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November 21, 2022

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Pit bulls have always attracted the attention of the media.

After all, their combative past, as well as their imposing appearance, often become an excellent reason for publication, especially if you consider that from time to time in the world and really occur incidents involving these dogs.

Although, as a rule, they could not be blamed for the accidents, because in most cases they were caused by breaches in their owners’ training.

However, a few years ago, the Internet was flooded with a wave of photos and videos, which depicted a very large Pitbull, comparable in size only to representatives of such large breeds as the English Mastiff or Bordeaux Dog.

Hulk, as the name of this dog, very quickly gained the love of many fans, and his page in Instagram is constantly updated with new photos and videos about his life and new achievements.

What’s the biggest Pitbull in the world?

The world’s largest Pitbull lives in New Hampshire at the home of Marlon and Lisa Grennan.

His owners are professional trainers who train dogs designed to guard and protect people in various, sometimes extreme, situations. Among their clients are prominent media personalities, rich people from all over the world, as well as members of the special services.

However, the red dog named Hulk became even more famous than his owners, he turned from an ordinary dog into a media-personality, and all – thanks to his huge for a pit bull height combined with the powerful muscles and intimidating to the sight of the jaw.

But despite his robust physique, the Grennan couple’s pet is surprisingly easy-going and affectionate.

How much does hulk the pitbull weigh?

Hulk weighs 175 pounds (79 kg – kilogram) and looks incredibly impressive – it’s a huge and very powerful pit bull, reddish-brown in color, with excellent musculature, a huge head with a single broad head and short ears, giving him a particularly menacing appearance.

Regular training has hardened this animal’s spirit and body, making it strong, hardy, and energetic. Despite its large size and considerable weight the Hulk is surprisingly agile and dexterous, though of course it is somewhat inferior to pit bulls with a leaner and lighter build than him.

largest representative this
biggest Pitbull in the world
world largest Hulk Pitbull

How old is Hulk the Pitbull?

Hulk Pitbull will be 10 years old

In 2023, Hulk Pitbull will be 10 years old. Despite the fact that the Hulk has a metric, the debate about his origins in the media continues to this day.

At what age does a pitbull stop growing?

Pitbull usually stops growing after 18 months. Hulk Pitbull weighed 175 pounds at 18 months old when fully grown. 10 years later in 2023, Hulk Pitbull weighs 180 pounds.

Most experts believe that a purebred pit bull could not have grown so huge, which means that among his ancestors were dogs of large breeds, such as English Mastiff or, for example, Cane Corso.

As evidence that Hulk has molosses in his bloodline, in their opinion, the fact that this dog has too large and massive head for a purebred pit bull.

However, this does not take into account the fact that pit bull terriers can be not only terrier type, but also bulldog type and that such external features are just typical for them.

How much do Hulk Pitbull puppies worth from Dog Dynasty?

Some cynologists speculate that the Hulk grew so large because of some genetic defect that allowed him to reach such a large size. It has also been suggested that the enormous size for a pit bull can be explained by the fact that during his breeding special drugs were used to increase his growth and muscle mass.

The official pedigree of Hulk gives all the grounds to consider him a very large, but still purebred pit bull of bulldog type, at least until the genetic research will be conducted to confirm or refute the official information about his origin.

However, it is doubtful that the owners of Hulk would want to conduct such studies, as they are not at all interested in the origin of their pet. For them, the Hulk is primarily a family member and friend, as well as a perfectly bred and trained dog, which they, as his trainers, can be justly proud of.

Hulk's size is about twice the height of a standard medium-sized pit bull

What is the size and weight of the Hulk compared to regular pit bulls?

Hulk‘s size is about twice the height of a standard medium-sized pit bull, and his weight of about 80 pounds (36 kg – kilogram) – almost three.

In addition, it should be noted the incredibly powerful musculature of the dog and the massiveness of his body, while most standard pit bulls differ rather lean, though strong build and a much smaller width of the chest.

The Hulk’s cranial head circumference is 75 cm, which is also much larger than that of a standard-sized pit bull.

The size of a dog standing on all four paws is about half the height of an adult. If he stood on his hind legs, he was only a little shorter than his owner, Lisa Grennan.

The Hulk’s cranial head circumference is 75 cm

How aggressive is the Hulk Pitbull?

