The Best Bowls for French Bulldogs

March 20, 2023
The Best Bowls for French Bulldogs

Many people, when they hear the word bulldog, imagine a clumsy dog that does not like to run, play, prefers leisurely walks. However, if the English breed is somewhat consistent with these stereotypes, the same cannot be said about the French. Caring for a French Bulldog is a simple task, but you need to know some of the nuances, be able to choose the right food depending on the age of the pet.

How to care for a french bulldog puppy

Particular attention should be paid to the care of the puppy. To make him feel comfortable, it is necessary to take into account a number of features:

  • The health of puppies of this breed is strong, there are no special rules for care. However, in order to protect the animal from diseases of the ears and eyes, it is necessary to carry out hygiene procedures every day.
  • After any walk, it is recommended to wipe the pet’s muzzle with a dry cotton pad to clean the dirt and dust between the folds.
  • Plaque from the ears can be cleaned with cotton swabs. It is important to lubricate them with antibacterial ointment before cleaning.
  • Once a week, brush your pet thoroughly with a soft brush.


This is what a typical french bulldog looks like

Important! With any inflammation of the eyes, you should immediately go to the veterinarian. It is strictly forbidden to use medications without a doctor’s prescription.

Meal plan by month

When learning how to care for a French Bulldog puppy, special attention should be paid to feeding. It should vary depending on the stages of growing up of the pet by months:

  • Newborn puppies are fed by their mother. You need to feed her 3 times a day, give more lean meat. Don’t forget dairy products.
  • The first complementary foods are performed on the 21st day after the birth of the puppy. The first dish is milk porridge. If the pet reacted normally to this food, you can start feeding him lean meat.
  • 2-4 months. Puppies need to be fed 5 times a day. Kefir, vegetables, egg yolk, fresh herbs, boiled sea fish, calcined cottage cheese, lean meat are best suited for consumption.
  • 4-9 months. The volume of servings increases, the number of meals per day decreases to 3-4.

If you plan to keep your dog on industrial feed, it is important not to mix it with natural products.


What should be included in a natural diet

Understanding how to establish a proper diet, you need to talk about the foods that a French bulldog should eat:

  • Boiled beef meat.
  • Fresh apples.
  • Boiled carrots, cabbage.
  • Buckwheat, oatmeal, rice porridge. To them you need to add a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to overfeed French Bulldog puppies, as they tend to be overweight.

Vitamins for puppies

Without reinforcement with vitamins, the puppy will not be able to grow normally. The most important vitamins for French Bulldogs:

  • E – for normal reproduction.
  • C – to maintain the natural balance of substances in the body.
  • A – for active growth.
  • B3 – synthesis of proteins, fats, growth of woolen cover.
  • B6 – protein metabolism, blood cholesterol levels.
  • B9 – protects against anemia, normalizes the growth of the coat.

Vitamin complexes can be bought at any veterinary clinic or specialized pharmacy.

Site Equipment

Any pet will be happy to have its own place in the apartment, where you can sleep or hide from guests. A light, airy corner is best for a French Bulldog. The most important condition is that the place should be located away from drafts or heating appliances. For arrangement, soft pillows, a thick bedspread are used.

Toys and other entertainment

On the outside, French Bulldogs may appear clumsy, but they are actually active dogs that love to play. You can buy a ball, soft squeaky toys. Pets really like to play tug with the owner. To do this, it is better to purchase a tight rope.

representatives this breed

Cheerful puppy on a walk

Walking and leash training

Representatives of this breed are very fond of walking. However, you need to walk your pet on a leash or harness. Veterinarians recommend giving preference to harnesses. They are better suited for dogs with anatomical features.

If you often wear a collar, the cervical vertebrae begin to gradually injure. This can lead to spinal cord injury.

Hygiene procedures

French Bulldogs are prone to various eye and ear diseases. To reduce the risk of inflammation, it is necessary to regularly perform hygiene procedures. This is cleaning the ears from dirt, plaque, wiping the eyes with a cotton swab dipped in special products, cleaning the muzzle.

Basic rules for caring for an adult dog

It is much more difficult to care for puppies than adult dogs, but this does not mean that you can stop doing a pet completely. It is important to consider certain features so that the dog is well-groomed, satisfied, feels comfortable.

How to cut the claws correctly and when

Long claws will complicate the movements of the pet, the load on the joints will increase, the weight is distributed unevenly. To eliminate these problems, you need to cut the claws. They must grind naturally during walks. However, if the claws are actively growing, you need to cut them 2 times a month using a guillotine claw. The length should be such that the dog does not touch them on the floor while walking.

veterinarian strictly forbidden

You need to pay attention to the claws

Health care

In order for the pet to be healthy, protected from various diseases, you need to make a number of vaccinations:

  • From the plague plague.
  • From parvovirus enteritis.
  • From infectious hepatitis.
  • From rabies, paragraph, leptospirosis.

Vaccinations will be made by any veterinarian. It is strictly forbidden to make them independently without the necessary knowledge and practical experience.

The choice of the correct bowl for the dog

The Best Bowls for French Bulldogs attention should be paid

The best bowls for french bulldogs

The French bulldogs have a special structure of the skull, so they cannot eat from deep dishes. Wide bowls that do not have high sides are best suited. It is advisable to choose heavy metal bowls that the pet cannot wear in his teeth.

Clothing and muzzle

French bulldogs are sensitive to high and low temperatures. In summer, for them you need to choose light clothes that will protect against the scorching sun. In autumn and spring it is necessary to choose costumes from water-repellent materials. In winter, it is best to wear a warm jumpsuit.

Special attention must be paid to the muzzle. Although this breed is not aggressive, mood changes are characteristic of any animal. The muzzle will protect others and the pet himself.


Clothing for a pet

Dog’s care

The ears of representatives of this breed are large, open. To clean them from dirt, ear sulfur should be at least 2 times a month. It is better to use cotton pads, since you can damage the drum overlap with a wand.

Care for folds on the face

In numerous folds in the face, dirt accumulates, which needs to be cleaned. A dry cotton pad is best suited for this. If desired, it can be slightly moistened with water.

Brushing of an adult French bulldog

So that a plaque does not form on the teeth, you need to clean them once a month with a toothbrush of medium stiffness. For cleaning, you can use a special toothpaste or dog powder.


For everyday life, the French bulldog is not needed. But if you want to bring it to the exhibition, it is necessary to conduct it. Initially, the pet must be combed well, remove the hair. Cut out long wool, individual hairs, which are longer than others – remove.

You need to bathe a dog every 3 months with a special shampoo. After each walk, it is recommended to wash her paws and stomach.

veterinarian strictly forbidden

Caring for the eyes

Reducing the tail

The French bulldogs are characterized by short tails. However, you need to think about how to stop the tail for those who are engaged in breeding representatives of this breed. The tails are chopped off the puppies on about the 5th day of life.

Common diseases of the French bulldog

  • Eye diseases, ears.
  • Dermatitis, skin allergies.
  • Arthritis.
  • Heart failure.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Diseases of bones, joints.

Only an experienced veterinarian can accurately determine the disease; only an experienced veterinarian can prescribe treatment.

French bulldogs are a cheerful, energetic, cheerful breed of dogs. Pets have good health, but this does not mean that you do not need to take care of them and take care of them. Having learned the rules for leaving, conducting hygiene procedures, you can make the dog happier.

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