Star Wars harness for dogs

January 10, 2023
Star Wars harness for dogs

star wars harness for dogs

All about harnesses

The original purpose of dog harnesses was purely practical – as a harness. Its design made it possible to use the traction force of the dog without harming it. In this capacity, it was used by the North American Indians more than 4 centuries ago. Today, riding harnesses can also be seen on store shelves, but time has diversified and modified them, turning them into the most comfortable and least traumatic element of dog equipment. Despite this, there are cases when dog handlers justifiably do not recommend using a harness, but more on that later.

Very important information!

Many (especially novice) dog breeders often do not understand the "strangeness" of their dog's behavior. For example, it is not clear why, with good maintenance and treatment of a pet, he shows aggression or is afraid of every rustle, or barks like a clockwork and nothing can calm him down. For those who want to delve into the topic, we recommend reading A. Hallgren's book "Behavior Problems – or Back Pain? ", which provides interesting, even unexpected, data from studies conducted recently in Sweden. The focus group of subjects consisted of 424 dogs, and here is what the scientists found out.

Back pain is a common cause of behavioral problems in dogs. This applied to 63% of the tested pets.

The parts of the spine that were damaged in pets that fell into these 63%:

  • In 73% of them, the lumbar region was damaged;
  • 67% had breast problems;
  • And 27% ended up with a damaged cervical spine.

Of this group of dogs with "problematic" spines, experts also identified 42% of pets with obvious stress and aggressive behavior, and 13% were abnormally shy.

The whole sadness of these statistics is that not every dog owner will look for the cause of the behavior in the state of the bone frame, trying to correct the dog's behavior with education, often associated with punishment. Remember, even small children are not capricious just like that, and dogs, moreover, do not know how to subtly cunning.

When choosing ammunition, do not forget that the dog cannot speak, and its comfort at the time when it is in it depends only on you, namely on the correct choice of harness, collar, clothes for it, etc.


Speaking about the harness, I immediately want to say about its main advantage. The accessory helps to avoid damage to the soft tissues of the neck during particularly sharp jerks. In contrast to the cervical, the thoracic spine in canines is stable and stable, so if a dog can get disc displacement, it happens in childhood with the wrong choice or fit of the collar. Therefore, it is recommended that teenagers be led in correctly sized harnesses, because they have a much lower risk of injury, especially for dogs that like to pull.

The slings do not squeeze the trachea, larynx, jugular vein and do not affect the thyroid zone. Clory is optimal for massive shorter dogs (pugs, bulldogs), for which it is sometimes problematic to find a collar. In addition, ammunition is often used for pets from a group of greyhounds that differ in an elegant neck – they can easily get out of a standard collar. Contrary to stereotypical opinion, the slide does not have a direct effect on the shoulder belt and the front limbs. The use of the correctly selected equipment eliminates the marking, clubfoot, or twisted elbows, if this is not a genetic feature of certain breeds of dogs.

A visual idea of how the dog moves and how the position of its bones and joints changes will show you more clearly what to pay attention to when you decide on the choice of a harness.

This figure shows the skeleton of the dog in a calm state

This figure shows a skeleton of a moving dog. On it are the areas that need to be paid special attention to, choosing a slope.

Explanations to the picture

The indicated areas should be free from the fit of the straps of the harness so as not to interfere with the movement and not rub.

1 – area of the blades. 2 – the lowest point of the sternum in the rib. 3 – the widest area of the sternum in the rib.

And here you see how the positions of her bones change during running.

In red in the figure, the area of the thoracic region is noted, which is undesirable to give with straps.


Experienced dog handlers recommend having several slopes for the dog. Daily walk, training, movement in transport, exhibitions, etc. All designs have their own characteristics.

Dog slings distinguish:

  • User walking;
  • Driving;
  • Corrective;
  • For guide dogs;
  • Pouring (weighted);
  • For transportation in vehicles;
  • Hollow-life;
  • For puppies;
  • Special forces – guard;- for trace work;- identification search;- Medical.

