Jammin salmon dog food review

February 16, 2023
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Jammin salmon dog food review

Consider Gemon (Jammin salmon dog food), its composition, reviews of experienced veterinarians who have repeatedly worked with him, calculate the pros and cons. We learn about the manufacturer and the variety of food.

After all, the health and well-being of the pet is important for every dog breeder. Therefore, choosing a good hearty meal for a four-legged friend is the key to success and the correct lifestyle of the animal.

Manufacturer information

Manufacturer information

The Italian brand Monge began its work in 1963 in a poultry factory. Baldassard Monge, the founder and owner, did not like that all the waste was thrown away and did not bring profit. Therefore, he is one of the first in Italy to launch wet dog food for pets.

Thanks to this idea, the brand has flourished for more than 50 years, selling products in more than 50 countries around the world. Lines of food are constantly changing, workers create food for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, weights and sizes, conducting experiments and taking into account the characteristics of each. The price does not make dog breeders horrified, so Gemon dog food, which is very popular and in demand, although it does not have aggressive marketing and advertising.

Power line

Gemon dog food includes 38 varieties of food:

View Feed example Number of options Taste and Ingredients
dry dog food   12 types chicken, fish salmon or tuna with lamb and rice
wet dog food in cans   10 types poultry turkey with chicken, liver with beef, tuna with salmon, beef with rice
Pouches with pieces   4 types based on chicken, ham, beef, cold cuts, turkey
Pate for a single dose   12 types chicken, turkey meat, rabbit meat with chicken, beef, tuna and salmon, beef with rabbit

The Monge brand assures that the food is created taking into account the characteristics of a particular breed, but the composition differs only in meat components and proportions of products.

As well as four options for the size of a pet:

  1. Maxi for large dogs.
  2. Medium for medium.
  3. Mini for small breed dogs.
  4. General, that is, for everyone.

There is also a separation of puppies for puppies (Puppy & Junior), adults (Gemon Dog Medium), elderly, active (Adult Action Energy) and excess animal weight (Adult Light).

View Weight in kilograms Price in
Puppy & Junior Adult
Mini 1-3 900-1000 800-850
Medium 3-15 930-3450 850-3150
Maxi 15 3450 3400
General 1-15 900-3450 800-3400

What is part of Jammin salmon dog food for dogs?

General ingredients contained in dog finished food, its composition:

Jammin salmon dog food review rabbit meat with chicken, beef

jammin salmon dog food review

Components Their number as a percentage
Cereals The exact number is not indicated, of which the minimum rice value is from 5%
Meat 10%
Meat offal 22%, of which the content of fresh lamb 10%
Brewer's yeast 1%
Fat and oils Not indicated
Fish waste and pure fish There are no data
Plant offal Beetroot pulp – 2%, chestnut extract, yucca Shidiger
Vitamin E (Tocopherol) Not indicated
Frictoligosaccharides (phos) No information
Vitamin B (chloride cholina) No data

The above products are the main and basic, which make up more than half of the food. The remaining ingredients are various additives, vitamins and minerals that have little effect on the properties of the finished food.

  • Brewer's yeast. Favorablely affect the growth of wool, helps restore woolen cover after pregnancy and during lactation, reduces an allergic reaction and facilitates molting time.
  • Beet beetroot. The source of fiber helps the stomach to digest food.
  • Yukka Shidiger. It establishes the functioning of the food tract, practically removes the smell from excrement.
  • Vitamin Bpports the liver to work, is useful for skin and wool.

