Is kirkland puppy food good for large breeds Labrador?

February 7, 2023
Large Breeds
Is kirkland puppy food good for large breeds Labrador?

�� The best food for labradors for 2023

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For dogs, you need to choose the right diet. This will help not only satisfy hunger, but also saturate the body with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as trace elements. A lot depends on the breed. In our article, we will talk about the best food for Labradors.

Description of the breed


The breed of Labradors was officially registered in the 19th century in Britain, where it was brought from Canada. Original name – St. John’s. Later, a new name took root – Labrador, or briefly – Lab. The full name is Labrador Retriever. A dog of large size and extraordinary mind. Takes 7th place among dogs in terms of intelligence out of 80 applicants. Training lends itself perfectly. The original color is black. Later came the chocolate and fawn generation.

The height of an adult at the withers is no more than 57 centimeters. Dogs are distinguished by powerful paws, hanging ears, and a large head. The body is straight, the loin is wide. A well-set strong neck, a “deep” chest are impressive. The front legs are straight, the hind legs are well developed. The tail is short, thick. The eyes are of medium size, hazel or brown. The ears are close to the head.

The character is loving, the mood is always good. In relation to people they show playfulness, calmness, they will never offend or scare. Training them is a pleasure. They not only quickly learn commands, but also honestly try not to let their master down. Easily converge with people and animals. Only birds are disliked, as they are considered hunters.

A real member of the family, with its own mood and habits. Participates in all important activities. Needs communication, but never bothers with his presence. Carefully observes the mood of those present, does not bother them. A dog can easily be taught to open and close doors, turn lights on and off, bring things and slippers. Children do not have a soul in them, and the dogs reciprocate. You won’t find a better nurse and friend for kids.

You need to regularly educate the animal. Experts recommend not resorting to punishment for disobedience. The dog will not hold offense, but his mood will deteriorate. For good behavior, you need to praise, say gentle words, give goodies. If the pet is guilty, it is enough to strictly say the word “impossible. “Intonation will tell the pet that it is necessary to change something in the behavior.

The pet does not need special care. It is enough to comb out the wool once a week, brush your teeth daily and make sure that parasites do not start in the ears, and dirt does not accumulate. Do not bathe daily. The claws are cutting once every 10 – 12 days.

A review of reviews shows that the dog has much more positive characteristics than negative ones, but the latter should pay special attention to:

  • Excessive kindness does not allow Labrador to become an excellent guard;
  • The desire to gnaw something is constantly present;
  • A lover of water, even a dirty rain;
  • He loves to “bask” in garbage, brings the owner of dead mice and birds;
  • Snoring loudly;
  • Does not tolerate loneliness;
  • It requires a large free space (in the apartment he is crowded).

Dog for dogs. What are the food


Pet Nutritionist Ranks Dog Foods | Tier List

Rarely anyone uses natural foods for animal nutrition. Many prefer dry feed. They have such advantages:

  • Ease of use;
  • Free time saving;
  • Balance of composition;
  • Ease of use;
  • Cleanliness in the house;
  • Expanded functionality;
  • A huge assortment.

Experts advise using only high-quality popular models from the best manufacturers for feeding. Errors during the choice cannot be allowed, you should also not save. According to buyers, budget options for little-known manufacturers can lead to negative consequences. Which is better to buy a product depends on many factors, including the weight and age of the animal. The main thing is not to lose with the choice.

All produced dry feed for labradors are divided into such basic categories:

  • For pregnant and lactating dogs;
  • Traditional nutrition for all animals, regardless of age;
  • For pets of advanced age;
  • For favorites with health problems (therapeutic compositions).

What should you pay attention to when choosing products? On her formula. For proper nutrition, it is necessary to choose such dry feed:

  1. The form of granules matters for puppies. They should gnaw them for a long time. The air should not enter the animal’s body.
  2. Dry crocketes should contain prebiotics, the main task of which is to normalize the digestive process and stool.
  3. Balance of the composition. This is necessary for the full development of the animal, increasing the strength of the bone system, improving the performance of internal organs.
  4. The presence in the composition of unsaturated fatty acids so that the wool is smooth and the skin is healthy.

