N&D dog food review Farmina Cibau

February 21, 2023
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N&D dog food review Farmina Cibau

Farmina dog food is a brand of nutrition with high quality and a wide range. The manufacturer uses only natural ingredients. There are several lines of food for dogs, suitable for different breeds and age groups. Among them there are dry and wet mixtures that differ in composition.

Compositions and overview of Farmina dog food

About the manufacturer Farmina

Farmina manufactures animal feed. This Italian brand has been operating for over 50 years. Its founder: Francesco Russo. The owner of the brand was previously engaged in livestock feed. The trademark was known throughout the country as Russo Feed. The family business was rebranded in 1999 and received its current name. Brand concept: dogs are family members who should receive high-quality natural food.

A joint project with British specialists led to the development of several product lines, grain-free formulations appeared. At the moment, plants operate in several countries. The American market mainly receives Serbian products of the Italian brand. This reduces the cost of feed and reduces the cost of transportation. This food has a natural balanced composition, rich in vitamins and minerals.

The manufacturer carefully monitors the quality of the product, controlling it from the development of the composition to packaging. All feeds undergo the necessary research and testing. They are recommended by veterinariansch nutrition is quickly absorbed, and the packaging retains the taste of the components for a long time.

The main ingredients of the granules

The manufacturer uses meat from Italy to create mixtures for dogs. It is purchased not frozen, but fresh. For the manufacture of a number of mixtures, Norwegian herring, cod are used. The main ingredients are chicken and fish oil, saturated with fatty acids.

There are many natural organic substances in feed mixtures, for example, extract from chicory. The composition of the brand's products includes potatoes, sugar beet, peas. These ingredients are high in fiber and low in calories. From these components, the dog receives maximum energy, the functioning of internal organs improves. Great importance is given not only to the taste, composition, but also to the appearance of the product. In warehouses, there is practically no stock of components for processing in order to avoid their deterioration. The manufacturer does not use genetically modified products.

Advantages and disadvantages

For the manufacture of Farmina feeds, not by-products are used, but natural, environmentally friendly meat without chemicals. The composition of feed mixtures is balanced, they contain many vitamins and minerals. It is easy for the owner to choose food for any breed and age category of the dog. The food consumption is small, the dog quickly fills up. Veterinarians note the hypoallergenicity and medicinal qualities of many components. In such food there are no antibiotics, an abundance of dyes and poor quality products.

But Farmina dog food is often more expensive than its counterparts. It is difficult to buy it in small towns, but you can make a purchase in an online store.

Farmina dog food range

There are several lines of food Farmina. All of them have a different composition, differ in price and other factors. N& D Grain-Free blends contain up to 70% animal ingredients. The rest is supplemented with fruits and vegetables. For feeding animals of small breeds and puppies, Farmina with chicken and pomegranate is suitable. Eating such mixtures, the dog will not gain excess weight. They can be used as a preventive measure for diabetes.

What are Farmina feeds

N& D low grain foods are available in 200 or 800 gram packs; 2. 5, 12, 20 kilograms. Varieties of this line are recommended for adult dogs of small, medium, large sizes. The manufacturer also produces premium food designed for dogs of any age, nutrition during pregnancy and feedingch food can be used even for a large breed dog. The food is interesting in that it is produced in the form of crackers.

Bezzeric mixtures are rich in protein. The manufacturer distinguishes among them food for puppies with chicken and grenade. Farmin with chicken and grenade, lamb and blueberries, fish and orange, wild boar and apples are suitable for more adult dogs. The design style of packaging is complemented by a green leaf. In the mixture, instead of grain, potatoes or other vegetables are used. On average, the cost of a 12-kilogram best dog food storage container from 6, 500 to 7, 500.

In a store of Farmin food for dogs with a low grain content, you can find out by the presence of spikelet on the package. For young individuals, the taste of chicken with grenade, lamb and blueberries is also offered. For adult dogs, two of these tastes are suitable, as well as on sale you can find food with fish and orange. Feed, in which there is a small amount of grain cheaper. The average price in the store is from 4500 to 5000 per storage container 12 kilograms.

In this line of products, there are foods with an unusual basis. Their main component: pumpkinch a mixture for dogs can be recognized by the orange pattern of the vegetable on the package. This product has standard tastes, like the entire ruler, it simply does not contain grains, and the potatoes are replaced by pumpkin. The price of a 12-kilogram storage container reaches 6000. And also the entire line is divided by the size of the breed (mini, medium, maxi).

