Pernaease for dogs 125gm joint

March 24, 2023
Pernaease for dogs 125gm joint

Acana Prairie Poultry food contains the meat grown on a free riding chicken and turkey, as well as whole eggs rushing in the nests of chickens. All these ingredients are delivered daily to our factory fresh or raw and used in the ratio of Wholeprey ™ (“entire production”).

The food does not contain high glycemic grain, rich in full animal protein and omega-3 fatty acids to maintain excellent health. The low-glycemic cut oatmeal contained in the Acana Classics feeds helps maintain a stable blood sugar and prevents fat deposit.

We think you will love Acana feed, prepared exclusively at our Northstar® factory from fresh, proven and high-quality ingredients.

And more importantly, your dog will love them!

Feeding rate Acana Prairie Poultry Dog


Dehydrated chicken meat (25%), cut oat (23%), fresh meat of a chicken without bones (5%), fresh chicken (liver, heart, kidneys) – 5%, red lentils, whole green peas, green lentils, freshDrugs without bones (4%), fresh whole eggs (4%), chicken fat (4%), whole chickpeas, whole yellow peas, solid oats, herring oil (3%), luscular fiber, fiber, fiber, fiber, fiber. Brown algae, fresh dining room, fresh nutmeg, fresh pasteant, fresh leaf cabbage, fresh spinach, fresh whole carrots, fresh apples of the Red Delishes, fresh pear of the Bartlett varieties, sublimely chicken liver (0. 1%),, a sublime pear, sublime. Salt, fresh cranberries, fresh blueberries, chicoria root, turmeric, milk thistle, large burdock root, lavender flowers, alteen root, rosehip fruits.


Vitamin A, D3, E, B5, choline, zinc. Natural preservative – Vitamin E.

Calorie content

3493 kcal/kg (419 kcal per glass with a volume of 250 ml/120 g), while the body receives 30% of calories from protein, 30% – from fruits and vegetables and 40% from fat.

Pernaease for dogs 125gm joint will also begin to

pernaease for dogs 125gm joint

Protein 29%
Fat 17%
Ash 7. 5%
Cellulose 5%
Calcium 1. 3%
Omega 3/6 fatty acids 0. 5%/2. 6%
DGK / EPK 0. 1%/0. 1%
Glucosamine 1200 mg/kg
Chondroitin 900 mg/kg
Phosphorus 1. 0%
Humidity 12%
Carbohydrates 29. 5%
Magnesium 0. 1%

Reviews on Prairie Poultry

This was the first Akan food we started buying. And you know, my spaniels like it most of all for taste, although you can find more original compositions in Akan. It includes chicken, turkey, offal, oats and a lot of different greens. I recommend to all.

This food is practically the only one in the assortment of the Acana brand that is not grain free and contains chopped oats. Nevertheless, it has decent meat, although the best dog food storage container says 50%, but if everything is in order with the mathematics, then adding the percentages of meat ingredients indicated in the list of ingredients, it will turn out to be more than 60%. So the food is very good, my dogs have been eating it for more than a year – two CAO males live in the aviary all year round, so it's good that the food is quite high-calorie, contains enough animal fat and protein. I advise everyone as a relatively inexpensive, but very high quality food.

Good food, compared to many others on the market, contains a lot of meat, including fresh. For those dogs who do not have a reaction to chicken, a very good quality option in terms of composition. My miniature pinscher eats it well, although he is usually picky, the dog is small, but with a normal, not short muzzle, so he copes with food pellets quite successfully, the doctor has no complaints about his health.

There are four Dobermans in our family, two with my husband, and two more with our parents. All dogs are working, trained, they train a lot, they need a lot of food – more than 500 g per muzzle per day. Of all the options for quality, but affordable food, Acana Prairie Poultry was chosen. The food is based on chicken and turkey, contains chopped oats and legumes, granules are of the optimal size, and most importantly, there is a large best dog food storage container – 17 kg, which is very important for us – it turns out cheaper. Dobers feel very good, everyone notes their excellent shape. I recommend to all the owners of cereals to try this food!

I met Acana Prairie Poultry by accident. A friend advised me for my Yorkie “Akanu Wild Prairie”, I only remembered the word “prairie”, I came to the store, asked and they showed me this one. She started to feed – she transferred from the food on the lamb, which did not suit us, and everything went fine. Then, of course, it turned out that the food was not the same, but since the dog is happy, why change it? Of course, I initially wanted to feed grain-free, but then I looked at the composition – there are enough meat ingredients, and there are no nasty things like hydrolysates and any vegetable protein. So it turned out to be good food!

I feed Bulmastif with this food, a quite good composition, a lot of meat, a little oats and legumes, animal fat two species – from herring and chicken, what the dog feels good. I did not notice any “side effects” in three years – Laura is healthy and cheerful, eats well, soon she will have puppies, I will also begin to feed them with this food. I believe that all sorts of special for puppies are useless – after breast milk they are quite capable of eating what their mother eats, like everywhere in nature. I can recommend to everyone Acana Prairie Poultry – of all Akanovsky, the most affordable, but also quite high-quality.

Each dog is unique, so feeding norms can vary depending on age, temperament, level of activity and the environment. Feed your pet two to three times a day and provide him with constant access to clean, fresh water.


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