IAMS puppy food for large breeds

February 6, 2023
Large Breeds
IAMS puppy food for large breeds


All about dog feed Karmy


American Karmy food is in high demand, as it belongs to the premium class, because it is made from meat, and also contains a vitamin and mineral complex. Regular consumption of Karmy food ensures the full development of dogs, improves the condition of their coat, teeth and gastrointestinal tract. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of Karmy dog food, the main lines, feeding tips and a review of reviews.


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Karmy dog foods are becoming increasingly popular with dog owners. The manufacturer of this food is the domestic plant "Limkorm". All Karmy products belong to the premium class, which indicates high quality and naturalness. Karmy products were created for quite a long time, as the manufacturer studied foreign food for a long time, conducted research on various breeds of dogs in order to choose the best option.


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Karmy products belong to the low-cost segment, since the manufacturer does not spend money on advertising and does not use attractive packaging. In addition, the products are made from raw materials that are grown independently, which also has a positive effect on pricing. Karmy dry dog food is represented by a fairly wide range, which allows you to choose the right diet for your pet, taking into account its age, size and breed. If you choose the right food, then the dog will be healthy and active.




Dog owners who have chosen Karmy food for their pets note the following benefits:

  1. A balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the correct proportions;
  2. Lack of chemical additives, by-products, preservatives and dyes;
  3. The pet feels full for a long time, so the dog does not often ask for food, and does not gain excess weight;
  4. This food does not contain corn, white rice or wheat.


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If we consider the shortcomings, you should pay attention to the following:

The manufacturer recommends storing an open storage container of food in the refrigerator, as it contains omega-3 and omega-6 acids, as a result, the granules become covered with a white coating;

Karmy food is sold in large best dog food storage containers that contain 15 kg; 2 kg best dog food storage containers are rare;

Karmy brand is difficult to find in pet stores, not at all points it is available on sale; It is better to find these products in the online store and place orders as necessary.


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Karmy products are represented by several rulers, which allows you to choose the best option for the dog depending on its age, breed and weight. The manufacturer makes dry dry dog food according to a special recipe, exercising control at each stage of production. The composition of the Karmy products includes all the components necessary for the body, as well as the mineral-vitamin complex. Let us consider in more detail each line of dry dog food Karmy.


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Starter power is designed for puppies up to 4 months. In addition, it can be given to dogs in anticipation of babies or during feeding. This food is produced using special technology, as a result, it is quite easy to transfer puppies to solid food.

It allows you to replenish all the needs of the puppies, and also does not cause problems with the digestive system. If necessary, food can be soaked with water.


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The Starter line is presented with a turkey. It is sold in several packs – 2 and 15 kg, which allows you to take a small best dog food storage container for testing or bestdogfood.expert large for a long period. The composition includes turkey meat, cereals, salmon fat, seaweed, probiotics, yucca shidiger and even a dried apple.


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This option is designed specifically for small dogs, usually their weight does not exceed 10 kg. The manufacturer takes into account the activity of the dog, its life expectancy and recovery in food. This line includes several dry feed. They are also sold in packing 2 and 15 kg.

Junior with a turkey – a full nutrition for small breed puppies up to 1 year, as well as for nursing and pregnant dogs. Regular use of this food will help maintain immunity, skin and wool will become beautiful, as this nutrition includes specially selected nutrients, as well as a vitamin-mineral complex.


Karmy products belong


  • Adult with a turkey or veal is a power for dogs of small breeds from 1 year. The granules have a small size, so they are ideal for the jaws of dogs. Feed is quite easy to eat.

Regular use provides an increase in immunity, improving the condition of the skin and wool, and also prevents the formation of a dental plaque.


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This is a series of complete nutrition for dogs of medium sizes, since it is designed specifically for dogs with a weight of 10 to 25 kg. The manufacturer, when developing this line, took into account possible problems with immunity, increased sensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as a tendency to gain excess weight. This series includes several varieties, which are represented by best dog food storage containers of 2 and 15 kg.

Junior with turkey or veal – high-quality dry dog food, which is intended for babies of medium breeds. The presence of omega-3 and omega-6 provides healthy and beautiful skin and wool. The presence of probiotics, vitamins and minerals of the complex provides strong immunity of puppies. Nutrients contribute to the proper operation of the gastrointestinal tract.


