Large dog food container dispenser

March 21, 2023
Dog Food Container
Large dog food container dispenser

Manufacturers offer a diverse assortment of animal feeding devices. These can be electrical feeders and devices of the mechanical principle of action, complex electronic systems with control over the Internet and smart feeders (core feeders)ch assistants provide a pet from a day to several weeks (depending on the amount of feed).


The proposed Triol model belongs to the simplest mechanical versions. It is intended for feeding fluffy exclusively dry food, filling the capacity of the cat immediately after feeding. Therefore, the diet, of course, suffers. To use this device will often not benefit the cat, but in rare cases, the feeder will justify itself.


The most popular among this group are Feed Ex. This is a rather complex device equipped with electronics. The display displays all information on the mode of operation and its programming is carried out. Some devices are equipped with a sensor that reacts to the approach of an animal with a bravoca on a collar.

With different compartments

Meshs with several compartments allow you to feed the cat with different food. In compartments, wet, dry food, canned food can be stored. Their storage is supported by a built-in ice capacity that preserves pre-prepared portions no worse than the refrigerator. The model is made of food plastic and is easily washed. Sales leaders are CAT MATE C50, Sititek Pets.

Managed remotely

Currently, feeders, controlled remotely, have become especially popular. Their advantage over the others is that the owner can regulate the feed over the Internet. The program specified on a smartphone or computer will provide constant connection with the possibility of guaranteed receipt of the desired volume of food at the appointed time. By purchasing patterns of the Petnet Smartfeeder model, you can safely leave the pet alone for a long period of time.

Model with a timer

The Feet Ex model is a large plastic container with a lid in the form of a bowl divided into a certain number of compartments. They turn around in a circle, opening at a given time. This feeder involves the use of both dry and humid feed, and is designed for terms of 60–90 days.

The automatic feeder is equipped with a timer, which gives access to food with a temporary segment from an hour to a day. Portations can be from 60 to 350 grams. A feature of these models is the presence of an ice container that allows you to store the best storage container for a long time

Simplehuman pet food can

Another important advantage is the equipment with a sound signal that the owner has notified the meal

Misclaim bowl

If you are actively engaged in a cat training, purchase a unique pile feeder with labyrinths. She is able not only to feed the cat, but also forces her to show intellectual abilities.

A smart toy will make it possible to actively play, and for the shown ingenuity to get food as a reward. However, before leaving the animal alone, make sure that the cat copes with the task set for it. Similar designs are offered by CAT It Senses.

A feeder with a dispenser

The dispenser of cat feed is very convenient and effective in use. The principle of installation is as follows: at the time set in advance, the dispenser opens the container, and the right amount of feed enters the bowl. After that, the container closes.

The convenience of the device is that all power in the container container is not exposed to moisture, since it is tightly closed by the lid. The Ferplast Zenith model also provides reliable protection from the animal who decided to unscheduled.

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Overview of the best brands

Among today, it is difficult to make the right choice. Before buying an auto feeding, you should carefully study all the offers and choose the best option suitable for your pet.

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Tenberg Yummy

Tenberg Yummy

A reliable segmented feeder is equally suitable for both dogs and cats. The cover is firmly fixed inside the mechanism, so it cannot be pulled out with its paw, open or break it.

The timer is placed on the LCD panel, the device itself is easily programmed, there is a function of recording an audio community of a pet 12 seconds. At the established time, the feeding mechanism rotates and the next compartment opens.

5 departments in the device provide quite frequent feeding during the day or allow you to leave the dog for several days – depends on how much it is used to it. Each department contains a portion with a volume of 270 ml of any type of food: dry and wet.

The feeder works from the network or from the battery. The latter is charged for 1 hour and works 1. 5 months without recharging.

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Tenberg Flunky

Tenberg Flunky

The intellectual feeding feeder with a dispenser is made of high-quality plastic. The LCD control panel is hidden under the lid, the tray and tank are removed and easily washed in the dishwasher.

The kit includes medium and large dispensers that allow you to give portions from 5 g to 390 g. The feeding frequency is up to 4 times a day, if desired, you can reduce in the display settings. Thus, the device is suitable for any power rate.

Thanks to different dispensers, it is easy to choose the optimal portion for the dog of small, medium and large breeds. The reservoir allows you to load up to 6 liters of feed, which allows you to store it right there in the feeder and not worry that the food will suddenly end.

