Is EUKANUBA Excell’s puppies suitable for large breeds?

February 7, 2023
Large Breeds
Is EUKANUBA Excell's puppies suitable for large breeds?

The choice of optimal nutrition for the pet raises questions and doubts. Consider the popular eukanub dog feed. Its composition and reviews of veterinarians will help to decide on its benefits for a healthy diet.

Ready food is a quick and convenient way to feed a pet, but this product needs to be approached with particular caution. You need to give quality feed, not cheap analogues.

Who produces EUKANUBA Excell's puppies suitable for large breeds?




The history of the manufacturer began in the United States in 1969. Eukanube on the slang of jazz lovers means "peak of the peak. "The founder Paul Yams positioned the creation of a new feed formula as a completely natural product of the highest quality. For a long time, production belonged to the largest factory of the Proleta and Gemble. In 2014, the Eukanuba brand replaced the owners.

Who produces eukanube dogs today? This is the American leader of the food industry brand Mars click here the European Holding Spectrum Brends. Plants of production partners are located in various countries of Europe and America. The traditional approach to strict quality control of raw materials is supported by the high world reputation of the new brand owners.

Food line for dogs of different breeds

Dog breeds are very different in their size and anatomy. There are fundamental pedigree features of physiological processes. This dictates individual animal food programs.

The food formula should correspond to the size of the dog. This is the gold standard of Eukanube. A large set of individual power lines allows you to choose the desired food for a particular breed. At the same time, the optimal price is maintained, the manufacturer supports interest in its product in every dimensional group.

For large ones


For large breeds


These include rocks weighing 25 or more kilograms. They are distinguished by sensitive digestion. This is due to a small volume of digestive tract. It is an average of 3% of the total mass, while in small breeds this ratio reaches 7%. The diet of a large dog should be easily digestible and fairly high-calorieitable food of the Eukanuba Adult Large Breed line:

  • With rice and meat of the lamb;
  • With chicken meat;
  • With turkey meat and chicken.

Large puppies grow slowly. It takes a lot of time to form a powerful musculoskeletal system. Eucanube feed for puppies of large breeds Puppy Junior Breed supports their slow growth. The bones and joints manage to grow stronger with the muscle mass and are not deformed.

For medium


Power line for medium breeds


The weight of the middle group is in the range of 10-25 kg. As a rule, there is a minimum number of specific problems. Ordinary representatives of the middle group are official and hunting breeds. Their health depends on the degree of activity. Food should be balanced, provide energy and maintain immunity. The Eukanuba Dog Adult Medium Breed line copes with this. The manufacturer also took care of a separate stern for some specific breeds, taking into account their features. For example, for German shepherd, Labrador and Rottweiler.

For small ones


Eukanube feed for small dog breeds


These include dogs up to 10 kg. For small breeds, there is a special line of fine-grained feed adult Small.

These animals need calories twice as much as large dogs. Kids live longer. It is important that the diet extends their active period: it helps to warn the diseases of the joints, internal organs and teeth. Therefore, food for older age groups has a special formula for the composition. Separately for dogs over 7 years old and for those who are more than 9. The composition of the product takes into account age-related physiological changes in combination with sensitive digestion of an “elderly” dog.

Especially for Yorki, food with increased energy value has been created. Eukanuba Adult Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkshire Terrier has accelerated metabolism and requires more high-calorie food.

For puppies


Eukanuba food for puppies


Puppies of small dogs grow rapidly. By 8 months they already have adult weight. During this time, increase the mass by 20 times. To make up for the energy of intensely growing dogs, dry eukanube of the Puppy Small Ecanube contains additional minerals and vitamins.

For very small puppies, a soft, wet product is perfect – canned meat spider with a lot of sauce.

Eucanube feed composition for dogs

The quality composition of the product is determined by its purpose. Therefore, it will be different in each individual target line. Only the general principles of the recipe are characteristic.

  1. The basis of dry dog food is dehydrated proteins of meat or poultry. The molecule of dehydrated (freed from liquid) protein is less than a standard animal protein molecule. Therefore, it penetrates easier through the walls of the intestines into the body. This makes the food easily assumed.
  2. Sources of carbohydrates in the stern are cereal crops. Eukanub uses them widely and varied: rice, wheat, corn, barley and sorghum. These are key components of animal energy.
  3. Animal fats not only increase the calorie content of feed, they provide the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, K). Among other things, they are natural amplifiers of the taste of food.
  4. Fish oil supplies essential fatty acids to the body: omega-3 and omega-6. The work of the heart, the state of the psyche and the health of the nervous system depend on their content.
  5. To improve digestion in the stern, fiber is contained in the form of beetroot zoma and prebiotics. The latter are usually represented by fructolioligosaccharides.
  6. In all types of feed there is a set of a complex of vitamins, calcium and minerals. Their quantitative content depends on who the product is intended. In the stern for puppies, adults or elderly dogs, it will be different.

Therapeutic group

Eukanuba produces food for the therapeutic diet.

Dermatosis is a diet for dogs with skin diseases. This food is used in parallel with prescribed treatment. Its formula is edited for increased sensitivity to products. The food is hypoallergenic and is suitable for a dog, in which food intolerance is expressed in the form of a rash and irritation.

Intestinal-medical nutrition for dogs with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract. When approving the veterinarian, can be used at different stages of intestinal inflammation.

There are other therapeutic forms of nutrition:

  1. Renal – with renal failure, for sterilized dogs.
  2. Joint Mailitia – with arthrosis.
  3. Diabetic control – with a high level of glucose.
  4. High Celeri – with rehabilitation after stress, for sterilized dogs.

Pros and cons of this nutrition

EUKANUBA Excell's puppies suitable for large breeds also took

Is eukanuba excell's puppies suitable for large breeds?

To evaluate the possibility of using Eukanub’s feed for the pet, you should take all its advantages and disadvantages with a balanced assessment.

Confident advantages of the product can be set for the following positions:

  • The widest line of choice of food categories. It is easy to choose the right food for any breed in different age groups. You can give your favorite food to the dog from a puppy age throughout its life.
  • The popularity and availability of food eliminates the complexity of the purchase.
  • The composition contains a lot of natural protein component.
  • Power contains a full-fledged mineral-vitamin complex.
  • There are no synthetic chemical additives in the stern.
  • The presence of dietary and therapeutic types of food.

The disadvantage should include the following.

  • The presence of gluten-containing products in the composition. These include wheat and corn.
  • The manufacturer does not indicate the origin of natural protein. It can be made of meat, offal or meat waste.
  • When the egg powder is content, its composition is not indicated: it is not clear whether the shell is in it.

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✅ How To Use Eukanuba Large Breed Dog Food Review


Eukanuba was very pleased with the medical nutrition. Compliance with a diet is an eternal problem for dog owners. They usually start to shrug their hands, well, how to feed it? But this is very important. All treatment can go around the drain due to the wrong diet. Eukanuba is easy to choose the right food. It has become one problem less. I recommend to everyone.

I give my crumbs drying for York from Eukanuba. Great food! Malyvka are cheerful, playful. Wool, teeth are in order.

I used to not think about food for my crook. I bought everything in a row. What cheaper. At first everything was fine. Then misfortunes fell. Now the diarrhea will happen, then the poor fellow is sick. We went to the veterinarian. He said that the food is needed correctly. He advised Eukanube for elderly dogs. I forgot to say that my spaniel is old. Now everything is fine. As if they were younger.


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