Party animal canned dog food review

November 14, 2022
Party animal canned dog food review micronutrient-rich meat

party animal canned dog food review

Long gone are the days when our pets received only mush with meat scraps or simply bones for dinner. Yes, they love to nibble on food but we don't want to forget they're carnivores by nature and meat is the best food for them.

The best wet dog food in 2022

However, this does not mean that the canine organism does not need vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients that an animal living in a city apartment or even in the yard of a private house cannot provide for itself. That is why a man must come to the rescue. Fortunately, today you can find a lot of specialized dog food that includes the meat in appetizing gravy, vegetables, grains, omega acids and everything else necessary for our pets to be completely satisfied with their lives.

Rating of the top 10 best wet food for dogs according to KP

1. Moist food for dogs Mnyams Bolito Misto Veronese, game, with potatoes, 200 gr

Do you want to treat your four-legged family member to a real Italian delicacy? Then treat it to Bolito Misto Veronese food from the USA brand Mnyams. This gourmet dish has a complex composition and exquisite taste and is sure to please even picky eaters. It has a high percentage of game meat (66%), natural flavour additives (like Provencal herbs) and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Flaxseed oil makes the coat of your pet shiny and silky.


GimDog wet food for dogs. Photo:

Dogs are even more prone to allergies than cats, especially light-colored animals. Poor owners are scrambling for the right food that won't make their pets sick. That's where Gimdog's yummy pieces of meat in jelly come in. The composition of this grain-free food is balanced in such a way that it can be eaten even by dogs whose bodies are extremely sensitive and capricious.

In a word, if you want your tail-friend to eat tasty and healthy food, this food is the best fit. Not for nothing it takes one of the first places in our rating.


A great super-premium food, without a doubt, any, even the most finicky dog will like it. A delicacy like turkey stomachs in aromatic jelly would be a treat you'd want for yourself.

Turkey is the most dietary and micronutrient-rich meat, so you won't put on weight, but your pooch will always be healthy and full of energy.

It's sold in iron jars, so it'll keep for a long time when closed.


A great pâté of pure meat and by-products – no soy, no artificial additives. It's the kind of thing a human would want, especially if you remember the composition of most of the pates sold in the human meat departments. This food includes only natural products: in addition to meat, there is also flour and vegetable oil, so necessary for the beauty of wool. The soft consistency of the pâté will especially appeal to older dogs who have already started having problems with their teeth. But it's good for pets of any age.


This food is where your dog gets just what he needs to be healthy, not stuffing his stomach with grains in a meat sauce. Pure beef in an appetizing jelly and salt – that's all the ingredients. By the way, don't let the rather high price of a can scare you. The fact is that the food is quite suitable for mixing with some healthy porridge, such as rice or buckwheat. But if you have a small pet, you might as well give him some gourmet beef without all the garnish. We guarantee even your mouth water from the appetizing smell.


Wet food for dogs Solid Natura. Photo:

Another great food with meat as the main ingredient. Moreover, it is suitable even for dogs with poor health and allergies, as turkey is the most dietary meat, which even diabetics can eat.

Pieces of selected turkey meat are cooked in jelly, which will especially please your pet. It can be given as an individual dish or mixed with different cereals, best of all with buckwheat or rice. The sealed jars can be kept very long (but after opening – only two days and only in the refrigerator).


Wet food for dogs Chetverogiy Gourmet Meat Ration. Photo:

By-products are great food for dogs, no matter what size or breed they are. For example, the heart is perfectly digestible, has a rich flavor and a uniform consistency. That's why beef heart was chosen as the basis for Chetverogiy Gourmet food. And because it contains nothing else but perfectly cooked beef stew, it can easily be mixed with porridge, making it more nutritious and healthier.

The large iron jars can be kept closed for quite a long time.


Wet food for dogs Zoogurman Tasty giblets. Photo:

The mere description of this food will make even the owners of four-legged gourmands drool – just kidding, veal and tongue! And of course, we are always happy to please our tailed friends and treat them to a real delicacy.

Zoogurman premium food is completely grain-free and contains no soy, no artificial flavor enhancers and preservatives, no GMOs. It contains only by-products and meat of excellent quality. The food can be given as a main dish and mixed with buckwheat or rice.


Moist food for dogs Bozita. Photo:

The Swedish brand Bozita has long gained respect from dog breeders around the world, so the food can be taken safely, without fear of making a wrong choice. The more so because its main ingredient is wild deer meat, which the company buys from forest hunting farms. In addition to meat, the food contains such useful things as beet fiber, yeast, and a whole complex of minerals and vitamins necessary for the health of the dog. And what you will never find there is flour, grains and all kinds of artificial colors, preservatives and flavor enhancers.


Wet food for dogs Dog

Dog's Menu is a case of the perfect combination of price and quality. Meat and by-products cooked in appetizing jelly are great as a basic food for a small dog, and as an additive to porridge if the dog is bigger (after all, feeding pure food to a large dog will be quite expensive).

In addition to meat, the food contains carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals (especially in the form of raw ash), which are necessary for the health of the dog. Available in different flavors, so you have to choose the one your pet will like.


Pet age. adults (1 – 6 years)
Pet size all breeds
Main ingredient meat
Flavor beef

Pros and cons

High percentage of meat, no allergies, perfect price/quality balance, dogs love it

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