Royal Canin 12+ Dog food review

January 16, 2023
Royal Canin 12+ Dog food review

royal canin 12+ dog food review

ROYAL CANIN dog food

Among the owners of dogs and professional breeders, the Royal Canin feed has great demand. It belongs to the food of the premium class and is presented in a large assortment. The company produces various solutions in the form of dry crockets and humid pastes for puppies and adults. Including a medical diet for pets with features of development and health is proposed.


Dry granular feed and pate Royal Canin is produced by Mars. Production is located on the territory of Poland, in France and in the USA, oriented to the local market. The feed belongs to the premium class.

Royal Canin has existed since 1967, eventually turning into a large international corporation with representative offices in fact on every continent. At the beginning of the journey, the company produced only a few varieties of diets. They were intended for adult dogs and German sheeps.

Today, the assortment includes feed for cats, as well as a wide variety of food for dogs in crustaces of different sizes, conserva and spiders.

Particular attention of the company is aimed at developing a balanced diet for dogs with features.

Today, Royal Canin dog food is produced on the latest modern equipment according to a certain technology. The quality of raw materials meets world standards and is subjected to strict testing in this regard. It is convenient that you can buy any package of feed – from 0. 8 to 20 kg.

The basis of the Royal Canin diet is a protein in the form of dried pork meat, beef, chicken and ducklings or fish of different varieties. In addition, a different amount of offal has been added to all food. Their task is to saturate the body with important amino acids.

Sources of complex carbohydrates are cereals represented by rice and corn. When choosing a menu for fastidious pets, this variability is very helpful.

Royal Canin puppies are not too different in composition from a product for adult dogs. With the exception of rice, although the body needs more meat ingredients in a period of growth.

In addition, grass, vegetables and fruits were not added to the diet of Royal Canin dog power. But, despite this, the food fully provides animals with all the necessary nutrients, including vitamins.

Each feed version includes many natural components. The content of grain flour, fish oil and velvet extract provides the optimal need for the daily norm of vitamins and valuable minerals for the vital activity of minerals.

The composition of the feed is not without additives in the form of certain antioxidants and preservatives. But these are completely safe substances, since all products are thoroughly tested for quality according to international standards. This is confirmed by security certificates for goods.

The advantages of Royal Canin are considered a number of factors:

  • impressive choice of feed in dry pieces and wet consistency;
  • the ability to purchase a therapeutic option for observing a veterinary diet;
  • full and correct composition;
  • accessibility for purchase by availability in stores;
  • The average cost in the market in the segment of dog nutrition.

The shortcomings include:

  • lack of specifics in the composition of a number of feed regarding the percentage of meat ingredients;
  • Adding offal of an unsuitable kind.

Royal Canin is recognized as a premium diet for dog nutrition. In quality, it occupies one bar with large manufacturers of Eukanuba, Purina from Pro Plan, Hill's and Monge well-established.

It is important to understand that universal feed in principle does not exist. They need to be selected, given the individual needs of each individual animal.

The line of dry feed

The assortment of the company has more than a dozen diets, some of them cannot be taken on sale in the USA. The Royal Canin product series is presented with hundreds of developments for compiling a diet. A wide range is divided into groups. Each line presents a set of dehydrated and wet diets. Among the supporters of the mixed type of feeding, the humid feed of this brand is especially in demand.

Size Health Nutrition

The main and most popular brand line. It is a universal choice for the diet of different breeds and the size of dogs, it helps to choose the food correctly, by the age of the dog friend. The extensive series has been developed by the company's specialists for a hearty and useful diet of any dogs at each stage – from energetic little puppies to inactive elderly individuals.

The group includes 5 categories, each of which corresponds to a certain size of pets. Nutrition for dogs with special needs is also provided – for example, with a sensitive digestive system or problem skin.

The granules are presented in several versions, under a different size of the jaw. The packaging contains information about the age, the weight of the animal (Mini, Medium, Maxi) and so on.

Breed Health Nutrition

The nutrients in this series are selected for various breeds. There is a food for Chihuahua pocket format, for French bulldogs and large shepherds. The texture, shape and diameter of crockets are carefully designed and adapted to different dogs.

Lifestyle Health Nutrition

A series in which it is allowed to choose food according to the lifestyle of dogs.

  • Enduraance. Diet for active fidgets.
  • Indoor. Dry food for the homebody.

In general, the Royal Canin line can conditionally be divided into two groups – a daily menu and a special veterinary diet.