In addition to a timer that accurately counting the time of feeding, Tenberg Flunky is equipped with a voice recording function of 10 seconds.

In addition to all of the above, this gadget has double power from the network and from batteries.

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Stefanplast Break Reserv

Stefanplast Break Reserv

The best budget option is Stefanplast Break Reserve Italian production. Its cost starts from 650 p. It consists of a bowl and vertical feed capacity.

The dispenser in it is not provided, so the food will be poured into a bowl as it is devastated.

The advantage of this model is the absence of any nutrition elements, which makes it absolutely safe. The owner will not have to worry that the battery will sit or there will be a short circuitch a feeder can be used for both dogs and cats. And thanks to a large volume of bunker, food is enough for several individuals.

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Petwant PF-105

Petwant PF-105

To organize the right nutrition, the best choice will be the Chinese segmental auto feeder Petwant PF-105. Its device consists of 5 sections suitable for both dry and humid feed, LCD display, on which the food routine and device for recording voice are set.

The feeder is easy to use, easily disassemble and wash. One of the advantages is the possibility of working both from the network and batteries. The cost of an automatic assistant is 4800 p.

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Feed-Ex PF100

Feed-Ex PF100

The Chinese Autonomous Form Feed-EX PF100 takes a leading position in the ranking as a device with the largest feed. The capacity of her bunker is 10 kg, so it is suitable for any breeds.

There is no dispenser in it, and the food enters the bowl with the help of a screw mechanism that begins to rotate at a certain time. The model is equipped with a display on which the owner sets the necessary parameters: portion volume, multiplicity and time of feeding.

The auto feeder from the network works, the cord is equipped with protection from sharp claws and a pet tooth. This is far from the most budget option, the price starts from 9000 r, but by buying the device, the owner can forget about the planning of power for the whole week.

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Smart HD PeteDer PF03

Smart HD Pet Feeder PF03 Hong Kong is considered one of the most expensive modern devices. Its program allows not only to set the feeding schedule and portion volumes, but also to organize a two-way connection using a smartphone.

In addition, if there is a need to give an additional portion of food, it is also easy to do remotely. The price of such an auto feeder is about 12, 000, so not everyone is available. Most dog breeders consider many of its functions superfluous, and the price is unreasonably high.

With a dispenser

The presence of the ability to adjust the supply of bulk feed mixtures in an automatic feeder is an important function, if necessary, to operate a device for feeding agricultural poultry for a long time. The version of the feeder equipped with a dispenser allows for a different speed of filling the tray with bulk feed

The option of a feeder equipped with a dispenser allows for a different speed of filling the tray with bulk feed.

To date, both floor models and designs suitable for hanging are produced.

The second option is installed at a height that corresponds to the poultry dew, is very convenient to operate, and also saves the useful area of the chicken coop.

Most often, the feeders equipped with a dispenser are made of high-quality and durable, modern plastics represented by polyethylene and polypropylene, which ensures the hygiene of the structure and insignificant weight. A feeder of this type consists of several elements presented:

  • Loading container for bulk feed mixtures;
  • Standard fodder tray;
  • Connecting to the dispenser part.

Through the rotation of the adjusting nut, in the position from “1” to “7”, the width of the bandwidth in the feeder changes, which allows you to easily adjust the supply rate of the feed mixture into the tray.

The bunker part has a sealed cover, through which the contents of the tank are completely protected from the negative effects of moisture and garbage.

The presence of a special portable handle in the design allows you to easily transport the feeder to load the grain mixture and vice versa, to the place of feeding of the bird. The stern tray using thin partitions is divided into several sectors, so that the chickens are evenly distributed around the bowl and do not dig the grain mixture of the paws.

The use of an automatic feeder with a dispenser allows you to correctly adjust the volume and diet of any agricultural poultry, depending on its age characteristics and purpose.

How an automatic cat feeder works

The algorithm of the actions of the holder of the dispenser for feed is simple (you can watch it on the video as an example of one of the models).

In fact, you need to make only a few movements:

  • Fall asleep into the container of the food dispenser as much food as you would plan to give the animal for the entire term of your absence;
  • Set the timer;
  • Write a voice appeal to the cat (if this function is provided in the device);
  • Kiss the cat on the nose and go about your business.

How does the dispenser work?

