Which collars are suitable for puppies and dog training?

April 5, 2023
Dog Training
collars for puppies

In today’s world, teeming with a huge variety of pet products, there are many types of dog collars. They are used for different purposes. For example, for the treatment of fleas and ticks, for walking with a leash, for training or education, tracking the location of the animal, etc.

Important factors when choosing a collar are ease of use, ensuring comfortable wearing by a pet, quality.

Collars that meet these conditions are listed below.

What type of collar for a puppy to choose?

The choice of a collar for a puppy should be approached with special care, because not only how comfortable the baby will feel in it, but even the health of a small pet depends on it. The following types of collars can take care of these moments.

Ferplast CLUB NY C15

Collars of this Ukrainian-made Italian brand can, perhaps, be considered one of the safest puppies to wear. Made of high-quality nylon, they are distinguished by increased comfort in use, pleasantly fit the pet’s neck and do not harm his coat at all. The list of pluses also includes an affordable price, a very stylish and neat appearance, and the technical positives include a comfortable and durable clasp that ensures reliability in fasteningitable for both small and large breed dogs.


aLU-STRONG collars

This time, Germany is the manufacturer, which fully justifies the quality and price of the goods. A pleasant feature, noticeable at first glance, is the appearance of the collar, which is neat and not devoid of some aesthetics. The high-quality material from which the product is created is nylon, which is the leader in the collar sales market. It carefully wraps around the puppy’s neck and does not rub his coat, providing absolute comfort to wear. A reliable metal clasp is another important quality of this product.

It should also be noted that due to the possibility of adjusting the size of the collar as the pet grows, the product will last quite a long time.

Electronic Dog Collars

Electronic collars are used to determine the location of dogs. In addition to this main function, additional, for example, tracking the physical shape of the pet can be built into it. The following brands of collars will be ideal options for making a purchase.

Gps tracker Mishiko

collars of Chinese production

This colleague of Chinese production (which does not affect its good quality at all) is used in order to determine the location of the pet on an extensive area. With the help of a built-in SMS chip, which works in many countries of the world and does not require payment for roaming, the owner easily learns where his dog is. Equipped with backlight and fitness tracker. You can control the device through the application on the phone. The body of the collar is made of high-quality and reliable material. Mishiko converts any walk in the fresh air from the ordinary – into fun, active and mobile.

collar of the Taiwanese brand

Garmin T5 Collar Rus

Collar Garmin T5 Collar Rus

This collar of the Taiwanese brand is just a beautiful find for ordinary owners of pets and hunters for whom the dog is a permanent assistant in their affairs. Equipped with the GPS/GLONASS receiver, it determines the location of the dog within a radius of nine kilometers. If the dog fell into some heavy and inaccessible places (herbal, handicraft thickets, ponds, etc.), this device will definitely and easily determine them. A luminous beacon built into it will help to make out the pet of up to one hundred meters.

The collar does not stop its work even in the rain.

Collars for dogs from ticks and fleas

If the pet needs to be protected from parasites, which are easy to catch on the street, it will be necessary to buy a collar that protects against them. It can be used both for medical and preventive purposes. There are several brands of such collars that can rightfully be called the best. And here are some of them.

Bayer Kiltix

Bayer kiltix from fleas

This German-made collar is designed to scare away parasite insects with the help of an unpleasant odor for them. Its effect lasts up to seven months, and the function includes a wonderful property – the treatment of places already bitten by parasites. The collar is resistant to moisture, due to which it can be repeatedly washed, without risking to lose the healing properties.

The list of advantages also includes complete approval by veterinarians, which means – nothing threatens the pet.


Scalibor collars

France is a manufacturer of this collar, known for its best degree of protection against harmful parasite insects. It acts according to the type of repellent, that is, it scares away and paralyzes insects unpleasant for them by the smell. Its validity period is up to six months. All this time he will reliably protect the pet from the undesirable effects of fleas and ticks. Water resistance allows you to clean the collar without fear of losing its beneficial properties. The action of the collar is deadly for parasites and is absolutely safe – for dogs. Positive reviews of veterinarians as nothing else determine the high quality of this product.

