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January 3, 2022
Dog Crates
Soft dog crate

Soft dog crate is like gym bags and directly are designs with fabric walls and a hard bottom. Have mesh ventilation on the sides and zippered entry holes on the sides and top.

They are often equipped with shoulder straps for easy transportation. Unlike rigid models, they are easier to carry.

Pros of soft sided dog crate:

  • Convenient storage. Almost all models take up little space, many are foldable.
  • Low weight. Portability makes soft dog crate convenient for long trips.
  • Good air circulation.
  • Soft interior. Pets feel comfortable.
  • Generally low price. Therefore, makes it easy to replace the old carrier in case of damage.
  • Variety of designs. Available in a wide range of colors, shades, patterns and styles.


  • Difficult to clean inside. Also, the fabric and foam in the padded models are slow to dry.
  • They are easy to open. A smart dog can unzip and escape from the carrier. A small lock on a double-zipper model can prevent this.
  • They are easy to damage, especially if the puppy is active and likes to chew on everything nearby.

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Best soft dog crate of all sizes from EliteField

Soft dog crate in various sizes and colors features an increased length and height compared to other manufacturers, making it more comfortable for your dog.


SOFT dog crate SMALL SOFT dog crate MEDIUM MED/L SOFT dog crate SOFT dog crate LARGE
20″L x 14″W x 14″H 24″L x 18″W x 21″H 30″L x 21″W x 24″H 36″L x 24″W x 28″H

X-LARGE SOFT dog crate

42″L x 28″W x 32″H

  • The base of the box consists of a sturdy steel frame and a moisture-proof bottom. The cover is made of durable synthetic fabric and is hand washable. The box is assembled directly without tools in seconds.
  • All soft sided dog crate doors (front, top and side) are made of heavy-duty cloth mesh. Therefore, this provides excellent ventilation and visibility for your pet. Also, all three doors can be rolled up and locked in position.
  • Two zippered pockets for accessories, removable shoulder strap for easy transport, soft fleece pad and storage bag included.
  • Stylish appearance and a variety of colors to suit your taste. Lightweight and durable dog crate for the comfort of all dog breeds and sizes.
  • Extended warranty from the #1 EliteField manufacturer on Amazon in the soft box category.

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Amazon Basics soft dog carrier – Medium and Large breeds

The soft dog carrier can be carried on a shoulder strap or carried by the double top handle.

  • For good ventilation, windows are made on the walls of the crate, covered with durable synthetic mesh. Therefore, the windows are located around the perimeter of the crate and allow the dog to avoid confined spaces and provide good visibility.
  • The Soft Sided Dog Crate is a carrier that is good for large and medium-sized dogs (blue halers, Golden Retriever, boxers, and German shepherds) with a maximum weight of up to 90 pounds. However, Smaller dogs will feel great in this crate, too. In addition, the manufacturer has provided a wide size range for pets of any breed (see table below). As a result, Ideal for walks on foot.
  • The structure of soft sided dog crate is based directly on a strong steel frame and a water-resistant bottom. The cover is made of durable synthetic fabric and polyvinyl chloride. Therefore, the material is resistant to heavy loads.
  • The cover can be washed manually.
  • Organized convenient storage of accessories in the top and side pockets.
  • Soft fleece mat is included.

UNIVERSAL Collapsible dog crate 2PET

  • Firstly, the ideal solution for transporting dogs and keeping them in the house. Also, UNIVERSAL SOFT DOG CRATE combines innovative technology with the highest level of reliability for everyday use.
  • Secondly, the unusually strong steel frame is assembled without the use of special tools. Hence, the metal base is far superior to the competition in terms of reliability. The durable, moisture-resistant tray gives the soft dog carrier extra security when carrying your pet.
  • Thirdly, the main cover is made of fabric with the same characteristics and durability as nylon. Therefore, you won’t have any problems with cleanliness and this cover is machine washable. In addition, the main door and top door are equipped with an incredibly strong zipper that your dog will not be able to damage with his teeth.
  • Above all, an excellent ventilation system with side windows will provide natural air flow through the durable synthetic mesh. As a result, you will get the original bone-shaped window design, which is not found in models of other manufacturers. Soft fleece bedding already included.
  • Soft dog crate comes in a variety of sizes and colors, making it comfortable for any size dog.


20”L x 14”W x 14”H 24″L x 17″W x 17″H 28″L x 20″W x 20″H 32″L x 23″W x 23″H


36″L x 25″W x 25″H

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Noz2Noz a kind of soft pet carrier for home or car

  • Firstly, this soft dog crate model is not designed to carry your pet, it does not have a shoulder strap and handles. Secondly, you can use this stationary crate at home or place it in the car for comfortable transport of your dog. Ultimately, it can be set up outside. As a result, your dog will have a comfortable home of his own in the garden or on a picnic feeling safe.
  • In terms of reliability and durability, the crate is not inferior to portable models. It also has a sturdy steel frame and a solid moisture-proof base. The design of the box has no sharp elements, so it will not damage the interior of your home or car. The durable synthetic fabric that the cover is made of is washable, so there will be no problems with cleanliness.
  • Front and top door with heavy-duty zipper. Intelligent ventilation system due to mesh windows. Elegant appearance. Elitefield soft dog carrier for medium to large dogs.


26″L x 18″W x 21″H 30″L x 21″W x 23″H 36″L x 24″W x 27″H 42″L x 28″W x 32″H

Soft box for dogs PetNation carrier

A portable small dog crate dimensions. The range has only two sizes.

Size Length Width Height
up to 15 lbs 20 inches 13 inches 13 inches
up to 25 lbs 24 inches 16 inches 16 inches
  • Firstly, beautiful original windows on the sides in the form of bones provide excellent ventilation.
  • Secondly, like all previous models has a strong metal frame, which is collected without tools in seconds.
  • In addition, very compact and lightweight elitefield soft dog box. Eventually, the appearance of the crate will delight your neighbors. Therefore, this carrier is ideal for walks on foot.
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