Nature’s logic canned dog food review

March 1, 2023
Nature's logic canned dog food review

Often on the shelves of pet stores you can find Natures Protection dogs, positioning as a power-premium nutrition. This food is made in Lithuania at a modern specialized plant for pets for pets UAB AKVATERA, which has been successfully operating since 2004. In fact, are the food of the Natures Protection brand correspond to the declared quality segment?

Naturas Protection feed composition

The food manufacturer believes that dogs should not eat only meat, but the share of the main protein should be on animal protein. Protein sources are flour of poultry meat, lamb and salmon, poultry and fish flour, dehydrated chicken meat, turkey and ducks. The optimal protein content helps to increase muscle mass and restore tissues.

Natures Protection

Natures Protection dog food is produced in Lithuania.

A Dog Food Brand WITHOUT Synthetics! – Natures Logic Dog Food Review

The function of carbohydrate components is performed by products such as rice, corn, sorghum, barley, dried potatoes, battles and potato flakes. Sources of fat – poultry fat, salmon oil and animal fats (for example, ram).

Important. A feature of the Natures Protection brand is microcygen (Microzeogen) is its own unique manufacturer’s development. Today, UAB AKVATERA is the only brand in the world that uses this material in the production of pets.

Micronized clinoptilolite (microcygine) promotes healthy intestinal motility and good absorption of nutrients. It removes toxins from the digestive system and helps maintain joint mobility. It has been established that microcygen feed reduces the incidence of animals by 3-5 times.

Among the mass of beneficial ingredients and elements of Natures Protection, one can distinguish:

  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, necessary for the health and beauty of the skin and woolen cover;
  • L-carnitine, which provides rapid burning of fats;
  • Beetroot pulp, Yukki extract, fructoligosaccharides and mannananoligosaccharides – natural prostitutes to improve the condition of the digestive system;
  • Calendula flowers, which have an anti-inflammatory effect and help strengthen the immune system;
  • Cranberries, which support the health of the genitourinary system and normalize the metabolism in the body;
  • Green tea, which improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and strengthens the body’s defenses;
  • Flaxseed, fish oil, borage oil and salmon oil for a healthy coat and healthy skin.

Natures Protection foods are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, wheat, soy, eggs and dairy products. Each diet is enriched with a balanced complex of vitamins and minerals, and a natural antioxidant system protects the immune system of a four-legged friend.

Pros and cons of food

The undeniable advantages of Lithuanian food include:

  • The presence of real meat in the composition;
  • No synthetic additives, soy and wheat;
  • The use of natural preservatives;
  • Relatively rich composition;
  • A wide range of food;
  • Availability of grain-free feed and wet dog food;
  • A sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in the composition.

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • Low percentage of real meat;
  • The likelihood of using organ meats hidden behind wording such as “poultry meal”;
  • Relatively high cost;
  • Low prevalence (but it is possible to purchase via the Internet).

Why is this food better than others?

Natures Protection

The advantage of Natures Protection is the absence of wheat in the composition.

There is no such cheap filler as wheat in the Natures Protection formula. This product can cause food allergies in your pet and make it difficult to digest the diet. The vegetable protein contained in wheat is digested almost twice as badly as muscle meat. Most super-premium feeds have abandoned this dubious ingredient, which cannot be said about the Czech brand Fitmin and the Polish Porcelan.

The advantage of Natures Protection food is also its rich line, with more than 20 dry diets and 10 wet ones. For example, the popular brands Djoser and 1st choice specialize in the production of only dry dog food and are not able to satisfy the needs of lovers of juicy canned food.

Another plus of the Natures Protection brand is the content of taurine in diets for older dogs over 7 years old. This acid is essential for healthy metabolism, cardiac and visual support in older dogs. Not all manufacturers of dog food brands add taurine to their food formulas (for example, Monge or Brit Kare).

Natures Protection range

The assortment of Natures Protection feed is designed for dogs of all ages and sizes. The line includes specific diets developed for pets with special requests: increased activity, an excessive weight, sensitive digestion, a period after sterilization, pregnancy and lactation. All feeds, and there are 22 of them, are sorted in two episodes: Natures Protection and Natures Protection Superior Care.

Natures Protection

Natures Protection

The Natures Protection line has food for dogs of different ages and sizes.

