Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition puppies food review

February 14, 2023
Dog Food
Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition puppies food review

Perhaps this brand of production diets for dogs can be called the most popular. Products are successfully sold by various pet stores, veterinary pharmacies, it can also be found on the shelves of the largest markets. The manufacturer himself indicates that the food is premium products, which means they meet all the requirements. But is it really so? You can answer this question, getting better with the brand, the composition of the diets and the reviews of people using the food for dogs of the Royal Canin to feed their four-legged friend.

Assortment of diets Royal Canin

Dog food Royal Canin

The variety of diets of this brand is really amazing. Among the many menu, the owner can choose the one that can satisfy the need for his pet.

There are several lines of the diets of Royal Canin, each of which has a number of features:

happy doggy

  1. Veterinary diets. The food of this category is intended to maintain the health of the dog during treatment, they are used as additional therapy and during the restoration of the pet after injuries, operations, and diseases. In addition, they are constantly recommended to feed an animal suffering from chronic diseases. Among the diets there are special feed for pets, which have the following ailments: renal, heart failure, diabetic pathology, serious liver diseases and gastrointestinal tract. Feeding with medical diets is most often recommended by a veterinarian, given the condition of the pet. Dry or wet feed of this particular brand is often prescribed.
  2. Natural feed (Breed Health Nutrition). A large segment of specialized diets, including diets for more than 2 dozen breeds, both adult pets and puppies. Among them you can find food for a giant dog or a tiny toy terrier. Lifestyle Health Nutrition – when compiling ingredients and their proportions, experts take into account the lifestyle of the dog and the conditions for its content. For example, an Enduraance diet regularly participating in training and sports competitions is suitable for a regularly participating in training and sports competitions, who leaves the house exclusively “out of need”, it is better to give indoor food. The Size Health Nutrition line includes many feeds, and according to statistics, it is they who most often acquire dog owners. They are divided into several categories taking into account the dimensions of animals. In addition, among them, the owner can choose a diet based on the age of the pet or given his special needs, for example, the Dermacomfort menu is intended for dogs with sensitive skin or digestive problems.
  3. Wet diets. Manufacturers did not lose sight of this category of dog feed, they are sure to enter each line. A particularly wide range is presented in the form of veterinary diets, because often a sick pet is recommended to be fed precisely canned, rather than dry dog food. For daily feeding, 7 varieties of canned food and wet feed are designed, which fully provide the needs of a pet that receives mixed nutrition.

Puppies for daily food puppies

The Royal Canin feed line for puppies is the maximum adapted diets that meet the requirements of the intensively growing organism. In them, the emphasis is on the high content of products that are sources of protein, as well as vitamin-mineral additives.

To feed small pets, manufacturers of this brand offer the following diets:

Royal Canin Junior Active

  1. You can feed the puppy with such food daily, suitable for representatives of certain breeds. Puppies of large and giant breeds give a similar diet up to 12-18 months of age, the rest is up to 8-10 months.
  2. Junior – maxi, medium and mini. This food is divided by the size of the dogs. The tiny puppies of decorative breeds are given by a mini-minute, medium, large – maxi.
  3. Junior Active. This type of feed is intended for puppies of giant breeds that lead an active lifestyle, so they need much more energy than the rest.
  4. A diet suitable for feeding puppies from 2 months and lactation bitches. Its composition is suitable in order to gradually accustom the crumb to the upcoming adult nutrition and at the same time provides all the necessary nursing mothers.
  5. Indoor Junior. This food is suitable for small indoor pets, it positively affects the digestive tract.
  6. Urban Junior. Unfortunately, an unfavorable environmental situation harms not only to people, but also to our friends four-legged. This food is suitable for puppies living in large, slagged cities.

Everyday feed for adult dogs

If in the case of a puppy the selected diet is only an intermediate stage and early or later it will have to be changed to an adult menu, then the food for an adult dog is selected for a longer period. Without much need, veterinarians do not recommend changing the brand of food.

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Royal Canin’s food is really popular among dog breeders, including dog breeding, and quite often recommended by professionals. One of the reasons is its high quality, it refers to the products of super-premium class, the other is a diverse assortment:

Royal Canin Urban Adult

  1. This category includes a number of diets intended for dogs of different breeds, on the packaging of the product indicates which one.
  2. Adult – mini, maxi, medium. Among the three diets, you can choose the right one, depending on the dimensions of the pet.
  3. Royal Canin 5-8+ and 10-12+. This segment clearly indicates the age of the animals for which it is intended for mature or elderly dogs.
  4. Urban Adult. The noise, exhaust of cars, emissions of enterprises, etc. Are the costs of life in large cities. For pets living in such stress conditions, this menu is perfect.
  5. Several diets that are recommended for dogs that periodically arise situations that require high activity. The food can also be selected based on the body weight of the pet.
  6. Indoor Adult. If the pet prefers most of the time to spend at home, lying and resting, then this diet is great for him.
  7. Enduraance 4800. It should be purchased by the owners of a pet, who cannot spend a minute without movement, showing activity most of the time.

