Royal Canin food for aging dogs

March 29, 2023
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Royal Canin food for aging dogs

Royal Canin’s food feeds can be several types: hypoallergenic, dietary, for large and small breeds, for the treatment of certain diseases. The main question is the quality and benefit for the pets themselves. Reviews of veterinarians indicate that the nutrition of the royal of Kanin is not suitable for all animals, and only with careful study of the composition. We will talk about which Royal Canin food to choose for dogs, what are the main ingredients.

Types of food for dogs of roy

Royal Canin (royal canin) is produced by France, but also production plants are located in USA. The food belongs to the super-premium class, although in some ruler the meat rate is less than 40%, so they are attributed to premium nutrition. Feed is produced in several versions:

  • Dry feed of 1. 5, 3, 7. 5, 12 and 20 kg;
  • Canned food in 400 g.

Royal canin vs Pedigree | Dry food | Wet/canned food

Royal Canin produces three main lines:

  • Veterinary diets;
  • Pedestal nutrition, which includes more than 20 options;
  • Lifestyle Health Nutrition – nutrition, which takes into account the features of the dog’s residence;
  • Size Health Nutrition is considered the most popular ruler, as it is divided into five categories in the breed and size of a pet.

Dry dog food for dogs of Royal Canin has a fairly diverse composition, but the main components are:

  • Poultry or lamb, meat flour;
  • Corn and corn flour;
  • Animal fats;
  • Wheat;
  • Beet;
  • Yeast;
  • Vitamins and minerals.

It is important that in the stern there is a large ratio of carbohydrates (more than 40%) and proteins of animal origin are used, which is not very good for a younger dog, especially decorative breed.

Royal Cannin

Advantages of feed

There are a number of advantages in the nutrition of Royal Canin, because of which nutrition is so popular:

  • A large assortment of lines for all breeds;
  • The healing line that is better and more useful in composition than everyday nutrition;
  • The presence of all the necessary vitamins in the composition;
  • The average cost and prevalence in all stores.

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Disadvantages of nutrition

There are also a number of disadvantages, because of which the food for dogs of the Royal Canin is not recommended for all animals:

  • Lack of accurate information about the ratio of meat and cereals;
  • The presence of offal and flour from them;
  • Use of preservatives and flavors;
  • Questionable quality of American-made feed.

Remember that only in the therapeutic and dietary series the percentage of meat is indicated and there are almost no offal, corn and millet flour. Therefore, some prefer them to everyday nutrition.

What food to choose for your pet?

Wet and dry dog food Royal Canin (Royal Canin) is produced taking into account the breed of dog, size and special needs. Therefore, the lines are divided: for puppies, for adult pets, for the treatment of diseases.

For puppies

It is better for puppies to choose food with a high content of protein, fiber and minerals so that the dog fully develops and receives the necessary nutritional components. The manufacturer has developed several options:

  • Royal Canin Junior for daily feeding of all breeds of puppies. The main feature is the restriction on nutrition, some pets are given up to 12 months, some up to a year and a half;
  • Royal Canin Junior maxi or mini is also suitable for constant feeding, but consider the breed. So for a Chihuahua, a mini is suitable, and for a shepherd dog, a maxi;
  • Royal Canin Junior asset, which is designed for very mobile puppies;
  • Royal Canin Starter is designed for puppies from 2 to 2 months old, who are fed with milk, helps to switch to adult food;
  • Royal Canin Indore Junior is nutrition for ornamental breeds that spend more time at home.
Royal Canin food for aging dogs of Royal

Royal canin food for aging dogs

It is important that the Indore Junior line is also suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion, so it is often given up to two years.

For adult dogs

Since adult dogs eat dry dog food almost all their lives, it is important to take into account the composition, the normal ratio of meat and vitamins, the character, breed and special needs of the animal. You can choose from these options:

  • Royal Canin Edalt which is designed for several breeds of adult dogs, this is indicated on the package;
  • Royal Canin Edalt 5-8 – food that is suitable for adult dogs in the period of maturity, up to eight years;
  • Royal Canin Edalt 8-12 is suitable for aging dogs, up to 12 years of age;
  • Royal Canin Agilti is designed for very active pets, there are options for dogs up to 10 kg;
  • Royal Canin Endurance 4800, which is suitable for mobile dogs, service and hunting breeds.

It is important that in the diet of an adult dog there is a sufficient amount of vegetable protein, fiber and a minimum of carbohydrates. Indeed, with low activity, problems with obesity may appear.

Dietary and medicinal feed

The main plus of Royal Canin dog feed is the presence of medicinal lines that can get rid of heart problems, kidney stones, liver failure, fragile bones and tartar.

  • Royal Canin cardiac – treatment of heart problems;
  • Royal Canin Weith Control is designed for weight normalization, obesity prevention;
  • Royal Canin Gastro Intenstila for sensitive digestion;
  • Royal Canin Skin Kea for pets prone to allergies and dermatitis;
  • Royal Canin Mobility – treats diseases of the motor apparatus;
  • Royal Canin Dntalle Hasshl for the prevention of oral cavity;
  • Royal Canin Urinarians are used to treat kidney diseases and urinary system;
  • Royal Canin Neuthed is suitable for castrated animals.

Remember that it can not be used for more than three months, otherwise the favorite of the pet will deteriorate. For the prevention of diseases, other varieties of nutrition have been developed.

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Reviews about the stern of Royal Canin (Royal Canin) for dogs

Polina: I heard a lot of bad things about the stern of Royal, but I understand that this is a purely individual question. It is suitable for someone, but someone does not. Therefore, I decided to try. We bought one of the food for daily food, Royal Canin Edalt. While there are no complaints, the dog eats with pleasure. The only thing we additionally give natural meat and vitamins.

Karina: I can say for sure that the line of therapeutic feed is very good, because there are options for different animals, depending on the problem. There is no more diversity in any stern. They used food after castration and urolithiasis. Recovery has passed easier and faster.

Zhenya: As an intermediate option, you can use Royal Canin. They gave him for about two years, but then the dog was tired of it. We switched to Hills. If the pet likes it, he has no special problems, and he feels good, then why not buy Royal Canin? !

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