Is it harmful to store dog food in a plastic container

March 15, 2023
Dog Food Container
Is it harmful to store dog food in a plastic container

Nutriologist told how to choose the most harmless plastic dishes

Disposable utensils and plastic bottles have long been concerned with environmentalists and doctors. In their opinion, such a container harm not only ecology, but also human health. We tell you which plastic is the most safe for food.

Do not heat

The World Endocrinological Society has published a list of substances that destroy the endocrine system. The document, in particular, states that it is impossible to use plastic containers for warming up in the microwave, as well as a clear algorithm for choosing best storage containers in plastic packaging.

"There are several types of plastic: polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene. They consist of natural or synthetic high molecular weight compounds. The plastic itself does not harm a person, but in its pure form it is a fragile material that melts from the heat," explained it. Nutriarian Maria Rozanova.

Therefore, manufacturers add various chemical and technological additives to the composition of plastic to extend its service life. These substances can be toxic and negatively affect human health.

In plastic containers, people often bring food to work and heat these containers directly in the microwave. Experts came to the conclusion that, with a strong increase in temperature, the chemical supplement can react and release toxic substances into food.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, the expert advised to heat food only in glass or ceramic dishes. This will save the endocrine system and reduce the load on the liver and kidneys, which are already subjected to huge load in modern life.

Danger signal

Choosing plastic dishes or best storage containers packed in plastic containers should be based on the recommendations of specialists. The nutritionist recommends finding a triangle made of arrows on a bottle or dish. The figure in it will give information about the material from which the packaging is made, or will tell you what dishes it is better to abandon at all.

So, if there is a three in the triangle, then we are talking about polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This soft plastic is used not only in most modern finishing materials, but also for packaging food (cheese, meat, sausage), bottles, as well as films for wrapping best storage containers. Best storage containers are very popular due to low price and are in demand. But this type of material can not be processed. And when in contact with fat or hot foods, it emits heavy metals and vinyl chloride, which is very dangerous for the endocrine system.

The number 6 on the container indicates polystyrene (PS). Containers for food, forks, spoons and even glasses for hot drinks are made from it.

“This species is intended only for cold best storage containers. And if you pour alcoholic drink or hot food into such a container, then polystyrene will produce a toxic substance – styrene. It accumulates in the liver and kidneys and destroys them gradually,” the interlocutor of Dallas 24 explained.

If in the triangle there is a number 7, then a polycarbonate (PC or OTER) was used in the manufacture. Children's bottles, multilayer packaging, water bottles are most often made from it. But in fact, in this type of plastic containers it is strictly forbidden to store food and water.

When using, especially prolonged, dishes distinguishes a dangerous substance – bisphenol: it disrupts physiological processes in the body and metabolism, destroys the endocrine system.

Despite the danger of this type of plastic, most food containers and water bottles are made from it today.

The number 5 reports that the composition contains polypropylene (PP), which is used for the manufacture of cups for yogurts, containers for hot food and films.

Is it harmful to store dog food in a plastic container of arrows

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"Polypropylene withstands high temperature, but drinking alcohol from such dishes or storing fatty foods in it is prohibited because formaldehyde is released, which accumulates in the body and destroys the liver and kidneys. In addition, vision and work of the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract are disrupted (gastrointestinal tract). It is also not recommended to heat food in such a bowl above 100 degrees, ”the expert added.

In order not to fall into the trap of harmful substances, customers need to carefully consider the packaging and study the data of specialists.

What dishes to choose?

Tanks with a number 2 on the dog food storage container are considered one of the safest. For their production, low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) is used. It is mainly used for the production of various cans and bottles, that is, mostly hard containers, which can be used several times.

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Such plastic has high hardness, strength, chemical resistance to alkalis, acids and fats. The melting temperature of the material is 130 degrees. The dishes made of this material can be easily determined by tapping – low-pressure polyethylene makes a sonorous and strong sound.

High-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) is also used for the manufacture of plastic packaging, dog food storage containers, films and bottles for vegetable oil. At such a container in a triangle, a number 4 is put from arrow. It is very safe for human health and is designed to contact food. The melting point of such material is 110 degrees. High pressure polyethylene is also resistant to deformations and the influence of sunlight.

The leader in the ranking of relatively safe materials is a plastic dish with a number 1 in a triangle. Polyethyleneterftalat (Pet) is used for the manufacture of disposable cups, plates, cans and bottles. Although the material is environmentally friendly, its shelf life is only a year.

The main rule is that you cannot use the plastic container again, because over time it loses protective properties and can distinguish toxic substances that manufacturers add for its long-term functioning.

Such dishes as other plastic containers are not recommended to be heated in the microwave, because the material can distinguish formaldehyde.

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