It must be borne in mind that adults and young labidors are suitable for only premium feed, in the manufacture of which the such ingredients are used:

  • Cartilage hydraulic;
  • Fish fat;
  • Dehydrated meat (lamb, beef, chicken);
  • Plant extracts (gluten source);
  • Cereals and cereal plants;
  • Vegetable fiber;
  • Retinol and cholecalciferol;
  • Micro- and macro elements, minerals;
  • Glucosamine.

Inexpensive foods from little-known manufacturers can become a slow poison for a pet. They are replete with enhancers of taste and dyes. Useful components in the composition are almost not observed.

Rules for feeding an adult pet


Large breeds do not suffer from the lack of appetite, so for an adult labrador it is necessary to choose nutritional feed, but with a slight calorie content. Vitamins and minerals should prevail. How many times a day should an adult dog eat? The best option is twice:

  • In the morning (from 7 to 8 hours);
  • In the evening (from 19 to 20 hours).

A later meal is undesirable. The daily norm is determined based on the weight of the dog and health status. The necessary information is indicated on the packaging. She needs to follow. It is not worth raising or lowering the norm. The average daily volume of dry dog food consumed is from 300 to 400 grams. During pregnancy, the volume can be slightly increased, for old animals, the norm decreases.

Dry dog food can always be replaced with homemade food. This does not indicate that you can feed the dog with scoops from the table. It is necessary to make a special menu from natural components and cook dog food separately. The daily amount of food is affected by the weight of the pet. Starting for six months, the volume of products should be no more than 4% of body weight, up to six months – from 6 to 8%. Elderly individuals are enough 2 – 2. 5% of the total weight of the animal. More, over 1400 grams per day, an adult dog should not eat products.

The basis of the diet is:

  • Fresh meat and fish products (60 %);
  • Plant components and dairy products (40%).

Fatty meat should be abandoned. This will lead to obesity. The ideal option: connina, rabbit, chicken, veal, turkey.

Veins and cartilage are not a hindrance. They have a positive effect on the health of the pet. Eliminate tenderloin from the diet. You don’t need to cook meat. It is enough to subject it to a deep freeze, and then pour boiling water over it.

As natural products for feeding, you can use:

  • Curdled milk, fermented baked milk;
  • Cottage cheese with a minimum fat content;
  • Steamed offal;
  • Rye crackers and cheese (as a reward);
  • Raw scar;
  • Raw quail eggs with shells;
  • Raw finely chopped vegetables;
  • Omelet from chicken eggs (no more than 1-2 times a week);
  • Low-fat sea fish (boiled);
  • Beef bone (raw);
  • Vitamin and mineral complexes.

What can’t be given? To prevent obesity, it is necessary to exclude sweet sugary fruits, bread, cereals from the diet.

How to feed a puppy


Food for a small retriever must be selected with great care. The baby needs energy nourishment for growth and full development. It should be noted that the puppy’s digestive system is not yet fully formed.

It is desirable to breastfeed offspring up to 2. 5 or up to 4 months. Milk is a storehouse of useful macro- and microelements. Without them, healthy babies will not grow up. Over time, it is necessary to introduce the first complementary foods so that the puppies get used to adult food. Usually this moment comes after reaching 2 months. If the babies are left without a mother or she does not have enough milk, then you need to start feeding from 1 month.

Is kirkland puppy food good for large breeds Labrador? On the shelves of

Is kirkland puppy food good for large breeds labrador?

The first meal includes:

  • Bifidoc;
  • Yogurt;
  • Cottage cheese;
  • Shredded chicken or turkey breast.

All products are served in a soaked form. As soon as weaning from the mother occurs, it is necessary to purchase dry dog food for puppies. Everyone has different selection criteria. Which brand has the best products depends on many factors. Experts recommend giving preference to such popular models from well-known brands:

  • Bosch Junior Maxi;
  • Acana Heritage Puppy Large Breed;
  • Monge Dog Maxi Puppy& Junior;
  • Classic (Versele Laga) Puppy.

