Purina dog food container review

March 14, 2023
Dog Food Container
Purina dog food container review

Food Proplan PURINA ® for dogs and puppies

Proplan dog food

Currently, the American company PURINA ® has firmly established itself in the American market and is quite popular among breeders and owners of cats and dogs. Purina ® offers its customers a wide range of pet food. Each diet is designed to meet the nutritional needs of animals with different body characteristics.

Purina®’s Pro Plan dog food brand received particular recognition. All diets of this line are created taking into account the peculiarities of pets in development, breed or health problems. The manufacturer assures that Pro Plan is a super premium class food and their composition was developed by veterinarians together with canine nutritionists. All ingredients are high quality, clinically researched and tested to help keep dogs energized and healthy throughout their lives.

Pro Plan: Dog Food Lines

The range of Pro Plan foods is very diverse. The brand offers rations in dry or wet form:

  • For puppies and adult dogs.
  • Veterinary diets.
  • For large and small breeds.

Also in the line there is food, which, according to the manufacturer, is suitable for absolutely all dogs, regardless of their origin, size and existing diseases.

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Food for large dogs Adult Dog Food

Adult Dog Food is a food line designed specifically to feed large and giant dog breeds. Pro Plan recommends this diet for large dogs as it contains all the important vitamins and minerals needed to maintain muscle mass and optimal weight in large dogs.

Dog nutrition

  1. Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Salmon is aimed at feeding giant, large and medium breed dogs. Recommended for animals with delicate, sensitive stomach and intestinal tract, as well as those suffering from skin problems. Packed in dog food storage containers of one and a half, three and fourteen kilograms. Main ingredients: salmon, fourteen percent, and rice, also fourteen percent. Presented only with salmon flavor. Contains nutrients and vitamins to keep the skin and coat healthy.
  2. Pro Plan Adult Large Robust OPTIHEALTH is designed specifically for large dogs with a powerful and developed physique. Helps to maintain the volume and mass of muscle tissue. With the help of research, the optimal rate of fat and protein content was determined to prevent the formation of body fat. Contains prebiotics to help maintain gut and stomach health and protect the sensitive intestinal tract system. It is sold in stores and veterinary pharmacies with chicken flavor in packs of three, fourteen and eighteen kilograms. The food contains fourteen percent fresh chicken and eleven percent rice.
  3. Pro Plan Adult Large Robust is a food for powerful, large and medium dogs with an athletic build. Dry full-time lunch with chicken flavor. Aimed at maintaining and maintaining the good shape of the pet throughout life. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of the oral cavity: teeth and gumspports the health of the joints and intestines, positively affecting its microflora. Contains fourteen percent fresh chicken and ten percent rice, as well as healthy fibers and minerals that normalize the dog’s body and help digestion. Sold in stores and veterinary pharmacies in dog food storage containers of three and fourteen kilograms.

Food for small breeds Pro Plan Small& Mini

Pro Plan Small & Mini is a line designed specifically for small and dwarf dogsch breeds are known to often suffer from indigestion. Small& Mini helps fight this problem. It is designed taking into account all the nuances of nutrition of small pets.

Benefits of Akorma

  1. Pro Plan Small& Mini Adult Sensitive Digestion – the creators of this food understand that the proper functioning of the intestines and stomach is necessary for a small dog, because that is how he receives nutrients and vitamins. Purina veterinarians have developed a special food for small dogs with digestive problems. Prebiotics and healthy fibers have a beneficial effect on the digestive system of the animal, and also help it improve the microflora of the body and normalize stoolch food with the taste of lamb is sold in dog food storage containers of 700 grams, three and seven kilograms. The main ingredients are lamb (fourteen percent) and rice (four percent).
  2. Pro Plan Adult Small & Mini Sensitive Dermma is a hypoallergenic food for small dogs with sensitive and problematic skin. The complex diet is aimed at improving the quality of the skin and wool, as well as to maintain the health of the oral cavity. It is clinically proven that food really helps in the fight against tartar and caries. It prevents their appearance, and by forty percent reduces the area of already affected areas. The thoughtful shape and size of the feed granules do not cause difficulties in chewing in individuals with small teeth. It is produced with salmon taste, the main ingredients are salmon (twenty percent) and rice (ten percent). They are implemented in dog food storage containers of 400g, 800 grams and three, seven kilograms.
  3. Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult 9+ – food for small and dwarf mature dogs, older than nine years old with chicken. When the pet reaches the elderly, his brain activity is inhibited. Veterinary doctors of the Plan specifically developed the formula for the diet that helps the dog cope with age-related changes and ensure the preservation of the liveliness and clarity of the mind of the pet until the end of his life. A specially selected complex of useful fibers, vitamins and trace elements has a beneficial effect on the dog’s body, providing muscle and joint health, as well as maintaining the activity of the animal even after nine years of life. The main components of the Edalta 9+ Plan: Fourteen percent of the chicken and four percent of rice. Feeding for elderly dogs is sold in packaging seven grams.