The feeder, designed for the daily mode, consists of two trays covered with a lid with a hole for feeding. The time of feeding has come, the cat will warn the timer signal. Simultaneously with the signal, the rotational device turns the compartment with the feed to the hole.

The feeder designed for a longer absence of the owner can regularly feed the cat for 4 days.

The feeder with the function of audio recordings will also call the cat for lunch in your affectionate voice.

In size

Before buying, it is important to know the growth and weight of the animal. It is impractical to purchase a feeder for a Caucasian shepherd for a little pet and vice versa

Manufacturers take into account many parts. The size of the cat is no exception.

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For large cats of cats

For large breeds

This category includes Main-Kun, Ragdoll, Pixibob, Savannah, Kuril, American, Karelian or Mekong Bobtail. For them and brothers, the best option would be a feeder with a container from 4 to 10 liters.

Such, as a rule, are designed for continuous work up to 4 days. Have several work modes. You can configure feed feed at your own discretion.

Exact dimensions depend on height, weight, as well as the state of health of the ward. For example, for diseases of the stomach, veterinarians recommend increasing feeding to 3-4 times, but to reduce the volume of portion.

For small dog food containers

If you have a medium-sized breed, such as a Japanese bobtail, a container device will be a good choice – models with a volume of 2 to 5 liters are suitable. For four meals a day per day or with a diet on dry stern – from 2 kg. Selecting a bowl from the segmented category-from 300-450 ml.

We are also well fed here: an automatic feeder for a cat


Universal, suitable for dogs

If both cats and small dogs live in the house, the owner involuntarily thinks about the acquisition of a universal feeder. This would not hit the budget. There would be no need to distribute devices in the apartment.

However, experts recommend purchasing such a best storage container only if animals are peaceful and get along with each other. Even the most “bosom friends” can conflict due to food.

Universal automatic feeders are container devices with a volume of 7-10 liters. They are equipped with a few bowls where the food is spilled out. They also built sensors that allow adjusting the time, portion volume and the possibility of control over the Internet. This is an ideal option for cats and dogs of small breeds.

Who will be useful for a smart feeder

This device will be useful for all employed people. Even if you have the opportunity to follow the feeding schedule in most of your time, no one is safe from force majeure and just changing circumstances.

Later, a meeting at work, aunt’s anniversary, an unforeseen delay on the road – so that your imagination does not draw a sad picture of a hungry pet at an empty bowl, you can always be calm for his feeding, having a smart feeder at hand.

The smart feeder is also good in that you can use it as an accurate dosage of the feed. This is especially true for feeding a dog with any diet or healing food, as well as when your favorite is very small by age or dimensions.

It is no secret that the dosage of such a feed is important, and the disadvantage, as well as an overdose, can be not only ineffective, but also destructive

How to care for an auto feeder

Auto feeders for cats are convenient, but caring for them is a little more difficult than for ordinary bowls for water and food:

Large container-dositor for dog food Break Reserve Italian production

Large container-dositor for dog food

  • Periodically, they should be disassembled and thoroughly washed.
  • Superfigrate to ensure that the holes for the receipt of food are not clogged with pieces of food. This can lead not only to the fact that the cat will remain hungry, the best storage containers in the container may begin to deteriorate, especially for wet feed.
  • It is advisable once a month to carry out complete disinfection of devices, it is better with the help of baking soda, and not chlorine-containing means. If you allow stagnation of food and the formation of putrefactive raids on the walls of containers, this can lead to the occurrence of gastrointestinal pets, failures in the pancreas, inflammation of the oral cavity, irritation and acne on the animal’s muzzle.

If several cats live in the apartment, then it is advisable to have their feeder for each pet, although some animals perfectly observe the priority in food. In this case, it is necessary to provide an increase in a single dose.

In addition, such feeders are perfect for small dogs, for example, Chihuahua or Toy terriers.

What is the benefits of feeders?

A fish feeder is a kind of discipline. Feeding will be associated with only one place. Thanks to this, you can improve the state of water in the aquarium, since the remains will settle in only one place, which will allow them to remove them from the aquarium or collect catfish. Soms do not have to scour all over the ground in search of food, he will know exactly where to look for the cherished treat. The minimum distribution of feed in the aquarium prevents the processes of decay, which means that the water remains clean longer.