Despite its menacing appearance, this dog is uncommonly friendly and affectionate. He is wonderful with his owners’ children, looking after them and even letting the little ones ride him as if he were a horse.

At the same time, the Hulk, being a well-trained guard dog, is a great protector, who will not let anyone hurt his owners.

Like other pit bulls, this dog does not have aggression towards people on a genetic level.

Hulk is an incredibly obedient, loyal and very affectionate dog with his owners.

However, despite the fact that the owners of Hulk consider him an absolute goody-goody, they constantly control their pet, because, being professional trainers, they are well aware of the full measure of responsibility associated with the content of a dog of such size in the house.

being a well-trained guard dog

What is the personality of Hulk Pitbull?

Hulk has a huge and incredibly kind heart – he loves to play with his owners’ sons, cuddle with Marlon and Lisa, and sing along to the sounds of the harmonica.

At that, the dog has such a good-natured expression on his face that if you see even one of his photos, it’s impossible not to fall under his incredible charm and become one of the most loyal fans of this amazing animal.

What does hulk the pitbull eat?

In order to maintain muscle tone and get the right amount of energy, the Hulk must eat a lot of protein products.

Usually, his daily menu consists of two kilograms of ground beef, with some chopped vegetables, fruits or dairy products added to it. In addition, the owners also feed the world’s largest pit bull with high-quality dry food.

pitbull dog food

How much is Hulk Pitbull dog worth?

Hulk, born in 2013, is about ten years old, and, of course, he still lives in New Hampshire at the Grennan family home.

Despite numerous offers to sell Hulk for any price, Marlon and Lisa do not agree to part with their pet. After all, Hulk is not just a dog for them, but a real family member, and selling him to the Grennan couple would be as unthinkable as if it was their own child.

Hulk pitbull dog food single broad head and short

Hulk pitbull eat homemade dog food

However, the Hulk’s popularity on the Internet still brought his owners not only fame, but also financial gain in the form of royalties for his participation in various popular television programs.

In addition, the value of his offspring far exceeds the price of puppies from other, less well-known dogs of this breed.

The world’s largest pit bull gladly takes part in shows and just loves to pose for pictures and movies cameras.

Despite numerous offers to sell Hulk for any price

Puppies from Hulk Pitbull

Hulk first had his offspring around the age of two, when he became the father of eight wonderful puppies. Then, in 2015, his owners were constantly posting photos and videos of the babies on the Internet.

Puppies from Hulk Pitbull

Each of Hulk’s puppies was worth at least $30,000 at birth, and no doubt their owners expected the babies to be as big as their father when they grew up. But, considering that Hulk still remains the largest representative of the breed in the world, none of his descendants have not managed to reach the same impressive size.

However, even on the pictures, where his puppies are photographed, it is clearly visible that their size is almost comparable to the size of other small pit bulls of the same age.

The people who bought them wanted to become as famous as the Grennan couple, so they must have been disappointed that they did not own a new record holder for height and weight among pit bulls.

However, each of them got a loyal friend and a reliable companion, affectionate with their owners, but always ready to protect them from any danger at the cost of his own life.

One of Hulk’s first puppies, a blue-and-white tiger Cob, was not sold by his owners, as Marlon Grennan was going to raise him to be a new star.

He personally trained and coached Cob, however, although he grew up to be a strong and very muscular dog, his size was quite normal for a pit bull – the son of Hulk, when he stands next to his famous father, looks almost half his size.

value of his offspring far exceeds the price of puppies


The Pit Bull Hulk from New Hampshire, known all over the world as the largest representative of this breed, has a playful and good-natured disposition. He adores his owners’ children and is friendly to strangers.

Until now, no one can say why this dog, being a purebred pit bull, has grown to the size of a mastiff. However, the fact that none of Hulk’s children have ever reached the size of their father is proof that it is most likely due to some genetic malfunction.

But, whatever the reason he grew up so big, Hulk was and still is a living proof that it’s up to his owners what kind of pit bull he will grow up to be.

It is thanks to their care and love, as well as proper training, the largest representative of this breed in the world did not grow up merciless fighting machine, but a friendly, affectionate and playful dog – a real gentleman and a true gentleman of the canine world.

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