User walking harness

Most often it is a light, soft ammunition for daily use. Anatomically correct is the Y-shaped option for the location of the straps, if you look at the front. The form meets the anatomical features of the structure of the dog’s body and makes it possible to avoid the constraint of movements during a walk or an active game with brothers. The straps of the harness are located far from the trachea and are precisely placed in the chest area. Also mandatory presence of spinal and thoracic longitudinal belts. This design does not prevent movement, and during the tension of the leash the strap that encircles the sternum will not move into the neck, turning into a kind of collar.

A walking harness is distinguished by a direction of pressure at a traction load, how it differs, for example, from a sled.

An important nuance! If the dog has not passed the training course and does not understand the basic commands ("sit", "near", "to me"), it will be more difficult to manage it if you choose a slide. She has opportunities for elementary maneuvers. She can pull you stronger, and you will have to apply more strength, holding it. And if we are talking about a large dog, it will be more difficult to hold it if she decides to jump on a stranger.

For small breeds of dogs, Shleka is also convenient because of the increased interest in the leash, which they rustled with rapture.

A variation of the walking harness is a harness with a short handle at the withers or back. It is used for walking pets of large and small breeds. It is convenient to control and help a large dog to overcome obstacles, especially when it comes to sick, injured or elderly animals. The handle helps to reduce the load on them when moving. The same can be said about a small dog that can be simply carried over a puddle, for example.

riding harness

Slings of such ammunition encircle the animal from the neck to the very tail. This allows you to optimally distribute the weight of the harness over the body of the dog, preventing an increase in the load on certain areas. The design allows 62% of the traction load to be directed to the strongest, thoracic region, and the remaining 38% to be distributed evenly to the rest of the body.

Despite the obvious purpose of a riding harness, it is sometimes used to correct the figure of a dog when the task is to develop a "high front", which is important for some breeds.

A variation of the sledding sport is skijoring with a dog, for which a harness of a slightly different design is used than the traditional model. Skijoring harnesses are used for puppies after 2 months to form the correct position of the skeleton, in particular, the position of the limbs.

Very container important! It is necessary to use harnesses for puppies only after consultation with an experienced dog handler or veterinarian.

Corrective harness

It is used in relation to problematic and naughty dogs. This is the most humane way. They are also used for too timid pets, although rarely. The harness consists of a ring located in the center of the chest and two shoulder straps. When the animal pulls on the leash, the slings tighten its body, causing considerable discomfort and hindering movement. As soon as the dog stops pulling, the pressure is released and the straps open, returning freedom.

Guide dog harnesses

Outwardly, such a harness is similar to a walking harness, and differs only in that a special rigid arc is attached to it, which simplifies the management of such a dog. Ammunition was developed for this purpose, taking into account the peculiarities of use, so that you can easily create contact with the dog. As a rule, it has wide straps, perfectly fixed on the body and does not interfere with movement. It should be noted that guide dogs are well-trained pets, so the owner does not need to restrain her and use force. The dog understands calm commands, and the harness acts as an element of communication with the owner and is more convenient than a collar for walking.

Pulling (cargo) harness

It refers to ammunition for a narrow purpose, namely, it is used in such a variety of cynological sports as weight pulling, where dogs compete in moving a load (for example, on a cart) that exceeds its own weight. The harness in this case is longer and has a special spacer to relieve the high load from the back, redistributing it to the broad muscles of the sternum and shoulders. The attachment point is located slightly below the tail. Designed for training weightlifting dogs.

Warning! Many people use the harness to simply train the muscles of the dog. Such a dog looks spectacular and even intimidating, but there are prerequisites:

  1. The choice and use of such ammunition is a professional matter that requires mandatory consultation if you do not want to "kill" the skeleton and psyche of the dog;
  2. Training requires a sequence. If you are suddenly tired of this venture, consider that you ruined the dog. She will quickly gain weight with all the ensuing negative consequences for her health.

Slopes for transportation in vehicles

Appointment follows from the name. Its fundamental difference is that it is attached to the standard seat belt and provides the pet with the most protected for transportation. Thus, with sharp inhibition or other unforeseen situations, the dog is protected from damage.


A convenient accessory for very small dog breeds. They are the least traumatic for their fragile physique. Such harnesses are also worn on smooth-haired pets as one of the ways to warm them in the cold season.

