Programmable Timer Automatic Pet Feeder Food Station Dispenser Dog Cat Animal Container

March 6, 2023
Dog Food Container
Programmable Timer Automatic Pet Feeder Food Station Dispenser Dog Cat Animal Container

Top Automatic cat feeders

The automatic feeder delivers portions of feed (dry or wet food, natural food) to the animal at the set time. The essence of any automatic feeders is the same, but they differ in the principle of operation and their functionality.

Some automatic feeders are designed for a single meal for one pet, or for multiple meals but within the same day. Other models, on the contrary, can feed the cat in the absence of the owner for several days.

Depending on the number of meals for which the feeder is designed, its internal structure also changes.

Simple “daytime” feeders are a regular closed container into which food is poured. It opens with a timer and food becomes available to the pet. More complex power supplies have multiple bays. If the power supply is needed not only for feeding in the absence of the owners, but also for a diet, it is equipped with a dispenser.

The dispenser is a mechanism that can automatically determine the required amount of food for the cat. Feeders with dispensers are ideal for feeding your pet for several days when you are not at home and do not need to worry about your four-legged friend being hungry.

Dispensers are designed for dry food, wet food, and natural food will simply spoil inside if left for a long time.

Automatic feeders can be powered by mains, batteries or mechanics. The most practical are rechargeable power supplies. Feed will be dispensed at the right time and in the right portions, and the feeder has good reliability.

Plug-in power supplies are impractical – in the event of a power failure, the pet will remain hungry, and normal shutdowns can cause the timer to disappear. The exception is models with batteries that are charged from the mains. Mechanical feeders do not require a power source, but you will not be able to control portions – food is added as the animal eats it.

Important! Many automatic feeders are equipped with drinkers. Drinks open together with food best storage containers. There are also automatic drinkers in the form of a separate device. One way or another, the self-molean is required if the owner of the pet is not at home for more than a day. In other cases, this can be done using a conventional bowl with fresh water.

Additional functions in auto feeders

The above differences are fundamental: they strongly affect how, in principle, you can use the feeding machine, for which it is suitable, and for what not.

Now it is worth paying attention to the additional functions that some models of power supply have. These functions are useful, but not mandatory. Do they need a reader’s choice.

  1. Remote control of the power source is the most common additional function. Smarts power units are supplied with Wi-Fi or GSM modules, which allow them to control them using the phone. With the help of remote control, domestic animal owners can feed them at any time, not relying on the timer. The remote module also often allows you to choose a portion for a cat.
  2. The recorder built into the gutter is also an additional function. This recorder is mainly needed to record the owner’s voice. A person can record his voice in the manger during a dining call, and in the future this record will be reproduced during automatic feeding.

Automatic feeders Smart Auto Feeders can automatically make up a cat’s diet. For this, data on the age of the pet and its weight, previously introduced by man, are used. The algorithms inside the feeder calculate the required number of servings for feeding a cat.

Additional functions are useful, but the cost of intellectual power supplies is much higher than their usual analogues. Also not the most important presence of additional functions. It is much better to buy a regular quality feeder than a smart and poorly designed automatic feeder, which can also harm the pet.

How to choose a car feeder for a cat

First of all, you need to decide on your budget. A high-quality power supply can be purchased for little money, but here it is worthwhile to understand that it will be a compromise option. Typically, such power supplies have limited functionality or primitive work algorithms.

Expert opinion Aleksey Sergeevich Yakovlev Electrician with 20 years of experience and rich experience It is very important to determine exactly what the automatic feeder is for. What do you feed your pet: dry or wet food? Natural food like pâté? Not all feeders are universal and are often designed for only one type of feed.

How long do you leave your pet? Not more than one day, or are we talking about multi-day business trips? This is a fundamental question that will affect the choice of feeder, since not all feeders are designed to feed a pet for many days.

It is not a good idea to choose colored automatic feeders as bright colors are bad for the nerves of cats and cats. It is better to give preference to dark, gray or white feeders that will not cause visual irritation in the animal.