Regardless of the characteristics of the finished food, at first dry dog food should be soaked in yogurt, kefir or warm water. Taste is improved with olive or linseed oil. You can add pressed cottage cheese. Overfeeding should not be allowed. Otherwise, there will be an excessive growth of fat cells and, as a result, improper development of the articular cartilage and skeleton.

The rules for feeding puppies are as follows:

Baby’s age (in weeks) Puppy weight (in kilograms) The amount of food (in grams)
5 1 – 3 4 – 5 6 – 10 30 30 30
6 1 – 3 4 – 5 6 – 10 30 60 90
7 1 – 3 4 – 5 6 – 10 40 80 120
8 1 – 3 4 – 5 6 – 10 50 95 145

Each best dog food storage container of manufactured products indicates the daily rate, from which you can deviate by no more than 10%. When eating natural food, feeding occurs as follows:

  • One-two-month-old puppies – no more than 6 times a day and no more than 1 glass;
  • Two – three months – 5 times a day, 2 glasses of food;
  • Four – five months – 4 times a day, no more than 3 glasses;
  • Six to seven months – three meals a day;
  • Ten – eighteen months – twice a day, the number of glasses – 6 pieces.

For feeding it is worth choosing the same time. Twenty minutes is enough for complete saturation. At the end of this time, it is better to remove the plate.

List of Ingredients Not Suitable for Feeding Labrador Retrievers

little-known manufacturers

What should never be forgotten is the inadmissibility of using low-quality products and the expiration date of which has expired. Otherwise, there may be problems with the animal’s digestive system. But there is a list of foods that are strictly forbidden to give Labradors, even if they are fresh and of good quality. The list includes:

  • Peas, legumes, pasta, potatoes (lead to obesity);
  • Fruits and sweet vegetables (contribute to diabetes);
  • Cow’s milk (possible disorder of the gastrointestinal tract);
  • Tubular bones (source of intestinal injury);
  • Rhubarb, sorrel (disorder of the urinary and digestive systems);
  • Refined sugar, sweets (diabetes, heart);
  • Garlic and onions (hemolytic anemia);
  • Fatty, smoked, salty, spicy (liver problems);
  • Fresh grapes and raisins (kidney failure);
  • Chocolate (blindness, diabetes, heart attacks);
  • Spices (the genitourinary system and heart suffer);
  • Ice cream, coffee, alcoholic beverages (failure of the liver, heart, kidneys and other internal organs).

How to choose the right food


The range of products on display is impressive. On the shelves of specialized retail outlets, you can find premium and super-premium goods, ordinary and with additional functions: anti-allergic, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, anti-cardiovascular insufficiency. The consistency also varies. Products are manufactured in the following types:

You should not buy inexpensive products, since there are no necessary minerals and proteins. It is necessary to pay much attention to the balance of food, and give preference to the product from well-known manufacturers, to which there are no complaints. Where to buy food? The question is not complicated. You can visit a specialized retail outlet, find out what is how much it costs, chat with a professional sales manager, get acquainted with new products, study the composition of the product and make the right choice.

You can save time and order the purchase of online in the online store, having previously studied the description, having familiarized yourself with the composition, after watching a review of customer reviews, checking the supplier for decency.

Retriever’s quality feed rating


Products of the American manufacturer. The composition belongs to the category of specialized. Takes into account the dimensions of the animal and its preferences. The composition of the granules:

  • Dehydrated chicken;
  • Fish flour;
  • Cereals;
  • Chicken fat;
  • Beet pulp;
  • Egg powder.

Hydrodalizate from cartilage and shells of crustaceans will help to develop joints. Proteins and fats are balanced, which allows the animal not to gain excess weight. Due to the presence ofl-carnitine, natural burning of fat occurs and the strengthening of the cardiovascular system occurs.


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