How to train a Rottweiler? Training: features and rules

April 3, 2023
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How to train a Rottweiler? Training: features and rules

Rottweiler training: features, rules and recommendations

The Rottweiler breed is one of the oldest in the world. The ancestors of these smart, hardy dogs were the fighting dogs of the Roman legionnaires. For all the time of its existence as an independent breed, Rottweilers have changed just a huge number of "professions". For a long time these dogs were used as herding dogs. Later, the German police caught criminals with their help. Merchants often took Rottweilers with them on long journeys.

This popularity of the breed is explained primarily by its intelligence, endurance and great physical strength. Training a Rottweiler is not difficult even for a beginner.

What is worth knowing

Congenital character traits are, of course, something with which training should be carried out. The Rottweiler belongs to a small group of dogs with a very balanced character. The processes of excitation and inhibition in these dogs are exactly the same. The only thing is that the transition from one emotional state to another is somewhat slow. In this they differ from the same popular German Shepherds. However, such a small drawback is easily balanced by the persistence of the developed skills and the reliability in executing commands.

Rottweilers are very intelligent and sensitive dogs. They do not tolerate loneliness well, and therefore from time to time they require attention from the owner. In the family, the Rottweiler always chooses one owner. Usually this is the most confident person. The fact is that Rottweilers, despite all their sensitivity, have very strongly developed leadership qualities. And such a dog simply will not obey a weak-willed person.

When to start?

Of course, many owners of such dogs are interested in the question of at what age their training can be started. The Rottweiler is currently most commonly used as a guard dog. Therefore, the training of representatives of this breed can include three main stages:

Protective guard service (ZKS).

That is, the same skills that are usually instilled in German Shepherds can also be acquired by a Rottweiler. Raising and training a puppy with learning the simplest commands, of course, should begin from the very moment the dog appears in the house. Animals take special complex courses from a certain age, usually under the guidance of an experienced specialist. So, Rottweilers are most often taken for OKD from the age of 8 months. Only 1-year-old dogs can take ZKD courses.

Basics: First Commands

Where should training begin? The Rottweiler is a smart dog, and you should start learning the simplest commands with it immediately after acquiring it. A small dog can also be taught certain skills. From a month and a half with a Rottweiler, they usually begin to learn commands such as:

Of course, when training, you should not shout too loudly at the puppy, and even more so beat him. This can make a dog very nervous, even in a balanced and calm breed like a Rottweiler.

Training a puppy will be much more successful if the owner prefers to use not only punishment, but also praise in the process of education. You can reward your dog with some treats. Punishment should only be used as a last resort. If the puppy flatly does not want to obey, you just need to take it by the withers, lift it up and put it back on its feet.

Command "Come"

The first rule that a dog breeder must remember is consistency in literally everything. There is an acquired puppy of the Rottweiler breed, the training of which is not too difficult, but requires patience, you must immediately accustom it at a certain time and in the right place. The animal must have its own bowl.

Before pouring food into it, the owner should lightly tap it on the floorch actions should be repeated periodically. After a while, the Rottweiler puppy will understand what such a sound means and will run to the kitchen to the filled bowlbsequently, the knock will simply need to be supplemented with the “Come” command. This technology will help develop a stable skill in a puppy.

Command "Place"

Training a Rottweiler at home at first implies, of course, the observance of constancy not only in feeding. The dog must have its own place in the house.

In no case should you allow the little Rottweiler to sleep in a chair or on the couch. It will be extremely difficult to eradicate a similar habit of an adult dog. The puppy should definitely buy your own rug and lay it in a secluded place. Each time the dog will try to climb into a chair or in the bed to the owners, it must be persistently carried away to the rug, pronouncing the “Place”.

Dog training: Rottweiler. Command "stop that! "

Also at a young age you can learn with the puppy the command "impossible. "With each attempt to bite the arms or legs of one of the family members during the game, he must gently push him away. In this case, the command "stop that! " Or "impossible" should be pronounced.

General course of OKD

The owners should be given to the dog to the dog-pound. A specialist, of course, will conduct better training. Rottweiler, however, is smart, and some, even complex, commands can be tried to learn with it yourself. Very often, the owners themselves teach their pets, for example, to comply with the orders of “standing”, “sit”, “Down”, “Heel” and “Fetch”. It is better to start classes in this case only after the dog is 6-8 months old.

Also, at this stage, rottweilers are trained to refuse food and slow down the movement when overcoming obstacles. In professional courses, a dog, among other things, can give swimming lessons.

This command is the first skill that Rottweiler's matured puppies usually study. Training and education in this case should be carried out systematically, without interruptions. After pronouncing the command “Heel”, the dog should go to the left of the owner so that his shoulder is at the foot of a person.

