Is Hills Science Diet high quality?

February 22, 2023
Dog Food

Biologically reasonable nutrition to help your best friend live a better life

The food that you choose can be of great importance for the health and happiness of your dog. Hill’s Science Plan offers biologically sound nutrition developed on the basis of scientific research, for the health of dogs of any age, size and needs.

Age product

High quality Science DietDog food at all stages of life

With age, dogs are changing in dogs. Hill's Science Plan feeds are specially designed so that the dogs get maximum benefit, depending on their age.

Puppies (up to 1 year) supports healthy brain development

Adult dogs (1-6 years old) helps maintain the strength and tone of muscles and the ideal state of the body

Adult dogs (7+ years old) supports the level of energy, heart and kidney health

The Problematic History of Hill’s Science Diet (Pet Nutrition)

Dog breed product

Food for dogs of small, medium and large breeds

Dogs have small and large breeds. That is why Hill's Science Plan offers feed, designed taking into account the needs of different breeds of pets.

Hill's Science Plan feed for dogs of small breeds specially designed feed, taking into account the needs of small dogs.

Hill's Science Plan food for dogs of medium breeds specially designed feed to meet the energy needs of medium-sized dogs.

Hill's Science Plan feed for dogs of large breeds specially designed feeds to meet the energy needs of dogs of large breeds.

Weight control product

Dog's vehicle control

Hill's Science Plan Perfect Weight more than 70% of pets reduced weight in 10 weeks*.

  • Supports muscle mass
  • To maintain optimal weight, including for long-term body weight

Hill's Science Plan Light for inactive dogs that require low-calorie nutrition to maintain the desired weight and a healthy lifestyle.

*Internal data Hill's Pet Nutrition

Healthy digestion product

Dog food with sensitive digestion and skin

Problems with digestion can cause discomfort on any day. Hill's Science Plan feeds support sensitive and delicate digestion.

  • Easily transcable formula, tender for the stomach
  • Nourishes the skin and makes wool shiny

Healthy digestion product

Feed for healthy digestion

Advanced power Hill's Science Plan to take care of the health of the digestive system and intestinal microbioma:

  • Contains Activbiome+, an exclusive mixture of Hill's prebiotics, which helps to quickly feed and maintain a balance of a unique microbioma of your pet
  • A specially designed mixture of prebiotics contributes to a regular and healthy stool
Is Hills Science Diet high quality? Since 2002, we have helped

Is hills science diet high quality?

No corn, wheat or soy food for dogs

Sailless food for dogs

The biologically sound nutrition Hill's Science Plan, designed using ingredients that do not contain cereals and gluten.

  • Support the health of the immune system, muscle mass and beauty of wool

Pick up food

Choose an age or the necessary need to learn more about the advantages that our dog can offer our food, recommended by veterinary specialists.

Are you worried about the health of the pet?

Are you worried about the health of the pet?

If you think that your dog may have health problems, talk with a veterinary specialist. Hill’S Presscription Diet offers dietary nutrition, which can help with various health problems.

Approved by our tail partners

Approved by our tail partners

From the analysis of the ingredients to quality and taste control – more than 900 dogs and cats in our global food center for pets help us to develop food, which is always a step ahead for the best life of your pets.


Hill's food. House. Love.

Hills Science Diet is high quality. House. Love. Helps pets in shelters to receive the necessary nutrition that can change their lives. Since 2002, we have helped 11 million pets find your permanent house.


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