Analysis of the composition: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, additional components

Since the food is positioned as a high-class product, certain requirements are imposed on it, especially with regard to the composition. To understand this issue, it is necessary to consider in more detail the components of diets and their percentage ratio. Medium Adult food for dogs over 12 months old, medium size:

  • 25% of proteins – corresponds to the norm;
  • 14% fat is an average;
  • 1. 2% fiber – a reduced amount;
  • 5. 9% ash is below the average.

Everything suggests that the only drawback of the product is the small amount of fiber included in the composition. Most of all, the food contains dehydrated protein of animal origin (poultry), since it is in the composition that it is in the first place, after which the presence of corn flour, corn, wheat flour, animal fats is indicated.

Also in the diet there is a small amount of dehydrated protein, wheat, animal protein hydrolyzate, beet pulp and fish oil.


dog playing

Animal proteins – that's what takes the first position in the composition. In addition, an additional source of this component is dehydrated protein obtained from pork and included in the food in the form of flour.


The main source is animal fat, it is not the best ingredient for dog food, but necessary in small amounts. In addition, a positive point is the presence of fish oil in the composition – an important component for the normal development of the animal.


Their sources are wheat and corn. Not the best ingredients that are poorly absorbed by the body of animals. However, thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to “turn” them into easily digestible substances. But if the pet suffers from digestive disorders, then it is better to give preference to a diet with a low carbohydrate content.

What are the pros and cons of this brand?

So far, there is no industrial food that all dog breeders and veterinarians would unanimously recognize as the best in all respects. The same applies to the described brand – some consider it the most suitable food for a four-legged comrade, while others reveal a number of shortcomings.

The benefits of these feeds are:

Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition puppies food review which fully provide

Royal canin canine health nutrition puppies food review

  • A variety of diet lines, from which the owner of almost any dog (pedigreed or mestizo, large or tiny, etc.) can choose the most suitable one;
  • A separate health-improving line of feed is produced, the diets of which are of high quality;
  • The composition of the products observes the ratio of beneficial substances; It is not required to additionally give a pet vitamins or minerals;
  • There are no problems with the purchase of products of this brand, it is enough to contact the nearest pet store;
  • The assortment includes both feed with low cost and more expensive feed; Naturally, for therapeutic nutrition you will have to pay more.

Among the shortcomings of the products of this brand, the following is distinguished:

  • There is no information about how many percent contains certain components;
  • In addition to meat ingredients, the food includes offal of unknown origin;
  • The manufacture uses canned substances.

In addition, some dog breeders recommend acquiring French-made feed, since, in their opinion, the domestic product has lower quality.

How much are the diets of this brand

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It is almost impossible to accurately determine the price of feed, because different factors affect it. However, you can get acquainted with the average cost of products of a certain brand, taking data from the catalogs of the largest points of sale.

  • The packaging of 4 kg will cost 1500;
  • A 15-kilogram bag, on average, costs 5000;
  • 500 g of feed for York will cost 270-300, 1500g-850.
  • 2-kilogram packaging costs from 1000 to 2000;
  • 7 kg – 3500;
  • 14 kg – 6000.

If we compare the cost of production feed of this brand, it turns out that it is slightly lower than that of most diets of other manufacturers. But, on the other hand, the composition of the food of Royal Canin does not have a 100% ideal composition and is inferior in quality to some of them.

If the owner of the dog doubts his own choice, then he can always consult with professionals – breeders from whom a puppy was purchased or a veterinarian.


Dog owners who used this brand say:

Royal Canin

Anastasia: “Good for all the time of day! I have been feeding my dog Brussels Griffin with diets of this brand for 6 years, almost from the first days of its appearance in the house. Once she decided to transfer her to a more expensive brand, however, problems with a chair began and a rash appeared, so they returned to the piano canine and stopped attempts. She noted that the cost of super-premium class has increased sharply, so I am glad that our food is suitable and is somewhat cheaper. There are no complaints, so I recommend. ”

Tatkate: “I am a happy owner of a charming Yorkie, but I faced one difficulty – most representatives of this breed are real picky eaters, and my girl is no exception. For several months, I methodically selected food, however, each of them caused some unpleasant phenomenon – either constipation, or worsening of the coat, or dry skin. When they started eating Royal Canin, in the first days they carefully monitored the stool, but there were no problems with the toilet, and after a couple of weeks I began to notice that the fur became softer and shinier. Since then, we have not changed this brand of feed, as everything suits us. ”

Shelley: “We put our dog on a mixed diet, nevertheless, feeding the Bernese Mountain Dog with high-quality drying is an expensive pleasure. We buy a best dog food storage container of 5-7. 5 kg for a month, in addition to it, we give the dog porridge with meat, offal, vegetables. Our "baby" looks cheerful, cheerful, we have never been to the vet, in addition to planned outings, since there was no need. I think that taking into account the price and good quality, Royal Canin deserves attention. ”

This line of food, according to veterinary specialists, meets the standards and is suitable for feeding dogs, which is confirmed by the reviews of dog breeders.


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