To develop a dog in a dog, a short leash is first used. The dog is placed by the leg. Next, they give the command "Heel" and accompany it with a light jerk towards themselves. When trying to move away, the dog is attracted back. At the same time, the command is repeated in a strict voice. When Rotweieler is running forward, you can slightly whipped with a leash on the front legs, besieging it back.

When working out this command, Rottweiler, the training of which requires perseverance, should be to the left of the owner. The dog is taken with a hand over the collar and at the same time pressed on his sacrum. At the same time, they pronounce the command "sit". You can also simply hold the dog by the leash, raise some kind of treat over his head and start it back.

To practice this command, the dog is pulled down by the leash with the left hand, and its front paws are carefully pulled forward with the right hand. After the dog learns to Down easily under the influence of the hand, you can begin to develop the skill from a distance. To do this, having laid the dog down, you need to remove your hand from it and, without taking your eyes off it, slowly move back. In this case, the command should be pronounced simultaneously with a hand gesture from top to bottom.

"Stand" and "Fetch"

In order to learn this command, the dog should be seated at the left leg. Then the Rottweiler needs to be pulled up: with the right hand – by the collar, with the left – under the stomach. At the same time, the word "stand" is pronounced.

The "Fetch" command is worked out as follows:

Seat the dog at the left leg;

Throw an object with the right hand;

Give the command "Fetch"

Make a hand gesture in the direction of the object.

As soon as the dog picks up the thing, you need to call it to yourself and command: “Give it. ”

How to teach a Rottweiler to refuse food

This skill will protect the guard dog from poisoning when intruders try to enter the courtyard of the house. Also, Rottweilers trained in this way never pick up food waste from the ground.

Dogs are taught to refuse food in two stages. First, they develop the skill not to lift anything from the ground, and then not to take food from the hands of strangers.

They begin training by placing a bowl in front of the dog. When he tries to start eating, they say the command “No” or ”No! ”, holding the Rottweiler by the collar. After 10-15 sec. The dog is released. At the same time, the command "Eat" is pronounced. The time of holding the dog by the collar is gradually increased to 1 min.

Do not take food from strangers Rottweiler is taught with an assistant. This skill can only be trained by an experienced specialist. The trainer's assistant should hide somewhere in the bushes and, at a signal, come out, holding a piece of meat in his right hand, and a rod in his left behind his back. Further, naming the dog's name, this person should offer her meat. When the dog tries to take food, he is not hit too hard with a rod. Then the assistant again goes into hiding.

After a few minutes, the lesson is repeated. But this time, when trying to take food at the same time as hitting with a rod by an assistant, the trainer must jerk the dog back and say “No”. As soon as the one who offered the meat hides again in his shelter, you should say “Fas”. The exercise must be repeated daily, changing the assistant.

Some skills described above can be instilled in Rottweiler and independently. If the hosts have a desire to teach a dog and other complex skills, they should contact a dog-by-the-clock club. Rottweiler training, at the ZKS courses, involves the development of not only the skill not to take food from strangers, but also such, for example, skills as finding things by smell, protect the owner from attacks, detention the runaway, etc.

Rotweiler training and education at home

Rottweiler at home should be carried out by only one person. At the same time, the dog’s respect should be for all family members, without exception, and those who spend a lot of time with her, and those who simply live in the neighborhood in the same house.

1. The education of puppies

The educational period of learning puppies corresponds to the adaptive stage in the life of the dog. It begins in the period of 1 month of the animal and lasts for 3-4 weeks. At this time, the dog establishes a certain relationship with others. The dog in the period up to 2 months should get used to people, their appearance and behavior.

2. Acquaintance with society

Rottweiler's dressing, characterized by the acquaintance of the puppy with society, should occur in the period from 8 to 12 weeks. The dog at this age is distinguished by mobility – the dogs are quite actively beginning to study the world around them. This is expressed in the study and testing for the strength of the objects that are in the apartment.

Rottweiler should be educated since childhood. At 6 months of age, character traits are already noticeable in the puppy. During this period, you can independently think through the tactics characterizing his training.

3. D rescination puppy

Rottweiler has training and upbringing should occur at certain stages. These steps are important to know and understand, since they affect the formation of an adult dog, its capabilities, character and behavior.

3. 1 Basic training method

The rottweiler breed requires a puppy training with the simplest commands. For this, various positive incentives are additionally used. If the dog performs what is required of it, it can be given any treat.

It is best to pronounce commands consisting of one or two words. You can also use gestures.

