Recommended dog food for Shar Pei

March 10, 2023
Recommended dog food for Shar Pei

Dry dog food for Shar Pei must be selected taking into account the age, breed, lifestyle and health status. Shar Pei's power should fully cover the needs of the representative of this breed. To choose a diet, you need to find out the basic rules.

We will figure out how to feed Shar Pei and analyze the best nutrition options.

Rating of the 10 best dry feed for Shar Pei

Place Name Rating Price/
1 Acana Adult Dog Heritag 17 kg 9. 9 / 10 6 724
2 Go fit + free salmon, duck, turkey, chicken 2. 72 kg 9. 8 / 10 1 548
3 Orijen Adult Dog sublimated feed 0. 45 kg 9. 8 / 10 1 781
5 Barking Heads with a lamb and with a dream of a lamb 12kg 9. 6 / 10 4 638
6 Arden Grange Sensetiv Ocean white fish and potatoes 12 kg 9. 6 / 10 5 341
7 Applaws with chicken 7. 5 kg 9. 5 / 10 3 683
8 Proseries Holistic dog food with lamb and rice 12. 9 kg 9. 4 / 10 5 500
9 Royal Canin Medium Adult 15 kg 9. 2 / 10 5 019
10 Grandorf duck with a battal all rocks 12 kg 9. 2 / 10 5 046

Dry dog food for a dog is a full-fledged nutritional diet of a pet, developed taking into account physiology, the characteristics of the animal. It contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, amino acids in it. In the choice, pay attention to the composition. The product should have animal plants, natural components. This is what dogs should receive for health and to be cheerful.


For healthy growth, development, and maintenance of the body, dry mixtures of 3 classes are used.

  1. Superpremium (made of natural products, does not contain toxic additives, preservatives).
  2. Premium (natural base, but 25-30% consists of offal).
  3. Economical (low quality, the use of chemical preservatives and soy).

Veterinarians are advised to give preference to premium feed, superpremium. There are quality options in the budget category, but you need to study the composition in detail before buying.


Veterinarians advise for sedentary representatives of the breed to select a mixture with 20-25% of proteins. The protein of animal origin prevents the development of obesity, supports the growth of muscle mass.

Shar Pei's daily diet should include the following components:

  • Meat (duck, beef, turkey, rabbit);
  • Cereals;
  • Vegetables and plant fibers;
  • Natural preservatives (tocopherol, ascorbic acid).

Dry dog food is the basis of the diet for Shar Pei. With a scrupulous selection of food, it is impossible to achieve the balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. But the finished food contains a full complex of substances in a digestible form.

Acana Adult Dog Heritag 17 kg

Acana Adult Dog Heritag Dry Feed for Adult Dogs

Class feed holistic without grain crops, allergic substances. The composition includes different types of meat, fish – 55%. It has eggs, medicinal herbs, vegetables, fruits, enzyme products, vitamin-mineral additives. Does not contain GMOs.

  • Suitable for any dogs;
  • Has a useful composition and properties;
  • Natural ingredients;
  • Rich in fiber;
  • Has a good taste;
  • Has a low glycemic index;
  • Economical.
  • When diet, there are no problems with skin, vision, joints, gastrointestinal tract.
  • Sold in large packages;
  • Not in all stores it is available.
  • Contains legumes, which increases gas formation.

Go fit + free salmon, duck, turkey, chicken 2. 72 kg

Dog feed Go Fit + free salmon, duck, turkey, chicken

Holistic dog food without glutenic crops. It contains more than 70% of meat: turkey, chicken, ducks, salmon fillet. It does not cause allergies. Universal it is developed for dogs of all breeds, ages.

  • Does not cause an allergic reaction;
  • Natural components;
  • Enriched with nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, oils, lactobacilli;
  • Produced in different packages;
  • The dog food storage container indicates the daily consumption rate;
  • The optimal ratio of the price component and quality;
  • Does not contain offal;
  • Poorly stored;
  • In open form it is weathered, loses beneficial substances, properties. For long storage, sprinkle into a closed container;
  • The metabolism, the output of digestive products is enhanced.
  • Increases feces.

Orijen Adult Dog sublimated feed 0. 45 kg

Orijen Adult Dog sublimated feed for all dog breeds

Refers to the superpremium class. Slumed food, it can be given to dogs of all ages, breeds. The composition of 80% of meat, fish. In other interest: eggs, legumes, liver, fruits, vegetables, herbs, trace elements, lactobacilli. It does not contain preservatives, dyes, flavors, GMOs. Fresh, without freezing ingredients.