About security

It is very important to consider the safety of both the pet and the feeder itself. Inexpensive Chinese power supplies are made of low-quality plastic or metal. These materials are not only short-lived, but also dangerous to the health of the cat, as they release harmful substances that enter the food. In addition, poor-quality material has a pungent odor that frightens the animal. Choose power supplies made from quality neutral materials.

Many power supplies tend to be unreliable in design and construction. Cats can open these feeders by finding the right button (to open the tray) or by simply mechanically opening (or even tearing off) the protective cover. It is better to choose more or less durable power supplies. Their tightness is another advantage, as the food inside spoils more slowly, and the smell does not attract the cat to the feeder as much when it is closed.

Expert opinion Yakovlev Aleksey Sergeevich An electrician with 20 years of experience and rich experience. If you buy a power supply that works from an outlet, be sure of the strength of the case. If the cat enters the feeder, she may get an electric shock. It’s the same with wire – cats bite easily, so buy sturdy feeders with thick wire. Placerating rating of the best cat feeders of this edition Name Nomination 83. 60 / 5 Ferplast Azimut 300 0-73. 80 / 5 Feed-Ex PF 6-64. 00 / 5 Feed-Ex Lotus-54. 20 / 5 Feed-Ex PF 7-44, 40 / 5 Petwant PF – 18 B-34. 60 / 5 Petwant 4. 3-24. 80 / 5 Pet- U-15. 00 / 5 PETKIT –

Rating of the best automatic cat feeders

There are many models for cats for cats, so we decided to evaluate the best feeders for cats and cats. In our list there are power blocks with good reviews of owners, high-quality characteristics and a number of functions. We understand that owners can have different reasons to buy a feeder, so the ranking has models for different types of feed and for different periods of time.

For the convenience of the reader, we attach to each model of the power supply not only the description, but also the comparative table of characteristics. In addition, we consider the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model, and also immediately indicate its average cost in stores.

Ferplast Azimut 3000

Review rating: 3. 6 / 5

The simplest three-liter mechanical feeder. Designed for use in dry feed. Made of high-quality safe plastic. With maximum loading the cat, 15-20 meals are enough. It should be borne in mind that there is no distributor in this power supply, since it is mechanical. This means that the animal can overeat due to the uncontrolled supply of feed into the bowl.

Power supply type, characteristics Mechanical, without dispenser
Type of power Dry food
The volume of feed (portions) 3 liters
Price 1200 rub

An economical universal automatic feeder, suitable for both cats and small dogs. You can use dry or wet food and even organic best storage containers. The feeder can be programmed for a certain feeding mode (time, portion). It works from battery, some batteries are enough for 10-12 months of active use.

In the power supply there is a recorder on which you can record the voice of the owner. Equipped with an anti-vandal lid that will not allow the animal to open it. There are only six servings of food on the tray.

Power supply type, characteristics Automatic, with voice recorder, with an anti-vandal lid, food program
Type of power Dry food, wet food, natural food
The volume of feed (portions) 1. 5 liters (six departments)
Price 3500 rub

Lotus Feed-Ex is not a feeding machine for feeding, but a drinker. Self-pile is not an ordinary basin with water, but a device with a complex operation system. In this case, we are considering an auto-wreck in which water constantly circulates. This water is artificially saturated with oxygen and is also cleaned with a multi-level filter. Pure, fresh water without impurities – the key to the health of your pet!

Power supply type, characteristics Automatic drinker with a multi-level filter, oxygen water supply
Type of power Waterfall
The volume of feed (portions) 1. 5 liters
Price 2000 rub

A large automatic feeder for dry feed. A 2. 5 liter tank holds about one and a half kilograms of food, which is enough for several days. The feeder can also be programmed for a week in advance, while the permissible number of meals varies – from 1 to 4. A special sensor is built into the bowl, therefore, if the animal does not eat the previous meal, the food will be added to a new board only in a certain requested amount. The power supply works from the battery; You do not have to change it more than once a year.

Unlike previous feeders, the PF7 model is suitable for owners who are far from the house for a long time. The ability to plan feeding for many days ahead and a large feed tank allow you to leave your pet for several days without fear.