Everyday diet

Line for daily menu. Here you can choose products by age and by the type of dog.

Ready nutrition is distinguished by the following criteria.

  • Age. The container manufacturer offers products for feeding puppies, adult dogs and elderly individuals from 7 years and older. The puppies include young small breeds up to 10, medium – up to 12, large to 15 and giant – up to 18 months.
  • The size. The buyer is invited to choose food by weight of the pet. Small – for dogs of small breeds weighing up to 4 kg. Mini – designed for weight from 4 to 10 kg. Medium-medium-sized individuals weighing 10-25 kg. Maxi is a food designed for large individuals from 25-45 kg and giant dogs.
  • Breed. Diets are presented for 16 breeds.

Veterinary Diet

This option is not suitable for giant dogs and large dog breeds. But it is a suitable solution for miniature individuals (for spitz, pugs or others) and animals in the postoperative phase to normalization of the state.

And also the line includes options for dogs that have certain diseases and malfunctions in the functioning of the body systems. The manufacturer has developed diets for dogs with heart, renal failure, intestinal diseases, liver pathologies and other diseases.

The food of this category is aimed at helping animals in the fight against ailments. Therapeutic food should be used only after consulting with a veterinarian. A veterinary diet is produced in dehydrated crockets and wet form.

Vital Support. Nutrition for individuals that need to be for life to maintain the functions of the kidneys and joint mobility.

Health Management. A feed group that includes food for dogs after castration. It is also a balanced solution for nutrition of bitches subjected to sterilization. Including representatives of mini-rocks. It is supplied in packs with crockets for animals weighing within 10 kg and from 11 kg and more than that.

The use of feed prevents the deposition of salts in urine and contributes to an active set of mass after the course of treatment.

Dermatology. It is recommended for feeding for dermatitis, wool and allergic manifestations on a different food. Vitamins and minerals of natural origin, fatty acids are introduced into the formula. The line is represented by two feed options: ANALLERGENIC/HYPOALLERGENIC.

Urinary. Therapeutic nutrition for dogs for urolithiasis. Promotes stones dissolution and prevents complications. The composition includes special additives that contribute to the dissolution of undesirable types of crystals in urine. The line includes a medium and larger dog’s feeds for dogs, as well as soft and dehydrated hard food for miniature species.

It is possible to determine that the food belongs to the Urinary group by a yellow strip applied to the packaging with the corresponding inscription.

Weight Management. Nutrition prescribed for obesity to maintain the desired body weight, as well as with diabetes. Satiety Health Management dietary food is presented in the form of wet paste and solid crockets of different sizes. Protein and natural fiber allow to vary the saturation of the pet in between feeding.

GastroinTestinal. A series of dog food for dogs with digestive problems and patients with diabetes. Includes the following types of diets:

  1. Gastro Intestinal – for pets with malfunctions in the gastrointestinal tract;
  2. Gastro Intestinal Low Fat – in case of malfunctions and ailments from the endocrine system;
  3. Hepatic – food shown in liver diseases;
  4. Recovery is a therapeutic diet for anorexia, for feeding through a probe at the time of remission of dogs of large and medium breeds.

  • Canine Care Nutrition. The feed group recommended for the daily diet of painful dogs. These are preventive feeds represented by several species.
  1. Sterilized. Feed for proper nutrition of individuals that have undergone the sterilization procedure.
  2. Relax Care. Recommended for supporting the body under stress.
  3. Dental Care. Feed for the jaw of increased sensitivity.
  4. Coat Care. Preventive nutrition for problems with wool cover (loss, dullness, brittleness, etc.).
  5. Exigent. For a fee, which is difficult to choose food.
  6. Dermacomfort. Healing nutrition for skin diseases.
  7. Digestive Care. For pets who have diagnosed the sensitivity of digestion.

When choosing a feed, it is also important to pay attention to the size of the granules and the recommendations of the manufacturer.

  • Vital Support. Feed to support vital functions.

The assortment is the following types:

Royal Canin 12+ Dog food review types of
  1. Renal – nutrition created with caring for dogs suffering from kidney diseases;
  2. Cardic – with ailments associated with the heart and vascular system and with heart failure;
  3. Mobility – a diet that helps strengthen the bones and muscles;
  4. Dental – a preventive diet against diseases of the oral cavity.

The products contain a minimum amount of phosphorus and everything necessary to preserve the quality of the dog’s life.

