Josera dog food review

February 10, 2023
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Josera dog food review

When it comes to the best pet food in Europe, on the Josera brand is in the top five. Josera dog food is made in Germany, belongs to super premium nutrition, and only high quality components are used in the manufacture. Is this really so, for whom the lines are designed and what the reviews of veterinarians say, let's look further.

Types of food Josera


Josera dog food has been produced in Germany for several years, there are series for adult dogs, puppies, taking into account the breed (for small and large) and the characteristics of the pet. The main features of nutrition are the use of fresh products, the availability of international quality certificates and the constant modernization of nutrition in the company's own laboratories.

Josera nutrition is specially processed, so the maximum of useful properties is preserved.

All rations are divided into separate rations:

  • Universal;
  • For small and large breeds ;
  • With sensitive digestion;
  • For active pets;
  • For the prevention of a number of diseases;
  • For older dogs.

Food is sold in the form of dry croquettes of 1. 5 and 15 kg.

  • Dietary meat;
  • Meat meal;
  • Dried liver;
  • Rice;
  • Potatoes;
  • Gluten;
  • Chicken fat;
  • Beet pulp;
  • Beer yeast;
  • Prebiotics;
  • Minerals;
  • Medicinal herbs, extracts.

The manufacturer does not use soy, wheat in feed, as it causes indigestion, constipation and allergies, and does not carry nutritional value. Also, there are no flavors or flavor enhancers in the food.

Nutritional Benefits

The main advantages of nutrition, according to reviews of Josera dog food, include:

  • Fresh meat from the human grade category;
  • Naturalness of the components;
  • The presence of the necessary vitamins, minerals;
  • Variety of lines;
  • Lack of fragrances and chemicals;
  • Average price;
  • Special processing method.


Disadvantages of Josera diets

There is also a small drawback with Josera food – this is the absence in most domestic stores, especially in small towns. Although you can order food online.

What to buy for your pet?

Despite the variety of series and flavor options, the main lines are for adult dogs and puppies. At the same time, the manufacturer took into account the pet's requests, health status and size.

For puppies

For a growing dog, several options have been developed:

  • Josera Family – from eight weeks of life, also suitable for a lactating bitch or a pregnant woman. The main components are dietary meat and vegetables;
  • Josera Kids – for large breeds, a nutritious diet with minerals and vitamins, can be given from the second month of life;
  • Josera Premium Junior – for puppies of large breeds, the diet contains a lot of fiber and protein, belongs to a high-protein diet;
  • Minisbest – for puppies of small breeds up to 10 kg, consists of dietary meat and rice, small granules are created for the convenience of chewing;
  • Sensi Junior – for puppies of different breeds, with sensitive digestion, for hunting breeds and for very active pets.

All puppy food options are easy to digest, non-allergic, and made from vegetable proteins that are easier to digest.

For mature dogs

All series of Josera pet food from one year of age include six options:

  • Universal diet;
  • For decorative breeds;
  • With stomach problems;
  • For very mobile dogs;
  • During normal physical activity.

Each food is based on natural meat from 35% (sometimes dietary), rice, vegetables, fruits, prebiotics, fatty acids and phytocomponents.

  1. The SensiPlus Adult series is hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive digestion, obesity and constipation.
  2. High Energy is designed for active hunting pets.
  3. Premium Regular – food during the normal activity of the animal.
  4. Premium Active – for sports and active dogs.
  5. Optiness – low-calorie nutrition with low activity.
Josera dog food review puppies of different

Josera dog food review

It is important that a separate Balance series has been developed for aging dogs, which is considered dietary, treats obesity, is quickly absorbed, and improves kidney and heart function. Also suitable for sedentary animals.

Josera dog food reviews

Zhenya: We had never heard of such food before, until the veterinarian advised, and now we don’t know how to buy something else. Despite the high quality, naturalness of the products, the price of food is quite low, although it is difficult to find it. I also like that there are many lines and flavors.

Linda: We are currently buying a series for puppies with sensitive digestion, since we have a Yorkie. Yes, you can hardly find it in stores, but you can order it on the Internet without any problems. We learned about nutrition from reviews on the Internet, decided to try it and did not regret it. The dog grows very active and inquisitive.

Shelley: It seems to me that any Josera food series is high-quality and useful, even a daily diet. Some are kicking that there is corn in the composition, but it gives some of it and some vitamins. But soy, wheat and chemicals are completely absent. If there are European quality certificates, then there is nothing to worry about.

Read reviews about feed:

What is the price

The price of Josera is quite democratic, so most buyers can allow it:

Royal Canin vs Bosch vs Josera

  • 1. 5 kg – $11;
  • 15 kg – $80.


The quality of the power, the presence of natural components, a rich composition, positive reviews of veterinarians and special processing technologies are undoubted advantages of Josera feed. If we take into account the affordable cost in relation to the class, then food is undoubtedly worth trying.

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