Is Purina Pro Plan puppy food for large breeds g?

March 30, 2023
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Is Purina Pro Plan puppy food for large breeds g?

Purina Proplan


Pro Plan commercial dog food is produced by Purina, a subsidiary of Nestlé. The diet belongs to the premium segment, most owners leave only positive feedback about the food. The homeland is the USA, but the factories are located not only in America, but in Europe and USA. From the article you will learn about the composition of Proplan food, its differences from other similar diets and how to choose the best type from the line.

Feed composition

The Proplan line is quite diverse in its composition, depending on the age and state of health of the dog for which the diet is intended. Of course, the food sold in our country is mainly produced in USA. Their composition differs significantly from those ready-made industrial rations that are produced directly in the USA and Europe.

Most Proplan brand foods contain:

  • The main ingredient is animal protein (turkey, chicken or salmon). Note that protein is obtained not only from meat, but also offal (including skin and bones). Often in the composition of Proplan, avian dry protein is in the first position as a source of protein. It is obtained from thermally and chemically treated poultry waste;
  • Carbohydrates: corn, wheat, rice cereal, cornmeal. Most often, this is the second ingredient in the food, which increases nutritional value and leads to rapid satiety, but does not carry benefits. It is better to choose food with rice as a source of carbohydrates. Corn gluten, on the other hand, supplies vegetable protein to the dog’s body;
  • The source of fiber in Proplan is dried beetroot. Beet pulp perfectly regulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract and regulates the level of sugar in the blood;: vitamins of groups A, C, E and a high content of vitamins of group B;
  • Antioxidants and flavoring additives. There is no clear indication of the name of these components in Proplan on the packaging – the chemical part (flavor enhancer) can cause allergies and upset the gastrointestinal tract.

When analyzing the Proplan ingredients, we can conclude that it is not 100% natural and can be attributed to the maximum premium segment, although the manufacturer claims it as super-premium.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Availability and prevalence;
  • Democratic price;
  • The composition is enriched with vitamins and minerals;
  • A wide range, including specialized medicinal types;
  • It is represented not only by dry granules, but also by canned species.
  • The composition is little specified, it is impossible to disassemble it in detail;
  • There is no indication of a specific flavoring agent and antioxidants.

Why Proplan is better than other feeds

Comparison Proplan is better to make with lines of premium rations, since its constituent part turns out to be poorer in comparison with other super premium segment feeds. Advantages of Purina Proplan over other premium diets:

  • The widest range – about thirty dry options. The owner will be able to choose a nutrition option for his pet, depending on changes in his age, health status or other physiological needs. In comparison, Purina One is only available for small breed dogs, while Chicopee only offers about ten options;
  • In the Purina brand product line, there is an increased, optimal from the point of view of the manufacturer’s specialists, the content of vitamin E – tocopherol (an average of 550 IU / kg). Its main purpose: participation in the formation of red cells in the blood, assistance in the absorption of fats, maintaining the health of the skin and coat of the animal, inhibiting the formation and development of inflammatory processes. For dogs, the main value of this vitamin is antioxidant, inhibiting aging. For comparison: in Dog Chow, the proportion of vitamin E is much lower – about 150 IU / kg, and even less in Probalance or RosPes – about 50 IU / kg;

Food line Proplan

Purina has provided a variety of food options depending on the condition and age of the dog:

  • According to age criteria, you can choose food: for puppies (up to one year old), adult animals (up to seven years old), aging dogs (more than seven years old);
  • Therapeutic food line. Dietary and therapeutic diets are provided in case of: heart disease, prevention and already present dog obesity, hepatic encephalopathy, kidney pathology, allergic reactions of various origins, problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Product size ranges: for small or large animals. The Proplan does not provide food by breed name, such as Chihuahua or St. Bernard, but does indicate the size and possible problems of the animal.

This is convenient – allows the owners without a sharp change in the food to transfer the dog to a more suitable type of power supply, depending on age or health.