Power supply type, characteristics Automat, with a sensor to the pelvis, with a voice recorder, with batteries
Type of power Dry food
The volume of feed (portions) 2. 5 liters
Price 4000 rub

Budget feeder with six sections. In each of the sections, you can use dry or humid food, natural food. The feeder can be programmed for several servings per day or a few days in advance. The power supply also has a built-in voice recorder for recording a person’s voice.

Power supply type, characteristics Automatic, with voice recorder, batteries
Type of power Dry food, wet food, natural food
The volume of feed (portions) 1. 44 liters
Price 2000 rub

In addition, you can apply any food; Low cost (compared to analogues). A less complex interface, system and buttons will require some addiction; Some owners complain about failures in feeding schedules. # 3 PTVANT 4. 3

An unusual four-liter automatic feeder, also equipped with a video camera. Remote monitoring is very important, as it allows you to follow your pet even away from home and not worry about his appetite and health. The power supply is equipped with a smartphone remote control system, it is also possible to send sound messages to ititable for dry feed.

Power supply type, characteristics Automatic machine, remote control, camera, sound messages, power program
Type of power Dry food
The volume of feed (portions) 4. 3 liters
Price 15000 rub

Pet-yu is a cost-effective smart power bank equipped with a Wi-Fi module for remote control of the power bank. There is also a voice recorder and sound alerts for the pet. You can control the device both from your phone and directly, using the buttons and the built-in display. The capacity of the feeder is three liters, which is enough for cats and cats. Unfortunately, the drinker is only suitable for dry food.

Power supply type, characteristics Automatic, remote control
Type of power Dry food
The volume of feed (portions) 3 liters
Price 5000 rub

Petkit is one of the best automatic cat feeders. Differs in the highest quality of execution and the thought-over minimalist design. The bowl is removable, mounted on magnets, so it is easy to remove and wash. The tank holds one and a half kilograms of dry food. Petkit has a Wi-Fi module, so the power supply can be controlled via a smartphone. The Petkit is mains powered, but the power supply has a built-in emergency battery that turns on in the event of a power failure.

Power supply type, characteristics Automatic, remote control, magnetic bowl, emergency battery
Type of power Dry food
The volume of feed (portions) For 1. 5 kilograms of feed
Price 12000 rub

Pros: thoughtful design; emergency battery; quality materials and workmanship; big tank; remote control. Cons of high cost; only suitable for dry food.

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic feeders for cats

The Automatic Feeder is designed exclusively for serving cat food in batches. This is especially necessary for furry pets, as they can be divided into three categories:

  • Those who eat normally, according to the rules of nutrition.
  • Prone to overeating.
  • With poor appetite, those who eat little and reluctantly.

The biggest problem for the owner is cats and cats, always ready to eat. These animals face endless gastrointestinal problems and obesitych animals cannot move away from the bowl if there is food in it, they eat everything and always clean themselves. Therefore, filling them with food for several days and leaving for the weekend will not work. In this case, a device with automatic feeding of portioned doses of feed will only be a salvation.

This device has several other advantages:

  • Recreation for animal hunting environment. In nature, the animal itself obtains food and unconsciously strives for this way of eating, even if it lives next to a person.
  • The ability to combine several power options and even a drinker in one device.
  • A wide range of models to meet the needs of any animal.
  • Ease of use and simplicity of the mechanism exclude the possibility of breakage.
  • Possibility to feed in the evening or early in the morning when everyone is asleep.
  • The optimal regimen is feeding in small portions every 2-3 hours.

Modern animal husbandry allows you to choose devices for every taste. The automatic feeder has, perhaps, only one drawback – the high cost. The approximate price of the mechanism, depending on the type and configuration, varies from 2 to 25 thousand. This drawback can be circumvented by making a do-it-yourself cat feeder. To do this, you will need to choose the type of device that is preferable, study the design and, well, well, be patient during the manufacturing process.

Varieties of automatic feeders for cats

To make the right choice of an automatic feeder, you should first of all understand what devices exist and what their principle of operation is.