Slopes for the exhibition

There are a lot of models of such accessories. The main parameter is a beautiful decor that should emphasize the advantages and become a dog. Such an ammunition of the strap is already than usual, and due to the abundance of jewelry, they can be completely impractical for daily walks. Yes, and decorative elements themselves can simply interfere with the dog.

Slopes for puppies

It was said so much positive about the sluts that I would like to buy something soft and beautiful for a small puppy. But veterinarians and dog handlers will unanimously say to you: "Take a time. "Previously, than 8-10 months for large and 6 months for small breeds of dogs, it is strictly not recommended to use a harness! Keep in mind that the skeleton of the pet is growing rapidly, so the staging of the front paws can be ruined in 2-3 weeks of using the harness. The deformation of the front paws will be especially pronounced if the belt located in the area of the case passes very close to the axillary cavities. The puppy, trying to compensate for the discomfort, will instinctively unfold the elbows.

This is especially true when the pet is thoroughbred and you plan his participation in exhibitions in the future. Incorrect setting of paws is the reason for the rejection of your dog at the exhibition.

Special forces

The ammunition refers to professional, so we give information only as an acquaintance.

Cardy slide

This is the most durable of all existing sluts. It is used to tie the dog to checkpoint. And despite the fact that for such work, pets who have undergone special training are attracted to the design of the harness, the highest requirements for strength are presented, but there is no single standard for design. Materials are used durable and practical. As a rule, these are 2-3-layer leather harnesses, reinforced with tarpaulin. Fixing elements exclude spontaneous unfastening and breakdown, therefore, it can withstand such a harness with a load even more than a powerful dog can create theoretically.

Particular attention is paid to planting, since too dense planting prevents breathing, and free – provokes the dog to turn and free.


It is considered a lightweight guide option, since there is no need to hold the dog during work (when it follows the trail). Nevertheless, the dog should not experience inconvenience, so such binders are distinguished by a large number of buckles and fasteners that allow you to accurately adjust the size. They have different designs, including registered – developed by professionals. For example, the harness of Dr. Raizer, Bether, etc.

Identifying search slopes

They are used during search and rescue operations to designate a dog taking part in this. They have a simple design and are sewn from a leatherette with an internal soft lining for comfort. They are also adjusted with straps and have a ringing ring.

Medical harness

Such harnesses have a special design and cut, capturing at least 2/3 of the pet housing. They make the movement of a dog that suffers from paralysis as convenient as possible or an injury that makes it difficult to move. The designs of such slopes differ from each other, but, as a rule, are a vest on the entire body of the dog. Unlike walking slings, in which fixation points are located in the walker area, in medical, they are located closer to the hind legs. In addition, a medical harness always has a pen to help the dog overcome the obstacle or simply support it while walking.

Cat trainers

Cats do not need daily walks, and you can move it somewhere in a special carrying. But if your pet behaves calmly in crowded places and transport, not trying to escape to the highest point, you can use similar ammunition as for dogs, including slopes.

Almost all cats can be divided into two main types:

  1. Vests and overalls;
  2. Robbles from straps.

Clicks of cats in the form of a vest or overalls

  • A cat is a very freedo m-loving animal, therefore it is more difficult to agree to any accessories in principle, if you compare it with a dog. But even if it does not mind, you always have to remember, a harness in the form of a vest or cloak always fetters a cat in movements, even if you have chosen the size and accurately fitted it;
  • This design is already closer to clothes, so it will have to be changed depending on the seasonal temperature.
Star Wars harness for dogs skeleton of
  • Despite its flexibility, the cat is unlikely to slip out of such a harness;
  • In the cold season, you can warm the pet on a walk;
  • This is an easy way to additionally decorate your animal.

Piles for cats from straps

The disadvantage of such ammunition, by and large, is one – they are not as smart as the above models, and practical functions are more valued in them.

But there are more advantages:

  • Easier to put on;
  • Can be used year-round;
  • Does not constrain movements;
  • Easier in care.

Shley for rodents

A few years ago, many would regard a walk with a guinea pig on a leash as the owner’s oddity. But today it is in the order of things. However, there are many controversy even among veterinarian doctors about whether the rodent should be removed from time to time. Some believe that such walks are useful because they reduce the excessive activity of pets in the house. And their opponents are sure that this is a shock for a pet. But if you still want to take a walk with a rabbit, an sea, a rat, a rat or ferret, buy the right harness.

