Iris container for dog food pink

March 17, 2023
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Iris container for dog food pink

Drops Iris for dogs: instructions, reviews, analogues

Iris eye drops: instructions for dogs

Iris is a veterinary ophthalmological solution with an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect for dogs and cats. The drug is prescribed for the treatment of eye diseases and the prevention of infection with mechanical damage to the cornea, eyelids. The description of the medicine Iris contains instructions for dogs, an analogue review, screenshots of the owners' reviews.

General information

Iris's eye drops are produced by the scientific introductory center of agricultural protection – a leading developer and manufacturer of veterinary drugs in USA. Outwardly, it is a transparent yellowish liquid, dog food storage containerd in soft plastic bottles with 10 ml caps.

The solution contains one active component – gentamicin, 4 mg per milliliter each.

Iris is stored in a closed factory bottle in a dark dry place at 18 – 20 ℃. The shelf life is 36 months. The opened medicine can be used a maximum of 10 days. Unused remains are thrown away.

Iris is freely sold in veterinary pharmacies, the price of the bottle is 170 – 200.

Antibacterial properties

Gentamycin in the composition of drops is an antibiotic of the second-generation aminoglycosides class. It penetrates the bacterial cell membrane, disrupts the protein synthesis in ribosomes and causes the death of microorganisms.

A wide circle of aerobic bacteria is sensitive to gentamycin, including a pungent stick. After instillation, the medicine penetrates through the cornea and remains in the therapeutic concentration in the tissues of the eye. With external use, the antibiotic does not enter the bloodstream, so it does not affect the internal organs and systems.

Gentamycin is powerless against anaerobic bacteria, viruses, simple microorganisms, fungi.

The main indications

dog with conjunctivitis

Iris is prescribed for the treatment of bacterial eye infections:

  • Conjunctivitis – acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes and eyelids.
  • Keratitis is a defeat of the cornea.
  • Keratoconjunctivitis is a combination of inflammation of the cornea and mucous membrane.
  • Blefarite – infections of the region of the century.
  • Dacriocystitis is an inflammation of a tearful bag.
  • Meibomite is the defeat of the Mabomye glands in the thickness of the century.
  • An ulcer, erosion of the cornea – the destruction of the cornea after an injury or the harmful effects of infectious agents.
  • Iridocyclite – inflammation of the iris and the anterior department of the vascular membrane.

Drops help to avoid complications after mechanical damage to the eyes:

  • Injuries, burn;
  • Extracting sorinka;
  • Microsurgical surgery;
  • Irritation of household chemicals.

Iris is included in the treatment regimen of viral, fungal infections, allergic conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome for the prevention of secondary bacterial infections.

Method of processing

For medical purposes, iris is buried under the lower eyelid 4 times a day with equal temporary intervals from 7 to 10 days.

The dose of the solution depends on body weight:

  • Small dogs up to 10 kg and cats are applied 1 drop.
  • Medium and large dogs – 2 each.

If on the 5th day there is no positive dynamics from the beginning of the course, you need to show the dog to the veterinarian and choose another eye drug.

For the prevention of infection, after extracting soot, injuries, surgery, the solution is instilled 1 drop 4 times a day, regardless of the mass of the animal. Preventive course – 3 days.

Iris container for dog food pink The solution contains one active

Iris container for dog food pink

Before introducing the medicine, the eyes are cleaned of pus, mucus. To do this, moisten a soft cloth with boiled chilled water, saline, miramistin and wipe the eyelids in the direction from the outer corner to the nose. A separate clean swab is taken for each eye.

Side effect

Iris is well tolerated, does not pinch, does not irritate and does not cause complications. In rare cases, an allergic reaction to gentamicin develops – redness, lacrimation, swelling is enhanced. With any dysfunctional symptoms, use drops and lead the dog to take a veterinarian to prescribe another drug.

Cases of overdose have not been fixed. The excess of the solution flows from the conjunctival cavity, the remaining fluids are removed with a clean cloth.


According to the official instruction, drops have no restrictions on age, physiological condition. The medicine can be used for puppies, pregnant dogs, while feeding. The only contraindication is intolerance or allergies to gentamicin.

Iris is not combined with other eye drugs with an antibiotic content.


In veterinary pharmacies there are other antibacterial drops:

  • . In addition to gentamycin, dexamethasone contains. This is a synthetic corticosteroid, an analogue of prednisone, which suppresses an inflammatory and allergic reaction. Dex 2 is contraindicated in the development of glaucoma, cornea ulcers.
  • Desacid. The solution also includes gentamicin and 2 anti-inflammatory components – succinic acid and royal jelly. The salt composition in the composition of the drops well washes out the harmful metabolic best storage containers of microorganisms and accelerates tissue regeneration.
  • Desacid Forte. Drops for the nose and eyes. Contains 2 complementary antibiotics – gentamicin, chloramphenicol and succinic acid. One-component ophthalmic preparation with antibiotic ciprofloxacin. The antibacterial action extends to almost all pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria resistant to gentamicin. Ciprovet is a stronger drug, but in the first minutes after instillation, a burning sensation often occurs, and lacrimation intensifies.
  • Leopard eye. The solution contains 2 active components: bacteriostatic antibiotic chloramphenicol and antiseptic furatsilin. Unlike other ophthalmic antibacterial drugs, Bars can be used both for treatment and for everyday hygiene.

Human ophthalmic solutions with antibiotics are not recommended for use without a doctor's prescription.


Fragments of reviews about eye drops Iris from the sites otzovik. Com and irecommend:

  • Stopped the spread of infection after an injury in a dog.
  • Acute conjunctivitis was cured in a Chihuahua.
  • Prevented the development of keratitis and uveitis after a blunt eye injury in a cat.
  • Cope with excessive lacrimation in a Yorkie.
  • They did not help to get rid of the tear ducts in a Chinese crested dog.

Iris drops are an effective, budgetary, affordable drug for eye diseases in dogs and cats. The drug destroys pathogens of bacterial infections, while it is normally tolerated and rarely causes side symptoms. Watch the video on how to properly apply eye drops to a dog.

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