Mechanical plastic

These are the most common mechanical feeders without dispensers, timers and other complex devices. Their undoubted advantage is their relatively low cost, simplicity of design, effective trouble-free operation, simple and well-washable material. They are not suitable for all pets. For example, Triol models are only for dry mixes and fill the bowls as soon as the animals empty them. This is not the best option for overeating cats.

For a moderately fed animal, such an automatic feeder is suitable. And it will be needed if the owner is often late for work or goes on business trips. At the same time, the food does not corrode, as it is in a closed container and only a limited part of it gets into the bowl. They are cheap, around 500


Automatic feeders-dispensers

Devices of this type are especially relevant for cats prone to overeating and obesity, especially for neutered cats, which are extremely dangerous for corpulence.

The principles of operation of such mechanisms are simple: a limited dose of food enters the bowl at a strictly defined time and therefore overeating is not allowed. In addition, dry food is always closed, unaffected by moisture, dryness and odor loss.

Feeder with dispenser

An example of a scooter with a dispenser is the Ferplast Zenith model. Worth about 1200

Electronic for dry food

The most popular models of feeders of this type are produced under the brand name Feed EX. These are quite complex electronic devices that can be programmed for various modes of operation.

Feeder for dry food

Depending on the type of model, they can be equipped with a display, a sound zoomer, a timer, a special collar for an animal with a motion sensor. They cost 2-3 thousand and even more.


Such automatic feeders have several compartments in which you can place best storage containers of different types, for example, dry, wet, canned. So that wet mixtures do not spoil, such devices usually have a special container for ice trays, which plays the role of a kind of refrigerator.

For the manufacture of such devices, special food plastic materials are used. The most popular models are Cat Mate C50, Sititek Pets, Feed Ex. They cost, as a rule, from 3 thousand.


Auto feeders with a timer

There are many such devices, electronic and multifunctional, and they are produced. For example, Feed EX models are plastic containers similar to bowls with several compartments. Initially, they are closed when the timer is set for a certain watch, the device rotates, opening the compartments in turn at a certain time. They can be filled with both dry and wet food. The supply of feed in the container lasts from 60 to 90 days, depending on the model.

Electronic ballast

The timer can be installed on temporary intervals from one to twenty-four hours. Portations vary from 60 to 350 grams. There are compartments cooled by ice are designed for wet and canned food. Many devices have an additional advantage for cats: a sound signal warning the animal about what is time. And in many, the owner himself can record his voice, which will please the pet.

With remote control

Such automatic feeders are becoming more and more popular every year, although their price is quite high.

The owner of the cat can give his pet a portion of food, even if he is hundreds of miles from a cat. Or you can set a special schedule that will fill the cat’s bowl at a certain time. So, having a laptop or smartphone at hand, you do not need to worry that the cat was hungry.

remote controlled

Today, the leader among devices of this class is Petnet, which produces Smart Feeder models. There are such automatic feeders from 10 thousand.

Interactive bowl bowls

These are unusual devices designed for active and inquisitive pets. Sometimes such mechanisms are acquired by the owners of nurseries specifically for the development of the intelligence of young animals.

Automatic feeding is most often a labyrinth bowl, and in order to get to meals, the animal should show the power of the mind.

Puzzle with bowl

In addition, the element of the game improves animal appetite and arouses the hunter’s instinct. If you plan to leave the pet alone for a long time, you need to make sure that the cat is really able to independently extract food from an interactive device.


They also arouse hunting instincts in cats in the process of eating. The point here is not that food falls into a bowl, but that the animal is involved in the process itself. Most often they are made in the form of containers with several holes. To get food, the animal should stick a leg into it and take its piece.


Rating of the best auto feeders for cats and dogs for 2021

A review of popular models is compiled in popularity, rating (above 4 points) among customers of the Amazon website market.


They are distinguished by a low price, a simple design. Cons: it is impossible to measure the exact amount of food – the granules scatter on their own.

Auto-pound-feeder 500 ml 2 in 1, (blue) Petsy

The cost is 1900

It has a universal design – a feeder, a drinking bag. Material plastic. Color: translucent (water containers, granules), blue (covers, pelvis).

