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November 14, 2022

Boston Terrier dog. Description, features, types, price and care of the breed

The Boston Terrier is the English "mini gentleman" among dogs. It is a small in size black and white dog bred in the UK based on the genes of the bulldog and terrier. He is loyal, intelligent, but rather stubborn. Why do people from all over the world want to buy him? Let's find out.

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Description and features

The ancestors of the Boston Terrier were a massive English bulldog and a brisk terrier. The world first became familiar with this breed at the end of the 19th century, it was in Boston, at a dog show.

It is believed that any modern dog, whose exterior is standardized, is the result of years of breeding. However, there is evidence to support the fact that the Boston Terrier breed was the result of a random cross between a bull terrier and a mongrel.

No one can say for sure, whether it was so or not. Anyway, the modern representative of the breed has the genes of fighting dogs.

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This is what his intolerance to rodents is connected with. The presence of terrier genes was the reason for using the dog in hunting small game. "Bostons are known for their rage toward rats and mice. But, they rarely show anger toward humans. Some French bulldog breeders insist that their wards are similar to Boston Terriers. The two breeds do share many similarities.


Despite the presence of bulldogger and pit bull genes, the "English gentleman" was considered a decorative dog for many years. However, the non-standard appearance of the animal did not attract the attention of wealthy ladies, going out in public. Nowadays, the dog serves families, serving as a companion. It is known for its friendliness to children.

Why is the Boston Terrier called a gentleman? This is due to its unusual appearance and specific movement, reminiscent of the classic aristocratic gait. The dog always walks with his head extended upward.

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If you look at him, you can notice on a small face large intelligent eyes. The breed is indeed not devoid of intelligence, its members are valued not only for companionship, but also for their wit.

The breed standard

Boston Terrier is a small dog with non-standard visual features. Height – up to 40 cm, weight – up to 10 kg. If the weight of the dog exceeds this mark, he is considered full. By the way, the "English gentleman" is strongly predisposed to obesity.

The body of the dog is massive, strong. All its parts are well harmonized. The head stands out strongly. It is large, has the shape of a square. It is very tightly constricted by the skin. Such parts of the head as cheekbones, jaw and nose are well expressed.

The largest part of the Boston Terrier's muzzle is the lips. They are wide and fleshy, like a bull terrier. These dogs have a strong jaw with tenacious sharp teeth. These parameters were inherited by them from the fighting breeds.

The animal's muzzle is not retracted, but slightly flattened. It has a large nose with widely spaced nostrils at its tip. Due to the fact that the skin tightens heavily around the dog's muzzle, its eyes appear slightly bulging. They are large, shallow-set. The distinction of the Boston Terrier is a meaningful look.

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The ears of the animal are broad, erect. The body is powerful, rectangular. These dogs have a fairly long neck, which forms with the back angle of about 130 degrees. Paws "Boston" – long, slender. The front ones are straight, and the hind ones are slightly curved. By the way, if the hind limbs are not curved, the Boston Terrier is not a purebred.

Representatives of this breed are born with a long tail of a very neat shape, but breeders recommend to cut it. These dogs have a very short coat, one or two colors. Three types of color are allowed:

  • Tiger.
  • Black and white.
  • Light reddish.
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Any deviations in the shades of the hair of the Boston Terrier are not allowed.

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Not every mini-dog is the epitome of kindness. The Boston Terrier in the photo is depicted as serious and wary. He never lets his guard down, thanks to which, he does an excellent job of guarding.

The animal is very attentive. No one will pass through his area unnoticed. Almost all terriers, including Boston, have not only companion but also guard duty. Yes, he is small and seemingly completely harmless. But even such a tiny animal can cause damage to humans if it feels threatening.

Unreasonable anger is a quality that the Boston Terrier dog is devoid of. It is attentive, always alert and very caring. The dog will not allow anyone to speak rudely to his family members. He will respond to aggression or yelling at them with loud barking. An attack from his side is not excluded.

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One more specific feature of the beast is hypermobility. Imagine the "English gentleman" who sleeps all day, it is unreal. He is on the move almost the whole day. The animal is inquisitive and mobile, and laziness is not peculiar to it at all. Boston Terrier loves:

  1. Bringing household items for them to throw forward.
  2. Play with soft toys or rubber ball.
  3. Following the owner or his children.
  4. Run and hunt.
  5. To follow the trail of rodents.

Not everyone will be able to cope with the excessive mobility of such a dog. He needs an emotionally stable owner who will direct his activity in the right direction. In the absence of education and correction of behavior, Boston Terrier will be a huge problem.

Also, representatives of this breed are extremely intelligent and understanding. They become strongly attached to their housemates, regularly demanding care and attention from them. At home, "bostons" are always gentle.

If the moving games tire the dog, he comes to the owner and lies down at his feet. But if someone throws a ball, his attention instantly switches to the game. The dog gets excited quickly, not being able to fixate his attention on a particular object for a long time.

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Boston Terrier is a good companion, which is perfect for a large family. He is not dangerous for children. Unfortunately, to domestic rats and other small pets, he will probably become aggressive.

This is such a breed! Selfishness is another character trait of the Bostonian. They will compete with other animals in the house for their owner's affection and will provoke fights. These dogs are bullies and overly suspicious. Therefore, their admirers rarely get other pets.

Boston Terriers are peculiar by another character trait – strong trustworthiness. You can "buy" their love by trivial scratching behind the ear. The dog will like any person who gently speaks to him. The affectionate attitude to friendly strangers cannot help but bribe.