To begin with, it is worth studying the "sit" command. The rowieler breed is the upbringing of the puppy with the help of it requires first of all. For this, such an algorithm is used:

  1. The dog must be focused on the owner. At this time, you need to order her to sit down and push the back of her back down to the floor.
  2. While saying the command, you should keep a treat in front of your nose. After the back of the animal touches the floor, you must say "well done" and stroke the animal on the head. After that, give him a treat.

It is worth repeating the training until the dog begins to follow the owner's commands in all cases.

3. 2 Obedience training

Rottweiler training involves learning the "stop that! " Command. It is she who must ensure the proper level of obedience. It should be used in the future in all cases when the dog will behave incorrectly.

Obedience training process:

  1. Initially, you need to say "stop that! " So that the dog hears it. If there is no reaction, you must repeat the command in a stricter voice.
  2. When teaching a command, you can put food on the floor. When the dog tries to eat it, you must immediately not allow this venture to be carried out by saying ”No! ”. Several repetitions of this behavior allows you to develop a conditioned reflex.

Obedience training of the Rottweiler should begin after 1. 5-2 months from the beginning of his birth.

3. 3 Teaching good behavior

Breed Rottweiler puppy education is necessary to spend all the time. At home, with his correct behavior, you should constantly reinforce him with some positive moment. It can be a treat, stroking the head, etc.

In case the dog does something wrong, you first need to warn him. After that, raise your voice. If this does not help, you can stand up, clap your hands or show superiority to the owl. You should never be a puppy.

Breed Rottweiler puppy education can be carried out by various people from the family. Dressura should be occupied only by the owner.

3. 4 Walking on a leash

In order for a Rottweiler to learn to walk on a leash, he should be taught the "Heel" command. The dog should be located on the left side of the person.

Using the command "Heel", the dog must take a position when the leash is pulled. In this state, it is necessary for the animal to walk several meters. After that, the leash can be slightly relaxed.

3. 5 How to train a puppy to fetch

Rottweiler training and education are closely related. If the puppy has been well trained in behavior from early childhood, in the future he will be good at following commands. This also applies to bringing a variety of items. This process is divided into three parts:

How to train a Rottweiler? Training: features and rules Usually this is

How to train a rottweiler? Training: features and rules

  1. Learning to take a stick in your mouth. First, you must let her grab her mouth, and then force her to let go, using the “Drop-it” command. When performed correctly, it is worth giving a treat.
  2. Learning to fetch a stick. To begin with, the dog must follow the owner with a stick in his teeth. After that, it is further worth developing the ability to independently run the dog after her.
  3. Learning to pick up a stick from the ground. To do this, use the commands "Bring" or "Fetch".

The Rottweiler breed requires puppy training to be carried out with reinforcement for the correct execution of commands with the help of a variety of goodies. Thus, the process is carried out quickly and efficiently.

The command to help Rottweilers, who had to be raised from a very early age, is given only after the dogs have mastered the basic skills well.

Rottweiler: characteristics and description of the breed

Nicknames for dogs boys and girls Rottweilers

Training a Rottweiler puppy by months

Important learning milestones in the first year of life

In the first year of a Rottweiler puppy's life, it is extremely important to consistently go through all the stages of education, socialization and training. How to do it right – we will tell you now.


Training a Rottweiler puppy when to start

Training a Rottweiler puppy must begin from the first days the dog is in your home. There is an opinion that puppies should be trained no earlier than 6 months, but this opinion is erroneous, Although it is quite common. From infancy, you need to instill in your dog the rules of behavior in your home, what is allowed and what is prohibited.

Often, new puppy owners worry that training from the first days will be undue stress on the dog. This is possible only if outdated strict methods are used, and with the right approach, training from the first days will be the opposite, very useful, because it allows you to immediately establish contact with the puppy and build a trusting relationship.

Raising a Rottweiler Puppy at 2 Months

At 2 months, your Rottweiler puppy is still at home, in quarantine after the first vaccinations, and he is still not allowed to walk. Therefore, it's time to start raising a puppy in the usual home environment.

The first point is teaching the puppy to go to the toilet on a diaper. At the same time, it should be remembered that any learning is a rather complicated thing and, seeing the first positive results, you should not think that your puppy has already understood everything, but you should continue training, according to the methodology, so that after a while you do not have to start all over again.

The second important moment will be the teaching of the puppy to the collar and leash. Yes, this should be done at home, so that by the time the puppy went outside for the first time, wearing the collar was not additional stress for him, and he was already familiar, and he could do the study of the surrounding world, and did not tryGet rid of an incomprehensible object.

