Natural Balance original ultra dog food review

November 15, 2022

Formula Natural dry food for cats and dogs review

Treat your pet with Brazilian food!

Severpak company is an exclusive importer of low-grain Brazilian super premium food Formula Natural in USA. Our main goal is to improve the quality of life of dogs and cats through a balanced and healthy diet. Show in full.

* Our priority is the health of your dogs and cats. * All products in our food of the highest quality. * Brazilian Formula Natural food is not under sanctions and will not leave the country. * Convenient fractional packaging. The feed will not spoil. * No preservatives, dyes, non-natural flavor enhancers, GMOs.

Natural Balance original ultra dog food review Our priority is the health

natural balance original ultra dog food review

Where to buy Natural Balance original ultra dry food?

Formula Natural dry Chewy food for cats and dogs recording secured

Fractional packaging – not only is the food always fresh, but it's also convenient to use!

All of our Formula Natural 7K dog and cat food packs contain 14 individual 500g sachets. That means your pet will always have only fresh and nutritious food, even when traveling.

7kg for adult dogs, small and mini breeds

7 kg for puppies and mini-breeds

7 kg for medium and large breeds

7 kg with chicken for spayed or neutered cats and kittens

K911 REVIEWS: Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Soft Dog Food

7kg with salmon for spayed or neutered cats and cats

Formula Natural dry food for cats and dogs recording secured

Natalie USA

Olga Sannikova

Formula Natural dry food for cats and dogs recording secured

When is it necessary to urgently visit the veterinarian?

Your favorite cat or dog will not be able to say in words if they feel bad or hurt somewhere. And their hope is always with you, the responsible owner! So how do you know if you need to rush to the vet or if it's okay to keep an eye on your pet for a while?

We've put together special cards to help you be prepared for these situations. We invite you to read them and wish your pets good health!

Formula Natural dry food Chewy for cats and dogs recording secured

What vitamins are especially good for pets in the fall?

It is commonly believed that with the onset of autumn, both humans and pets face vitamin deficiency. And it seems that it is important to prepare the immune system only for the harsh time of year – winter. Therefore, it is imperative to introduce additional vitamin supplements into the diet.

It really used to be, when the diet of both people and animals was scarce. After all, fruits and vegetables in the fall and winter were in short supply. Show in full.

But it is worth remembering that harmful bacteria and viruses are active year-round, and a pet can easily fall ill with a common cold, even in summer (you've probably had it that in the middle of July you suddenly had all the symptoms of a cold: runny nose, fever and cough).

That's why it's always important to keep an eye on your pets immune system. On a quality dry food, no extra vitamins are needed for pets. If your pet is on homemade food, you need to maintain a balance of vitamins not only in the fall, but at any other time of the year. And now, unlike in years past, you can easily afford a full meal for your ponytail year-round.

But remember, an excess of vitamins is much worse treated than a deficiency. Don't prescribe vitamins for your pet on your own, it's best to get help from a veterinarian.

It's impossible to get blood tests for all vitamins, so you may want to enlist the help of a veterinary nutritionist to assess your pet's diet and see if he or she is deficient in certain vitamins and make adjustments to the menu.

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