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This breed is standardized and recognized worldwide as a universal breed. There are no separate types of Boston Terriers. But, these dogs can be classified by color:

  1. Tiger. The sternum, muzzle and paws of the dog are white, but, there are dark or light "tiger spots" on his back.
  2. Black and White. The classic color of the Boston terrier. The front part of the animal's body has a pure white shade, and the back – a dark shade.
  3. Red-and-white. Brown tint of the coat is allowed.

These are the traditional colors of representatives of this breed. However, some breeders have bred them with other shades: red, chocolate, sandy, etc. It should be said that the color of the coat "Boston" does not affect his character in any way.

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Care and maintenance

The Boston Terrier is one of the classic "apartment" variants of the dog. He is unpretentious in care and does not require a lot of space, as it needs almost no load. Of course, no purebred dog will refuse the opportunity to run around a large private home.

But what the noble "Boston" will certainly not tolerate is a collar, chain and kennel. He's too proud and active. If you put such a dog on a chain – it will make him unhappy. The breed is very active, therefore, needs space.

Regardless of where you live, you must take the Boston Terrier for a walk. He needs to interact with other dogs to react adequately in stressful situations. A ratty dog that is closed off from the outside world can become overly aggressive or distrustful.

The shedding period for these dogs occurs once a year. During this period, they should be brushed. It is necessary to bathe pet terriers not often, more precisely, no more than 3 times a year. They are clean and neat, therefore, they have no problems with hygiene.

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Owners of a Boston Terrier should definitely buy saline to periodically wipe the eyes of their pets with it. Since the fur of these dogs is very short, they can freeze at low temperatures, so, their owner should buy an insulated overalls for four-legged animals. If desired, it can be sewn yourself.


"Bostons are practically omnivorous dogs. But, this does not mean that they can be given any human food. The ideal product for the adult representative of the breed is wet or dry food container. Its daily dose should not exceed 400 grams, because these dogs are prone to obesity.

But, the little dog should be gradually accustomed to the food. Since he has a very small stomach, you should not give him large portions. It is recommended to feed the puppy Boston Terrier at least 4 times a day.

His diet should be dominated by natural food storage container: soups, vegetables, fruit, fillets. The dog should not eat half-finished or peppery food. He should also not be given sweets.

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Breeding and life span

With good care, the beautiful and strong Boston Terrier will live from 14 to 16 years. But, if the owner becomes irresponsible about the health of his pet, its life span may be shortened.

To begin with, one must decide on the candidates for mating. An inexperienced dog breeder may have difficulties with this. To avoid them, it is advisable to read the standardized parameters of the breed in advance.

When the bitch and the male dog are chosen, you can organize their meeting. It is desirable that the animals should be familiar, because in this way the chance that the female will not reject the male is higher. Her owner can not accept the male in his home, because, in this case, the mating will not take place (on its own territory, the bitch is more aggressive).

The average duration of pregnancy in dogs is 70 days. During this period, the female becomes more affectionate and trusting. She should be surrounded by attention and care. It is not a good idea for a person without veterinary training to deliver a dog on her own.

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Many dog breeders earn good money from their four-legged pets. If you dream of becoming one of them, you should buy a dog exclusively from a kennel. There you will not only be told everything about the breed, but also provide documents for a particular puppy, which must be presented in order to participate in competitions.

The price of the Boston Terrier in USA with a pedigree – from 25 thoUSAd. There are more expensive offers (up to 50 thoUSAd). If you do not plan to take part in dog shows, but want to become the happy owner of such a dog, it is recommended to go for him to a private owner. But, be sure to investigate the health of the puppy.

Education and training

This breed is trusting, intelligent and affectionate. However, it is very much in need of competent training. Some owners do not give Bostons the attention they need, and as a result they become disobedient and difficult to control. Excessive energy is sure to be a problem if it is not directed in the right direction.

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First of all, in order to allow the dog to "discharge" his emotions accumulated during the day, he should be taken outside twice a day. There he might sniff out other dogs, sniff out animal tracks and watch people going by. All these activities are part and parcel of a terrier's life. Second, discipline him from childhood on:

  1. It should not ignore the call of the household.
  2. The dog should walk behind or beside the owner, not pulling the leash.
  3. It should not treat itself to human food.
  4. The animal must know all the standard commands for dogs.

The Boston Terrier is an intelligent dog that learns quickly. Show her that obedience is a profitable behavior pattern for her. The easiest way to demonstrate this is to give your pet a treat for obedience. For example, when he sits down on your command, hold out a treat. This will teach him that obedience is better than disobedience.

If you're tired and your dog is clamoring for attention, don't let him manipulate you. Point him to his seat or offer him to play on his own. By the way, every active dog should have toys. During the period of time when the animal will be left to himself, he will play with them.

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For example, some dog owners purchase soft toys for "Bostons". The ideal way to spend time with a member of this breed is hunting. Even if it fails to chase down game, it will still enjoy time outdoors with its favorite humans.

Health Matters

The Boston Terrier is devoid of hereditary defects, but, like any dog, it is not immune to illness. The owner should wipe the dog's eyes with saline at least once a week. Since it is a very mobile dog, dust constantly gets on its mucous membranes. If it is not removed systematically, the pet's eyes will become inflamed and begin to tear a lot and hurt.

Secondly, do not allow the Boston Terrier to overcool, as he is prone to colds. If the dog's activity level decreases and he refuses to eat, it is likely that an inflammatory process is developing in his body. In this case, you can't do without a veterinary consultation.

And the last ailment, which is often diagnosed in the dog-rat – cataracts. Its main sign is poorly visible pupils, the eyes become blurred. Canine cataracts cannot be treated without proper education. In this case, show the pet to a doctor, otherwise, it risks going blind.

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