Collars for dogs for hunting with navigator

If the dog is a faithful assistant to a person in his hunting affairs, it is necessary to make sure that during the hunt she is not lost sight of, falling into trouble. In this case, the collars with a GPS navigator built into them will be appropriate. Among many models of various manufacturers, the following can be distinguished:

Garmin DC 50

Garmin DC 50 for hunting

This GPS tracker is a perfect solution in group hunting conditions-he is able to keep track of ten dogs immediately and control their actions and movement with vibrations coming to the neck of the pet (for an adequate reaction to them, the dog first needs to be well pronounced). It is dirty and waterproof, reliable and will not break if the dog decides to choose a not-so-neat way to move. The farthest distance at which the tracker can act is two kilometers. The device provides a good receiving signal coming to the portable receiver in the hands of the owner. Wear and tear.

Garmin Alpha 100

Garmin Alpha 100 for training

This is the following of the GRMIN GPS trackers, which is characterized by an improved Astro-320 modification. It has many positive and useful features, which include: it is possible to charge the device from various portable devices, convenient carrier carrying, a durable solid plastic, sensory and significantly enlarged receiver screen, many additional functions (among which the use of a collar for tourist purposes and as in qualityMethods of dog training), built into the tracker, a stun gun, which allows to do with dog actions or suspend their unwanted impulses. However, the components of this device cannot be integrated with parts of other trackers of this brand.

The number of minuses includes bulky.

Collars for dog training

Dog training is an activity that must be approached carefully and responsibly. There are many types of collars for training, among them: an ordinary adjustable collar, a collar with a choke, a half-choke and a ring, a collar with spikes (parfors), an electronic collar. They are used to direct the animal’s actions, to correct its actions and to teach obedience. Among the abundance of brands of dog training collars, the following can be distinguished:

dog training cynologist


Stainer collar

Like many other electronic collars, this one is equipped with a receiver and is controlled remotely. It includes light, sound, vibration and electrostatic types of influence on the animal’s body. The collar itself is waterproof, made of hard durable ABS plastic. It has a small degree of impact on the animal, which adds humanity to everyday training. Best for short haired dogs. Works at a distance of up to three hundred meters. The collar is adjustable.


Garmin Sport Pro collar

This is a “smart” collar of a well-known brand. The device is designed to transmit vibration signals (regular or single) to an animal. The collar is operated using the remote control. The device and the control panel are waterproof and resistant to all sorts of mechanical stress. For short-haired and long-haired dogs, various types of collars are provided with different levels of vibration signal conductivity. The device is charged with batteries. With the help of this device, the training will become a daily entertainment for the owner and the pet.

What are electric shock collars for dogs?

The first thing you need to know about stun collars is their serious danger to the psyche of any dog. They are used exclusively by experienced dog handlers, and moreover, infrequently. It is important to understand that an electrical discharge that shocks an animal puts it into a state of increased stress, and for this reason, these devices must be handled with great care so as not to injure the pet once again. The list of the best collars with stun gun function includes the following types:

Important! When using the device, it is necessary to have a cynologist Heel or at least consult with him before using the device.

It is also necessary to control the strength of the incoming electric current.

Ipets PET-618

effective electric system

At the moment, this type of collar for training is one of the most reliable, effective and advanced options, which is not inferior to expensive Western and European-made devices. This device is valid at a distance of up to 230 meters. The strength and type of supply of the electric system is regulated remotely using the remote control. A collar for dogs of various breeds is used – from large to small. In addition to electric discharge, functions such as sound and vibration signals are equipped.

The device has many different settings, as well as a convenient interface that provides comfortable use.

According to multiple reviews of buyers, external quality is entirely corresponding to the quality of the practical. The gumma training in which this collar is used is achieved by regulating the flow of incoming current. The device is waterproof and resistant Come / Come herechanical damage.


This electric shock collar is a novelty of 2017 and is used by the owners of dogs of small and medium size. The receiver of this model is very small, which distinguishes it from all others, allows you to use not only the dogs of the smallest breeds, but also on cats. There is a vast range of adjustment of the collar, so it can be applicable to dogs of large breeds.

Petcomer collar

Exposure on the body of the animal is carried out in three types: sound, electric discharge or vibration signal. It is also possible to regulate the strength of the electric current of the animal. In addition, for each type of effect on the control panel there is a separate button. The collar is waterproof and can even withstand a short immersion under the pod. The use of the given device causes the pets the least discomfort. The control panel has a living crystalline display, which facilitates work with it.

Also, thanks to the LED built-in in the collar, the dog can be easily discerned in the dark.


The top 12 was given above, according to the reviews of buyers, the best, high-quality and effective in the use of collars for dogs. Important factors in their choice are personal preferences of the owner and – which is very important – comfort in wearing a pet. In the case of electric shock collars, they say: “The best result will be achieved if in two months of using the device you will never apply it for its intended purpose. ”Love and correct your pets correctly!

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