Feed Plane for PRO PLAN PURINA PUPPY puppies

Purina dog food container review years old

Purina dog food container review

Pro Plan Purina Puppy is a line designed specifically for feeding puppies that have not reached one year. About the plan offers diets for puppies of various breeds and sizes. In total, the assortment of this line contains three feed options.

How to feed proplan

  1. Pro Plan Purina Puppy Small & Mini – This diet is designed to meet all the nutritional needs of puppies of dwarf and small dogsch breeds, unlike large dogs, require much less time to grow from puppy size to adult size. Therefore, the food of this line is especially nutritious. It contains thirty-two percent protein, eighteen percent chicken and four percent rice, and fish oil. Pro Plan Purina Puppy helps your puppy develop properly, stabilizes the body, develops the immune system and promotes healthy growth of teeth and Bones. The food is sold in veterinary shops and mass markets with chicken flavor in dog food storage containers of 800 grams, three and seven and a half kilograms.
  2. Pro Plan Puppy Medium Sensitive is a hypoallergenic food for puppies of medium and large breeds. If you notice that your baby itches a lot, spreading dandruff and scratching the skin, and the coat has lost its healthy look, then the Pro Plan Puppy Medium Sensitive diet will help solve these problems. A special formula developed by nutritionists is aimed at maintaining the health of problematic skin and coat of a puppy. Special mineral complexes and protein sources will not only help with the healing of the skin of the animal, but will also save the dog from allergic reactions associated with the sensitivity of the esophagus. Contains seventeen percent fresh salmon, seventeen percent rice, and selenium, zinc, and iron. It can be found on sale with salmon flavor in dog food storage containers of four hundred, seven hundred grams, four and eight kilograms.
  3. Pro Plan Puppy Large Athletic is a diet for puppies of large and giant breeds. The food helps the pet develop steadily and build up the necessary muscles that are characteristic of athletically built large dogs. Also, nutrition is aimed at maintaining optimal weight at this stage of life, thanks to easily digestible components. Vitamins and minerals included in Pro Plan Puppy Large Athletic develop the puppy’s immune system, stabilize the growth of teeth and Bones. The main components of the feed are nineteen percent fresh lamb meat and nine percent rice. Sold with the taste of lamb in packs of three, seven, twelve and fourteen kilograms.

Pro dog food plan: pros and cons

Like any best storage container, Purina’s Pro Plan line has its pros and cons. Based on research and the opinions of veterinarians, the following advantages of these diets can be distinguished:

  • A wide range of. The owner of any dog will be able to find among the Pro plan best storage containers food that will not only please the pet, but also have a beneficial effect on his health.
  • Therapeutic dietsch diets are aimed at alleviating the symptoms of diseases, to assist in rehabilitation, to normalize the functioning of organs, etc. It should be borne in mind that only a veterinarian can recommend therapeutic diets. You do not need to feed your pet with such food just like that.
  • Professionals are working on the composition.
  • The food contains natural ingredients.


  • Among the ingredients are cereals.
  • High price.
  • Some foods contain flavor enhancers.
  • Biting price.

You have familiarized yourself with the range of diets for dogs Purina Pro Plan. Now, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages, you can determine whether the food from this line is suitable for your pet or not.

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