General in the designs

For all small rodents, the harvesters make the form of vests or girling straps, including the so-called pins-dumps, the straps of which are crossed in the sternum, delayed and fixed with a plastic clamp. The last type of sludge is used exclusively for small rodents, as the most optimal, simple and reliable.

We will not consider advantages and disadvantages, since they are practically the same as that of cat slopes. Let us dwell on some nuances. The main thing: taking the rodent for the first time outside, be careful. The animal that grew up in the nursery can suddenly get scared, twist, run away or hide in a place where it is difficult to get. Therefore, to conduct "trial trials" of harness for reliability is still necessary at home.

Important! It is not recommended to use a collar for walking rodents due to the features of the structure of their cervical vertebrae. This is the most vulnerable place, which is very easy to damage the collar.

Features of walking with a rat

Thanks to the small size of the front legs and the structure of the shoulder joints, the rat can easily get out of almost any ammunition. At the same time, you cannot tighten tightly, so as not to harm your breath. Keep this in mind. If you understand right away that your pet is too nervous on the street and afraid, it is better not to experience fate.

Features of ferrets

In practice, they are the longest to the harness. Understand how correctly you have adjusted the size by the behavior of the ferret. If he really does not like something, he will settle on the floor and refuse to move further with you. Another feature is that you can never guess the ferret's reaction to the harness. He can persistently rebel at home, but forget about her on the street.

Features of rabbits

Of all the rodents, they are most useful for walking on the street for at least an hour a day with good warm weather. It is easier to choose a slope for a rabbit than for a rat or guinea pig, so the general requirements for the correct size and landing are required.

Materials for sluts

For the production of sluts, the same materials are used as for collars and leashes – one or their combination.

  1. Nylon. This is a leader in use, since it provides strength, reliability and incredible durability;
  2. Tarpaulin. It is more attractive in price, but less durable than nylon and skin, and also poorly washed off and absorbs moisture;
  3. Leather. Slips are made from it mainly special purposes. At the same time, they have a soft lining of fleece, neoprene or fabric. This is especially true if the harness should sit tight, but remain comfortable and safe for breathing and skin;
  4. Polyester. Today it is also used in sewing ammunition. Possessing all the advantages of nylon, it weighs a little more than nylon. In general, it is completely unpretentious in care;
  5. Synthetic and natural fabrics. They sew slopes-explosions from them. In particular, for the hot summer period, a breathable mesh nylon is used.

How to use the Rope Hounds dog harness

Note. It is believed that synthetics are better, because it does not shrink when washing, how it can happen to natural fabric. The misconception here is that the use of natural fabrics undergo preliminary processing and also does not shrink with further use.

Practical tips

An ideal harness is considered to be made to your pet. But if you correctly remove the measurements and choose the design, you can buy a harness no worse. For the measurements to be correct, the dog should stand evenly. For measurements, use a centimeter tape that is used by tailors. Measurements should be carried out a little, pressing the wool.

3 main measurements that you need to choose a regular walking harness

  1. Distance from the withers to the base of the tail (back length);
  2. The girth of the chest, which passes through the widest place;
  3. The neck of the neck at the location of the collar.

Merki for sled hollows

The main standards that you need:

  • AB – hal f-cub from the withers A (edge of the shoulder blades) to B (protruding bone on the chest);
  • Sun – from point B located in the middle of the chest, passing between paws to point C (back of the front paws);
  • Sd – from point C to tail (point D);
  • Ae – the distance from the withers (point a) to the middle point of the last two ribs (point E);
  • AD – from the withers (point A) to the point of the base of the tail D.

Wrokelings for wheitpulling

  • AB – half a wreck from the edge of the shoulder blades to a protruding bone under the neck (keel);
  • Sun – the distance from the keel to the back of the front paws;
  • Ae – the distance from the highest point of the blades to the extreme point of the last rib;
  • Hell is the distance from the withers to the base of the tail.

Finally about accessories

For this, metal or shockproof plastic is used. If you have a large and very mobile pet, give preference to metal clasps and fuckers. Plastic ones are best suited to small and very small pets, as they have a low weight and withstand traction and jerk loads well.

All successful purchases, healthy happy pets and pleasure from joint walks!

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