Pedigree canned dog food how much to feed

March 9, 2023
Pedigree canned dog food how much to feed

Pet owners often prefer canned food for their petsch food, unlike dry granules, looks more appetizing, and besides, it is convenient to use. Before proceeding with the purchase, the owner of the dog needs to study the rating of canned food and choose the most suitable one.

What's Special About Canned Dog Food

Ready-made canned food for dogs is distinguished by a variety of flavors and brings more benefits to the pet than dry dog food. When preparing the composition and ingredients are selected according to the weight of the animal. In addition, on the shelves in pet stores are products for expecting offspring or lactating females.

Wet dog food suitable for daily dog feeding

For your information! The product is 75% water and contains a lot of fat, which makes it high in calories. This food is especially good for pets that have a high energy requirement.

Benefits of wet dog food

Every owner who chooses to feed their dog wet dog food should be aware of the main benefits of this choice.

Varied Diet

Such dishes help diversify the dog's diet. Manufacturers add delicacies in the form of seafood, fruits and other unusual products to the composition. But the owner needs to control the number of servings so as not to harm the health of his four-legged friend.

Note! Balanced dog food in the form of canned food helps to saturate the body with the necessary vitamins and elements, suitable for the proper development of the animal.

Extra moisture

To maintain the necessary balance, the animal must receive enough water. The composition contains a lot of moisture, which ensures proper metabolism.

One best dog food storage container of canned food is designed for one feeding

Enough servings

The best dog food storage container contains the required amount of product for one feeding. The owner does not have to control the amount of food with a measuring cup, because the manufacturer did it for him. The daily norm of the product for each animal is individual, so it is important to study the recommendations on the package.

Fast digestibility

The composition of wet dog food contains a sufficient amount of meat, so the owner may be sure that his animal receives the required amount of protein. In addition, dogs are predators, so the food of animal origin is digested better than plant.

Useful additives

Such food is based on useful additives that help strengthen immunity and allow you to maintain a beautiful appearance of the pet. With this diet, you do not have to feed the dog with additional vitamin additives.

One packaging of wet dog food contains the required amount of vitamins for the proper development of dogs

Similarity to natural products

Wet dog food is similar to the consistency of natural food. In high-quality canned foods, the owner will be able to find natural pieces of meat and fish. In addition, the dog will be much more pleasant to eat such food than to bite a dry product.

Pleasant taste

When preparing, the manufacturer does not expose meat with strong heat treatment, so it retains more taste. Good conservatives do not have additional fillers, the composition contains only natural additives and meat product.


There is no need to cook food for a pet every day

They do not require additional preparation before serving. The only thing you need is to warm up the product if it was stored in the refrigerator.

Types of feed

Produced canned foods are divided into the following types:

  • Delicacious;
  • Therapeutic;
  • For regular feeding.

Delicates consist of offal, such as shrimp, chickens, tuna, kidneys, liver. Thanks to such components, the product has a unique taste that dogs will appreciate.

Therapeutic food is suitable for dogs that have health problems. Their diet must be constantly adjusted, avoiding the presence of prohibited products in it.

Canned food for regular feeding contain various ingredients. The presence of cereals and soybeans makes them cheaper compared to the above.

Important! Mixing feed is not recommended.

Any owner will be able to choose canned food for dogs at an affordable price

The best moist food for dogs of class holistic

This category has its own feature – it does not contain grain. Holistic products, the class of which is attributed to elite, are a little more expensive. They contain at least 60 % of meat, which is diluted with fruits, cereals, and there are also berries and vegetables. The presence of artificial additives, preservatives, flavors and dyes is excluded. Thus, this food is the most suitable option for pets, but not everyone is suitable for everyone.

Note! You can buy humid feed of the holistic class in far from all pet stores.

Before you proceed to buy a certain type of canned food, you should seek a specialist advice. An experienced veterinarian will advise which food will better learn a large and small dog, because the breed also matters.

According to veterinarians, the best food for dogs of the Holistic class are the following, which are described below.


