Iris Black Hardy container for dog food 50lbs Home Depot

January 24, 2023
Dog Food Container
Iris Black Hardy container for dog food 50lbs Home Depot

Hills ID dog food: reviews, analysis

In the dog world, diseases and nutrition are tightly connected. If you want a strong dog, choose the right diet, especially if the animal is sick. Under the Hills brand, a new generation of healing and dietary feeds are produced. According to veterinarians, this is a mandatory addition to preventive, therapeutic, rehabilitation procedures.

Hills ID dog feed review

The Presscription Diet diet line is designed for dogs with health features. The feed of the ID series belongs to the super-premium class. It is intended for pets with diseases of the digestive system, when it is difficult for the body to split and absorb fats. The balanced composition of Hills for dogs saves from exhaustion, does not allow relapseitable for all breeds.

Clinically tested efficiency of Hills ID:

  • In acute forms of intestinal disorders, accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting;
  • With excessive reproduction of bacteria, impaired microflora, malabsorption;
  • With a deterioration of digestion of food;
  • With inflammation of the small intestine, gastrointestinal tract after surgery, during the recovery;
  • In chronic diseases, obesity;
  • When bloating, spell, expansion of the stomach – emotional excitement, physical activity are additionally excluded.

hills dog food

Take Hills food for dogs with gastritis, colitis, enteritis. It is also used for pancreatitis, weak exocrine function of the pancreas (after removing acute conditions, during which the introduction of any food, fluid is contraindicated) and as an everyday diet for the puppy.

Important! Nutrition is not intended for dogs with sodium delay in the body, cats. If the disease is adjusted to the fiber content, choose a WD line.

Analysis of the composition of the feed Hills ID

Power contains a low percentage of fat, increased electrolyte composition and components of high biological value. The basis is protein and high-quality ingredients. Rice, wheat, chicken, starch, hydrolyzate of protein, beets, oats, barley, minerals, ginger, flax seeds, vitamins, and antioxidants are included in the food.

dog food diet hills

Hills ID feed composition

Analysis of nutritional value in recalculation to dry substance, %
Nutrient Dry food Wet food
Calorie content per 100 g 360 kcal 365 kcal
Protein (protein) 25. 2 25. 7
Fat 14. 7 14. 7
Cellulose 1,5 2,4
Carbohydrates 51. 6 51. 1
Vitamins CA 1. 15, Na 0. 41, K 0. 95, Taurin 0. 15, C 114 PRM, MG 0. 095, E 668, D 758, and 11183 IU/KG R 0. 22, CA 1. 08, K 0. 96, Mg 0. 072, Na 0. 38, Taurin 0. 15, from 193 PRM
Additionally DKG (Dokoshehexaenic acid) 0. 003, omega-6-3. 35, omega 3-0. 41, ash 7. 0 Ash 1. 6, dgk 0. 030, omega 3 – 0. 25, omega 6 – 3. 78

Advantages and disadvantages

The diet is built so that the body with a damaged digestive tract absorbs it almost completely. Hills dry food contains a low percentage of fat and is used for dogs receiving disorders.

  1. It reduces the risk of relapse to a minimum.
  2. Nutrients restore peristalsis, digestion and other gastrointestinal functions.
  3. Contains prebiotics – fibers work on the growth of beneficial microflora.
  4. It is a source of special fiber that feeds the digestive tract cells.
  5. Contains ginger (acting soothingly on the intestines).

Peculiarity! There is an antioxidant property. Food removes free radicals, accelerating the recovery process.

The food is delicious. The only drawback is the high price.

The choice of diet

Consider food needs. Correct feeding if the pet has problems with weight.

Norms of introduction of a new nutrition

Day Dry food
First second 25%
Third fourth 50%
Fifth, sixth 75%
Seventh one hundred%

The choice of feed depending on the state of health:

  • Id – during the recovery period after the digestive tract, to maintain health at the peak of the development of the disease;
  • Id Low FAT – if a dog with disorders that are adjusted with low-fat power;
  • Id Stress Mini – for small breeds with impaired stress.

For small dogs and puppies

Choose Hills ID Stress Mini food. It is intended for puppies, small breeds, the weight of which does not exceed 12 kg (Chihuahua, small Spitz, Yorkshire Terrier).

Daily norm (divided into 3-6 feedings):

  • 5 kg – 55–75 g;
  • 5 kg – 95–130 g;
  • 10 kg – 160–220 g.

For medium breeds

Iris Black Hardy container for dog food 50lbs Home Depot With inflammation of the small

Iris black hardy container for dog food 50lbs home depot

The group of medium breeds includes dogs whose weight is 12–25 kg. This is Biglly, cocker springs, poodles, hunting dogs. The daily norm is 265–365 g.

For large breeds

In large breeds, body weight exceeds 25 kg. The classic representatives include the Irish wolfhound, the German dog, the American Black Terrier, the Caucasian Shepherd, Senbernar.

  • 30 kg – 360–495 g;
  • 40 kg – 445–615 g;
  • 50 kg – 530–730 g;
  • 60+ – 11 g per kg of weight.

hills dog food

The price range

Hills food is sold in veterinary clinics or in specialized animal stores.

Packing options and

  1. 12 kg – 8900 p.
  2. 5 kg – 3900 r.
  3. 5 kg – 1800 r.

hills is dog food

Reviews of veterinarians

We have collected several assessments of specialists from the best veterinary clinics in the capital.

Merkulov Andrey, Vysota Veterinary Center:

“A special diet is prescribed only after the examination. The owner must know why there are digestive disorders. It can be hepatitis, gastritis, tumor. If diagnosed, I prescribe a dry therapeutic diet. Hills food improves digestion, changes the patient’s condition for the better. My experience, feedback from other veterinarians, nutritionists prove that this is the best solution if the dog has gastritis, low acidity, weight imbalance.

Nikulina Martha, clinic “Vetsovet”

“In practice, there is only one source of problems with the dog’s digestion – the owner. Incorrect diet, a sharp transition to natural food cause gastrointestinal disorders, colitis, enterocolitis, diarrhea and other problems. When a pet is sick, he needs dietary food. My review: The Hills special line is the best we have to offer. ”

Andropova Irina, Vettal clinic:

“A dry diet is the best choice for dogs with gastrointestinal disorders. Many owners do not want to switch from natural to industrial feed, aggravating the condition of the pet. They constantly play with food components, as the dog refuses to eat what is offered. As a result, the body of the animal receives a shortage of trace elements. Hills has proven itself from the best side: it contains easily digestible protein, the optimal amount of cereals, a strong vitamin and mineral composition.

Vasily Lopyrev, nutritionist at the Dallas Station for the Control of Animal Diseases:

“Today, followers of natural nutrition are widespread, who deny the benefits of ready-made feeds. Those owners who think about the health of their dog need to find a compromise. There is no complete source of salt and minerals in food from the table. As a result, digestion is disturbed, and the pet begins to get sick. Restoring the functions of the gastrointestinal tract is a troublesome task. Diet helps to avoid relapses. Hills feed reviews eliminate all doubts. It’s a good choice for dogs with similar problems. “

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