The best collar for dogs with double coats

November 30, 2022

How to choose a dog collar

Properly chosen collar will make walking with your dog comfortable and protect your pet from life-threatening situations. How to choose a collar for the dog? In the market of pet products there are models of collars, which have different functional purpose and price. Consider the main types of dog ammunition.

What collar to choose

Leather collars

Leather products are bought by owners who pay great attention to the aesthetics and appearance of the equipment. Quality collars have double or triple stitching to prevent premature wear and tear. It is a good idea to check the inside of the collar band before you buy. Torn threads and protruding knots are signs of a defective product. Poor quality stitching will traumatize and irritate the skin on your dog's neck.

Leather dog collars

A significant disadvantage of leather products is their high price. A quality collar can cost several thousand dollars.

Collars with extension under the neck

For hyperactive dogs, it is better to buy a collar with an extension under the neck. This design reduces pressure on the throat when the animal rushes.

Padded collars with a buckle

For a puppy, you can buy a collar with a semi-automatic clasp (fastener). The buckle allows you to adjust the width of the neck of the collar.

Soft collars

The anthropometric data of a small dog changes quickly. Using the fastener will save you from having to cut new holes in the collar band. When your puppy grows up, you can buy him a rigid collar. Read more in our article, "How to Train Your Puppy to a Leash and Collar."


Ammunition is made not only of leather, but also of elastic rubber. Modern synthetic materials are easy to clean from dirt, resistant to sudden changes in temperature and hypoallergenic properties. The micro-adjustment system allows for precise adjustment of the collar to the diameter of your dog's neck.

Rubber elastic collar

Show chain collars

Metal collars are often purchased by breeders of show animals. The chain attracts the attention of onlookers and allows you to emphasize the virtues of your dog's exterior. Cynologists recommend calculating the length of the collar so that the length of the chain is 5 centimeters longer than the circumference of the dog's neck. The steel collar may not be removed during swimming and other water procedures.

The links of the product should be made of a quality alloy. Poor-quality metal with lots of chemical impurities can irritate the pet's skin and stain the coat. It is desirable that the collar links were welded. This way, they can withstand the animal's violent jerks. If there are gaps in the collar links, your pet's skin and hair may get caught in the gaps. This can cause injury.

Behavior-Correcting Collars

Parfos – this type of equipment is divided into plate and wire collars. The first option is suitable for dogs with short hair. Plated parfors (strict collars) have short prongs that make it easy to correct the animal's behavior.

Wire collars have long spikes and are used for walking long-haired breeds. The metal prongs on the inside of the collar cause your dog a certain amount of discomfort when the leash is tightened. He won't be able to make a sudden jerk and run after a cat or passerby.

Strict collar

A tight collar should not be fitted too close to your pet's neck, as it will be difficult for your dog to breathe. Also, don't loosen the harness too much. It might just come off the pet's head. The size of the parfors can be adjusted by removing the extra links. Some models of strict collars are equipped with leather and fabric inserts. These elements will protect the hands of the owner of the pet from injury.

Parfors are convenient to use for training your pet. When the dog learns the basic commands, the strict collar can be replaced with an ordinary collar. You should not buy overly cheap models of strict collars. Poorly machined spikes will cause serious injury to your pet. If the metal prongs damage the large blood vessels in your pet's neck, you could lose your friend.

The Gag Collar.

This is a steel chain fitted with a slip loop. When you make a sudden movement, it tightens and forces your pet to retreat. The snare can also be used as an ordinary walking collar (the leash must be fastened to the fixed ring).

Metal dog collar with garrotte

Cuffs are made of the following materials:

  • Natural leather.
  • Polymeric materials.
  • Steel.

Combinations are also possible (for example, a synthetic band lined with leather). Polymeric cords are very reliable, but with a strong jerk can damage the hand of the owner and the neck of the animal. Leather has a spectacular appearance, but needs special care. Water for such collars is destructive. Wet leather quickly deforms and loses its appearance.

The best collar for dogs with double coats of collars, which

the best collar for dogs with double coats

Some companies make collars from dacron, spectra and vectran (materials used in the manufacture of parachute slings). Such products are highly durable, wear-resistant and lightweight.

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There are also special collars, which are called ringovki. They are characterized by a small width of the loop, which does not visually separate the dog's neck. This allows the judges to show the exterior of the animal in a favorable light. Ringovki are not very reliable, so they should not be worn on aggressive dogs.

Decorative Collars

This type of collar is more of a decorative product than an equipment item. They are often purchased by owners of miniature animals that can be carried with them to various events. Pet stores carry a wide range of collars decorated with beads, ribbons, studs, rhinestones, and colorful embroidery.

Also on sale are products with multicolored LEDs, which look beautiful in the dark. Light elements and have a certain functional load. Your pet won't get lost in the dark, because the bright light is clearly visible, even from a long distance. The collar can be charged using the USB-interface of a computer or other electronic device.

Some owners of large animals also have decorative collars. They are worn on dogs during shows and photo shoots. Affluent customers can buy premium collars that are custom-made. Such accoutrements can be decorated with elements made of precious stones and noble metals.

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