Leave dog food in a bag or container

March 20, 2023
Dog Food Container
Leave dog food in a bag or container

Where and what is the best way to store dry food for cats and dogs?

The presence of dry feed for animals certainly facilitates the owner's task in feeding. I can easily feed my pet by buying food in the dog food storage container, and pouring into a bowl. But the question that tormented me for a long time, where and how best to store dry food for cats?

The feed in a closed dog food storage container is a relatively long shelf life and it is not necessary to keep it in the refrigerator. But, how to properly store food after opening the packaging, so that its utility and nutrition are not lost. And most importantly, he does not harm my favorite.

And after many samples and errors, I seemed to have found the perfect solution for my cat.


What happens after opening the packaging?

The fact is that after opening the packaging with food, its tightness is disturbed. As a result of this, nitrogen disappears, which the manufacturer adds to the packaging for conservation.

In addition, when the air containers are inside, the process of oxidation of the best storage container under the influence of oxygen occurs. The taste of heoping appears. And excess humidity contributes to the occurrence of toxic mold and favorable conditions for the propagation of ticks of saprophytes, and therefore its nutritional value and the possibility of eating are lost.

As a result, the shelf life and quality of the feed are significantly reduced. Perhaps you yourself noticed this that when you only open the packaging, the food is very fragrant. And after time, the whole smell disappears. And even the pet is not so eagerly. It even comes to the point that the remnants of the food simply have to be thrown away. Therefore, storage of food in the open factory packaging of the idea is unpromising.

Where to store dry food?

Let's first figure out where it is best to store dry food. And then how and in what.

Dry feed is stored in a place cool and protected from light, away from heat and moisture sources.

But, it must be borne in mind that at very low temperatures it is also contraindicated to it! In order to prevent irreversible changes in the composition of the best storage container and beneficial substances and vitamins do not destroy.

Storage of dry food in the refrigerator without a lid is not recommended, since smells and moisture reduce its quality and give the soil for the propagation of various microbes and mold.

The optimum storage temperature for dry food is from +18C to +20C at an air humidity of 70%.


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How to store dry food?

If you buy food in large dog food storage containers, then after opening, of course, it will not be possible to completely avoid getting air into it. But there are ways to help avoid this as much as possible.

A better solution is to pour the remaining food into a glass, metal or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid, writing down the date the dog food storage container was opened.

If you decide to leave the food in the original bag, then make sure that you tightly wrap the top edge, after releasing air from there, and secure it with a clothespin or clips. Some manufacturers put a secure zip fastener on the packaging. But as practice shows, this is still an unreliable solution. The edge turns away, and you simply forget to close the clasp. Or close, but not completely.

Therefore, my advice is not to buy too large a dog food storage container of food and immediately pour it into an airtight container. It is better to pamper your pet with fresh food than with food that has been standing for a long time.

Where to store dry food?

Leave dog food in a bag or container that when you only open

Storing dog food in an oxo-pop container caused the dog food to spoil and the dog to get sick

As I said, in order to avoid spoiling dry food and poisoning your pet, the storage container must always be airtight!

Because oxygen, heat and moisture are its main enemies. In addition, foreign odors will not penetrate there. And the specific own taste that attracts pets will not be lost. Moreover, the container itself must be neutral and not react with the feed. To do this, you can use, for example, a glass jar. But the network solution is better for a number of reasons.

For myself, I chose a container made of a neutral polymer with an airtight lid. This container for storing dry food is called “Aquacontrol”.

This 2. 9l container is great for storing dry food. It has a completely waterproof and airtight lid. Therefore, neither excess moisture nor excess air will enter the container. The lid is completely removable, so it’s convenient for me to get food out of there, unlike a glass jar.

And actually I have two such containers. Because I buy a big pack and divide it into two containers. Containers are conveniently stacked on top of each other. And the main thing is that when the food is so divided, then while one is in use, in the second the food does not deteriorate from excess air and moisture.

How long is the food kept?

The shelf life of open packaging with food, subject to norms and rules, for dogs for about 6 – 8 weeks, for cats – up to 6 weeks at a temperature of up to +20C. But again, as practice shows due to the fact that the food is not closed hermetically, the animals are no longer eating it with such a hunt.

If the integrity of the factory packaging is not violated, it must be stored before the period specified by the manufacturer. Preferably in a dry, cool and dark place. This is usually 1 6-18 months.

Why is the storage of dry food dangerous?

Incorrect storage of dry feed can lead to paid results. In spoiled feeds, toxins accumulate that cause animal poisoning. It may develop weakness, oppressed state, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, abundant salivation, trembling. These are good reasons for contacting a veterinary clinic.

To avoid such troubles with your pet, it is necessary to observe the rules and shelf life of feed. When buying packaging, pay attention to ensuring that the bag is swollen. This means that there is a preservative nitrogen, and the tightness was not broken.

Do not buy food with unpacked containers! Because it is not known what is its shelf life, where and how it was stored.


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