Latex balls for dogs

March 2, 2023
Latex balls for dogs

Dog balls are suitable for all kinds of games, including for aporting, tugging, independent game with rolling, water games. Toys of this species are jumping, and most of them are also buoyancy, they are noticeable in the grass and snow.

But most products of this type are not intended for chewing, and some are designed exclusively for adult dogs.


They are their favorite toys of many dogs, but they are dangerous for the animal. First of all, it is harmful to the teeth. In the process of chewing the ball, the teeth grind, and contributes to this synthetic material, which is covered with the product. The glue, with which the fabric is stretched, corrodes tooth enamel. In addition, the nibble pieces of tissue, falling into the stomach and intestines, can cause intestinal obstruction. Cases are frequent when during the game large animals swallowed the ball, which either stuck in the throat, causing suffocation, or falls into the stomach. Without surgical intervention, it will not be possible to extract it, so everything can result in death.


There are small and large sizes. Products made of rubber are made. The internal space can be filled with another smaller toy, fleece rags, inside which the treat is hidden. Thanks to this possibility, it is easy to arouse an interest in an old toy from the pet. The mesh ball is light, does not fall into the snow, easily captivated by his teeth and hand. The cost of the toy starts at 300. A product of this species is not suitable for dogs inclined to chew, to tear.

Ball with a pen

Interest is Jolly Pets (USA), costing from 1000. Products of different colors are made of soft plastic, but at the same time jump well, have buoyancy. The initial properties are preserved even with numerous casing cakes. Thanks to the handle, you can play with a pet in tug, tie a rope. The toy is not intended for biting.


Luminous toys, including balls, are ideal for playing with a dog at night. The range is not large enough, but there is plenty to choose from. Some toys turn on and off with a button, others glow thanks to fluorescence. The most popular luminous balls for dogs Nite Ize, which are battery operated, have jumping ability, buoyancy. The electronic part is hidden in a waterproof rubber case. The approximate cost of the toy is 700. Of the negative points, it should be noted an unreliable plug, which often flies off, and weak batteries.

Yukon LED silicone luminous ball with a diameter of only 6 cm, glows thanks to the built-in LEDs, making the toy noticeable at a distance of up to 200 m. The built-in battery is charged via a USB cable. The battery charge is enough for 2-3 hours of glow. Switching on and off is carried out automatically by a motion sensor. The cost of the toy is about 1000. In general, reviews about the product are positive, but with intensive use and with strong impacts, the components often break.

For dogs prone to chewing, the luminous Chuckit! ® Max Glow Ball made of synthetic rubber is suitable. A very durable toy that glows brightly and for a long time, although frequent recharging is required. The cost of the product is about 500. The disadvantages of the toy include the fact that during the game dust, hair and other small debris stick to the surface.

For puppies, there is a glowing rubber Glowing Ball Hedgehog with soft spikes. The diameter of the product is 5. 8 cm. The toy can be purchased at a price of 60-100. It is especially advisable to use the Glowing Ball Hedgehog during the period of changing teeth.

types of dog balls

With a squeaker

Squeaker ball for dogs from KONG is in demand. Products of varying degrees of rigidity for pets of different ages and jaw strength. Durable, rubber, suitable for intensive use, safe. The cost of the toy is 400-800. There are rubber options with a tennis design, as well as soft ones with a squeaker inside.


Soft toys in the form of balls may have built-in squeakers to encourage play. Toys of this type are convenient to grab with your teeth, but they have a number of disadvantages. They are short-lived, especially with frequent games, and also get wet from saliva. Parts of a torn toy can be accidentally swallowed by an animal, which in turn leads to health problems. Soft ball games must be played under the control of the owner.


Toys of this type are presented in two versions – made of rubber and fabric. The toy is a ball of intertwined colored rubber tubes. The product is durable and flexible. Inside some products there is a bell; if desired, you can independently place a toy or treat insidebber wicker costs from 300. The alternative version is made of plush, but has a lot of disadvantages, in particular, poor quality seams, insufficient strength, and low wear resistance. In any case, they are not intended for chewing dogs, because the products quickly become unusable.

Plastic and rubber

There are many options for conventional rubber and plastic balls for dogs, of different diameters, colors, and strengths. But the most interesting options are those with holes for food that falls out of the ball while it is rolling, or for toys of smaller diameter that make sounds.

different balls for puppies

Latex balls for dogs Toys of this

Latex balls for dogs

How to choose

It is important to consider the age, size, and chewing habits of your pet when choosing a ball. For puppies, you should choose toys made of soft rubber or plush. During the period of changing teeth, puppies begin to chew everything that gets on the tooth, so toys can distract him. After teething, it is allowed to be allowed to play with harder rubber toys. For older dogs, soft rubber toys are recommended.

Soft Latex Sports Balls for Pets

You must choose the correct size. A toy that is too small may be accidentally swallowed, and a toy that is too large may not be fun for the dog to play with.

Toy safety is another important criterion. The material and coloring components must not be toxic. A pungent and pungent smell, damage are signs of a poor-quality toy.

It is advisable to purchase toys with a relief surface. The uneven surface helps to clean the teeth from plaque and massage the gums. This category also includes balls with spikes (needle), pimply.

For pets, color and pattern does not matter, but products of bright colors are preferable, because they are clearly visible on the snow, in the grass, on the water. If games with a dog are frequent in the evening, then it is advisable to purchase a luminous one.

How to teach a dog to fetch a ball

The initial goal is to teach the pet to run after an object. Throwing the ball, the dog is given the command “fetch! “. When a pet grabs it, a reward follows. After that, the object must be taken away – a treat is given in exchange for the ball. The step is repeated several times, throwing the object for a short distance, until the pet starts chasing it with excitement.

If the pet tends to run away after catching an object, then a leash should be used. When the pet has caught the ball, it is pulled towards itself by winding the leash. When the animal approaches, it is praised.

At the next stage of training, the emphasis is on the dog bringing the ball back to its owner. Most likely, after the dog catches the object, he will not carry it back. Therefore, it is important to develop the habit of going back after catching a toy. To do this, you need to throw a toy, and when the pet catches it, show him the second toy and throw it in the opposite direction, prompting the animal to run back. When the habit of returning is developed, you need to throw the ball, and when the pet catches it, show another toy, but keep it in your hand. As a result, the dog will understand that if he comes back with a toy in his mouth, the owner will leave it again.

It may take several days or several weeks to teach a dog to fetch a ball, depending on the animal’s enthusiasm, learning ability. Some pets without additional motivation experience a passion for playing with toys of this type.

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