The drinker (volume of 500 ml) is installed on the stand, the height can be adjusted with screwing to the desired height. Inside the tube there is a ball coming out of the drinker. The mechanism of action is the movement of the internal sphere.

The food container is designed for 1. 25 kg of dry granules with a volume of 1800 ml.

The bowl is divided into two parts. There are suction cups on the lower surface.

Parameters (cm): height – 37, width – 35. 5, depth – 28.

Automatic feeder-feeder 2 in 1, 500 ml, (blue) petsy

  • Pelvic adjustment in height;
  • Fixed with suction cups.
  • Translucent containers;
  • Double purpose: food, water;
  • Price;
  • Water supply mechanism.

Auto feeder 1. 3 l, mix of flowers

Available in three colors (the color of the bottom of the bowl) – blue, yellow, red. It consists of plastic capacity (translucent), color bowl. The capacity (volume of 1. 3 l) is attached to a wide base on the right side of the bowl.

The lower surface of the base has cutouts on the sides, rubber overlays.

Can be used for dry feed, water.

Weight – 185 is sold in a cardboard box. Parameters (cm): height – 24, width – 24, depth – 15.

Feeder 1. 3 l, mix of flowers

  • Suitable for water;
  • Rubber overlays below;
  • Price.
  • Compact size;
  • You can choose color;

Ferplast Azimut 1500 1. 5 liters


Production Ferplast (Italy).

Available in three colors (main color): white, blue, red. It consists of a transparent container (volume 1. 5 l), a deep oval plate.

The material is durable plastic.

Does not slip on the floor – rubber feet in 4 places (bottom of the best storage container).

Used for dry food or water.

Dimensions (cm): length – 16. 5, width – 25, height – 24. 5.

Ferplast AZIMUT 1500 1. 5 l

  • Dual purpose – for food, water;
  • Price.
  • Color selection;
  • Level control – transparent container;
  • Large particles do not fall out.

Trixie for two feedings TX2 600 ml

Cost 2110-3023

Goods of the German trademark “TRIXIE”.

Consists of two oval containers – black base, white lid. It features a timer: it is possible to set the opening time of the section (accuracy up to 30 minutes).

Volume – 0. 6 l. The bottom edge is rubberized, non-slip.

Parameters (cm): height – 7, length – 30, width – 24.

Sold with two cooling packs – food storage (canned meat) in the summer. Located under the power section.

Can be used for cats, small dogs.

Trixy for two feedings TX2 600 ml

  • Cooling elements;
  • Removable containers can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • Timer.
  • Two independent containers;
  • Simple design;
  • Different types of feed (dry, wet), water;
  • Loud sound of the timer.

Touch control (interactive)

Models are programmed to deliver a certain amount of food, a mass of portions.

Petwant PF-05A 2L

The best storage container is manufactured by Petwant (China).

There are colors: yellow, pink, blue. The shape is round, disc-shaped. The material is plastic.

Differs in the compartment for ice, water – the top panel, a separate lid. The best storage container has 4 separate sections. You can use different types of channels. Bottom side – rubber pads, 4 compartments (“C” batteries).

The total volume is 2 liters, each quarter is 470 ml.

Programming – side panel (6 buttons, LCD screen). The service interval is from 1 to 24 hours. There is a built-in microphone – starts power, discharges batteries. You can record an audio message.

Dimensions (cm): diameter – 32, height – 12. 5.

Petwant PF-05A 2L

  • Different types of food;
  • Audio messages;
  • Battery charge signal.
  • Open sections at the right time;
  • 4 removable compartments;
  • Ice compartment;
  • Batteries are purchased separately;
  • Reset after power off.

“SITITEK Pets Pro” with timer

Cost 7 990

The manufacturer is SITITEK (China).

In shape – a truncated cone. The upper panel (cover)-LCD screen, adjustment of the mode, granules are poured. Volume-4 liters (2-2. 5 kg of dry food).

Below – a rectangular backlit tray (LED).

  • Led backlighting of the lower panel;
  • Built-in speaker, microphone;
  • Write out your own voice – invitations to food.
  • Food power from the network 220 V;
  • The number, size of the portion is programmed;

The maximum number of servings is 4itable for large dogs.

