Natures recipe puppy dog food

December 20, 2022
Natures recipe puppy dog food

natures recipe puppy dog food

Nature's Protection dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price


Nature's Protection dry food for dogs is produced by Akvatera in Lithuania. The official website is https://www. natureprotection. eu/, it contains information about compositions, feeding norms, etc. This food belongs to the premium class.

In addition to dog food, Nature's Protection cat food is also available. Akvatera also produces Araton, Superior Care feed.

Ingredients of Nature's Protection

We will get acquainted with the composition of Nature’s Protection food using the example of the Mini Adult Lamb variant (for adult dogs of small breeds, with lamb meat).

The first ingredient is lamb flour (18%), which is the main source of protein. In third place there is also vegetable protein – corn gluten. Further in composition, fishmeal is still present, also rich in protein.

The percentage of corn gluten is not listed, but judging by its location, it may be at least a third of the total protein (24%, indicated in the guaranteed analysis).

Corn, rice, barley – act as sources of carbohydrates. Animal fat is a source of fats and fatty acids. What kind of animal fat is used is not specified. Flax seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and fiber.

Sugar beet pulp is a source of fiber. Dynamic micronized clinoptilolite (1%) – improves digestion, increases the absorption of nutrients (as the feed manufacturer claims). Chicory extract is a source of the prebiotic inulin (good for digestion).

Mash-up Acana vs Nature’s Recipe

Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) are prebiotics that are also beneficial for digestion. Yucca extract – reduces the smell of excrement. Marigold flour is rich in lutein, which is very beneficial for the eyes (for example, improves visual acuity.

Pros and cons

The benefits of this feed include:

  • the main source of protein is meat and fish;
  • good vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • natural preservatives are used (rosemary extract, extracts saturated with tocopherol);
  • In addition to dry food, there are canned food.

The disadvantages can be considered:

  • corn, corn gluten is used (typical for premium feed).


Nature storage container's Protection Dog Food Reviews

Nature's Protection dog food has long been sold not only in Europe, but also in USA and USA. Therefore, there are reviews about it on the Internet, below we have collected some of the newest ones found.

Reviews of veterinarians

Direct reviews from veterinarians (in reliable sources) about Natur Protection brand feeds could not be found. If these appear in the future, we will supplement this review with them.

Customer Reviews

I have a small dog, maltase breed. Always fed with meat and other products, but decided to switch to ready-made food. Nature's Protection Mini Adult Lamb is the first food we tried. We chose him on the advice of the breeder from whom we took the puppy. In my opinion, the food was perfect: the dog eats with pleasure, it does not itch, the eyes do not flow, the coat has not deteriorated.

Natures recipe puppy dog food in reliable sources


I took it for a test, it seems like a good composition and a good price. The smell is no worse than the Go holistic (I used to take it for a promotion, but it's expensive without a discount). Unfortunately, my dog did not appreciate it, he eats without appetite.

The Natures Protection brand is not very advertised, but in our city there are many pet stores. Our dog eats this food perfectly, the chair is good, everything is fine with health. On walks is always energetic, and Bodai at home. In general, I recommend food.

Price and where to buy

You can buy food for dogs of this brand at the Amazon store, the prices are as follows:

  • Packaging 0.5 kg;
  • Packaging 2 kg;
  • Packaging 4 kg;
  • Packaging 12 kg;
  • Packaging 18 kg;
  • Jar 200 g;
  • Jars 400 g.

These prices are estimated, may change over time. See the exact cost on the pet store at the link above.

Conclusions about the stern of "natural

About Nature’s Protection dog food, most reviews are positive, although there are negative ones. In composition, he fully answers the premium class – not very good and not quite bad. You can feed the dog, but the Petobor website still recommends using super-premium class or holistic food as a constant diet.

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