or another type is primarily affected by the composition, but both the brand, transportation, and other expenses of the manufacturer are taken into account.

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