Dimensions (cm): height – 50, width – 24, depth – 16. Weight – 3. 5 kg.

Summary: adapter, cable, warranty card, operating instructions, packaging – cardboard box.

Sititek Pets Pro “with a timer

  • Weight programming, number of servings;
  • Recording voice messages.
  • Backlight;
  • Large volume of the tank;
  • Only dry food;
  • Price.

Feed-EX for cats and dogs of small breeds PF7 2. 5 liters


The manufacturer is the company Feed-EX (USA), China production.

There are two colors: yellow, blue. It consists of a transparent container with a lid, bottom, rectangular pallet. Cover, bottom (base, tray) – colored.

The functional installation is on the back of the base.

  • Removable tray;
  • Voice recording;
  • The signal of the low charge of the battery.
  • Power supply – batteries;
  • Planning-a daily amount (1-4 times), weight, period (1-99 days);
  • Capacity – 2 kg (volume 4 l);
  • Checking the overflow sensor;

Dimensional dimensions (mm): length – 250, height – 320, width – 250.

Feed-EX for small dogs and cats PF7 2. 5 liters

Programmable Timer Automatic Pet Feeder Food Station Dispenser Dog Cat Animal Container is always closed, unaffected

Programmable timer automatic pet feeder food station dispenser dog cat animal container

  • Install the mass, the amount of food per day;
  • Works from batteries (wireless);
  • Batteries last one year.
  • Voice recording function;
  • Spacious;
  • The amount of food is visible;
  • First install the program;
  • You need to choose the form of particles.

Feed-EX big for dogs and cats PF100

9 291–9 900

The best storage container was produced by Feed-EX (USA / China).

Material: durable plastic (white, transparent). Two parts: a transparent container with a white lid, a white base (bowl, a capacity attachment point).

  • Additionally – half of the main part;
  • Power – from the network 220 V;
  • A 2 m long cable has a protective cover.
  • Lid with a threaded connection;
  • Removable bowl;
  • Calendar plan-the number of meals per day (1-8 times), weight of portions;
  • Capacity-9-10 kg;
  • Protection against overflow in the tray (sensors);

Lcd screen-time setting (12, 24-hour format). Buttons: setting quantity, mass of food (one trick). A malfunction in the work is data on the display. If an error is highlighted, a click is heard – the points get stuck. It is worth using granules up to 1. 5 cm. At low temperatures (external use) – you can not eat high-calorie fatty foods (freezes in large pieces, does not come out).

It can be used for all breeds of dogs, cats. You can use in the open air, at different times of the year, weather conditions.

Parameters (mm): height – 530, width – 420, depth – 240.

Weight (with packaging) – 5 kg.

In the kit: branded packaging, operating instructions, settings, warranty card (12 months).

Feed-Ex Large for dogs and cats PF100

  • Simple programming;
  • Long and protected cable;
  • You can use outdoors in any weather.
  • Removable parts;
  • Large size – for a long time, for all types of pets;
  • Selection of particles (up to 1. 5-1. 7 cm);
  • Selection of feed quality (low humidity, fat content) in winter.

Feed-EX for cats and dogs PF6 1. 5 l


Best storage containers of the Feed-EX trademark (USA PRC).

Available in 4 colors: yellow, pink, green, blue. The shape is round, disco-shaped. From above – a dark lid, fixed with special clamps on the sides. Six compartments are closed by a lid opened in turn.

How to make automatic pet food dispenser – do it yourself food dispenser – XYJ02 timer projects

  • Programming;
  • Power supply – 4 batteries;
  • Battery charge indicator (red waning signal).
  • Voice recording;
  • 6 sections (150g, 300ml);
  • Different types of feed (dry, wet, natural);

It is impossible to plan the opening of trays every other day, only every day. You can choose the program:

  • Twice (3 days);
  • Six times (in 1 day) – puppies, kittens.
  • Three times (2 days);
  • Once (within 6 days);

The total volume is 1. 5 liters. Weight (canned food) – 1. 8 kg.

