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November 22, 2022
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Ownat Ultra dog food: reviews, breakdown of the composition, price

Dog food Ownat Ultra

The dry dog food Ownat Ultra (Ownat Ultra) is made in Spain, by Cotecnica. The official website – (link to English version), there is information about all lines of food (compositions, recommended feeding rates, etc.). This food can be attributed to the super premium class.

In addition to the line of Ultra is still Ownat Classic (premium class) and Ownat Grain Free (holistic), wet food Ownat Wetline. Also produces a product line of cat food Ownat (similar to the line Classic, Ultra, Grain Free).

Composition of food Chewy Ownat Ultra

Let's look at the composition of the food Ownat Ultra on the example of the variant Medium Adult (for adult dogs 1-7 years old with a normal level of activity, medium-sized breeds):

Information about the composition from the official website and its translation into USA.

The first ingredient is fresh chicken and turkey meat (30%), and the second ingredient is dehydrated meat (17%). Both are good sources of protein. However, the second one does not specify whose meat it is, while the first one, 30% before cooking, will turn into about 8-10% in the finished feed. Then there is dehydrated salmon (2%), also a good source of protein.

Since there are no very plant protein-rich ingredients, most of the 29% protein listed in the guaranteed analysis is of animal origin. As a reminder, animal protein is richer in amino acids and better digestible than plant protein.

Whole peas, cassava roots, whole grain rice, dehydrated potatoes, and whole barley are sources of carbohydrates. Chicken fat, salmon oil are sources of fats and fatty acids. It is clarified that these fats are preserved with natural preservatives (but which ones are not specified).

Carob beans are a source of carbohydrates, fiber, and a natural sweetener. Hydrolyzed animal protein (2%) is a natural flavor additive, also a source of protein. Beet pulp, fresh apple (1%), fresh carrots (0.5%), fresh broccoli (0.5%), and dehydrated seaweed are sources of fiber. Seaweed is also rich in iodine.

Brewer's yeast is a source of B-group vitamins. Flaxseed is a source of fiber, unsaturated fatty acids. Dried eggs are a source of animal protein. Rock salt – common table salt, serves as a flavoring and preservative. Dehydrated alfalfa, cranberries, green tea, echinacea, chamomile flowers are sources of fiber and various nutrients.

Chicory roots, yeast extract – sources of prebiotics that have a positive effect on digestion. Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate – good for joints. Yucca schidiger – reduces the smell of feces.

Pros and cons

The advantages of this food include:

  • The main source of protein is meat and fish;
  • good content of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients;
  • a wide range;
  • low content of cereals (rice, barley);
  • natural antioxidants/conservatives are used.

Disadvantages of Ownat Ultra food:

Natural Balance Original Ultra Grain-Free Dog Food | Chewy

  • Very low distribution so far.

Dog food Ownat Ultra - reviews

Ownat Ultra dog food – reviews

The dry food Ownat is still very rare in USA, so there are no reviews about it in our social networks and forums. I managed to find only photo-reports from buyers from Europe and one short review.


Alloan Dionízio writes: ( source )

I recommend it because Lola liked it very much. And I'm sure your pets will also be very satisfied. *

*Translation of the review from a buyer from Portugal.

Reviews of dog food Ownat Ultra

Reviews of dog food Ownat Ultra

Dog food Kirkland Ownat Ultra reviews

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A request from the PetObzor website: if you have bought this food and have experience feeding it, share it via the review form below the review.

Price and where to buy

The cost of Ownat Ultra dog food:

  • Ownat Ultra 1 kg dry dog food – from 879 ;
  • Dry food Ownat Ultra 3 kg – from 2600 ;
  • Dry food Ownat Ultra 14 kg – from 7500 ;

Ownat Ultra dog food you can buy at online stores:

Natural balance original ultra & Ownat food for dogs source of carbohydrates, fiber

natural balance original ultra & ownat food for dogs

  1. "Yandex Market" ( link )
  2. "Four Paws (link)

The above prices are current as of July 2022. For exact prices, see the stores at the link above.

Conclusions about Ownat Ultra dog food

About Ownat Ultra dog food there are almost no reviews. But the composition of it is quite good and full-fat. So the site "PetObzor" has no reason not to recommend this food as the main diet for your pets.

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