Lock and lock a dog food container

January 31, 2023
Dog Food Container
Lock and lock a dog food container

Carriage for dogs: purpose and types

Carries for small, medium and large dogs: what are the selection criteria

Content is an essential item for dogs often traveling with their owners. This accessory provides comfortable transportation of animals to certain distances. Owners should understand that the carrying is not intended for a long stay of the animal in it.

In the article, we will tell you in what cases the dog needs carrying, what varieties of carriers for dogs and puppies of small, medium and large breeds exist, from which materials are made, constructions of structures, equipment, how to choose the right size and what else should be paid attention to when buying.

What is the dog carrying for

Carrying for a dog is a convenient and practical accessory that can be useful for different occasions.

When the carrying is used:

1. When traveling by car, train and when flights in air transport.

2. For trips and participation at exhibitions and in other events, where you have to stay with a dog surrounded by strangers for a long time. In the carrying, the animal will be able to relax and relax.

3. Carriage is also useful for short trips around the city, for example, to receive a veterinarian. In such an accessory, the animal can be transported in public transport, by personal car or in a taxi.

Types of carriers for transporting dogs

Carries for dogs are made of different materials and are divided into several types in constructive features.


Soft dog food storage containers-brush dog food storage containers look like an ordinary road bag, but in equipping a dog accessory there are special ventilation holes through which oxygen penetrates to ensure normal breathing to the animal.

The assortment presents a damn bag of various models, distinguished in color, design and equipment. All of them have comfortable carrying handles, and in some models there are wheels that allow you to transport an accessory with a heavy pet, like a suitcase.

Pockets for storing dog ammunition and other necessary attributes can also be equipped with portable dog food storage containers.


Soft slings – a convenient accessory for carrying animals with a wide shoulder belt outweighed through one shoulder. During transportation, the dog is pressed to the owner’s chest. This carrying is optimal for puppies and dogs of small decorative breeds, especially shy individuals afraid to lose from the field of visibility of their owner.


Backpacks for carrying dogs are made of a durable nylon with water-repellent properties. High-quality fabric reliably protects the pet from the wind and moisture. In the equipment of the abroad backpacks, a ventilation window from a grid or thin metal rods. There may also be pockets for storing various inventory.

This accessory allows the owner to free his hands during the transportation of the animal, so he is often chosen by owners for joint walks with a dog on a bicycle.


Dogs of small breeds can also be conveniently tolerated in a special accessory – Kangaroo, which has much in common with the sling. The model has a slot for dogs, adjustable belts and holding a belt fixed along the human waist. Great for the transportation of animals in public transport. They are designed for dogs of small and medium breeds weighing up to 6 kg.


When transporting large dogs, metal cells are usually used, which provide comfort for animals. To such an accessory, you can attach a drinker and a bowl for feed. In the configuration of the cell, a handle for carrying and a plastic pallet, which is easily removed for washing.

Small soft folding cells with a hard frame are used for dogs of small rocks participating in exhibitions and other public events. The design has good ventilation, has a low weight. In equipment, wide panoramic windows, covered with thin mesh, and external pockets for storing animal ammunition.


Containers for carrying dogs are made of high-quality and durable plastic. In equipment, a comfortable handle, a door with a reliable lock and ventilation holes. The improved models have wheels for the movement of an accessory, built-in boxes, hinged bowls for feed and water.

Carries for traveling by plane, train, car

Factory containers for dogs with a strong waterproof bottom and ventilation holes are used for long travels by train and a plane.

Large dogs are transported in metal cells with reliable locks. It is advisable to purchase an accessory with wheels, which will simplify the process of moving a heavy pet to land on a plane or on a train.

How to choose the right carrier for a dog

Carries for dogs are selected taking into account the breed and character of the pet. Aggressive animals are recommended to be transported in closed containers or cells, but small decorative dogs that do not pose a threat to others can be conveniently transported in a soft bag, in a sling or in a backpack, the main thing is that the dog is comfortable and not scary.

Choice Rules (recommendations of specialists):

1. Carrying must correspond to the size of the dog. There should be enough space in it so that the animal does not experience inconvenience and discomfort.

2. The design for carrying animals should be made of high-quality and safe materials, not have toxic odors. Fabric best storage containers must have hypoallergenic qualities, easily cleaned of contaminants.

3. Soft devices are best used to carry small dogs. It is convenient to transport them in public transport and in a personal car.

4. For transportation of dogs over long distances, it is better to choose a stringent carrier.

5. The design should have a strong and comfortable handle in equipment. The presence of wheels in equipment will also allow you to easily transport a large dog in a container, without spending their own forces on the carrying of heavy cargo.

6. Inside the carrying there should be no sharp corners, stitching cantes and other potentially dangerous elements that can injure the animal. You should also pay attention to the strength and fastening of the belts, the quality of the seams of the fabric best storage container.

Design, material and equipment of carrying

By the type of design, the carrying of dogs for two types are cut: soft and hard. The soft dog food storage containers, backpacks, kangaroos and slings are included, and containers and cells are hard.

According to the material:

Each type of carrier has a standard dog food storage container here, and in some models there is additional equipment: pockets, drinking drinkers, food containers, wheels and other beneficial elements.

Determination of a suitable size

The size of the carry is selected taking into account the dimensions of the animal. Inside the design, the dog should freely stand on four paws, stretch in length and turn into 3600.

Lock and lock a dog food container the first time, duration

Airtight amazon dog food container

The height of the carrying should be 5-10 cm larger than the height of the dog. The length of the structure should exceed a few centimeters the length of the dog in a lying state with elongated paws. The width of the carry is determined by the size of the chest of the animal. The resulting parameter must be doubled.

On many carrying, there is a factory marking indicating the optimal weight and size of animals for which a specific model is intended. This information greatly simplifies the selection of the right accessory for the transportation of the dog.

Nuances of choosing a carrying depending on the dog’s breed

When choosing a carrying, it is also important to consider the characteristic features of the breed. For example, dogs of small decorative breeds can choose a fabric bag-sheer, where the pet will feel comfortable. But large dogs can be transported only in spacious cells or in plastic containers selected in size.

Dogs of large and aggressive breeds are best selected with a metal carry with a reliable door and a lock, which excludes the likelihood of the release of the animal from an accessory during long trips. For long hiking, it is recommended to choose a design that has a wheel in equipment and a sliding handle for convenient movement.

Carriage for the dog should be used only for its intended purpose. In no case should you close the animal in a container or in a cage at home, using these accessories to punish dogs. This can provoke the animal’s hatred to carry, which will cause significant problems for the owner during the next journey, when the dog will categorically refuse to go inside or behave restlessly during the trip.

Also, do not leave the animal in carrying for a long time. Puppies up to 6 months can be locked in a container for a maximum of 3 hours, adult dogs – up to 8 hours, no more. During long trips, periodically you need to take breaks, releasing a dog to run.

Buy an individual carrier for your dog. Experts do not advise using an accessory who has rented out from friends or acquaintances for transporting a pet, as this can be unsafe for your dog. If a sick animal was previously transported in a rental to the carriage, your dog can catch an infection and get sick.

Choose a carrier, taking into account the size of the dog and criteria for the quality of the best storage container. Give Bestdogfood.expert preference to proven brands that produce high-quality and certified best storage containers that have many positive reviews from domestic animal owners.


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