The third point that causes the greatest difficulties in the newly made owners of puppies will be determined by the puppy of the boundaries of the permitted:

  • To teach to play only with your toys, and not with your things;
  • Express that you can not bite you by the hands even in the game;
  • Establish the correct daily routine, fixing the rule that you need to sleep in the morning, and not wake you up;
  • Wean to bite furniture, clothes, walls and skirting boards;
  • To teach to stay at home alone, knowing that your absence is not a reason to bark or howl.

It is extremely important to know: that constant and excessive punishments following almost every action of the puppy – destructively affect his fragile psyche and can lead to the fact that the rottweiler puppy will grow cowardly and embittered. The puppy should have the opportunity to explore the world around us for Norman natural development, which is still limited by your apartment or home.

Also, you should already start familiarization with the initial commands of obedience in a mild game form, while focusing on encouragement for execution, because the puppy’s psyche is still quite plastic and excessive severity and exactingness can lead to the puppy that the puppy will be intimidated and cowardly. Therefore, it is necessary, first of all, to try to interest the puppy by offering him a toy or a treat, and sometimes just praise.

Socialization of the Rottweiler puppy at 3 months

Three months is an important stage in the dating of a Rottweiler puppy with the outside world. Your first walks should be short and not too tedious for the puppy.

At this age, the nervous system of the puppy is being formed, so it is necessary to show it as much as possible: noisy streets, large clusters of people, etc. You need to do this very carefully, gradually, over and over again increasing the time of stay in noisy places so as not to overload the puppy and notScare him.

It is also necessary to introduce the puppy to friendly dogs and people, so that later the puppy does not have aggression or cowardice caused by the fear of the new and the inability to communicate and make new acquaintances. And this is currently, unfortunately, not uncommon in the behavior of already adult dogs, but a fairly common problem with which people turn to our specialists for help.

The appearance of new places leads to new rules that need to be fixed:

  • It is now possible and necessary to go to the toilet on the street, and not staunchly endure and carry everything home;
  • Not every new person or dog wants to communicate, so you don’t need to run to get to know everyone headlong;
  • Not all food is healthy, so it should only be taken from the hands of the owner.

Training a puppy follows the same principles as at 2 months. It should be remembered that at this age, conditioned reflexes are developed quite easily in puppies, but they are forgotten just as quickly, so you should not scold the puppy for not following commands, especially if they have not been repeated for a long time, but more attention should be paid to learning new and repeating already studied material.

Rottweiler puppy training at 4-5 months

By this time, the Rottweiler puppy has already settled into your home and in the places of usual walking, and no longer needs your support and care so much. Therefore, he begins, flirting with other dogs, to pretend that he does not hear you when you call him, to show a certain persistence and disobedience when performing various commands.

So, it's time to move on to full-fledged training. In the classroom at this age, it is already possible to show perseverance and exactingness. At the same time, the most important thing is not to overdo it, remember that classes should bring joy to both you and your dog, and only then you can achieve the desired result.

What commands are worked out in a Rottweiler puppy at 4 months:

  • Calm movement next to the owner with and without a leash, with landing at a stop, with a change in pace and direction of movement
  • Return to you on demand
  • Exposure in a free or certain position (sitting, Down, standing) for a long time: if necessary, wait for the owner on the street, when visiting a store or other institution
  • Indifference to the delicacy scattered on the ground
  • Deny command to stop unwanted actions
  • Execution of a complex of commands "sit", "Down", "stand" at a distance and near the leg, when giving commands by voice and gestures
  • Stop barking on demand.

Rottweiler puppy training from 6 months

At this age, the puppy begins puberty and a real rebel wakes up in him. He begins to re-check the boundaries of what is permitted and, at times, deliberately does not respond to your commands, just to look at your reaction. If she is not what the puppy expects to see her, then he may decide that now you can no longer follow your commands.

At the same time, it should be remembered that the puppy is still still a child, and excessive rigidity can forever undermine his trust in you.

At this stage of growing up a Rottweiler puppy in training, all the shortcomings made at the previous stages, which were smoothed out by his young age, become clearly visible. And if they appear, then it's time to correct them.

In many schools of training, there is an opinion that a puppy needs to be trained in two stages, the first at an early age, and the second at 8 – 10 months, in order to “reinforce” what has been learned. This is not an entirely correct position, this opinion appeared when the old “Dog Training” strict training methods, where they started working with a puppy strictly after 6-7 months, began to add newer operant training methods, including work by pointing and following the “target”.

Their weakness was that these are two different methods that they began to use without adapting to each other, having a huge gap between their tools for developing training skills. The difference between them is like between choreography lessons in kindergarten and army drill. Therefore, they needed training in two stages, in no way connected with each other.

Modern methods based on zoopsychology make it possible to train a puppy in a single system when no additional stages of training are required.

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