This line of everyday diets includes:

  • Storm for puppies of small, medium and large breeds (Puppy and Junior) – created for a slight separation from breast milk and a successful transition to an independent life;
  • Feed for adult dogs of small, medium and large breeds (adult) – all diets contain a complex of minerals that reduce the risk of denture and stone;
  • Feed for mature dogs over 7 years old (Senior) – provide protection of the cartilage tissue of the joints and maintain their mobility;

Also, the Natures Protection series includes an active dog menu (Active), which supports the endurance of dogs in the most difficult situations; And the diet for dogs after sterilization and prone to excess weight (Light), which helps to burn fats that increase performance and restore power.

Natures Protection Superior Care

This feed line includes food options for dogs with white and red wool, as well as a trunk menu.

Nature's logic canned dog food review which supports the endurance of

Nature’s logic canned dog food review

White dog diets (White Dogs) are developed taking into account the characteristics of the animal woolen cover. The fatty acids contained in the ingredients of the food provide a healthy skin condition and help maintain white hair of sleek and shiny. And the high content of zinc, biotin, copper and vitamins of group B has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and strengthening the body’s protective forces.

White Dogs diets are designed for adult dogs and puppies. These feeds are suitable for such breeds as: Bishon Frieze, Samoyed Laika, etc.

Interesting. The correctly selected protein source in dog feeds with white wool supports the optimal composition of tear fluid and protects the body of a four-legged friend from inflammatory processes.

Nutrition for red dogs (Red Coat) includes a unique formula that helps to shade and ennoble the red shade of wool. Developed only for adult animals. This line is suitable for Rhodesian Ridzhbeks, Tervyurens and other red dogs.

Grain-Free feed (Grain Free) is not contained in the composition of cereal crops that often cause allergic reactions. Great for adult dogs with sensitive digestion, since they do not complicate the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Natures Protection

The photo shows the granules of the Grain-Free Grain-Free Natures Protection Grain Free.

Reviews of veterinarians

Daria, veterinarian, 31 years old. Natures Protection dog feed, of course, are not the best in quality, but I can’t name them frankly bad. The food is made up of meat products, which is very good, but about half of the raw protein, claimed in the analysis, is of plant origin. In addition, the manufacturer does not clarify in all diets exactly which meat ingredients were used, which does not exclude the use of offal in the recipe. In general, the composition is not rich, but, despite this, it is endowed with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for health. I do not see harmful and potentially dangerous additives in these feeds.

Eugene, veterinarian, 39 years old. Not so long ago, NATURES Protection, but I have already managed to draw certain conclusions based on their experience of my customers. The food has very good eating, which means they are really tasty. Grain-Free diets have proven themselves well in feeding allergic dogs: many have stopped itching and rash, some have lacrimation. The general condition of the dogs is evaluated as good: the teeth are in order, the wool and skin are healthy, the appetite is excellent. Owners of white dogs noted that a few days after using the White Dog series, the difference in the appearance of the woolen cover is visible. There is nothing to complain about the composition if you do not go deeper. Therefore, I safely recommend data for everyday food.

Reviews of dog breeders

Natures Protection

Owners note that Natures Protection is rarely allergic.

Ekaterina. I am the happy owner of the puppy Bishon Frieze. This breed has one significant problem – eyes flow. For a long time I was looking for a suitable food that would not contain allergens, and eventually opted for the Lithuanian brand Natures Protection. Nine months later, I noticed that the tear separation had decreased, the spots on the back and muzzle had practically left, the wool at the base became snow-white. The dog does not itch, eats with great appetite. In addition, the food is quite economical: a 10-kilogram dog food storage container is for 3 months (we weigh about 5 kg).

Alisha. The Sharpei breed is famous for its allergicism, but our dog has never had an allergy to food. But she also did not have diversity in nutrition: from the beginning of the appearance of Marty in our house, she was fed only by feed Natures Protection, sometimes with the addition of natural products. After so many years of feeding this nutrition, there have never been signs of allergies, the appetite is excellent, a regular chair 2-3 times a day. Therefore, I recommend.

Conclusions about the stern

Reviews of Natures Protection feed are mostly positive, but its composition leaves much to be desired. Many stamps of super-premium nutrition in quality surpass Lithuanian diets, and are identical in price.

The average cost of a small Natures Protection best dog food storage container of 0. 5 kg will cost the buyer 200 240, and a large 18-kilogram storage container costs about 3450-4000.

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