Old roy high performance dog food review

February 22, 2023
Dog Food
Old roy high performance dog food review

Pedigree dogs are prone to allergies and chronic diseases. Therefore, in order to provide them with the right daily diet, it is recommended to choose premium food for dogs.

This food contains all the minerals, vitamins and substances that the animal needs from time to time.

Composition features Average price

Composition and features

Veterinarians advise not to save on the health of the animal and choose food for dogs among holistic or super premium food. After all, they do not use dyes, waste, processed products and harmful components.

Features and order of composition:

  1. Proteins. Sources of protein are poultry meat (chicken, turkey), veal, offal. Most manufacturers add some herbal ingredients.
  2. Carbohydrates. Good nutrition uses healthy whole grains, not cheap processed foods. Rice, barley, oatmeal – are easily absorbed by the body, contain the necessary nutrients. Wheat and corn are cheap cereals, their large presence in the composition of premium feeds is undesirable.
  3. Cellulose. Vegetables, fruits, herbs that help speed up metabolism.
  4. Oils and fats. Omega-acids are essential for the health and beauty of the animal’s coat.
  5. Preservatives, antioxidants. A quality feed manufacturer will definitely indicate that safe ingredients of natural origin are used in the food.
  6. Vitamin and mineral supplements (vitamins A, C, E, B, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium).

Name Composition features Average price

When buying dog food for the first time, you do not need to choose large packages. The dog may experience an allergic reaction, intolerance to the components. And sometimes animals simply refuse such food, even if it is the best.

Top 10 Super Premium Foods

The second most important task of the owner after choosing a puppy name is the selection of proper nutrition. Some owners prefer to use natural food or combine natural products with factory food.

But in this case, it is difficult to provide the animal with useful substances without additional sources. Dry industrial croquet contains the necessary components for growth and development, are easily accessible and easy to use.

The food rating is compiled taking into account several indicators:

  1. Price. The more the manufacturer uses high-quality and real meat for the manufacture of crockets, the more expensive the product. Plant proteins, corn, rice – cheap components.
  2. Composition. Premium feeds consist of more than 30%of meat.
  3. Nutrition. Active pets need a balanced food that quickly replenishes energy. Therefore, high-quality feed should contain a sufficient amount of protein and useful grain crops.

List of the TOP-10 premium food for dogs:

    . The status of a premium class is obtained due to the meat of thoroughbred chickens, turkey, sea fish, eggs in the food. Crocets contain fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits. In the manufacture, high-quality meat and partially cartilage, offal are used. Acana food. Animal owners note that Acana is a nutritious food that dogs eat with pleasure. Calorie content 3510 kcal per 1 kg of product.

The price for large packaging (18 kg) is 3500-4000 but it is not easy to find this food on sale.

  1. Monge. This premium product has been supplied to USA from Italy for more than 10 years. The first positions are chicken – 36%. If the manufacturer accurately indicates interest, then the ingredients, cheap processing products are not hidden in the composition. Read more about Monge feed in this article.

Sources of carbohydrates – rice and corn. But the characteristics do not indicate their exact quantity. The composition is enriched with a vitamin complex, contains healthy fatty acids.

Small packaging (800g) is worth 450 to find goods without difficulty in online stores. In free sale, food is rare.

  1. Almo Nature. Another Italian production product. The brand is famous for subjecting raw materials the smallest processing. This feed is half consists of high-quality meat, vegetables, cereals, a mixture of rice and oats. Contains rosemary oil, a complex of vitamin additives.

There are no harmful components, offal, dyes, flavors in the composition of crockets. Average packaging price of 1 kg 550

features Average price

    . It is produced by the Czech brand Brit Pet Food. The first lines of the composition are occupied by beef flour, birds, lambs. This means that raw materials are obtained from ground meat and offal (heart, liver, lungs). 32% protein and 18% of healthy fat in the stern. There are no cheap corn, chemical components, aromatic additives are not used.

