Why is Pedigree Adult Dog Food Healthier than Homemade Food?

January 12, 2022
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Pedigree Adult Dog Food reviews

Why did I choose Pedigree Adult Dog Food over meat every day?

As a breeder and kennel owner, I have been feeding my dogs Pedigree for a long time. We have tried many foods, including premium ones. Except that we haven’t seen any difference in the health and appearance of the dogs – the dogs always look great. And some dogs were allergic to components of expensive foods. So, we chose Pedigree Adult Dog Food and stay on it.

We sometimes encounter negative attitudes toward our food, but if you begin to understand the problems, it’s the pet’s owners who are to blame for them – they mis transfer the food, mix it with the regular food, or spoil the dogs so that they get finicky. It’s understandable that between dry food and meat or sausage, the dog will choose the latter. Except that meat only contains protein, and the necessary vitamins and minerals are not there in the right amounts. Neither are the carbohydrates.

To balance ration at feeding so called “natural food” one should think hard and suffer a lot. You can’t avoid mistakes all the same. And feeding porridge with meat – that’s torture for a dog, I think. It’s just empty food to fill up the stomach and to last till tomorrow. Then the owners of dogs on porridge come to the show, compare their dogs to our dogs, and think long and hard about their dogs’ nutrition. Although, of course, some people don’t care.

So, my choice has long been for ready-made diets. And of the ready-made diets, Pedigree Adult Dog Food reviews comes first in terms of price/quality ratio. Dogs eat happily, their health is good, and our dogs live longer and longer than the average life expectancy of the breed.

Pedigree is food that has been proven by time and dog food experts!

– Fannie Benson



  • Convenience, quality, useful, dogs love, beautiful coat.

  • Not particularly.

We compared natural food from the table and Pedigree with chicken flavor

We wanted to surprise a foster dog named Cooper with the new Pedigree food, but it turned out that he had long been accustomed to it.

We took Cooper to our home in May 2020 – he was given to us by a friend because we moved to another country. The dog is cheerful and good-natured, despite his respectable age. But it took a long time to get used to us and missed his past life.

He ate our food from the table just fine. Cutlets, porridges, soup went off without a hitch. Since we’ve never kept pets, we wondered if we were right to offer the dog human food View homemade dog food recipes. The previous owners did not give any special instructions about food – he eats, they say, everything.

When it became clear that he was a full-fledged member of our family, we decided to transfer him to Pedigree Adult Dog Food.

But I didn’t even have to do that. As soon as I rustled up the packaging in the kitchen, Cooper was already sitting underfoot and looking at me expectantly. What a number. We spoil him with meat delicacies, and it turns out, he was accustomed to the dog’s diet a long time ago. It’s easier for us.

Oriented only with the norm of the weight chart. For his approximate 15 kilos we should give him 205 grams, if we don’t give him any other food.

  • But for now, we decided to stop at this Pedigree dry Dog Food Chicken Flavor for adult dogs and see if it suits him.

– So far, all is well, the nutrition Pedigree Adult Dog Food all satisfied.

– Vanessa



  • Hearty. Useful.

  • No

Is Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food good for German Shepherds?

I want to share today a review of the food I’ve been taking for my dog for 11 months. German Shepherds, in my opinion, are very easy to keep. This breed has proven itself in terms of training, and with nutrition there are no “surprises” to wait for. This is not a new breed, which features have yet to learn. With sheepdogs everything has been clear for a long time.

So, we take a dry adult dog food Pedigree on the recommendation of a professional dog breeder I know. I trust him. According to him, this food contains everything that is necessary for a German shepherd.

I like that it comes in packages of small weight. Convenient, no need to pour anywhere so that the food does not spoil after opening. Ours suffices a pack for a day. Therefore, this package is doubly convenient when we go to the cottage or anywhere else.

  • The dog gobbles it up “with gusto”, and when I shook the package for fun, so he ran even from the far room.
  • The state of digestion is excellent. Externally the dog looks like a healthy dog of our age.

– I can confidently recommend Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken Flavor.

– Deborah Eddington



  • No smell around the apartment. The dog likes it.

  • No

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