  • Balanced and natural composition;
  • Does not contain cereals;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Contains fiber;
  • Improves appetite, digestion;
  • Economically consumed.
  • It is made according to technology, where, due to the effects of the low-temperature regime, only moisture is removed from the composition of the composition. All nutritious, beneficial substances are preserved.
  • When eating, appearance, healthy health improves.
  • Increases feces and their output;
  • Increases gas formation of dogs;
  • Not all stores can be found;
  • Sometimes there are runaway and burnt granules with a poor smell.



Dietary food related to the premium class. Apply when the dog has intolerance to something. Often this is manifested by the loss of wool, areas of dermatitis, a disorder of the digestion process. The composition has an extract of fish, flour, beet pulp, potatoes, vitamins, minerals.

  • Therapeutic food;
  • Does not contain allergens;
  • Contains natural fiber;
  • Suitable for pets, who have intolerance to beef or chicken;
  • Improves the state of health and appearance of dogs;
  • Does not contain preservatives, dyes, flavors;
  • Convenient packaging for storage and use;
  • Therapeutic food, which must be food for dogs with increased sensitivity to allergens.

Barking Heads with a lamb and with a dream of a lamb 12kg

Barking Heads for adult dogs with lamb and with a dream rice of a lamb

The food belongs to the premium class. It contains environmentally friendly lamb meat, which was grown on natural products, vegetables, and medicinal herbs. Veterinarians advise food for small and medium breeds. The composition: sublimated meat of the lamb – 20%, fresh meat – 30%, oats, rice, trout, potatoes, animal fats, a mixture of medicinal herbs, algae, vitamins, minerals.

Recommended dog food for Shar Pei Due to the violation

Recommended dog food for shar pei

  • Made from natural components;
  • Hypoallerogenen;
  • Improves the condition of the skin, wool and joints;
  • Enhances the immune system.
  • It has a good taste, smell.
  • Suitable for pets with sensitivity to allergens.
  • Overcharge.

Arden Grange Sensetiv Ocean white fish and potatoes 12 kg

Arden Grange Sensetiv Ocean white fish and potatoes

The food belongs to the category of super-premium. Contains the necessary natural ingredients for the dog: pieces of meat, fish oil. When using it, endurance increases in dogs.

  • Has a rich vitamin-mineral complex;
  • Does not contain GMOs, preservatives, artificial dyes, flavors;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Does not contain cereal crops;
  • Antioxidants added;
  • On the label, a feeding scheme is painted;
  • Economically consumed;
  • It has a good smell, taste;
  • Improves the health of the pet.
  • With prolonged use, there is no addiction to the composition;
  • Suitable for dogs with an inactive lifestyle and in old age.
  • In some of its species, corn, and this ingredient should not be in the superpremium class.

Applaws with chicken 7. 5 kg

APPLAWS dog food with chicken

Premium food with a balanced combination of chicken meat, eggs, peas, potatoes, animals, vegetable fats, vegetables, herbs. Has a low glycemic index.

  • Does not contain cereals;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Balanced composition;
  • Natural ingredients;
  • The product is suitable for a balanced diet so that there are no problems with the health, activity and appearance of the dog;
  • Veterinarians recommend this brand as a dietary one;
  • It has a good appearance, smell, taste.
  • Not available in all stores.

Proseries Holistic with lamb and rice 12. 9 kg

Proseries Holistic Feeding dry for dogs of all breeds with lamb and rice

Holistic dog food. It has a composition suitable for feeding dogs of all ages, breeds. It does not contain ingredients that help the occurrence of allergies: soy, corn, wheat, chicken meat. Instead of meat, they included fish, animals, vegetable fats, which are well absorbed by the pet's body.

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Balanced composition of natural ingredients;
  • Strengthens the immune system, supports the musculoskeletal system of the animal;
  • Improves blood circulation, the appearance of the pet;
  • Serves as a source of protein for dogs suffering from an allergic reaction to meat products;
  • Passed all tests in America and Canada, and according to their results, it was recognized as a complete balanced product to ensure the health of dogs at any age;
  • The composition of the product is chosen so as to pay maximum attention to the health of the dog.
  • Difficult to find in pet stores;
  • Strong fishy smell;
  • Contains grains.