The feeder for live food greatly facilitates the feeding process. The fact is that particles of such food are heavier than water and rapidly falling down, so slow fish or those who do not know how to eat from the bottom do not have time to enjoy living feeds. Thanks to the correctly selected feeder, the particles are delayed in it, which will allow fish to slowly eat all the proposed food.

Auto feeders for dry food

These dispensers are produced in completely different volumes. The caps caps are hermetically closed, so you can not worry that the food will be weathered or dry.

One of the main requirements for such devices is to protect against random opening by animals.

1. Tenberg Flunky

We are also well fed here: an automatic feeder for a cat

One of the best feeders in its price segment. It differs in the reliability of work and a large tank for 6 liters feed. Allows you to configure feeding in portions from 5 g to 390 g.

The LCD panel is hidden under the lid, so the pet will not reach the settings. The tray and tank can be washed in a dishwasher.

Food from the outlet and batteries. In the case of disconnecting the electricity, the pet will not remain without lunch, the feeder will switch to work from batteries.

  • A large tank for 6 liters, in it you can store food;
  • Two dispensers allow you to configure the optimal portion size;
  • Easy programming;
  • The tank and trays can be washed in a dishwasher;
  • Recording the owner’s voice 10 seconds.

2. Trixie TX2

We are also well fed here: an automatic feeder for a cat

A simple pretty filder (production – China), designed for 2 feeding. The design consists of two tanks, each of which is installed by time mechanisms. To configure the auto feeder, turn each of the wheels, setting the right time time. When it comes time to dinner, the covers will automatically open, the cat will get access to food.

One of the main differences in the Trixie TX2 feeder is the presence in the compartments of cooling dog food storage containers with a special gel. Before using the dispenser, put the dog food storage containers in the refrigerator for several hours, then place it under bowls with food. Thanks to this, Fielder will maintain freshness of canned food or natural food.

Portions of 300 ml;

You need to buy batteries additionally;

3. Ferplast azimut

We are also well fed here: an automatic feeder for a cat

Convenient plastic dispenser of cat feed (production – Italy) with a volume of 1. 5 liters. A glass for best storage containers, liquids is completely transparent, the base can be white, blue, orange or red shades. The container is easily removed, filled with foods/water, cleaned. It must be installed so that one of the holes is turned to the bowl. If the volume of 1. 5 liters is not suitable, best storage containers are 0. 6 liters, 5. 5 liters on sale.

Attractive appearance;

When stagnation of water in the cracks, a green plaque forms.

How to make an auto feeding with your own hands?

Such a device is easiest to purchase in the finished form. However, it can be done independently, especially since it will not take much time and will not require significant financial costs.

The easiest way to build an elementary mechanical best storage container. By putting very little effort, you can please the four-legged pet with interactive or smarties for feeding. Information on how to independently make an automatic feeder for a cat:

  1. Having cut off the bottom of one of the bottles, cut out a pallet from it in the likeness of a scoop. In the front, you need to leave the sides, remove them half on the sides, in the back – completely remove.
  2. In the second bottle, cut a small hole at the very bottom of the same height as the sides of the pallet.
  3. After placing the tray in it, attach it to the bottom of the bottle with glue or string. You also need to connect the edges of the sides of the pallet to the main tank.
  4. Fill the container with food. When emptied, the pallet will be filled again with it under the influence of gravitational force.
  1. Randomly placing containers on the board, attach them to it with screws.
  2. Fill each of them with dry food. They need to put exactly as many granules as the cat should eat at a time.

First, the pet will empty those containers from which it is easiest to get food, and only after that it will take on a deeper container.

