Orijen small breed dog food review

February 20, 2023
Dog Food
Orijen small breed dog food review

Dog feed Orijen

Orijen dry dog food is manufactured by Champion Petfoods in Canada. The official bestdogfood.Expert (there is a American version), it contains information about the entire line of feeds (compositions, recommended feeding rates). This food belongs to holistics.

Orijen cat food is also available. The same manufacturer makes Acana for dogs and Acana for cats.

Ingredients of Orijen

Let's get acquainted with the composition of Orijen food using the example of the Original option (for dogs of all ages):

Photo of the composition from the food packaging.

The main source of protein in the food is fresh meat (chicken 13%, turkey 7%,), fresh fish (herring 6%, flounder 5%), fresh organ meats (chicken liver 6%, turkey liver 5%, chicken neck 4%, chicken heart 4%, turkey heart 4%). Dehydrated meat and fish are also used (chicken 4%, turkey 4%, mackerel 4%, sardine 4%, herring 4%). Fresh whole eggs are also a good source of protein.

It should be noted that the presence of meat by-products is by no means a minus. The same chicken liver, in addition to protein, contains copper, iron, vitamins A, B12, fatty acids and other useful substances. The same applies to whole fish, which serves not only as a source of protein, but also omega-3 fatty acids, minerals (phosphorus and others).

Sources of carbohydrates are red lentils, green lentils, green peas, chickpeas, yellow peas, beans, whole navy beans. The last two are also rich in vegetable protein. Fiber from lentils is a source of fiber.

Herring fat (1%), chicken fat (1%) are sources of fats and fatty acids. Chicken cartilage (1%) – a source of chondroitin, collagen (useful for cartilage and joints). Further in composition, there are still some sublimated meat by-products that serve as natural flavoring additives.

Various vegetables, fruits, berries, medicinal herbs complete the composition. All of them are sources of fiber, as well as various nutrients.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of Orijen food include:

  • The main source of protein is meat, good organ meats and whole fish;
  • Cereals are not used;
  • Generally rich composition;
  • Widely spread.

Interestingly, a special food supplement of vitamins and minerals is not used (only zinc or zinc and copper is added). The manufacturer claims that everything necessary for the body of the dog is in natural ingredients that consist of food.

ORIJEN dog food - reviews

Orijen dog food – reviews

Lying of Orijen feed in USA has been sold for many years and at the same time well widespread. So there are enough reviews on the Internet, but most of them are long ago. Below we shared only the most new ones.

Customer reviews

Hello. I’ll tell you, dear dog breeders, about Orijen Original food. I have a dog-York-Mini, 1. 6 kg.

Until 2. 5 years old, we ate exclusively Acana Singles Yorkshire Pork Dog, but because we are fastidious boys, decided to take the food of the same manufacturer, but a little more expensive and better. Orijen is considered the best food for dogs. The manufacturer uses only high quality meat in his feed.

The granules are small, they are quite wet, as for dry dog food. My baby is calmly gnawing them. And although my parish does not like fish, which is in the composition, he loves this food!

Take care of your pets, buy them only the best food! Vedas food is the key to the long and healthy life of our favorites!

Feeding for dogs Orijen

Orijen small breed dog food review Below we shared only

Orijen small breed dog food review

Granules for dogs Orijen

Review for dogs Orijen

Orijen Original is the only food that my dog has not rejected (before that I tried to give many different of different price categories). He eats with pleasure at his 11. 5 years. She did not like the nursing dogs of this brand.

There are very few new reviews (left at least from 2018). If you feed your pet “Origen” food – please share the reviews through the form located below on this page.

Price and where to buy

At the moment, the supply of ORIJEN feed to USA has so far been terminated. The remains can be bought in online stores:

  1. Amazon (link)

See the exact cost in the store on the link above.

Conclusions about the stern "Origen"

About ORIJEN dog food, the reviews are mostly positive, although most of them are already many years ago. But the composition of the food is good and undoubtedly full-line, so the Petobor bestdogfood.Expert can recommend it as the main diet of food for your pets.

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