Royal Canin medium adult 15 kg

dry dog food Royal Canin Medium Adult adult dogs of medium breeds

Super premium food designed for a balanced diet of the dog and all his taste needs. Its composition: cereal flour, dehydrated pork, rice, vegetable and animal fats, yeast. A vitamin-mineral complex has been added to the product.

  • Widely distributed on the territory of the USA;
  • Has a good taste;
  • Well digested by the body;
  • When used, immunity is enhanced and the appearance of the skin and coat improves;
  • The product has medicinal properties.
  • Contains cereals;
  • Lots of crafts. The original is made in France.

Grandorf duck with a battal all rocks 12 kg

Grandorf dog food duck with a battal all breeds

The product belongs to the super premium class. It has in its balanced composition the following ingredients: duck, turkey, sweet potato, dried herbs, fruits and vegetables. Manufactured using technology that preserves all the properties of the ingredients.

  • Made from natural components;
  • Has a good taste, smell, color;
  • Hypoallerogenen;
  • Contains a bioregulator of digestion;
  • Does not contain preservatives, GMOs, artificial colors;
  • Well absorbed by the body;
  • Economical consumption;
  • It has a good effect on the health of the pet;
  • The food has a balanced composition and is suitable for everyday nutrition of dogs of all breeds;
  • Able to completely replace the dog's need for meat food;
  • Ideal for pets with severe allergic sensitivities.
  • Difficult to find in veterinary stores;
  • It has a laxative effect on the pet.

Here are ten of the best dry dog food for medium size dogs. It is important to choose the right food for dogs, it takes into account the peculiarities of the health of the pet and its preferences. Each of them is good, but of all I will single out only two that are in the top positions of the rating and deserve increased attention to themselves: Acana Adult Dog Heritag and Go Fit + Free salmon, duck, turkey, chicken.

They both belong to the holistic class, are suitable for everyday nutrition, have few disadvantages. The composition does not contain grains and products that contribute to the occurrence of an allergic reaction, which is often found among dogs of medium breeds.

They contain a rich vitamin and mineral complex. By eating these products, the pet receives the necessary substances and will have good health and longevity. These 2 high quality products fully meet your pet's need for a healthy and balanced diet. Those who give these brands of food to animals are satisfied and do not want to look for new food.

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The need for vitamins

Medium-sized dogs cover many breeds, from bassets to huskies. By their nature, they can be characterized by low mobility or be active. Pets of these species need to supplement their diet with vitamins.

The daily need for supplements is determined by gender and age characteristics. It depends on the mass, breed, physical development, air temperature during maintenance. Organic matter is needed for normal growth and development, viable offspring, good health. Starting to introduce elements into the diet, take into account the weight of the pet.

It is important to worry about the intake of vitamins in the body of animals with natural nutrition or with the use of economy-class feed. To strengthen the health of your pet, you will need prolonged courses of supplements once a month. Dogs of medium breeds kept on dry dog food should take a vitamin course at least once every six months. For aging animals, it is enough to take a course once a year, provided that they are fed with food and natural food.

Pet health items:

  1. Retinoids including: vitamin A, vitamin A2, retinol and retinoic acid. Needed to reproduce healthy offspring. Without these vitamins, animals do not have the normal development of bone tissue, cartilage, and epithelium. Retinal is involved in the work of the organs of vision. The element is needed to produce light-sensitive pigments for vision in the dark. With its shortage in dogs, "night blindness" is formed.
  2. Thiamine (B1). A necessary element for the normal functioning of the nervous system. With a sufficient level of substance, the pet will be balanced and calmpplements with it are needed for pets that are severely malnourished and stressed. Lack of the element thiamine causes disorders of the digestive tract of the animal. Its deficiency leads to weight loss and lack of appetite. The element helps puppies grow, providing them with energy and vigor.
  3. Riboflabin (B2). The condition of the coat and skin depends on the normal concentration of the substance in the body. Vitamin strengthens the immune system and protective mechanisms of the animal, helps to neutralize inflammatory processes. Vitamin B2 deficiency in a dog's body can cause muscle weakness, mucosal lesions, and conjunctivitis.
  4. Niacin (B3). Vitamin fights with the "bad" cholesterol of the animal, increases hemoglobin, normalizes the metabolism of proteins and fats. After feeding a pet, nicotinic acid stimulates gastric juice and enzymes. Saturates the body with energy, helps to absorb protein from vegetables introduced into the diet. It is often impossible to give vitamin B3 to an animal. Its excess will cause disruption of the endocrine system, hair loss.