  1. Cut off the neck of the bottle.
  2. Pierce the bottom of the container with an awl.
  3. Closing it with a lid, pierce it.
  4. Piercing the ball with a wire, attach an elastic band to it.
  5. Pulling through the holes in the bottle, container and its cap, fix it with a clamp. You can also just tie it so that the ball tightly clogs the neck of the bottle.
  6. Attach the best storage container to the wall or cabinet, put a bowl under it.
  7. After filling the container with food, demonstrate to the four-legged pet how to get food on its own by pulling the ball.
  1. Make several holes in the container. That the pet did not get hurt on sharp edges, they must be singeed or treated with sandpaper.
  2. Put cat toys and treats in the container and hand them to your four-legged pet.
  1. Remove the mechanism from the clock.
  2. Draw a line on the surface of the jar, departing 3. 5–4 cm from its base. Cut it according to the outline you made. So that the tailed pet does not get hurt on sharp edges, they must be processed – turned or melted.
  3. Cut out a blank from the board that matches the size of the clockwork.
  4. Make a clay bowl for cat food. It should have 4 compartments and a recess for the clock mechanism in the middle. It must match the size of the container. As soon as the clay blank hardens, it must be fired at a 200-degree temperature for several hours. It is recommended to place it in a cold oven, otherwise it will crack. This step can be skipped if you can find a suitable size cat food container.
  5. Wrap the clock hand bent in half with adhesive tape and fix it on the mechanism.
  6. After inserting a battery into it, fix it with wire in the recess in the food bowl.
  7. Cut out a plywood or plastic lid according to the diameter of the container.
  8. Pierce it in the middle to later insert the screw for fastening the arrows.
  9. Cut a piece on the lid that matches the size of the food compartment in the container.
  10. Drive 2 cloves into it. They should not protrude above the lid and between them should be placed a clock hand wrapped with tape. Their sharp ends must be removed so that they do not come into contact with the watch case.
  11. Cut out a small piece of plywood.
  12. Attach a metal pin on its bottom to attach the second hand.
  13. After inserting the second hand into the pin, cut off its protruding elements and seal with adhesive tape.
  14. Install the smaller cover on the larger one.
  15. Attach suction cups to the base of the finished best storage container for its stability.

Rules for caring for an automatic feeder

Automatic feeder – a best storage container, of course, very, very convenient. In addition, if you did it yourself, then it is also inexpensive. In general, in all respects beneficial.

We are also well fed here: an automatic feeder for a cat

It is important to properly care for the automatic feeder in order to protect your pet from possible consequences as much as possible.

However, it should be borne in mind that the differences between these devices and ordinary bowls also contribute to the fact that there are some mandatory rules for the care of manufactured dishes that you need to follow if you decide to feed your cat in this way. All automated feeders must be thoroughly washed. Due to the complexity of their design and due to the fact that you collected them yourself, pieces of food received by the cat can get stuck in small crevices. This is not to mention the fact that the dust from the feed still remains on the walls of the feeder, and it tends to become rancid after a while, accumulating a huge amount of harmful bacteria and other filth.

We are also well fed here: an automatic feeder for a cat

Acne often occurs in those cats whose owners rarely wash their bowls.

What the accumulated harmful masses are fraught with, we think, there is no need to explain. Once in the cat’s body, they can cause various diseases in the pet, for example:

  • Dyspeptic disorder in the form of diarrhea, vomiting;
  • Problems with the pancreas;
  • Lesions of the oral cavity;
  • Even acne on the chin and other parts of the muzzle.

Provided that you have made a capital feeder, then washing it will not be difficult. If it is made from bottles, it will also not be difficult to rinse it, however, after a while it is better to get rid of the old feeder and make a new one, possibly from more environmentally friendly materials.

The second rule states that one feeder should have one feeder for one pet. Of course, if the animals live together, and are ready to share dishes with each other, you can leave them one bowl for two. However, usually animals are jealous of food for food, so get a lot to make a copy for each of your favorite fluffs.

We are also well fed here: an automatic feeder for a cat

The dog can also perfectly eat from an automatic feeder, both purchased and homemade

The third rule is more likely not to care for the feeder with automatic feed, but to the mandatory condition, its presence is supplemented. We are talking about constantly standing next to the feeder of a full bowl of pure cold water. Since the cat will not only eat food, but also actively play, her loss will be great. So, you need to make up for it due to the constant presence of drinking.

2 Sititek Pets Ice Mini

A small but very convenient auto feeder, designed for four feedings, is ideal for the owners who leave their pets alone at home for a day. This is a functional device equipped with a LCD screen from which settings are set. The internal space is divided into four compartments, each of which is filled with the right amount of feed. Each compartment opens at a certain time, which may be accompanied by a short sound signal pre-recorded by the owner. So in animals, a reflex is produced faster for feeding at the same time.

The main advantage of this model in the reviews calls the ability to place not only dry, but also soft food in the feeder, since its design provides a special container for ice that preserves the freshness of food. And in general, the hosts call this model one of the best for cats and small indoor dogs. And when using dry food, the ice tank can be filled with drinking water.

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