“Brit” is suitable for the main nutrition of the pet. The average price for 1 kg 400 is a large best dog food storage container weighing 12 kg can be bought for 4350

  1. Bosch. The German brand Bosch Tiernahrung produces dry premium food with an excellent composition. This product consists of 20% poultry, the rest is flour of fresh meat, fish, egg powder. Proteins of animal origin are absorbed by dog organisms faster than plant. The source of fiber is the beet pulp and flax seeds. B vitamins are found in yeast, and the animal will receive the necessary acids thanks to the fish oil in the product. Price for 1 kg from 520
  1. Arden Grange Adult. This food is produced by the British brand for more than 30 years. It consists of meat, rice and corn, beetroot coil, fat. Veterinarians note a small content of fiber, but at the same time, the dogs use the Arden Grange, the stool is restored, the brilliance of wool improves, and activity increases.

The product is sold in best dog food storage containers of various volumes, the average price of which is 3700 per 12 kg.


  1. Summit. This dry dog food is produced by the Canadian brand Petcurean. Crocets are considered a cheap alternative to Ho Natural and Now Fresh. It consists of dehydrated poultry meat, lamb or salmon. Among the useful ingredients are dried algae, oatmeal, whole brown rice, flax seeds, choline. This product also contains mineral additives, such as copper, zinc, manganese, sodium, calcium. The cost of packaging of 20 kg is 4 thousand.
  1. Barking Heads. Another English dry downtime of super-premium class, produced by Pet Food UK Ltd. It contains a lot of protein in the form of meat, flour from lamb, trout. This product contains brown rice, seaweed. For its manufacture, only easily digestible proteins, additives and vitamins A, C, D, iron, manganese, zinc are used. This nutrition consists of pure meat by more than 45%, so the Barking Heds packaging weighing 18 kg costs from 7 to 10 thousand.
  1. Eukanuba. This brand is produced by Mars in the USA, USA and the Netherlands. At least 30% of the poultry’s sublimated meat is hidden behind attractive packaging. The remaining ingredients are not indicated in the exact amount. Pita’s owners complain about the poor quality of feed produced in USA. Some options instead of meat contain degraded animal proteins.

Comparatively inexpensive food is sold in many pet stores. Price for 1 kg – 460

Composition features Average

  1. Bozita. This feed is produced in factories of the Swedish brand Lantmannen Doggy. It consists of meat 37%. As raw materials, corn sprouts and flour are used. The product contains arctic fish, animal fat, oats, enriched with vitamins, mineral additives.

Most pets like Bosita. The food does not cause allergies, digestive problems, improves the condition of the wool.

The average packaging price weighing 15 kg is 3500

Specialized feed

Choosing the best dog feed, the owner takes into account the general state of health and the age of the pet, a possible tendency to dermatitis.

For allergy sufferers

Old roy high performance dog food review with digestion

Old roy high performance dog food review

An unbalanced nutrition, the lack of important components for health cause pathological reactions and food allergies in the dog.

Therefore, dog breeders are recommended to pay attention to elite hypoallergenic feeds designed for animals with digestive problems.

Name Composition and features Average price per 1 kg in
Acana Grass-Fed Lamb The food does not contain chicken, animal fats, grain. Consists of lamb, liver, apples and pumpkin 750
Grandorf 4 Meat Brown Rice Suitable for all breeds. There are no modified products, artificial dyes, aromatic additives. Contains 4 types of dietary meat 680
Farmina Vet Life Canine Ultrahypo The main component of which the food consists is fish. Prebiotics, mineral additives help eliminate allergies, provide a therapeutic effect, proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract 1240
Bosch Sensitive It does not contain harmful chemical components, artificial dyes. Half of meat. The main source of carbohydrates is Fig. As a fiber, the manufacturer uses linen seeds, vegetables. The food relieves itching, redness and inflammation of the skin during severe allergies, improves the type of wool, normalizes the digestive system. 652
Bozita Robur Active Sensitive The source of the protein is the meat of the lamb. This food is enriched with fatty acids, fructoligosaccharides, vitamin additives 673

Feed from the therapeutic line is not recommended to give pets without the purpose of the veterinarian.

