Retractable dog food storage

December 26, 2022
Retractable dog food storage

retractable dog food storage

Tips for choosing a dog fooder

Catering for dogs in an aviary is one of the important points for the life and health of pets. Dog owners are faced with the problem not only of their full feeding and watering, but also with ensuring the convenience and safety of this process for all family members and the animals themselves. Consider what options are available for choosing feeders and drinkers in the aviary.

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Features of choice

There are several criteria that dog food storage container must be taken into account.

  • It is necessary to approach the choice of bowls responsibly. It is important to decide what you will feed your pet: whether it will be natural food or industrial food. The volume of the selected container depends on this. It is required that the cup is filled no more than 2/3 of its capacity to prevent scattering of feed pellets on the sides.
  • The nature of the dog and its breed feature, for example, the shape of the muzzle, the length of the coat, as well as the shape and length of the ears, must be taken into account. For English and American Cocker Spaniels and Dachshunds, cone-shaped bowls are needed so that the beard and ears do not get dirty, respectively. Small breed dogs with flat muzzles (French Bulldog, Pekingese, Pug) need utensils with a convex bottom. And their tall counterparts with a large muzzle (Great Dane, St. Bernard, Alabai, Shepherd) are more suitable for deep cups.
  • You need to understand what the dishes for your pet will be made of. There are bowls made of plastic, ceramic and stainless steel.


Each type of material has its pros and cons. Let's take a closer look at each of them.


The advantages of plastic include:

  • cheapness;
  • variety of colors and designs;
  • can be used outdoors in sub-zero temperatures.

By cons:

  • unknown quality of plastic (possibly poisoning);
  • lightness of products – the animal will easily turn over the container;
  • puppies can take such dishes for a toy (they will chew it and harm themselves).

Such bowls are good as a hiking option for a single use.


The advantages of ceramic bowls are:

  • heavy weight (difficult to move or turn over);
  • material safety;
  • the coating stays new for a long time;
  • suitable for use in winter conditions.


  • with careless handling, they easily beat;
  • high price;
  • difficult to fix on the stand.

stainless steel

Stainless steel bowls also have positive and negative features.


  • durability;
  • mounted on stands and tripods;
  • easy to wash;
  • safety;
  • affordable price.

The negative feature of metal utensils is that it is undesirable to use it in winter, since an animal can stick to it with its tongue in the cold. Although there are varieties with heating.

Of the three types, the safest will be metal bowls for long-term use.

How to fix the bowl in the aviary?

Equally important is the bowl fastening system. Here are the following points.

  • The feeder should be located at the chest level of the dog, which will avoid curvature of the spine (this is relevant for puppies). In addition, low-fixed bowls (like standing on the floor) can lead to swallowing air during feed consumption. And this, in turn, can lead to at least increased gas formation or acute expansion of the stomach.
  • And also it should be installed in such a way as to be in the public domain for the dog and its owner.

Cathedral and rotary feeders are considerable success. But they are already supplied in finished form, built into the door of the aviary with a small fixing bolt. With the help of welding, you can do the same refinement for the existing aviary. This mechanism facilitates access to dishes. He frees from the need to open the door and go inside.

Retractable dog food storage The negative feature of metal

There are also auto feeders. This option will be convenient, for example, in the country. Or when there is a need to leave for 1-2 days or more. The granules are spilled out to the bottom of the bowl as they eat them. This method is convenient for owners whose pets use dry food and do not suffer from bulimia. Some craftsmen make such designs independently from improvised materials. For example, one of the options includes two plastic bottles of 18. 9 liters and a PVC pipe section used for sewage.

There are a lot of such self-use on the Internet. Everyone can use one of them.

The issue with pets that have a tendency to overeat is solved using factory auto feeders in which a timer is installed. The required amount of food gives the mechanism with a certain interval.

Experiments with an auto feeder usually begin a month before the planned date of departure so that the pet is used to innovations, and the owner is able to determine the dosage and amount of feed for this period.

Features of aut o-sized

Another important question is with drinking. In rotary bowls, this issue is resolved by the installation of another bowl, which should be deeper in size, since the volume of fluid consumed may differ depending on weather conditions, rocks, animal activity and nutrition. For example, a medium dog, eating dry food, can drink up to two liters of liquid per day.

By analogy with auto feeders, there are the following devices for supplying animals to drink.

Hinged aut o-boats. Some of them are suitable for different types of plastic bottles, which has a number of practical properties. This retains the purity of water and the ability to choose the desired volume of containers. They have mounts on the cage. This type of aut o-wagon eliminates spraying fluid on the sides, respectively in the aviary will be dry and clean.

Drinking from the car removal does not evaporate over time. Insects and wool from the animal do not fall into it.

This type of drinker is more often used to keep rodents. The difference is only in thicker nipple, in which the ball valve is built accordingly increased diameter. Licking it, the animal receives the required amount of liquid.

Flying pounds. They are invented for animals that do not like to drink standing water. In this drinker, thanks to a small pump, the liquid is constantly circulating, passing through a rough cleaning filter, which captures particles of food that fell into it, wool, dust and insects (relevant in the summer). These models have other pleasant functions offered by various representatives. For example, a buil t-in coal filter, which supports freshness, quality and taste of drinking.

It is noticed that with such drinkers animals use a sufficient amount of liquid. Which, of course, favorably affects the health of the dog. Especially if the animal is fed with industrial production feeds.

dog fooders in the aviary can be different in shape, material and fastening. One of the examples of the feeder is shown in the video below.

Retractable dog food storage the chest
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