Purina Pro Plan focus puppy large breeds food

February 6, 2023
Large Breeds
Purina Pro Plan focus puppy large breeds food

All about Purina Pro Plan food for dogs of large breeds

Not only its appearance, but also health depends on how well the dog eats. Therefore, all owners of pets are trying to choose high-quality food for their favorites. One of the proven options for products for dogs of large breeds is a specialized Purina Pro Plan.


General description

The food of this brand is developed by BestDogFood.Expert specialists with extensive experience. Therefore, they are well balanced and satisfy all the needs of large pets. The products contain only the necessary ingredients.

Squirrels. Their main source is high-quality meat. There are chicken, beef, salmon and lamb in the foods. All these components are perfectly absorbed by the body of pets and only benefit them.

Carbohydrates. The products contain cereals. They make food more nutritious. Therefore, animals quickly eat up.

Fat. This brand contains fish oil and animal oil. They enrich the products with fatty acids, make the wool and skin of pets better. In addition, animal fats are additional sources of energy for pets.

Natural antioxidants and preservatives. Thanks to their presence in the composition, the manufacturer does not have to use artificial additives. Feed and without this are stored for quite some time and do not harm the body of pets.

Cellulose. The source of fiber is the dry flesh of beets. It helps to improve digestion and rapid absorption of products.


Since feed contains everything that pets need for development, no additives need to be introduced into their diet.


Purina Pro Plan has other advantages for large dogs.

Good selection of products. The assortment has feed with different tastes. In addition to adult dog products, you can find diets for puppies and elderly pets on sale. In addition, there are also products for animals with health problems or special needs. It is very simple to choose the right food for your pet.

Convenient packaging. Feeds are sold in different versions of packing. The most popular options are bags weighing 18, 12 and 4 kg.

Pleasant taste. Purina Pro Plan feed is very tasty. Therefore, they are enjoyed even fastidious dogs. Croquets with chicken, salmon and beef like animals not only with their taste, but also in aroma.

Hypoallergenicity. There are no components that can cause allergies in the products. Therefore, pets have no problems with the digestive system.

Availability. Purina Pro Plan products are in great demand. Therefore, it is easy to find on sale. Feed is sold both in pet stores and in ordinary supermarkets. Animals will definitely not be left without their favorite food.


The main disadvantage of such products is the presence of a tasteful additive in the composition. It is used to enhance the taste of products. Therefore, animals get used to the stern faster and eat it in large portions. Because of this, the products are consumed in a short time.

Adult dogs

The choice of diets for adult dogs of large breeds is quite large.

Optibalance. This universal dog food is suitable for most large dogs. It is nutritious and well balanced. It can be given to all adult pets. Croquets of comfortable size allow you to maintain teeth and gums in good condition. A large amount of nutrients in the composition positively affects the health of the joints. Therefore, large dogs in age feel good and can remain very active.


  • Optiderma. This product is intended for pets with sensitive skin. The main source of proteins in it is salmon. On sale there are products for dogs with a powerful and athletic physique. It helps to maintain the skin and hair of dogs in good condition. In addition, animals that eat it always look beautiful and well-groomed.


  • Duo delice. This food was created for dogs of large and medium breeds. It has a very delicate and exquisite taste. Products with beef and salmon can become the basis of the diet of pets, because it is not only appetizing, but also nutritious.


  • Sensitive Digestion. This food is suitable for large dogs with sensitive digestion. The product with a lamb is perfectly absorbed by the body of pets. It allows them to always feel good and remain active.



  • Optidigest. This food is also suitable for dogs of large and medium rocks with sensitive digestion. To create it, not a chicken is used, but a turkey. Therefore, it is easier and more dietary.


Purina Pro Plan focus puppy large breeds food stored for quite some time

Professional breeders formula dog food review


  • Dental Pro Bar. This food is designed to maintain the health of teeth and gums. Croquet contains clove extract. The product can be given to most dogs. It will appeal to both ordinary pets and thoroughbred.


  • Optiage. These products are suitable for dogs of large breeds aged 7 years. Delicious chicken crockers help improve the brain activity of dogs. In addition, they make them more cheerful and active. The products contain antioxidants. This allows you to slow down the aging process of the animal.


It is worth choosing dry dog food, focusing on the taste preferences and needs of your pet.

Puppy feed assortment

The Optistart line has several types of puppies. These feeds are distinguished by a high content of proteins. In addition, they include high-quality colostrum. This ingredient allows you to strengthen the immunity of pets. Its presence also contributes to the rapid and harmonious development of animals.

On sale there are two options for chicken feed. The first is intended for large dogs with a powerful physique, the second for pets with athletic physique.


Such food can be given not only to babies, but also to pregnant or nursing females.

Feeding tips

In the diet of puppies, food can be introduced in the fourth week of their life. Initially, food is best given to them soaked in water. Other liquid products are not used for this purpose.

When feeding dogs, it is important to consider the daily rate of products that can be given to them. In this case, the pet will have enough beneficial substances for normal development. However, he will not gain excess weight.


The recommended amount of food that the dog should eat is indicated directly on the package. But this norm can be changed if necessary. You need to focus on the health status of a pet, as well as its level of activity.

It is very important to ensure that a dog of any age always has access to water. The health status of a pet also depends on this.

Pro Plan is one of the best options for complete feed for dogs of large breeds. Therefore, you can safely buy it to your pets.

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