Spill proof dog food bowl

March 3, 2023
Spill proof dog food bowl

Eating is an integral part of the life of any dog, regardless of age and breed. This is not to say that the dogs spend a lot of time behind food, but this does not mean that for feeding it is worth using the first plate that falls under the hands, because the bowls for dogs are not in the accident. A good bowl for the dog is convenient to use and is safe for your pet, so this “title” can be worn by not all models presented in pet stores. And we will talk more about the main aspects of the choice later.

The key to comfortable feeding

What should be a good bowl for a dog?

A dog bowl must necessarily provide the comfort of using, both the owner and the dog. It consists of several factors:

  • Material,
  • Forms,
  • Additional opportunities.

Let us dwell on each of these aspects in more detail.

Features of materials

What should be a good bowl for a dog?

Now in stores you can find a huge many different bowls, but almost all of them will be made of one of three materials:

  1. Plastic. These are the cheapest and most diverse models. They easily tolerate blows and easily washed from the residues of the food, but too light, which will slide on the floor during food. Plastic products are a good option for adults, calm dogs; For puppies who love to gnaw and play everyone, they are poorly suitable. And one more important remark: the cheapest bowls can be made of non-food plastic and have a loud, which is dangerous for the animal. However, branded models (even inexpensive) are deprived of these shortcomings.
  2. Ceramics. Good bowls of ceramic dogs are massive enough not to slide on the floor, and are not interesting for the game, so they can be used for puppies. In addition, they easily wash and do not smell. The main minus is to treat them carefully, since the cracks that appear will quickly become a nursery of bacteria, and one, even small, chips will be quite enough for a cut. Well, the prices for them are one of the highest, while the ceramic bowls for dogs of large breeds are almost impossible to find.
  3. Steel. Metal bowls are less than ceramic, but are practically not inferior to them with their characteristics. These are quite heavy, not the smell of the model, which are practically not afraid of mechanical damage and are extremely undemanding in care and circulationch products do not actually have disadvantages, that is, it is precisely such a bowl that can be recommended for purchase in the vast majority of cases.

Unfortunately, in this category there are no goods corresponding to the search parameters.

The form

What should be a good bowl for a dog?

Everything is quite simple here. Despite the fact that pet stores offer a variety of plates of unusual shapes (in the form of a silhouette of a dog’s head, in the shape of a star, square, in the form of a footprint), a classic round bowl remains the best option. It is much more convenient to eat from it, since pieces of food, especially liquid, do not stick to the corners. And exactly for the same reason, washing such dishes is much more convenient than products of other shapes.

Additional opportunities

Here we will consider various non-standard options, which, however, often may well be the best bowl for your dog.

Spill proof dog food bowl These are quite heavy, not

Spill proof dog food bowl

Sometimes you can find silicone bowls on sale. They are not intended for everyday use, but due to impact resistance and folding structure are the best option for pets traveling with their owners.

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For hyperactive dogs, swallowing food, practically without chewing, special feeders with ledges are best suited. They are used exclusively for dry dog food, and due to the form they do not allow to swallow all the granules too quickly and get digestive problems.

What should be a good bowl for a dog?

Dogs of large breeds are recommended to purchase bowls on standings-stations. The plates themselves in them, in fact, are ordinary metal models, but the stand adjusting in height allows them to be arranged so that the dog does not need to bend the head to the floor. Their use contributes to proper digestion and reduces the risk of joint diseases.

And, finally, for the owners who are forced to work, there are special automatic feeders that give portions of dry dog food at a pre-given time. They do not allow the dog to overeat and allow distributing food for the whole day.

We summarize

What should be a good bowl for a dog?

So, we examined all the main aspects characteristic of a good bowl for the dog. Now, having familiarized themselves with them, you can independently choose the best option for your pet.


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