For small and miniature dogs

Miniature dogs have special needs for nutrients. Royal Canin X-Small feeds are created taking into account the physiology of small dogs (the weight of an adult-up to 4 kg). These feeds differ in small crockets and have high taste attractiveness.

Thanks to a fairly high calorie content, the X-Small Puppy composition provides support for the correct growth of the puppy.

  • Veterinary Diet Satiety Small Dog. Complete dry dietary food for adult representatives of mini-rocks (from 1 to 10 kg). A low-calorie product is recommended to use to reduce the mass of a pet. The nutrition course is calculated for the period until the desired weight is achieved.

Due to the increased content of natural fiber, it is possible to maintain a feeling of satiety between food techniques. According to statistics, approximately 83% of dogs on a diet helps.

Losing weight occurs for a pet naturally and gradually. The risk of r e-set of weight is minimized. The optimal muscle mass is supported. At the same time, 97% of dogs lose weight for a period of 3 months. This is facilitated by an increased percentage of protein.

A special formula for small dogs was created taking into account the physiology and digestion of representatives of small breeds. In addition, the food helps to maintain a healthy teeth and the urinary system of pets.

For medium

Mediu m-sized breeds are characterized by energy and mobility. It is especially important for them to eat balanced. A special diet developed by experts helps to observe the weight rate. The formula retains the coat of the coat brilliant and strengthens the bones.

Royal Canin Medium products (adult dogs weighing 10-25 kg) to maintain natural immunity and high activity. Recommended, including pregnant bitch at the end of the gestation period and the period of feeding the offspring. As well as food, you can feed the puppies after being removed from the mother and until they reach 2 months of age. Suitable for adults and aging mediu m-sized dogs with problematic digestion.

A unique complex of antioxidants and other important nutrients in the Medium Adult diet supports the pets immunity and fills it with energy for a healthy and productive life.

The formula is rich in high-quality protein and the right level of food tissue to maintain digestion and assimilation of all nutrient components.

For large and very large dogs

In the diet of giant breeds and large representatives such as rottweilers, nutrients must be present for the full development of bones and joints at each stage of the stage. Thus, the body of animals is easier to transfer the increased load to the musculoskeletal system.

Royal Canin Giant food is fully consistent with nutritional standards, component balance and composition. Suitable for feeding adult dogs with a body weight of more than 45 kg.

Wet feed

Among the wide range of wet feeds in the form of canned food and a spider from the Royal Canin brand, you can easily choose the best option for a healthy diet of a pet. It is only necessary to take into account its individual needs and features.

Wet dog food is produced from natural raw materials, following strict European quality standards. The formula is designed so that the owner does not need to include any additional supplements in his dog's diet. A complete product meets the needs of the animal in healthy, wholesome and, most importantly, tasty food. However, it is worth considering that it is only an addition to the main diet. It is best combined with dry food from the same manufacturer.

In addition to the diet for daily feeding, the line includes special options for nutrition according to the therapeutic diet menu.

Overview of reviews

Some expert reviews contain information about the content of wheat and other plant components in ROYAL CANIN feed and a small amount of fiber. According to veterinarians, this does not add any benefit to the food and may cause health problems for some pets.

Against the backdrop of negative forecasts on the network, you can also find extremely positive responses from veterinarians. Experts credit the French food with restoring the energy expenditure of dogs. They believe that it contains enough elements for the development and healthy growth of animals.

They consider the only problem is the use of ROYAL CANIN food for other purposes, without taking into account the age, height, weight and health of the dogs.

Therefore, there are polar points of view about the quality and benefits of the product in question. Most of the negative reviews came at a time after the appearance of feed production in USA.

Many veterinarians prefer to prescribe this brand of diet to their four-legged patients. And there are those who do not recommend its use. The opinions of dog owners are also ambiguous.

A lot of controversy among specialists and breeders is caused by the presence of beet pulp in dry dog food. Someone considers it an additional supplier of fiber to the diet, according to others, it is a useless component. Dog lovers also argue about such an additive as yeast. Some believe that this is a set of useful vitamins to improve metabolism in the body. And other dog owners assign the status of an allergen to yeast.

It's nice that the price tag for ROYAL CANIN brand products is lower when compared with other feeds in this segment. Although the composition of the product is inferior to many of them. In the line of medicinal feeds, products are somewhat more expensive compared to the most popular series.

Dog food review on Royal Canin

In general, the feed meets all recognized international quality standards. Dogs on this diet are energetic and healthy looking. They have a shiny coat, good stamina and good mood.

Royal Canin 12+ Dog food review Canine Care Nutrition
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