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December 19, 2021
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metal dog crate

Metal dog crate a classic versatile option. They are very popular, 90% of dog owners use this type. The advantages are many: sturdy, inedible, easy to clean. Each cage has a plastic tray that is easy to remove and wash. The doors can be made on both sides, which is very convenient. You can put it either side against the wall. Because the cage takes up very little space when folded, they are almost always purchased for trips with long stays at the destination. Reliable and sturdy metal crates are the security of your home and furniture, even when they are out for long periods of time. This article reviews the best wooden dog crate furniture.

Choose from five excellent metal crates from a variety of manufacturers in this review.

MidWest Homes dog crate, variants with different number of doors, removable tray

Life Stages model with castors instead of feet, with divider.
  • Sturdy steel mesh dog crate in different sizes: small dog crate, large dog crate, extra large dog crate, XL dog crate. The largest crate is 48L x 30W x 33H inches, has one door, yet weighs only five pounds and is very easy to fold for use when moving. Easy to move on the floor on built-in casters.
  • Secure lock will keep your dog from leaving its shelter if you are not home.
  • Sturdy and secure, no sharp elements, a safe den for your pet, protecting your home when you’re away.
  • Choose from single or double door metal crates, depending on your preferences and needs.

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Ultima Pro is MidWest’s toughest steel crate, with front and side doors

Removable tray, with divider, casters instead of legs
  • The toughest metal dog crate made of sturdy steel wire in 3 to 11 different sizes: small dog crate, large dog crate, extra large dog crate, XL dog crate. The largest crate is 49 “L x 30.5 “W x 34.25 “H, indispensable for strong, large dogs weighing up to 110 lbs.
  • The crate can be easily folded for carrying or moving. Inner tray is easy to remove and wash. Included is a handle to carry the crate and a divider panel. The drawer will not damage the floor surface due to the built-in casters feet.
  • Very sturdy model, safe for your pet due to the absence of sharp elements. Two secure locks on each door. Your home is completely safe in your absence.
  • The crate is indispensable for powerful dogs at home, at shows, and when traveling with your pet.

A unique powerful Metal crate for large and medium-sized dogs by FURUISEN

  • High strength steel crate of large size for keeping the strongest dogs, which is impossible to break. No harmful chemical elements in the surface composition for the health of your pet. Anti-corrosive metal that will not rust.
  • Special lock design with double security will prevent your dog from escaping in your absence.
  • You can play with your dog by opening the top door. The cage is easy to clean by removing the removable tray. Cage dimensions are 37″ (L) x 24.4″ (W) x 27.1″ (H).
  • The large and medium sized metal dog crate is equipped with wheels that can be locked with a mechanism. The wheels make it easy to transport the crate anywhere in your home without damaging the floor.
  • No need to waste time assembling the crate, you buy it ready-made, all you have to do is connect the necessary elements.

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Large crate with opening roof KELIXU of solid steel

  • Unique durability and protection for your pet: large dog crate furniture no harmful chemical elements in the surface composition for the health of your pet. Anti-corrosive metal that will not rust. Even the strongest dog won’t be able to escape from this super-strong crate.
  • The large dog crate is easy to transport anywhere in your home on wheels, the wheels can be secured to keep the cage in place.
  • You can open the top door to talk to your dog. Your pet feels great in the crate due to the excellent visibility and good ventilation.
  • The cage can be cleaned by pulling out the bottom tray, which collects all dirt and liquids. The tray is easy to clean and saves you time cleaning the cage.
  • The crate is available in a variety of sizes. The largest is 45.2 “L X 31.5 “W X 38.5 “H for holding extra large dogs. Assembly takes as little time as possible thanks to detailed instructions.

Steel dog crate in various sizes with front and side door

  • A crate for dogs of different breeds and sizes that can be easily folded is equipped with a front door in the basic version. For more convenience, metal crate option has an additional side door. Large dog crate dimensions are 42L x 28W x 30H inches, which can hold a very large dog.
  • The security of your home is guaranteed with secure locks, two locks for each door. You don’t have to worry about your home environment when going about your business. Durable steel mesh resistant to breakage will not allow your pet to escape and will keep it completely safe.
  • The box is very easy to assemble with your bare hands and just as easy to take apart for easy moving or storage.

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