Parameters (cm): diameter – 32, height – 8. 5.

Feed-EX for dogs and cats PF6 1. 5 liters

  • Voice recording;
  • Color selection;
  • Dense coating.
  • Different types of feed;
  • Clear management;
  • Batteries are purchased separately.

With a camera

Modern models are equipped with video cameras that help monitor pets. You can watch videos, take pictures, talk with the animal.

Xiaomi Pawbby White Mg-Psm001a


Best storage container of the brand “PAWBBY” (China).

Rectangular shape. Case color: white, top, bottom: black.

The upper panel is a round narrow cover. Below is a speaker.

The front side is a camera, snacks. It can be installed on a shelf, table or hang on the wall.

  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • Power – from the network 220 V;
  • Cable – 2 m.
  • The built-in microphone, the speaker is bilateral;
  • Night photography (infrared);
  • Data is stored in the cloud, microSD (16-64GB);
  • Video camera (1080p Full HD, display 130 °;
  • Home application of me;

Through the Mi Home application, you can call, talk with your pet, pamper yourself with treats (using the triggers of snacks), view it in real time, take a picture.

Make sure you use snacks with a diameter of 5-8 mm.

Weight – 1. 2 kg. Dimensional dimensions (mm): height – 249, width – 175, thickness – 92.

Warranty period – 3 months.

Xiaomi Pawbby White Mg-Psm001a

  • You can talk, take pictures;
  • High image quality;
  • Entertainment.
  • Video in the afternoon, at night;
  • Easy installation;
  • Management through a mobile application;
  • Only on snacks.

Hiper Iot Pet Feeder control through camera, microphone, speaker. Scenario

Best storage containers of the famous brand “Hiper” (Great Britain).

The form is cylindrical. The container is transparent with a white cover on a round stand. There is a removable tray. The front panel is a camera, settings buttons, a hole for issuing food.

  • Microphone, speaker;
  • Hiper IoT app (available for iOS, Android);
  • Management through a smartphone, buttons on the case.
  • Built-in camera;
  • Capacity-4 liters (2-2. 5 kg);

You can choose the time, dose of food, set the mode for a week. There is bilateral audio communication – you can call your pet through the phone.

Parameters (mm): length – 187, height – 224, width – 164. Weight – 1. 1 kg.

Hiper Iot pets feeder

  • Sound contact;
  • Built-in video camera;
  • Narrow cover, material.
  • Application control;
  • Large tank;

10 of the most important criteria for choosing an auto feeding

Having dealt with the types of automatic feeders, we proceed to the review of the parameters by which you should make your choice.

The ease of opening the feeder for the pet.

This is one of the most important criteria, because if the animal finds a way to open an automatic feeder and get all the food at once, the point on the automatic feeder will disappear and turn into the attraction “Hold me and eat me”. A lot of food “. As a result (sometimes significant), cash costs are wasted.

Everything is used: remove the lid, turn the car sailor, move the rotation mechanism – dispensers dosing tanks, etc.

An example of an unsuccessful design of the auto feeder:

Ferplast Azimut 3000 3l

A car driver with a mechanical principle of action. Food breaks out under its own weight, filling the bowl of the animal. A transparent tank in the form of a large glass with a graduated scale helps to more conveniently distribute best storage containers. It rests on rubber legs, so the container is resistant to overturning and slipping. Power blocks are available in 3 colors, which allows you to choose a device that is most suitable for your interior. It is made of plastic, practical and safe for animals.

Characteristic I mean
Material Plastic
Overall dimensions, cm 31x20x33. 5
  • Transparent food container;
  • Can be used as a drinker;
  • It does not require special care.
  • Adequate price, not within the budget;
  • Food can get stuck;
  • There is no automatic feeding mechanism, so it is impossible to limit the pet access to the feed;
  • Slightly fragile plastic, only for careful use.

Review: “I use it like a drinker, because it does not always come out a large food, it can get stuck. You need to choose fine-grained compounds or increase the recess for the rash. In general, this will benefit you. Money”.

