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December 28, 2021
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Purina Pro Plan Small Breed

We continue our roundup of customer Purina Pro Plan Small Breed reviews. This brand is confidently held in the top 10 brands on the Chewy online retailer, see the top brand rankings here.

Review Purina Pro Plan Small Breed is great for sensitive stomach

I have had severe digestive problems for my dog. The dog’s sensitive belly could not cope with the food that we fed the pet. I had diarrhea every day, so I told our trainer about it. He recommended Purina Pro Plan High-quality food, which great for sensitive stomachs. I was glad when I saw that my dog’s stomach problems disappeared quickly. From now on I do not want to try any other food and highly recommend food for sensitive stomachs.

Review Good Toy Breed Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

I have a Yorkshire Terrier dog.

When he was a puppy, we fed food for the puppies. Now we also feed Pro plan for small and toy breed adult dogs. The dog’s coat is shiny, no digestive problems, sold in all pet stores, but not in supermarkets. This food was advised to us by the breeder, and we did not regret that we started feeding our pet Pro plan. Once we tried to switch to another food, but problems began, diarrhea, vomiting. We went back to Pro Plan, and it was all over.



  • Does not stain the coat

  • Good quality

  • No

Review I found the perfect one

Purina Pro Plan great for sensitive stomachI have a Pekingese.

I started gradually transitioning my puppy from natural food to dry food. Our first food was Royal Canin for pets. The composition of course is good. But to be honest, I did not see that the dog’s eyes lit up when he saw it in the bowl. Also, small pimples (not purulent) began to appear on his belly. I don’t know if it was an allergy to the food or not, but I decided to put the brakes on Royal Canin for now.

I decided to experiment a bit with the food. Fortunately, in the market of premium food for small dogs is where to turn around. The choice fell on Purina Pro Plan Small Breed & Toy Breed Formula.

The pellets are a little less than in Royal Canin. For a dog it is even good. But the most important thing is how our dog jumped on it. On the behavior of the food did not affect. Good stools.

– But now I can see the reaction of the dog when I take Pro Plan Small Breed in my hands to put into the bowl. Eyes glistening, starts to walk in circles around me.

The food has no harsh smell.

Overall, I am satisfied. We eat it not very long ago, and allergic reactions have not yet made themselves felt. I hope we will stick with it.

Good luck to you, pet lovers.



  • No side effects

  • The dog tolerates it well

  • The result pays for itself

  • No

Review We switched from pet food to Purina Pro Plan for Small Breed

Experience: a month or more.

Generally, I initially planned to feed my dog straight food. But during the first month, I realized that this takes a lot of time, and the money is not cheaper. In general, began to look for a replacement and found this Purina Pro Plan Small Breed. I was glad to find it, and even a little surprised because I do not particularly trust the dry food. But I read the recommendations and the composition in detail. I decided to try it, because everything spoke for this diet.

We went slowly, and at first, I was sure to dilute it with water. The dog liked it, he began to eat actively, and after a week we were eating only this food. All pellets are well mashed. Therefore, no indigestion was even observed. I poured a little water, so it turned out as porridge. Otherwise, all the pellets are fresh and fragrant. Portions were as indicated on the package. Therefore, one was enough for a very long time. It was very economical. So, up to one year, I will feed my dog by Purina only.



  • Plenty of food

  • Does not cause indigestion

  • Chews well

  • No

Review Me and my small breed dog love it

At first, we fed our dog only pates and wet food. But this consistency apparently was not for his intestines. We started having problems toileting, and a rash on the skin appeared. I had to change the diet and stopped at this Purina Pro Plan line.

There are several flavors, but this one is different even in appearance. Very gentle flavor and natural color, nothing unnecessary. The pellets are all dry, crunchy and not sticky. But to be on the safe side, we added a little water to them first. Our stools cleared up after about a week of feeding. The rash went away too, give or take, during this period. So, we decided to continue feeding it. For us the price is suitable in principle, it is also where to store, so immediately take a little more. Stays well, no sun, no open pack it does not care. Stays fresh and smells exactly like it has just been opened.

In addition, I noticed another plus – the hair has grown faster and is very silky. So, the diet works in several directions at once, which is very nice. For the price, Purina Pro Plan Small Breed is a decent product. But we followed the feeding instructions exactly, so there were no more problems.



  • Did not cause allergies

  • Small croquettes

  • Convenient package

  • Keeps well

  • No

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