Feed for puppies

The company’s specialists, when developing a nutritious diet for babies, included a special ingredient – colostrum in the composition. It is saturated with natural antibodies and helps the baby harmoniously develop, activate and maintain body protection.

Dry Purina Pro Plan “Optiderma” for small puppies

Salmon is responsible for the protein, the source of carbohydrates – Fig. The food is designed specifically for babies with problematic skin, substances are combined in such a way as to prevent the development of food allergies;

Designed for puppies, which in the future will differ in a large and powerful body addition. The content of meat and offal is 17 %, this diet is recommended for bitches during pregnancy and lactation;

The most important components are colostrum, chicken meat, vitamin-mineral complex, which provide the harmonious development of the skeleton, teeth and joints, gastrointestinal tract and immunity as a whole.

Adult dog food

The plane has a gradation of feed in size or physical condition of the animal – this differs the composition, the size of pieces of dry diet:

For little dogs:

Optihealth Plan, with chicken and rice

Is Purina Pro Plan puppy food for large breeds g? is much lower - about

Is purina pro plan puppy food for large breeds g?

The composition includes modified B vitamins, developed by the brand by the manufacturer, helping small dogs to maintain activity and health and slow down the aging process for a long time. For example, the downtime “Optihealth”, with chicken and rice – contains a complex of vitamin additives and minerals, antioxidants for activity and longevity, yeast and dried chicory root to normalize the digestive tract;

For dogs related to medium and large breeds:

The brand has developed diets with a high protein component in order to maintain the activity of the dog and protect it from obesity: Pro Plan “Adult Large Robust”, with a lamb. As an addition, egg powder, amino acids,l-carnitine, soy oil, tocopherol of natural origin are contained;

With the dog’s tendency to manifest allergic reactions of food origin, specialized therapeutic feeds are provided for any breed and age: “Veterinary Diets. Ha “. The diet does not contain animal protein, hydrolyzed soy protein is declared as its source. Additional components: rapeseed, coconut and soy oils, corn starch, vitamins and antioxidants.

Reviews of veterinarians

Dmitry K.

From the practice of prescribing Pro Plan to their patients – the risk of obesity is significantly reduced, the norm of sugar and pressure is maintained, the load on the heart in dogs is reduced. A huge plus is therapeutic and dietary feed. Of course, with caution, animals are prescribed with a predisposition to allergies to cereal – almost all feed contain wheat or corn. But the manufacturer also provided for the gluten-free options.

Martha S.

In my practice, I give preference to other diets, I recommend to patients other manufacturers. Although she did not completely abandon him, offering only therapeutic and dietary species. The main claims to Pro Plan: animal protein mainly obtained from offal, vague formulations, often without specific names, there are many carbohydrates and chemical additives to enhance taste.

Reviews of the owners

Love R.

My French bulldog just loves Pro Plan. They began to feed another puppy, advised the breeder. Next, they were already transferred by age to a new look. There have never been any allergic reactions, the gastrointestinal tract works like a clock, wool and skin in excellent condition. Sometimes I buy different tastes, I change the chicken on the lamb or turkey. I try to buy for sale or for a promotion – the price is somewhat high for me.

Brenda G.

From a very early age, the bully puppy was an allergic. Almost so – itching. We tried many options for different segments and price categories. They could not find the one that would suit the dog. Some the dog generally refused to eat, and did not suit the bowl. In the end, they chose dietary food with the veterinarian, without animal protein. Then everything came together – he is satisfied, the body did not give a negative reaction.

Briefly about the main thing

  1. Purina PRO PLAN – a variety of types of nutrition: from dimensional to therapeutic;
  2. The composition of the diet cannot be called 100 % natural, contains a chemical taste amplifier, offal and ingredients of unclear origin;
  3. The composition of PRO PLAN differs depending on the country of production.

Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Dry Puppy Food, Chicken and Rice Formula – 34 lb. Bag


Tell us about your experience, the use of a line of feed of the Plane in the comments, your opinion is very important!

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