Farmina Ecopet Natural Cibau

The Farmina Ecopet Natural Cibau line also refers to the Premium variety. The basis of this feed is protein. Depending on the species, the mixture includes lambs, chicken, fish. Additional ingredients: rice, corn, fish oilch food can be used for dogs of any age. It is perfectly digested and absorbed by animals.

Characteristics of Farmina Ecopet feed

It is important that these feeds contain natural prebiotics that improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. They contain the root of chicory. With regular nutrition feeds of this line, the amount of bifidobacteria increases. There are no artificial preservatives in their composition. The owner will be able to choose granules, given the size of the dog’s breed.

Basic tastes: lamb, fish. Feed is divided by age categories for puppies and adultsch food may not be suitable for dogs with allergic reactions. But they do not contain annoying components that provoke allergies.

Cibau Vet Life

Cibau Vet Life is considered dietary food, which veterinarians prescribe to their wards. And also food can be a prevention of diseases. The main ingredient of this line is proteins.

Food line: Chibau for dogs

In this line, farmine is about 20 types of dog feed, taking into account the development features of pets and its health. Among them, you can find fodder mixtures for dogs with diabetes, joint diseases. There are food for dogs with gastrointestinal tract problems, liver and recovery after injuries. This line is recommended by veterinarians for feeding animals as a therapeutic diet in the framework of therapy.

Vet Life Fun Dog

N&D dog food review Farmina Cibau Depending on the species

N&d dog food review farmina cibau

Vet Life Fun Dog is considered among the Farmin feeds by power-class power. This product contains chicken, wheat, corn, fish flour and fat. Veterinarians of many countries opposed the fooding of pets with economy-class mixtures, as they believe that they use the ingredients not too useful for animals.

Despite the fact that Farmin uses only natural ingredients, such a line of feed is inferior as the rest of the brand. Chicken flour, which is part of the composition, is ground chicken bones that can harm the animal. Only three varieties of such food are found: Mix, Adult and Energy. Veterinarians do not recommend considering this line for regular constant nutrition of the dog, but note its low price.

Farmina fan dog review

Dosage of N&D for Dogs

Despite the fact that Farmin appeared in USA recently, she won respect among lovers and breeders of dogs. To calculate the exact size of the portion, the owner must rely on the weight of the pet, his age category, and the height at the withers. And also takes into account the breed of the animal where it contains, the activity and physical activity of the dog.

Puppies nutrition

Puppies are actively growing and the correct calculation of the day portion is relevant for them. This is necessary that the animal grows normally and develops. On the mixture with the content of chicken and grenade, the young individual can be translated, starting from the age of three weeks. From three weeks to seven months, a day portion of the food mixture should be more than 50%than that of an adult dog. Puppies of large breeds are recommended to be given from 600 to 900 grams of feed per day. For medium breeds, the consumption is slightly less: from 450 to 600 grams. For small breeds, the dosage will be 200-400 grams of feed.

Dosage of Farmina dog food

N&D of an adult dog

For pets of large breeds weighing from 35 to 65 kg, a single dosage of Farmina food is from 400 to 600 grams. For dogs weighing from 15 to 35 kilograms, a single serving of 300-400 grams is considered normal. For small breed dogs weighing less than 15 kilograms, the maximum dosage will be 300 grams of food. Small dogs are recommended to be fed twice a day, dividing the portion into two doses. For animals that move little or older dogs, the standard dosage is reduced by 25%. In this case, the animal will receive enough food and will not gain extra pounds.

Dosage FARMINA for dogs

For active pets that move a lot, for example, for working service dogs, a special calculation of the rate is necessary. In these cases, experienced breeders recommend consulting a veterinarian who will select the dosage of feed. The same measures are used for pregnant bitches or during lactation. If there is no opportunity to consult a doctor, then initially the owner should calculate the standard diet for the dog. For an animal leading an active lifestyle, the dosage is increased by 30%, and for lactating and pregnant dogs by 25%.

Opinion N&Dof owners and doctors

Veterinarians note that the basis of such nutrition is not cereals, but vegetables that replace them, such as potatoes or pumpkin. This reduces the chance of allergies. Therefore, all brand diets are considered hypoallergenic or even dietary.

Many owners and breeders say that it was difficult for them to choose a dog's food until they settled on Farmina brand feed mixtures. Some speak of the high price of the product, but at the same time note that dogs, switching to such a diet, rarely get sick, are energetic, have no problems with hair and stool. Pets like the taste of the proposed food, and the food eaten is well absorbed.


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