Who can benefit from Dog Training Courses Online?

April 3, 2023
Dog Training
benefit from Dog Training Courses Online

With us – you are no longer alone, we will help you throughout the training, answer questions and help you cope with the difficulties!

step-by-step video instructions

How it works?

Course selection

As soon as you choose and pay for the course – you will get access to the first lesson! You can immediately start training.

online Workout


You study step-by-step video instructions and start doing exercises with your dog. For training, 10-15 minutes during a walk is enough.



To receive individual recommendations, record the results of your workouts on video and send to the instructor. Our task is to help you quickly deal with any difficulties.

Core Courses

Core Courses

necessary commands skills

Complete training course

The course includes all the necessary commands and skills for a comfortable life and walks with the dog.

Complete training course

Puppy training

Do not miss the chance to raise an obedient and devoted friend from a puppy! All the necessary commands and skills for a puppy, and in the future an adult dog, are already included in the course.

receive individual recommendations

5 basic commands

This course will help to bring the basic commands to perfect execution – “Come” – “Heel” – “Sit” with a shutter speed – “Down!” With a shutter speed – “Stand” with a shutter speed

World of tricks

World of tricks

Learning tricks is not only an interesting time spent together, but also a useful activity for the physical and mental development of the dog.

Individual consultation with a cynologist

Sign up for a free consultation and our dog handler will answer your questions

Our command

All instructors and curators of our school are cynologists, have special education and extensive practice in raising and training puppies and adult dogs

For more than 10 years I have been helping owners to make their dogs obedient, regardless of age and breed. I believe that dog training should be humane and effective ��

I love my dogs and am thrilled to have fun with them. Hope you and your dog enjoy learning new tricks!

Feedback from our students

We have been professionally engaged in training for more than ten years, we have trained perfect dogs of different sizes, breeds and ages.

All dogs are different and each breed has its own characteristics, but we always managed to find the right approach.

When composing each course, we tried to take into account all the possible features and nuances, and if something else is needed-we are always in touch and are ready to disassemble the situation individually!

1) Choose a convenient communication method for you through which you will send video reports and receive individual recommendations of the coach.

2) Fill a questionnaire about your dog

3) get the materials of the first lesson with step-by-step video instructions and exercises

tasks according to the instructions of online dog training

4) Start performing tasks according to the instructions

5) it turns out? Excellent! Something did not work? No problem! In any case, we expect a short video report from you-just show how you do exercises and get feedback and/or help from the instructor

6) at any stage of training: do you feel that everything turns out well? Or, on the contrary, there are difficulties? Write this on the video, our dog handler will watch and give you individual recommendations on your situation

7) When you successfully coped with the task – you get access to the next lesson!

8) Our dog handlers are in touch every day – you can ask them questions at any time – they will be happy to help you and tell you!

  • You are an employed person and you have no time to go somewhere in classes
  • Do you have a reactive dog that cannot behave calmly next to others?
  • There is no suitable coach in your area or not a coach at all?
  • You realize that you live in modern times and you are not scared by new methods and convenient training methods

Online training can be a great solution for you!

Online courses have already proved that ways to be effective and the learning result is persisted for a long time.

More and more people choose online format of learning, realizing its advantages

We recommend at least 15 minutes a day

Good training will not take much time. If you are ready to do regularly, you will have enough this short time to make your dog’s good and better obedience skills every day!

We really want you to teach your dog the commands

We will do everything to make it so! But for this we need your help – you need accurate performance of the necessary exercises, regularity, and reports.

If you regularly carry out our recommendations, do everything according to the program, but there is no result – write to us, we will figure out the situation and if we really can’t help, we will return the money to you

Some of them are really useful and help to teach the dog something, Although more often they are simply of no use.

Our course is not the same at all! Video tutorials and text tips from the Internet very often contradict each other, and with one dog they can help, but on the other they can only harm, because training must include an individual approach, you can’t train completely different dogs the same way!

We have come across a huge amount of harmful and dangerous advice and video tutorials on the Internet, the use of which can lead to very sad consequences.

The most important thing is that there is no consistency and feedback in free video lessons – you won’t be able to ask the author what to do if, when trying to apply the training method on your dog, something went wrong, and this is the most important thing – correct your mistake in time.

On our course you will receive not just lessons, but a training system, which is based on the most modern knowledge and achievements in the field of dog training, which is divided into simple steps, by which you get the result.

At any stage, we are ready to advise you on any questions and problems, provide professional assistance – this is our profession:)

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