For small breeds

The concentration of meat components in dry feed for small dogs is lower than in ordinary ones. Decorative pets have accelerated metabolism, their food is quickly digested.

Name Composition and features Average price per 1 kg in
Hill’s Science Plan Canine Adult Small, Miniature High content of proteins, fiber. The composition includes natural components, antioxidants, cereals and vegetables 840
1-ST Choice Does not contain bone flour, soy, offal, cheap cereals 525
Orijen Canadian food in composition is as close as possible to the category of “Holistic”. 80% of low-fat meat. There are no grain, gluten and plant proteins among the ingredients 900
Ontario Adult mini In these crockets for dogs of small breeds there is no soy, but there is a fiber in the form of dried tomatoes, useful lycopines for proper functioning of the heart, selenium to strengthen immunity and maintain joint health 340

Small dogs spend a lot of energy on the heating of the body, especially in the autumn-winter period. Therefore, a decorative animal requires food with increased calorie content.

For large breeds

Crocets for large breeds should consist of meat, carbohydrates and additives that contribute to the correct growth of the pet.

Name Composition and features Average price per 1 kg in
Brit Care Adult Large Breed Suitable for dogs weighing 25 kg. Contains easily digestible ingredients, a high percentage of meat 700
Hill’s Science Plan Advanced Fitness Among the additives are chondroitin and glucosamine, protein 480
Grandin Puppy and Junior Large Designed specifically for large breed puppies. Half consists of chicken meat, beef, pork 690
Moradog Care Light For sterilized large pets 570

For old dogs

After 8 years, the animal is disturbed by metabolism, problems with the heart, blood vessels, bones become fragile.

Therefore, it needs high-quality nutrition, providing its body with the necessary fats, calcium, protein and carbohydrates.

Name Composition and features Average price per 1 kg in
Hill’s Science Plan Active Longevity Consists of lamb meat, fatty acids. Contains a set of antioxidants, sodium, phosphorus. This product is easily digested, which is especially important for aging individuals 558
Monge Mini Senior For age-related dogs of small breeds. Saves the natural balance of intestinal microflora, is well absorbed, strengthens the immune system.L-carnitine stimulates metabolic processes, cell regeneration, helps to maintain weight normally 705
Acana Senior Dog It consists of easily digestible animal proteins – chicken, turkey, flounder, fresh eggs. Does not contain grains and high glycemic carbohydrates. Sources of fiber – pears, apples, greens 715
Brit Care Dog Weight Loss Dry hypoallergenic food for dogs prone to weight gain. Made on the basis of dehydrated rabbit meat and rice gritspplements include herbs, fruits, salmon oil, inulin, glucosamine 690


Ekaterina Sirotina: “After a strong price increase, I had to abandon the usual food from the holistic category. Switched to the Swedish brand “Bozita”. Our French bulldog Carl eats new croquettes with appetite, there are no problems with digestion. Good value for money product. “

Vinogradov Alexander: “My wife has a Yorkshire terrier. This breed is prone to allergies and digestive problems. We tried many feeds, but only Grandorf came up. It contains hypoallergenic meat, no artificial additives and hard to digest grains. The dog is happy, eats everything without a trace.

Konyaev Vlad: “I feed my Dalmatian with premium Brit Care Adult. It contains a lot of meat and useful additives. No need to buy any additional vitamins. The dog likes croquettes, after eating there are no problems with digestion, the stool is normal. ”

Kalinina Sofya: “A spaniel named Brutus has been living in our family for more than 10 years. Knowing that older dogs are prone to gaining excess weight, to prevent this from happening, I buy Hill’s Science Plan with lamb meat. The food is balanced, meets all the needs of an aging animal. ”

When choosing dry dog food for a dog, the owner needs to take into account not only the ratings and popularity of manufacturing companies. You need to choose an option that your pet will like and will not cause him problems with digestion.


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