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  • Adult with turkey or veal is a line for adult dogs from 12 months, but the weight of which varies from 10 to 25 kg. Regular use of this line will prevent the formation of a dental plaque, restore the digestive system, as well as provide beautiful and healthy skin and wool.


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This line is suitable for large dogs, the weight of which exceeds 25 kg. The optimally selected granular size allows you to quite easily eat food, without making efforts. Products are presented in two volumes – 2 and 15 kg. Regular consumption of Karmy feed will forget about problems with the gastrointestinal tract, improve the condition of wool and skin, and prevent joint pathologies. There are several varieties in the line.

Junior with turkey or veal – optimal food for puppies up to 12 months. Regular use of Junior feed allows you to grow healthy and active, as well as to develop correctly. The amount of food required for a one-time portion is presented in a special table on the package.


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  • Adult with turkey or veal – power for dogs of large breeds. Regular food feeds ADULT ensures the strengthening of immunity, joint protection, improvement of the common type of wool and skin, as well as maintaining the digestive system.


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Special Line

This is a rather large product line designed for dogs with special needs. If the above feeds are not suitable for some reason your pets, most likely in the Special Line line you can choose the best option. Let us consider in more detail the proposed decisions.

Active Medium & Maxi with a turkey is a dry type of dry type for dogs of medium and large rocks, which are older than 1 year.

IAMS puppy food for large breeds Peculiarities     
   Karmy dog foods are

Iams puppy food for large breeds

The peculiarity lies in the fact that this food is ideal for dogs that experience increased stress in terms of physical activity. This food strengthens the joints and boosts the immune system.


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  • Sensitive Mini with Salmon – This food is specially formulated for dogs that have sensitive digestion. This food is suitable for dogs of small breeds and older than one year.

Regular consumption of this food improves the balance of the intestinal microflora, supports the immune system, as well as the health of the skin and coat.


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  • Sensitive Medium & Maxi with Salmon is the same food as above, the only difference is that it is designed for medium to large breed dogs. The granules are larger, which is ideal for larger pets.


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  • Hypoallergenic Mini with Lamb is the best choice for dogs that suffer from food allergies. This option is designed specifically for adult small dogs whose weight does not exceed 10 kg. Its use will reduce the risk of allergies.


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  • Hypoallergenic Medium & Maxi with Lamb is a good choice for medium to large breed dogs that often suffer from allergies. The main ingredient is lamb, which has a high nutritional value. This meat is rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins. The presence of zinc deserves special attention, since it is he who has an effect on the pet's immune system.


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  • Delicious Mini is a dry type food for small breed dogs over one year old. This food is characterized by a high content of glucosamine and chondroitin. This combination allows you to maintain healthy joints and bones. The main ingredient is veal. In addition, the composition includes amino acids, vitamins and minerals, such as phosphorus, copper, iron, sodium and so on.


Karmy products belong


  • Delicious Medium & Maxi is the optimal food for medium to large dogs that are over one year old and have a tendency to develop allergies. The main component is veal – lean and very healthy meat. You can buy food in a best dog food storage container of 15 kg.


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Feeding Tips

On each best dog food storage container of dry dog food, Karmy is presented a table according to which you can calculate how much it will be required for your pet to satisfy its requests. It is necessary to build on the weight of the animal. For example, for dogs weighing less than 9 kg, the norm is 150 grams. In addition, if the dog is quite active, then its need increases to 200 grams. If your pet moves little, then the amount of food can be reduced to 100 grams. For large dogs, the weight of which exceeds 50 kg, it will take about 600 grams. If the dog is very active, then this norm is 550-800 grams, and with low activity – 530–750 grams.





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Important! To correctly calculate the dosage, use the calculation table from the manufacturer. And do not forget that the role is played not only by weight, but also by the activity of your pet.

Review of reviews

Many breeders and dog owners like dry Karmy feed, since they relate to premium products. The main ingredient is natural meat, which is very important for proper nutrition of the dog. Buyers like not only the composition, but also the wide product line. You can choose the optimal nutrition, given the age, weight and even personal preferences of your pet. Many positive reviews concern the ratio of price and quality. Karmy products cannot be attributed to a cheap, but high-quality product cannot be cheap.





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Of course, there are also negative statements about Karmy feed, because it is impossible to please everyone. Basically, people complain that Karmy products are difficult to find in ordinary pet stores. We have to look for large stores where a wide selection of manufacturers is presented, or order food via the Internet.


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