The percentage of nutrients in 100 grams of dog feed Gemon:

  1. Proteins – 25%, there are 5% of them – chicken, fish and fish waste. The content is quite small, despite the fact that the meat loses weight during processing and remains no more than 1. 3-2. 5 grams. The fish is useful and is the main source of proteins, but it is only useful in its pure form. It is hardly worth hoping for the conscientiousness of the manufacturer, most likely, the fish fell into food with scales and giblets.
  2. Fat – 14%, the basis is a blurry wording that can contain anything from the sunflower oil to lamb fat.
  3. Carbohydrates – the content is unknown, but the cereals indicated in the components indicate their obvious presence. In fact, the cereals are notorious for pets, so their presence in dry dog food Gemon serves only for reduction in cheaper.
  4. Fiber – 2. 5%. Contained in the beet pulp.
  5. Calcium – 1. 5%. It is very important for active four-legged friends, there is in meat and offal.
  6. Phosphorus – 1. 3%. The source is fish and fish trimmings.

Advantages and disadvantages of the finished diet

  • Low cost, which is 15-20% lower than other premium feeds.
  • An unpopular brand, so it is difficult to find it in stores or on the market, but there is always the opportunity to order delivery via the Internet.
  • Suitable nutrition for pregnant and lactating bitches, as well as older or sick dogs.
  • Low protein content, this leads to a nutrient deficiency in the dog's body and to a constant feeling of hunger. And overeating can cause obesity.
  • Vitamins and minerals that are difficult to find even in products a rank higher. Improves the skin, the coat becomes thick and shiny.
  • The exact composition is not specified. It becomes impossible to know the quality of the raw material used and its quantity.
  • The complete absence of various dyes, preservatives and harmful additives.
  • The lack of hypoallergenic developments, you can not give food to dogs with a sensitive stomach and in view of the paragraph above.
  • Only natural ingredients.
  • High content of cereals, which are not even listed in the composition.
  • A wide range of products, the choice in favor of an individual approach.
  • A large amount of carbohydrates, about which nothing is also written.
  • The delivery comes from Italy, and as you know, quality control in other countries is an order of magnitude more accurate and picky.
  • Some supplements help strengthen the immune system and develop resistance to various diseases.

Feeding advice

  1. To give dry dog food to puppies or older dogs, dilute with water and leave for about 2-3 minutes.
  2. The food is perfect for pregnant bitches and during lactation.
  3. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet developed a hypoallergenic food line, so you should not start feeding an animal if you are not sure about its health.
  4. An animal that eats dry dog food daily must have clean, cool water at all times.
  5. Wet dog foods should be given warm or at room temperature.
  6. Since Jimon's diet is high in carbohydrates, the animal often asks for more than the prescribed norm, because it does not feel full. It is important to alternate between dry, wet and canned food, although each is considered a complete food.
  7. Djimon lines are light and low protein, so they should only be given to a dog that does not have health problems.
  8. It is also possible that for the normal growth, development and well-being of the pet, feeding with protein products is useful.

Below is a table of daily intake of Gemon dog food:

Animal weight in kilograms Amount of dry dog food (g) Amount of wet dog food in grams
1-5 80-100 250-500
5-10 100-180 500-750
10-25 150-350 900-1600
25-50 280-450 1600-2800
50+ 480-600 2800-3700

The fooding rate is individual for each dog, so it is important to adhere to this table. The manufacturer carefully selects the composition and volume of food.

Video: how to choose the right dry dog food?


Veterinarian, surgeon and ophthalmologist Brenda Zhukova

I recommend the ready-made Gemon diet only if it is not possible to switch to higher-level foods. The only advantages are their quality-matched price and the attitude of Italian production to a more thorough check.

In my opinion, Djimon's prepared food is not suitable for long-term use, as both wet and dry dog food contain a large amount of cereals. They do not bring the animal a sense of fullness, so at the first opportunity it is better to switch to a higher quality food with a high content of protein nutrients.

The manufacturer does not indicate the percentage of meat and meat by-products or fish. Although there are quite a meager amount of them in the composition, it is not even clear in what form the fish gets into the food.

According to experienced veterinarians who have worked with Haemon, you can not expect anything supernatural from this premium brand. It will be more useful for a pet to switch to another, higher-quality ready-made diet.


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