Proper feeding of puppies

With the right puppy diet, the baby will be strong, his immunity will resist any diseases. In order for the anatomical and functional systems to form correctly, the pet needs high-quality products and a complex of vitamins.

The selection of nutrients and trace elements is contained in dry dog food. At the same time, up to six months, puppies of medium breeds can be given balanced food for small breeds. After six months – dry dog food for large dogs.

For puppies from 3 months, the power of super-premium is suitable. Bezmezerny feed contains fresh and boiled meat, fruits and vegetables. Hormonal drugs and offal in this diet are not contained.

For puppies suffering from allergies or disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, select the food of the holistic class. Continuous dry nutrition will ensure the safety of digestion and the balance of intestinal microflora of the puppy. Will satisfy the high energy needs of babies of medium breeds in a short period of their growth.

Simple Meal Prep For My Shar Pei Dog

For two-week puppies, you can add porridge to the diet. From a month and a half, feed with dry crustaces with a high calorie content. The first few days to soak the granules in milk or warm water. Transfer to such food start with 12-16 grains per day. Follow the condition of the puppy, and in the case of a negative reaction, stop complementary granules. With regular scratching and peeling of the skin of the puppy after taking crockets, let the baby often drink water.

Unlike adult pets, medium-sized puppies to feed more often:

  • From 2 to 4 months – 6 times;
  • From 3 to six months – 4 times;
  • From five to 10 months – 3 times.

Diseases and health problems from food

Owners of bull terriers, bulldogs, basket-hounds and retrievers often face the problem of excess animal mass. Waterness develops due to small physical activity and the absence of fresh non-processed plant products in the diet. Due to the increase in body weight due to adipose tissue, pathologies develop:

  • Increasing glucose levels and metabolic disorders;
  • Stagnant heart failure;
  • Violation of the frequency of rhythm and depth of breathing, lack of air;
  • Arthrosis;
  • Arthritis;
  • Hemarthrosis;
  • Dyplasia of the hip joints;
  • Synovitis;
  • Osteoarthritis.

In case of suspicion of one of the diseases, exclude from the diet of feed with high calorie content, not to give fatty meat, bakery products. Replace high-calorie foods with natural fodder mixtures with a reduced amount of fat. Transfer to lightweight granules will burn extra kilocalories, preserving all beneficial substances in the body.

Often fake food contains not meat products and necessary elements, but cereals and stabilizers. Due to the poor quality of this food, the animal can develop:

  • Allergic reaction;
  • Inflammatory-dystrophic changes in the mucous membrane of the stomach;
  • Esophagitis of the esophagus;
  • Inflammatory process in the pancreas;
  • Manifestation of urolithiasis;
  • Frequent bowel movements with the release of liquid feces.

With the manifestation of signs of pathologies, the animal should be urgently transferred to a holistic feed and plenty of drink with the addition of a regron.

Feeding pregnant dogs

After a successful mate, the body of the bitch changes, adjusting to the future babies. Natural reflexes and instincts work in the interests of dog health. Often there are unpleasant exceptions. With a lack of the necessary elements in the body in the body, the bitch is aborted.

In recent days of pregnancy, babies take away all the beneficial substances from mom. This leads to poor consequences in the body of bitches after childbirth. The main danger is a calcium deficiency. Lack of substance in a pregnant bitch can cause a severe form of gestosis. Due to the violation of the potassium-calcium balance, the arterial pressure of the animal increases greatly, leading the pregnancy to the threat. Together with calcium for a pregnant pitomitsa, you need magnesium, which is involved in the work of the central nervous system.

The diet of the bitch when wearing puppies should be of good quality. Proper feeding during the entire period of pregnancy greatly affects its course and the development of fruits. In the diet of pitomitsa, add chicken yolks 2 times a week, shifted with cottage cheese. At the time of bearing puppies, proteins are needed that will help the proper development of babies.

Until five weeks of pregnancy, the animal does not need additional nutrients. If the dog gives more feed at this time, it will recover, the risk of complications will increase during childbirth. It must be translated on an enhanced diet on 35 days. No need to be scared if the pet did not eat anymore. When wearing one-2 fruits, it does not need to increase the dose of feed. She needs to give vitamins.

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