As part of this canned nutrition, meat prevails, while various nutritional supplements are completely excluded from it. In addition to meat, broth and linseed oil are used for manufacturing. It is available in a bank that is designed for one meal.

The disadvantages of Grandin are the difficulty in acquiring and lack of information about the antioxidants used.

Barking Heads (Barking Hads)

The composition contains up to 85 % of natural meat, fish and food additives of natural origin. The advantage of canned food is their rapid saturation, the presence of vitamins, minerals, as well as the absence of harmful components.

The negative aspects are the high cost of feed and a large concentration of fat.

Note! Feed is produced in banks and spiders for pets.

Canned Barking Hads contain a sufficient amount of meat to saturate the dog's body


There are several options, the basis is chicken, beef, lamb, duck and turkey. Regardless of the taste, each stern contains approximately 80 % protein. The composition does not contain soy protein, GMOs and products that were not processed. Sold in banks and spiders for pets.

Despite all the advantages of Belcando canned food, there is a significant minus-it is almost impossible to purchase food in pet stores in the USA, so dog owners will have to place an order through the online store.

Super-class dog-class dog feed rating

Pedigree canned dog food how much to feed special double boilers, without subjecting

Pedigree canned dog food how much to feed

Premium canned products are inferior to holistic products, but they are much cheaper. And the advantages of the products do not end there. So, they do not contain flavors, the percentage of natural meat is 40%, and there is also a rich composition of vitamins.

According to veterinarians, the following canned foods are the best in the line.

Hills Ideal Balance

Hill Ideal Balance canned food comes in two varieties: turkey with vegetables and chicken. For taste, bran, vitamins, trace elements and flax seed are added. The product is also free of corn, soy and flavorings. The manufacturer produces such food for pets in jars.

Despite the advantages of the food, there are also disadvantages – a meager taste variety and a low amount of protein and fat.

Almo Nature

Unlike the Hills line, Almo Nature brand food consists of 50% natural meat, and also contains rice, broth and nutritional supplements. The composition does not contain GMOs and dyes. Food is available in jars, tetra-packs, pouches, lamisters.

The disadvantages of the product are its high cost and the lack of information about the uses in the preparation of antioxidants.


It is used as a main food and is of excellent quality. In the composition, the owner of the animal will be able to find pieces of meat with gravy, the amount of protein is at least 50%. Canned food is available in cans, suitable for pets who suffer from excess weight.

Note! The line includes wet dog food with rabbit, beef, lamb, chicken, tuna with salmon. The manufacturer also produces dry dog food.


The Grandorf line of food includes chicken, rice, vitamins and minerals, so a small dog will be delighted with such a dish. For large breeds, canned food is produced with the taste of an idea, rabbit and veal. One best dog food storage container contains up to 80% meat.

The Grandorf product line is distinguished by a variety of flavors


Monge canned food is available for adult dogs and puppies. They contain natural ingredients, meat, vegetables, grains, protein and vitamins. Wet dog food is a roll or is available in jars.

The negative side is the high cost, because the home of the manufacturer is Italy.


The main advantage of the Four-Legged Gourmet brand is the peculiarity of production, because food is made in special double boilers, without subjecting to heat treatment. The food does not contain flavors and is distinguished by a variety of flavors.

"Gurman" produces products in special double boilers, which allows you to save vitamins and minerals


Royal Canin is a professional food, which is of high quality and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST. Wet Canin is available for specific breeds such as Chihuahua, Yorkie, Dachshund or Poodle.


Canned Mnyams are used as light snacks for pets. Produced in a small box with pieces of meat insideitable not only for adults, there are canned foods for puppies that can be given from the age of four months.


The brand "Caesar" produces food for dogs, which are based on meat, vegetables, herbs and vitamins. The range includes several flavors: beef with vegetables, lamb with vegetables, rabbit with beef and spinach, chicken with green vegetables.

The dog will be delighted with delicious canned food, because they are a delicacy for her.

Every dog deserves nutritious food. The presented canned food rating will help the owner make the right choice so that the dog is satisfied.


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