Beeztees 3. 7 l

One of the most convenient feeding machines, which works on the principle of extrusion of feed under its own weight. The food shimmers into a large transparent container, and from there it shimmers into the tray for mealsch a simple mechanism means that there is simply nothing to break in the power supply. True, there is no possibility of adjusting the frequency and the amount of food consumed either. The heart of an automatic feeder is rather rough, but durable plastic. If it has a smell immediately after the purchase, it is worth pouring the material with boiling water.

Characteristic I mean
Material Plastic
Overall dimensions, cm 27x20x33. 5
  • Holds quite tightly, usually animals cannot open it;
  • It is convenient to take care of the trays;
  • Feed is enough for a few days of dog food.
  • Easy to maintain a power supply;
  • Attractive cost;
  • Regarding the whole;
  • To install the power supply, a secluded place is necessary, otherwise you will have to cling to the legs all the time through the container.

Review: “Normal nursery, nothing special. He copes with his tasks, distributes food, although it does not give it to dose. The plastic is normal, but it seems to be inexpensive. ”

Petoneer Nutri Feeder 3. 7 L

Expensive but smart automatic feeder made of safe ABS plastic. It has an elegant design and white color with gray inserts, besides, it has a small size of 24. 6 × 23 × 35. 2 cm, so it adapts to any style of interior. The food container opens with a special lid, which is fixed with a latch and is resistant to breaking by animals. The smart power supply can be connected via Wi-Fi and transfer the filling level to the owner. All main mechanisms are automated and work with the help of buttons: there are buttons for opening the lid, for instant dosing of a portion.

Characteristic I mean
Material Plastic
Overall dimensions, cm 24. 6 x 23 x 35. 2 inches
  • Supports setting not only the feeding schedule, but also the serving size;
  • Easy setup;
  • You can remotely feed your pet in real time.
  • The add button can be disabled by the program if the animal learns to use it;
  • Removable tray;
  • Can work autonomously, does not require a mandatory connection to the network;
  • It’s quite expensive;
  • Annoying notifications on your smartphone.

Review: “Great automatic dog feeder with a timer. I can finally sleep, my pet will be out at 6am due to his inexhaustible feeling of hunger. The drinker itself is made at the highest level.

Hiper IoT Pet Feeder 4L

Another intelligent automatic feeder with many features suitable for both dogs and cats. Full control over its operation is easily achieved with the proprietary HIPER IOT app, available for iOS and Android. The device is equipped with an HD video camera, microphone, speaker, timer and more, which helps you hear, see and call the animal to feed itpports scheduled feeding, as well as instant food delivery when commands are sent through the application. The trough is suitable for use with most dry food in all shapes with a grain size of 2 to 10 mm.

Characteristic I mean
Material Plastic / metal
Overall dimensions, cm 18. 7×22. 4×16. 4
  • Power can be controlled from a mobile phone from anywhere in the world;
  • Easy installation;
  • Matte plastic is not particularly dirty.
  • Many useful features;
  • Removable bowl, it can be detached and washed at any time;
  • It is relatively expensive;
  • New on the market, no reviews.

Feed-EX PF100 10 l

Automatic programmable electronic feeder for dogs and cats of different breeds, lightweight with a capacity of 10 liters. From the main tank, feed enters the bowl at a certain time and in the selected volume. The model supports indication of the frequency of feeding for a long time in advance, while the number of meals can be from 1 to 8. Thanks to the digital LCD display, the feeder can also display the time. Eliminates the risk of overfilling the tray, as a special sensor is used for this.

Characteristic I mean
Material Plastic
Overall dimensions, cm 53 x 24 x 42
  • It can be used outdoors even in rainy weather;
  • The thread is protected from damage by pets;
  • Easy maintenance, tray can be removed for cleaning.
  • The lid is equipped with a reliable burglary protection mechanism (threaded connection);
  • Large capacity, sufficient even for large breeds;
  • Works from the network, takes up space in the outlet;
  • Not very good quality plastic.

Reviews: “I have a husky, so I immediately bought a large feeder. The total volume is enough for about 4-5 days (fits about 4 kg). Works well, no complaints. I know that the dog is always fed. ”

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